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FTC John Assaraf | Mindset And Motivation

Mind Science For Fun and Profit: Success, Mindset And Motivation With John Assaraf

What fuels success for an entrepreneur? John Assaraf says the answer is simple: Mindset and Motivation, and he’s got the experience to prove it. Join Mitch Russo as he and John explore how commitment and goal setting make a difference in your path to success. John explores his experiences as a young man, finding a mentor and how these lessons changed his life. Be inspired and motivated by John’s story to find your own road.

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FTC Dawn Manske | Sex Trafficking

Made For Freedom: Fighting Sex Trafficking Around The World With Dawn Manske

Millions of young ladies worldwide are not getting paid enough to support their families. Many even get exploited with sex trafficking. This global issue must be stopped, but the answer to that is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just boycott certain brands. In this episode, learn how Dawn Manske is helping to solve the problem with her social enterprise, Made for Freedom. Dawn sits down with Mitch Russo as she shares how she’s empowering women through Dignified Employment in the fight against human trafficking. Learn what you can do to help spread awareness on this issue and become a social entrepreneur that impacts the world. 

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FTC Csaba | Sales Pages

Why Your Sales Pages Don’t Convert And How To Change That With Csaba Borzási

Most companies exhaust all their resources just to create the right ads to generate even the smallest amount of sales. Persuasive copywriter, marketing coach, and Game of Conversions founder, Csaba Borzási, is here to help you unleash your sales pages’ true money-making potential. Csaba sits with Mitch Russo to talk about the lessons he learned from his journey into the minds of the top copywriters in the world. Csaba shares how he struggled to get his business off the ground at the beginning of his career and how he managed to create profitable marketing campaigns that actually make money through direct response copywriting. Stay tuned as Csaba helps us discover the essential fundamentals of the whole world of direct response marketing.

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FTC Tom | Scalar Energy

Understanding The Power Of Scalar Energy To Human Health With Tom Paladino

Scalar energy was first discovered and harnessed by Nikola Tesla. It’s a technology far superior to that of electricity, and yet, barely anyone has touched it. That is until the founder of Scalar Light, Tom Paladino, arrived in the energy space. Tom has researched for over 20 years on scalar energy and believes that it’s the solution to human health. Learn how he started his business just like every other entrepreneur out there. Discover his business model and how it differentiates itself from everyone in the market. Join Mitch Russo as he talks to Tom about the study of scalar energy and how you can harness it. Experience the power of light energy today!

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FTC Josh Fonger | Systematize Business

Systemize Your Business Towards Freedom And Profits With Josh Fonger

Business owners always have a business plan or strategy that aligns with their business goals. But implementing business plans could be a hard task, and without proper execution, it will get them further away from their business goals. In this episode, Josh Fonger, CEO of WTS Enterprises (Work The System), discusses how they help business owners systematize their business with a simple yet effective approach to business success. This simple task is just by having a good system and documents. Listen to have a deep dive knowledge on how to work this out!

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FTC Joel Clelland | Crypto Coin

Crypto Coin Adoption: Discussing The Merits Of Cryptocurrency With Joel Clelland

With the many changes in today’s rapidly growing and evolving digital economy, one event has stood out: the rise of the crypto coin. Centric is unique among cryptocurrencies with its self-regulatory features and its use of two coins to stabilize its economy. In this episode, Mitch Russo talks to the CEO of Centric Foundation, Joel Clelland, about the burgeoning digital economy. Joel shares his insights on where the crypto space is headed from here and why projects like Centric are the way of the future for crypto. Tune in for more great insights about the crypto world in this special episode with Joel.

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FTC Donna | LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Optimization: The Best Way To Maximize LinkedIn Results With Donna Serdula

Your LinkedIn profile not only acts as your online resume, but it’s also the story that you want to share. Discover how you can optimize it to its full potential so that you will show up in more searches. Join your host Mitch Russo as he talks to Donna Serdula on how you can build your LinkedIn profile. Donna is a LinkedIn profile writer and Founder of Vision Board Media. Learn some tips as Donna analyzes Mitch’s profile. Find out how you can build engagement so that you can get that job you always wanted.

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FTC Jackie | Speaking Engagements

Bringing Your Message To More Audiences Through Speaking Engagements With Jackie Lapin

Finding an audience to bring your message to can be a time-consuming affair for speakers. Thankfully, there are now options that allow speakers greater reach towards audiences. In this episode, Mitch Russo interviews Jackie Lapin, the Founder of SpeakerTunity, about getting speakers to their target audiences. Jackie shares her techniques on getting people booked and why speaking engagements can be a great lead and revenue generation tool. Learn more about building successful businesses by tuning in.

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FTC Edwin | Science Of Referrals

Referology: How To Use The Science Of Referrals To Attract Your Dream Clients With Edwin Dearborn

Do you want to create a system for your best clients to offer and facilitate referrals? Then you have to understand the science of referrals using referology. Mitch Russo presents Edwin Dearborn, the CEO of Premiere Lead Systems and author of Referology. Edwin talks with Mitch about how the first thing you have to do is to change your mindset. You can move from a place of accepting referrals to being proactive in causing them. The next step? Assess the resources you already have. For more actionable steps, tune in!

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