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FTC Richard | Effective Communication

From Employee To Employer And Leader: Harnessing Effective Communication With Richard Blank

Communication is key in every business, especially when done over the phone. If you are looking for ways to improve your communication skills and lock in those pitches, this is the podcast for you. In this episode, Richard Blank, CEO of Costa Rica’s Call Center, runs through the process of prospecting and how you can build your vocabulary, actively listen, use the right tone of voice, and match the pitch and mood of your client. And their importance in making sure that you don’t just have a productive and meaningful interaction but that your client walks away satisfied with your service and the company as a whole. He also shares insights on creating a culture that allows your team to build relationships, empowerment and drive ownership. Tune and learn how to identify telesigns that tell you the right time to ask your confirmation question and lock in that sale for the first 1000 clients and beyond.

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FTC Dave | Stress

Achieving Work-Life Balance As Entrepreneurs In A Stressful World With Dave Valentine

As an entrepreneur, you are no stranger to stress, anxiety, and burnout. From managing a business to dealing with personal issues, you constantly juggle multiple balls in the air. That said, finding a way to balance your life in a stressful world is important. And that is what Dave Valentine, Chief Executive Officer at Avadel Agency, shares with Mitch Russo today.

When Dave first established his company, he was also working an 8 to 5 as a business consultant, raising his first child with his lovely wife, and working into ungodly hours of the night to keep up. Through tenacity, sheer will, and the mental awakening that consistent sleep deprivation brings, Avadel grew into a 7-figure agency, and his well-being turned to garbage. This catalyzed the shift in his approach to life and business. Join Dave as he talks about how he freed himself from the stress of running multiple businesses. He is now helping hundreds of brands grow their business and bottom line by gaining massive returns from their marketing.

So here’s the deal. Dave will book three meetings for any listeners. All you need to do is to drop an email and mention this podcast in the email headline. You can email dav[email protected], and he will get you those three free meetings.

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FTC Aaron | Exponential Thinking

Exponential Thinking: How To Rapidly Advance In The Market With Aaron Bare

Taking big leaps when trying to get to a goal is tricky. One cannot learn the workaround of something unless they learn it piece by piece. Today, Mitch Russo is joined by Aaron Bare, a strategic facilitator who helps companies and leaders become innovative, exponential, and grow their mindset. His book, Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big, provides the ten keys of exponential leadership to solving climate changes, social imbalances, and other problems present. Join Mitch and Aaron as they dive deep into exponential technologies, disruption, and achieving uncontrollable business growth.

Free give away: The Book:

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FTC Mario Lanzarotti | Overcome Self Doubt

How To Overcome Self Doubt With Mario Lanzarotti

Many people are so excited to give entrepreneurship a try. That’s until they realize it’s harder than it seems. What’s holding them back? Self-doubt is definitely a big one on the list. It is so common that people even have slightly more dramatic name for it – imposter syndrome. Freedom Architect Mario Lanzarotti has a solution.

Joining Mitch Russo on the show, he explains how his proprietary set of tools and processes has helped CEOs, entrepreneurs, Olympians, and other high-achievers overcome self-doubt, once and for all. Listen in and learn how we can look at everything, including ourselves, from an abundance mindset and use the superpowers we have to do what we were put in this world to do.

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FTC Joe | Great Selling System

Building The Foundation Of A Great Selling System With Joe Pici

Entrepreneurs aim to increase their sales and grow their businesses. But what are the strategies they need to execute? In this episode, Joe Pici shares his experience in the industry of sales training in helping businesses grow by having a great selling system. Joe is the founder of PICI & PICI which offers different training, bootcamps, courses and even private coaching for people to be the top sales performers they have always wanted to be. Stay tuned to gain valuable insights in boosting the sales in your business.

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FTC Gerry | Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy And Marketing Success With Gerry Foster

Building a brand for yourself and your business is a path that leads to success. What brand strategy can help you bring out the full potential of your business? In this episode, Mitch Russo looks at brands and how they drive success with Gerry Foster. As an experienced brand strategist, Gerry teaches us the tricks of the trade to build your brand identity and create a brand strategy. Tune in for more great insights from this top entrepreneur as you blaze your way to success.

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FTC Kevin Marshall | Saving Money On Taxes

Saving Money On Taxes For Better Business Management And Financial Success With Kevin Marshall

Taxes are imposed on our business earnings or salaries as our financial obligation to the government. But what if you can protect your income from it? In this episode, Profitopia founder and CEO Kevin Marshall shares the golden nuggets he uncovered in his 35 years as an accountant. He emphasizes that it is possible to have better financial control over your business! This is very beneficial for us to know how to operate our businesses well and save money. Tune in for more!

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FTC Mike Filsaime | Business Tech

Get Your Business’ Tech Groove On: An Interview With Mike Filsaime

Every business needs to find their tech groove. When you have the right tech and people on the job, everything becomes easier. So how do you find that groove? Mitch Russo answers that question with the help of Mike Filsaime, CEO of Groove Digital. Often called “The Michael Jordan of Digital Marketing,” Mike shares his story of trials and success. Tune in to learn Mike’s powerful insights on building a business and the drive to success.

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FTC Morgana | Money Monster

Overcoming The Money Monster Towards A Life Of Abundance With Morgana Rae

What fuels success for an entrepreneur? John Assaraf says the answer is simple: Mindset and Motivation, and he’s got the experience to prove it. Join Mitch Russo as he and John explore how commitment and goal setting make a difference in your path to success. John explores his experiences as a young man, finding a mentor and how these lessons changed his life. Be inspired and motivated by John’s story to find your own road.

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FTC Steve | Life & Business

Making Things Happen: The Bricklayer’s Guide To Life And Business With Steve Sims

Your life and your business go hand-in-hand. As an entrepreneur, you need to know who you invite into your life because they will make a difference. Steve Sims was a bricklayer and a doorman before he became who he is today. He learned a lot from the different people he would talk to and he would iron out his skills. Now, he’s the author of the bestselling book called Bluefishing, and the host of his award-winning show, The Art of Making Things Happen. Join Mitch Russo as he talks to Steve about his career and how he approached the business. Learn a thing or two about marketing and branding. Stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on the problem.

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