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FTC Bob Gilpatrick | Boomers Forever Young


People say that age is just a number, but there’s nothing like being told that you looked years younger than you actually are instead of the other way around. Now it’s possible! Joining Mitch Russo is the President and Co-founder of Boomers Forever Young, Bob Gilpatrick to tell us more about their incredible lifesaving products at a reasonable price! Bob shares insights on what inspires their product and the amazing results that you are proven to achieve. He also talks about how the right network and affiliate program can launch your brand and take your business to the next level. So tune in! Don’t miss out on this chance to revitalize not just your looks but your overall health as well!


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Boomers Forever Young: Creating Health Using Radical Nutrition With Bob Gilpatrick

I have something special for all my coaches in the audience. As a coach for the last 25 years, I made a few discoveries that have vastly improved client performance and satisfaction. I realized that by asking a few specific questions and then carefully crafting a response to those questions, I’m able to help my clients find their true purpose. That sounds like a big but it’s quite simple. I documented the entire process and I want to share it with you for free. All you got to do is go to and download my new book. It’s totally free for you. Read it, apply it, and watch what happens when you start using it with clients.

Now onto our guest and his incredible story. It started eleven years ago at a casual meeting between a certified holistic nutritionist coach and a real estate developer. On a completely different topic, that conversation drifted off into how my guest noticed that this man looked much older than his actual age. In fact, he was struggling with everyday activities as well.

My guest decided that even though he was running nursing homes, healthcare agencies, and foundations, he would instinctively act on the suggestion that this new friend who needed his help wanted to start a company. He wanted to do it together. That company was designed to restore health to aging but vibrant individuals who have no real idea why they are struggling with the problems they are.

This was the beginning of Boomers Forever Young nutrition company, which has thrived and delivered incredible life-saving products at a reasonable price to all of us, the Boomers of today and tomorrow. To tell us more about this miraculous discovery and some of the incredible products that he’s had and how he got to where he is. Welcome, Bob Gilpatrick, to the show.

Thank you, Mitch. I look forward to seeing you again in person sometime soon.

This goes back a long way and this was not your intent when you originally met with that client. Tell us a little bit about how this all started and the evolution of that relationship as well.

This was eleven years ago. It must have been 2010 or thereabouts. I was asked to come to help with a computer project for this gentleman’s real estate business. He owned 31 different beachfront properties that were rentals, and he needed a change for his computer systems for managing the company. He needed some help with SEO and that type of thing, so I came to help him.

I noticed as soon as I got there that he was what the Brits call crumbly. He was 65 years old, but he was going on 85 years old physically. He was on eleven medications. He was extremely overweight and needed some assistance. I had been a holistic health therapist for a long time and so I said, “Larry, I noticed this and I know that maybe this could help you.”

He started slow and eventually, he realized that by taking some of the nutrition products I was recommending, he started to feel a lot better. He was getting a lot more energy. He started losing weight. He started going to the gym and working out. He started realizing that he didn’t need all of his medication. I helped him very slowly titrate those medications.

After about six months, he was off all of his medications. He canceled two surgeries that he was scheduled to have, and he had lost 50 pounds of fat and gained about 20 pounds of muscle. He was very different. The telltale sign was a little while after that, maybe another six months later, he went to get a new life insurance policy. His agent who’s a friend of ours came to us one day and said, “We got good news. The insurance company said that you are the healthiest person that I have ever sent to them. They are giving you superior preferred status for your insurance, but there’s one mistake with the application. This says he was born in 1945, but this looks to us like a man who’s about 33 years old. Can you fix the date of birth and resend it?”

Stewart said to him, “That is his true date of birth. He’s the cofounder of the Boomers Forever Young company.” After that first six months, Larry who doesn’t mind me using his name said to me, “What would you think if we started a business so we could help other people the same way that you helped me?”

I had been helping one person at a time at that point. Regardless of what else I was doing for business, I always was helping people with holistic health therapy. This was an opportunity to begin to put together an organized business with a website and a collection of nutrition products and begin to help people on a much larger scale. That’s how we got started.

Was the intention back then to build a health coaching business or to create a product-oriented business or both?

It was both. We knew that the types of products that would help people that fast and effectively would need the education to go with it, and also caution because not everyone can use certain products. It required somebody like myself to be able to speak with people on the phone and find out what would work for them and what would not.

In some cases, we have to ease into strong products with small amounts and gradually increase over time, but then also we knew we wouldn’t be able to give everybody everything they needed, and that we would have to make referrals out. People had certain problems where they needed to see a doctor or they needed to see a therapist of some kind. I had a network where I could easily find the right person that would help that person, regardless of where they lived in the United States, and in some cases, regardless of where they lived in the world.

You are starting from scratch. You and Larry together have decided to do this, and it’s going to be a health consultation/product business where you or maybe someone on your team would meet with someone and say, “You probably need this and this, and we sell those products.” When you started, I assume all those products were off the shelf commercially available products. Is that what you ended up or did you go beyond that?

In the beginning, it wasn’t off the shelf available products. One of the products had been for sale in a simpler form, which was one of the products that Larry used, but that company stopped selling it. It was too expensive. Not enough people were purchasing it. It needed somebody else to reformulate it and combine it with another product that would potentiate it that would make it much stronger and much more absorbable.

We were the ones that were able to pair it with another product so now we have two. One of the products made the first one five times stronger. We were able to reduce the price by 80% by needing fewer ingredients. It was the first time in the history of formulation that people could afford to buy a combination of two products that had over 4,000 bioactive compounds in them. It’s all of the basic building blocks of human life in powder form. They could mix in a glass of water and drink once a day, and now people would be extremely well nourished. It’s for the first time in history that this level of super nutrition was available.

People would be extremely well nourished for the first time in history with this level of super nutrition now available. Share on X

One of the products was already made and was being sold in Northern Canada, but it was very limited. We connected with the scientist and farmer who was making this product. When I called him, it turned out that he knew my father that had a PhD in Plant Science. He was a professor at Cornell University. This gentleman was teaching Plant Science at universities in Canada, and so he had read my father’s books.

When I contacted him, he was like, “You guys sound like the type of person that I can trust that will make sure that no one gets harmed by these super strong, super foods. You’ll do it in a way that I will believe in.” He made us take a course and pass a test before we were allowed to distribute his product. Still to this day, we are the only people in the US that sell it. By getting that, that was what potentiated the original product that had 70 nutrients in it that had helped Larry so much. We now call this the Dynamic Combo. It has now exploded into a product that thousands of people around the world use.

What is the name of that product?

We call it the Dynamic Combo. It’s a combination of powdered sprouted barley seeds, and a product called Boomer Boost, which is 70 nutrients which is vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, proenzymes, and specialty nutrients that are all designed to create foundational nutrition without having to go to the health food store, and try to piece together twenty bottles of pills that you have on top of your refrigerator.

What happened was that this Boomer Boost product that you described was originally created by a different company or a different person. Did you now acquire the rights to that or the exclusive distribution of that product, or did you alter it and make it your own in a different way? Tell us a little bit more about what that was like.

Nobody was selling it at that point. We then altered it to make it better.

You took the formula. You enhanced and changed it. You re-released it under a different name.


Full disclosure, that happens to be a product that I use every day. I use the Gladiator Barley and the Boomer Boost. Every single day, I mix it right in with my protein shake as a meal replacement. The fact that I had it before this interview, I’m fully powered up and energized. I can attest to the fact that it is a terrific product and I do enjoy using it.

Was this all deliberate or did it just emerge? Did it happen a little at a time? Were you very deliberate about it to say, “We want to do this. This is the product. We got to acquire it. We can change it and now we want to produce it in mass?” Give me an idea of the thought process and the structure of how this occurred for you. A lot of people are probably in similar situations where they are wondering if something they already do might be a good business and if they should go further with it. Talk a little bit about that.

The way that we did it was we commissioned a formulator who happens to be from down around Miami, and that formulator made us a sample. It’s very hard to get powders like this to taste okay. We spent many months getting the taste the way that we wanted it and getting all the ingredients to get into one place.

As we tasted it and experienced it, because you can feel the energy from this product right away, at one point, we decided, “This is it.” At that point, we needed to commission an attorney to make the label for it. It’s very difficult to get an FDA-compliant label. We got the right attorney that knew how to do it, and then we purchased 5,000 jars of the product and began distributing it.

At the same time, we also began purchasing equivalent amounts of the Gladiator Barley and selling them together. We also knew that people were going to need extra of certain things that don’t go well in powders. One of which is fatty acids, which taste bad when you put them in powders, and so we got a formulator that made us good quality fish oil pills.

The same is true with Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 needs to be more customized because some people are in the sun all the time and some people aren’t. We got Vitamin D3 pills and we sold those four products together as comprehensive nutrition. Later we added a fifth product to what we call the total health system, which is a very special type of probiotic that’s made exclusively for us by the same men that make our powdered barley.

Vitamin D3 needs to be more customized because some people are in the sun all the time and some people aren't. Share on X

At the moment in time when you were ready to pull the trigger on a 5,000-unit order, what did it take? Did you have to raise money? Did you have to borrow money or did you have clients lined up in advance or was this like stepping off a cliff and hoping to build the parachute on the way down?

It was a risk, but we were confident that at the very least that we would make our money back over time. It’s mostly because of my experience in the field. I have been a holistic health therapist and a certified holistic nutritionist for a while. I already had clients of my own that were waiting for this type of thing, but we didn’t need to raise money.

We needed about $200,000 to launch the business and we self-funded it. You didn’t need that all at once. We put in this amount. At any given point, we had to put in that amount of money that within a couple of years, we had that all back to break even. In that third year was when we started to first turn a profit.

That’s still pretty quick. Remember, for a self-funded company, that’s a very satisfying result. We are talking to the incredible Bob Gilpatrick. He is the cofounder of a range of products, and the President and Cofounder of Boomers Forever Young nutrition company. He’s sharing some incredibly valuable information with us.

Bob, let’s go back to year three. You are starting to break even at this point, which is somewhat amazing now for a self-funded company. It was about the same for us when we started our software company. It was two and a half or so years when we started to finally break even. At that point, we decided to pay ourselves. That was a very big day. My partner and I started receiving a salary from our own company, which was a lot of fun and ridiculously amazing at the same time. Talk about your scaling process, and how you decided to go forward from that year and double or triple the size of the company as you have.

It happened by accident what turned out to be the best marketing plan for us. We had a lot of different marketing things in place. We had some marketing consultants. What happened sometime in the middle of the second year is I got a call from a friend of mine who I had been in business with before. I owned a brokerage company with him in New York. We had traveled to Russia together on business on many occasions. He called me and said, “I have met this guy that has a show and it’s on a free conference call. He’s got a bunch of people listening to him talking. They call him Ramblin’ Randy. I talked to him about your nutrition products and he wants to bring you on his show to tell his audience about it.”

FTC Bob Gilpatrick | Boomers Forever Young
Boomers Forever Young: Scaling the company happened by accident. We had a lot of different marketing things in place and we had some marketing consultants, but what turned out to be the best marketing plan for us was being on a free conference call where a lot of people were listening.


I had never done anything like that before, specifically. I had been on television and stuff before that and our radio shows, but this was a little different. I was like, “What am I going to do? What am I going to say?” I started talking about our total health system. We gave out our phone number, and the next day, the phone started ringing and our website started to light up with people placing orders.

It was moderately successful. At that time, that same broadcaster said to me, “I have got somebody else that you would like to meet that has a much bigger show than me. What would you think if we created a system where we have a two-tier affiliate program?” I was already paying him. We were tracking the sales that came from him. We were paying him once a month. He’s like, “What if I could bring you some other people? What could you do for me?” I created then a platform for a two-tiered affiliate program, and he introduced us to another broadcaster who I have now been on his show twice a month for eight years.

That broadcaster was bigger and launched us to the next level. We go back to the original friend of mine that I used to travel with. He introduced me to another person who was even bigger than the second broadcaster. I remember coming in the next day after being on his show for the first time, and I had to call my friends. I called my sister, my girlfriend, and other friends, “Can you come in here to the office and help answer the phones?” The phone was ringing. Every second, a new call would come in, and we weren’t ready for that. We had no idea that was going to happen.

We ended up having to make a lot of return phone calls, but I think we picked up 150 to 175 new customers that first day. Since that time, I have been on that gentleman’s program again about 700 times, twice a week for many years. We have many thousands of customers that have come through that one show. After that, we added another one and another one. A good 80% of our customers still come from being a guest on other people’s podcasts and conference calls.

What you are talking about is I would call it a strategy that has worked for lots of people, but very few people pay attention to it. They treat it as an aside. They have their Facebook campaigns or their Google AdWords campaigns or their Instagram things going on. They forget about the traditional way that most of us have created companies.

Like you, Bob, my company was launched with PR. This was before there were podcasts or even telephone line shows like the one you described. It wasn’t so much luck. It was a lot of hard work. We locate one of the key reviewers of a significant magazine called InfoWorld. We took a huge risk and gave them a copy of our software for review because we were a new company, and they had reviewed WordPerfect the month before. They love WordPerfect. They gave it a good rating, but they were still a little critical of that too. We were nervous. Yet, it turned out that they did review us and gave us the highest rating they have ever given software which is amazing.

Like you, it caused the same upheaval and growth spurts in the company. Like your story, we decided to continue to duplicate that success as well. We then doubled down on PR. We then found ways to get in front of other key influencers in all vertical markets related to the way our software was used. What you are describing is a strategy that is incredibly valuable.

The other thing that we didn’t mention is that it didn’t cost you a penny to do this. It was completely free. All you had to do was pay an affiliate fee which is cheaper than your cost of acquisition had you advertised to get that same customer. It was a great strategy. It sounds like you continue to do that. As my old friend, Jay Abraham would say, “That’s one leg of the three-legged stool.” What are the other two? How else do you generate revenue for the company?

We do the traditional, which is Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok now as well. That would be the second leg. The third is more traditional influencers. We work together with a company called GRIN, which has one million influencers on its platform. You are able to publish a proposed campaign for a given product and people will respond and say, “I think I might like that.”

We get responses from medical doctors and other health practitioners. We get responses from people that are personal trainers and professional athletes that are looking at our company going, “I think that looks like a good opportunity for me.” We then negotiate a contract with each one individually. Some of it is for free products. You have to pay a few thousand dollars a month depending on the size of the influencer and their engagement.

FTC Bob Gilpatrick | Boomers Forever Young
Boomers Forever Young: We negotiated a contract with each one individually, and some of it is for free product. For some, you have to pay a few thousand dollars a month depending on the size of the influencer and their engagement.


We are able to track very closely using our own tracking software and also with GRIN. That’s an up-and-coming part of our marketing now. We had a world champion who uses our Gladiator Barley product and won the world championship in the UAE MMA fighting championship. He was quite excited to have the Gladiator Barley logo on his fighting shorts.

I think of it as an off-the-radar strategy. By all means, these are things that work well. It requires a business owner to constantly be looking for these types of opportunities and trying new things. Marketing is more a matter of what works. It’s not why something should or shouldn’t work, so you got to have to keep trying. I love that about what you’ve done. Tell me a little bit more about the direct trajectory of the company going forward. What are your plans for the future? You have a fairly solid product base. Every so often, I see various products that you co-market. Where do you see things going in the future right now?

We’re continuing on as we have with those three legs that I was talking about. We also are continuing to create more content. We have a lot of content that is given away for free that is very practical and helpful information about health and wellness. It’s not anything that we invented, but that we are good at. We teach people how to use the emotional freedom technique, how to use the havening technique, how to use nonviolent communication, and how to use the inner balance from heart math. These are all stress management techniques. We always say, “No matter how good the nutrition products are, if people are under stress, they are probably still going to be sick.”

No matter how good the nutrition products are, if people are under stress, they are probably still going to be sick. Share on X

We do a lot of how-to videos for people. We direct them to those videos which are up on our podcast. We also help people over the phone. We also have people come to visit the office. It’s that strategy of being available, giving out our address on Central Avenue, and letting people come to our conference room to meet with us and also to call. We have our own consulting/call center where people can call the office and speak with other people.

We have all different ages including two men that are 85 years old that work for us. One is full-time, and one is part-time. They are answering the phones, answering questions, and helping people learn how to be super healthy. That call center part is a big piece also for people to have someone pick up the phone and say, “Yes, I can tell you about this product. I use it myself. This is what I experienced and this is the answer to your question.” That’s not unique but it’s different in this field. Most of the time, when you buy nutrition products, there isn’t anybody there who’s going to spend half an hour on the phone with you talking about your health, your wife’s health, your mom’s health, and what can be done to help the whole family.

I can attest to everything you are saying because I have had those half-hour phone calls with your team, and they are wonderful. What is the name of your podcast?

Live Forever Young Radio and that’s the website also for it.

For our audience, that’s going to be something you are going to need to check out as well. That’s where you will be able to get a lot more health information and more guidance on how to live young forever. Bob, we are going to transition to a different part of the show where we talk more about you and do that by asking a couple of questions. Some call them my silly questions and others have said that it’s their favorite part of the show. I will start out by asking you, who in all of space and time would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

That would be Nikola Tesla. I have spent lots of time in a previous career as a business advisor and business broker helping inventors. I got to work on hydrogen fuel cell technology 25 years ago. I got to help Dr. Liss when he created the first Cranial Electrical Stimulator. I got to help him with that invention and others as well.

I have also spent time in my own creative space, coming up with new ideas for things like treating chronic traumatic encephalopathy. I was able to come up with a sleep aid product that works for 90% of the people that try it. I also am very interested in other technologies, pulse electromagnetic field technologies and photo biomodulation technologies.

One of the things that I like to do in meditation is travel to the pyramid of knowledge. At the pyramid of knowledge, they will confirm or redirect you with inventions that you have as to whether or not they are going to work. This is the same space where Tesla and Einstein used to travel in their mind. For example, alternating current came from that quantum space, and so did E=MC2. To me, that would be better if it was more visceral and to be with a more real human, Tesla, instead of in this ethereal space at the pyramid of knowledge where he hangs out. It would make it more real. I have a feeling it would be probably the most interesting thing I could do.

This pyramid of knowledge, can all of us reach this period of knowledge and how would we get there?

You can. It requires entering into a different brainwave state. I have been using the new calm technique to do that. It’s a phenomenal new brainwave facilitation software and bio-acoustic stimulator. There are certain brainwave states, theta and alpha states, where your consciousness becomes non-local. The easiest way to do it is to use external stimulation through headphones.

Through your own meditation, you can also learn to leave your body intact, but have your consciousness be in multidimensions simultaneously. One of the techniques I use is a technique that is called the ultimate mind-calming exercise. It’s great if you can create a blank slate in your mind or a state of no mind. That’s a video that people can access on my website and it’s also called Head Circles.

FTC Bob Gilpatrick | Boomers Forever Young
Boomers Forever Young: Through your own meditation, you can also learn to leave your body intact and have your consciousness be in multidimensions simultaneously.


It’s a technique where you make this head circle, where you swing your chin slowly from side to side at the end of the circle, and then cross your hands over your heart, and take in a deep breath. Your mind will stop completely. This question, which helps you to begin to actualize higher levels of consciousness is the question, “Who is it that’s doing these head circles?”

If you ask yourself that question and sit quietly, you will begin to notice that you begin to get a feeling of a part of your consciousness that is not in your brain. If you do another head circle, you can then ask the question, “Who is this that’s asking, ‘Who is this that’s doing these head circles?’” You start to get this sense of a stack of spirals of consciousness above your head.

At that point, you can use your intention. The intention is one of the keys. Once you are in this state of feeling higher levels of consciousness, use your intention to pierce through up to the level you want to land in. The intention can be, “I need some confirmation or advice from the pyramid of knowledge about this new invention I have in mind.” You want to do this with joyful anticipation. The more joyful you have in the anticipation of success, the more you draw the information to you. Your intention rides on a waveform of joyfulness. Joy is what creates magnetism.

The more joyful you are in anticipation of the success, the more you draw the information to you. Your intention rides on a wave form of joyfulness, and the joy is what creates the magnetism. Share on X

I like to tell people, “Imagine a beautiful coffee table like the one that Peter Erdei designs would make. Imagine that you are manifesting a hologram. It could be a person that you don’t yet know that you want to meet or it can be a device, or it can be a feeling. Imagine that the coffee table has the magic power to infuse whatever the hologram is on that table with joy. You then encase this hologram in a translucent bubble and let it float out into the universe with the intention that it will draw back to you the essence of that hologram.” That’s one of the other techniques you can use. There are numerous other ones as well, but those are two that are proven valuable for me.

It’s funny in a way because our entire show was about the business and about your incredible Boomers Forever product line, but I’m very interested in this part of what you do as well. I have discovered NuCalm as well, and I have been using it. I don’t know if the discs make a difference or not. They sell a set of discs that go with it that are sticky little energy discs that you place on your wrist. I have been using them, but I haven’t noticed a difference in using or not using them. Have you?

I have but only a mild difference. I use them anyway. I know enough about neurochemistry, and what they are doing. I know it’s upregulating GABA A and GABA B, and facilitating other neurotransmitters. I also use other Nootropics that I take in the morning that do similar things. You and I might already have some of that essence of what they are trying to help people accomplish. That’s probably why we don’t feel it. Others that I know do feel it strongly. They probably are not using the other same nutrition that we are. Your brain chemistry responds very powerfully to the nutrients that are in the Boomer products because it’s stimulating genetic expression, especially the probiotics is stimulating the creation of neurotransmitters. That’s great. I love the NuCalm system. It’s a great new breakthrough for all of us.

For our audience, we get straight into interesting and fascinating areas of discussion. If you’ve enjoyed this part of the conversation, please let me know. We could certainly have more of them if you like this. Bob is someone who I have started to build a friendship with. We are in the same mastermind together and I have been a client of his as well. If you like, we could have Bob back too and we could skip the whole business stuff and go right into more of his viewpoint on how to access and enable that invisible part of this world that has brought us so much joy and so much value as well. I’m leaving it to you to let me know what you think and if this is something you would like.

Getting back to earth here for a moment, we are able to provide a 10% discount through a code that Bob has provided, and that code is MITCH. That will take 10% off any order. All you got to do is call 1800-861-4609 and speak to somebody on the phone. You might get one of those 85-year-old guys who are a pleasure to talk to, and full of information. Give them that code and you’ll save 10%. I highly recommend starting with the kit. What’s the name of the kit again, Bob?

It’s called the Total Health Systems.

I started with that. Over the months that I have been using it, I have added the nootropics as well, and I find that to be very helpful too. By all means, start with that and go from there. Bob, this has been a fascinating conversation as always. Thank you so much for spending your time with us. For our audience, you can see everything we talked about over at your Including the links and free gift. Bob, you said something about a free eBook. What is the name of that eBook?

The book is called Vibrant Living: Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle and it’s about 30 or 40 pages book. It’s printed and people will get a printed copy of it when they order their Total Health Systems. In the meantime, they can get it for free in digital form. It has about fifteen chapters to it which are short chapters about everything from stress management to carbohydrates and all like that.

Bob, thank you so much for your time. This was a great interview. I have enjoyed our time together as always. I look forward to the next time we get to speak.

Thank you, Mitch. I enjoyed it also. Thank you very much.

You are welcome.


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