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Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

Turn your best clients and fans into
a sales team that pays you.

Using the system I outline in my #1 bestselling book, Power Tribes, I work with you to mobilize your best clients and fans.

Through Certification, you can build a sales team that pays you every year for the privilege of selling your products and services, while giving you a local presence all over the country and multiplying your delivery systems 100x past what you are capable of today.

I will personally lead you through the Power Tribes Certification process and guarantee a multi-six figure launch just by working with me.

Together we’ll design a heart-centered selling system and build out this new recurring revenue stream.

“Mitch has been excellent to work with. His expertise has really been invaluable in helping us get this program off the ground.”

“We started working with Mitch just a few months ago, and from the get-go we worked with him designing the entire plan and the roll-out. Mitch has worked very closely with myself and my team to build the program, including all the training curriculum as well as the marketing, and putting a plan together for how we are actually going to get people into the program, which is obviously a critical component of the whole thing.

Along the way, Mitch has been excellent to work with. He’s been extremely responsive, and his expertise has really been invaluable in helping us get this program off the ground. As of just recently, we finally launched the program; I say finally, but it only took us a couple of months to put the whole thing together. Considering it can definitely be a seven-figure-a-year program for us and will expand our business in a ton of different ways, that’s not much [time] at all.”


Mitch provided a fresh perspective with his deep experience and his networks. I really appreciate the insights he brought to me.

“We are working with Mitch on a Brand New Certification program which was recently completed”
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Sushee Perumal, CEO MaxSold

“If you are thinking of doing a licensing program, go talk to Mitch

We were looking to create a licensing program and decided to hire Mitch Russo. Mitch is very good, we launched our program, we already made money. Really good opportunity for us and great value as a company because it will take us to 8 figures in a few years, it’s a force multiplier. Great working with Mitch. And if you are thinking of doing a licensing program, go talk to him. He’s certainly got the goods. Hopefully it will work just as good for you as it did for me! Regarding Mitch Russo, definitely give him a try


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