The Power Of Life Coaching: Changing The World By Training Thousands To Help Others With Barbara Wainwright


FTC Barbara Wainwright | Training Thousands Of People


Coaching empowers individuals and is a huge catalyst for change as it helps people move forward. In today’s episode, Barbara Wainwright, the author of The Power of Life Coaching, shares her journey to becoming a life coach. She shares her approach to coaching as well as how one can become certified through the Assessment-Based Certification. Start helping people maximize their performance. Tune in and be inspired to make a difference to thousands of people today!


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The Power Of Life Coaching: Changing The World By Training Thousands To Help Others With Barbara Wainwright

I have something for all of my coaches in the audience. As a coach for years, I have made a few discoveries that have vastly improved client performance and satisfaction. I realized that by asking a few specific questions that are carefully crafted to bring a client to a personal realization about their true purpose, I was able to help my clients align their newly discovered, true purpose with their true mission. That alignment changes everything. I want to share it with you. I wrote a short but powerful book called Coach Elevation. For a limited time, you can get it free. All you got to do is go to and it’s yours. Go ahead and do that. Now, on to my guest and her incredible story.

Some of us take the path of self-discovery when building our business. Our guest is a deliberate creator of a powerful organization to help others. Her mission is to teach those who are also called to help others on a larger scale and train at the university level. This started back in 2006. As herself, as a life coach started a life coaching academy and has trained almost 7,000 professional coaches, she is still going strong as the Founder of Wainwright Global, the creator of, where thousands have taken her program and become certified life coaches. Welcome, Barbara Wainwright, to the show.

I am delighted to be here and I’m honored, Mitch. You got such a rich history yourself. Thank you for inviting me.

It’s my pleasure because you are a real giver. What you do is change many lives. I have to spread the word. I have no choice. It’s got to be done. Let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us how this all started for you.

It was long ago because 2005 is when I first discovered coaching. Back then, there weren’t as many opportunities or nearly as many training companies as there are in 2022. I have been searching for the next thing for myself for a long time. It took me ten years. I was a Software Developer. I designed systems and did a lot of analysis and design and how to make things easier for the user.

While I was doing coding, I was taking classes, reading books and doing things to grow myself. I was searching at the same time. What is it that I’m called to do? As much as I loved writing software, I knew that there was something else I was called to do. I didn’t know what it was. For ten years, I was doing that. I was searching, taking classes and reading books. I was doing self-development.

In 2005, when I stumbled on coaching, I was like, “This is it,” but I’m not sure. I’m going to ask for confirmation. I got confirmation that it was the right thing. I jumped in with both feet. I paid $20,000 to go get my coach training because that’s what it was costing in those days. There weren’t that many options for one thing and that’s what it costs, so I went and did it. I got trained.

I was like, “This isn’t that hard. If we had a system, it would be easy. Let me develop this system to make coaching easy and we can train people how to do it. We’re going to change many lives. It’s going to be great.” That’s what I did. I created a system of coaching that has been proven to work that helps to create transformation for our clients without the anxiety and stress that had normally caused when somebody is going through change. They can easily step into who it was that they were meant to be when they were born.

You and I have such common background being both system engineers, in a sense, software designers. With that type of background, I love the fact that you said that you are approaching coaching as a system. I hate to say it is a hammer. Everything does look like a nail sometimes. If you approach the world by saying, “You know what,” you can create systems for about anything as long as the process is repeatable. It sounds like with coaching that although the content is different, the problems and issues are different. The process is repeatable.

I have coaches that are coaching in over 52 different coaching niches. How is that possible? They are all using the system. The system has been proven to work. It’s step by step. It’s not difficult. Coaching is not hard. With you and what you have created with your software, it makes it even easier for coaches to coach a lot of people without the anxiety and stress of, “Where are my notes?”

FTC Barbara Wainwright | Training Thousands Of People
Training Thousands Of People: Coaching’s not hard. This software makes it even easier for coaches to coach many people without anxiety and stress.


Readers, what you are not reading and what Barbara is not telling you is that this is something that she has perfected over a few decades. If she makes it sound easy, it’s like, “I created this little system and you can do it too.” Think about the time it went into and talk about training 7,000 coaches. This is a business show, Barbara. What I want to do is to tell me about how you scaled this once you took this $20,000 course and that was when $20,000 was a lot of money.

It was a huge investment but I was investing in myself. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Especially when you feel called to make that move. I started by teaching people a methodology and the method has grown. It keeps improving over time. When you are first starting, you might not have all the answers and tools but they will come when you need them at the right moment. It’s the way the universe works. It unfolds and helps you to keep moving forward in the right direction. Everything comes to you as you need it at the perfect moment.

I started with a few tools. At least I had my coaching steps because it is a step-by-step system that I teach. We do what we call a new client interview. We find out what the client wants to have to happen in their life. As a coach, we create a vision statement for our clients so that they can reprogram their subconscious minds.

The subconscious mind can be our worst enemy if we don’t reprogram it. We want to have our subconscious minds on board with where we want to go in the world. That way, when we get ready to take those steps, we don’t have self-sabotage, anxiety and stress. In our mind’s eye, we have already done it 100 times by listening to the vision statement. We get ready to go do it instead of going, “It’s enough. That is 100 times. I’m ready to go. I’m going to do this and make it happen.”

That’s our second coaching session. We deliver that gift of the vision statement to the client and ask them to listen to it every day. From there, when we meet, we’re doing, “What is the next best step for you to get where you want to go? What is it that you need to do?” We hold them accountable for that. What I love is that we’re going to be incorporating your system into holding our clients accountable.

After you paid all this money and you became a coach, I’m assuming you probably had several life coaching clients at first. Let’s go to that juicy transition moment when you said, “I can do something better than I was taught and teach others.” Tell us about how that moment came about. Was it instant realization or did it evolve?

You are making me go way back. That’s a lot of years ago. I don’t think it was instant. Here is the thing that kept hitting me. You know the catalyst that said, “You got to create the system, make it affordable and get people involved in doing this because this is too valuable to be sitting on a shelf or not getting activity.” A lot of companies are still charging that and that $20,000 mark was too high, in my opinion.

It was like, “No, this needs to be affordable. It needs to be a system.” It can’t take two years to learn how to coach. We’re asking questions. “How hard is it?” Not that hard. If I have a system, I can do this in a short period. That was the thinking that was going on. Affordable, we have to have a system and get more people involved because coaching is a huge catalyst for changes. It is helping people live the life that they were divinely meant to live when they were born.

Coaching is a huge catalyst for change. We’re helping people live the life they were divinely meant to live when they were born. Click To Tweet

I believe that everybody comes into life with a purpose. There was something that they were meant to do or create or gift back to the world. If that’s the case, we need to find out what that is. How do we do that? We become a coach. That’s what coaching does. It helps people to find out what their gift is, how to manifest it, create it and gift it back to the world. It’s a big cyclical thing. When I was getting all of that coming to me, that was the catalyst for me to go, “What do I need to do to make this happen?”

If we can go back again to that moment in time and it was like the first person that you signed up to your program, you had to do a few things. Number one, you had to make a decision to sell a system. Number two, you had to figure out, “How much should I charge?” Number three, you had to figure out, “How am I going to deliver this?” Take us back a little bit and talk about those elements of it because there are probably lots of people here that are sitting on the fence thinking, “I have this skill. I can bring it to the world but I’m searching for a way to do that.” Barbara, tell us a little bit about how you did it.

In the beginning, I did not teach online. Going online in 2006 wasn’t something that people did. We had to GoTo Meeting from Citrix. Eventually, that’s what we used in the beginning. Before that, for two years, I was teaching in person. It was a lot of work. I’m sure you’re aware you have to book a room, market, advertise and get people to come. I was marketing in magazines that were targeting holistic people, people that were doing things spiritually to help people move forward. I was advertising in those magazines locally because I wasn’t traveling yet to teach.

I got six people to come to my classes. I taught them and they loved it. Anybody who has been through the class, I always get great testimonials because it is great content. It’s empowering and they can see the value of it. It’s being delivered through coaching. That was how I started. I was teaching in person, advertising in local magazines and putting out flyers in some places. I taught small groups of people in the beginning. Over that 2 years, I ended up training about 100 people.

You did what I would call the beginning hard work to set up rooms and hotels and gather six people in by spending money. Sometimes, things don’t work. You have to rethink steps to make sure that you can still get it done. Those are the beginning days that all successful business owners have to go through and you went through this. You’re at a point where you have 100 or so people you have trained. When did you take this to the next level? What was that like?

That was the move to online.

Tell us about that.

Having been in the computer world for so long, I knew about Google AdWords. That was the magic right there. I started advertising with Google AdWords life coaching. I managed to get a lot of people coming forward saying, “I want to be a life coach because it was very inexpensive.” I don’t even want to mention the price. I was using Google AdWords. We were getting a lot of people. This was back in the day when it cost about $1 for a click.

In 2008, for $1 a click, you could get somebody to come and check you out. That is how I built it. In that 1st year of advertising with Google, we trained about 800 people through the program. The 2nd year was another 900 people. In 2012, I started working with Seattle Pacific University and a company called Seattle Research Partners.

They wanted to bring my training to Seattle Pacific University. To do that, the curriculum had to go through accreditation. That’s how I got accreditation at the university graduate level. I had many magical things unfold for me. It’s wonderful. I got my curriculum to accredit at the university graduate level so that I could teach Boeing employees the magic of coaching.

These wonderful things happen. I do want to make a point here. The readers of the show know I sometimes go a little woo-woo on them. I’m going to do it again. What happens is that you set an intention here. The universe knows that intention and conspires to assist you in achieving your goals. We all have that ability built into it. It’s the way the system works.

Realistically, you did without question and I bet without a doubt that it would happen. It’s a great way to segue into my next question because here is where we get to the point where a lot of people struggle. You have had some four years of success. You have taught a lot of clients on with your online program and then you are an accredited university. Did you go to the university and teach it yourself or did you use that accreditation to use the online training in the university environment? Tell us about that.

I traveled a lot in the beginning. I traveled quite a bit through the states to do the training. I taught at Syracuse University. I taught in Texas, Chicago and Seattle quite a few times. For Boeing, they want you to come in and go into their building. They don’t want you to go somewhere else. I went on-site to Boeing to do the training there. We did some other boutique training up there for HR professionals in the Seattle area. Seattle Research Partners was the company that was setting arranging all that. I went up to Seattle quite a few times to do training for HR professionals.

Was there another moment in time when you said, “I’m getting tired of traveling. Maybe I will bring in a coach that will work for me or certify a coach that I can then send out and share in the revenue that they generate?” Tell us about how your thoughts were and how that worked out for you.

In 2008, I ended up hiring other trainers because we did go online at that time. We had many students coming through. There was no way that I could do all the training. We only allow ten people in the class at a time. That is because everybody needs attention. You’re teaching them how to coach. It needs to be focused and everybody needs to be able to get feedback.

Everybody needs attention. When you're teaching people how to coach, it needs to be focused, and everybody needs to be able to get feedback. Click To Tweet

I ended up hiring other people that were enthusiastic as I was. They were like, “I love to train this stuff.” It’s rewarding. I ended up hiring other trainers to help with the load of students that we had. That trend morphed into more. What I do is license my curriculum to people that want to also go out and help people change the world. Doing that adds another stream of revenue for me as a business. I have recurring revenue from what I call Master Coaches that are out there training other individuals with my coaching system and my curriculum.

I provide everything that they need like training materials. I don’t provide the students. Sometimes they do their marketing, get their students and they belong to them. All the people that they train are their business. I don’t send any marketing materials or anything like that to them. It’s their company. They are coaches. They have simply been through my program and they receive their hard copy certificate from Wainwright Global.

Barbara, we’re getting into one of my favorite topics here and that is certification.

It is very important to have certification. There are two kinds of certification, which I’m sure you are aware of. One is if I show up, I get a certificate that says I attended. That’s a certification but it’s not what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about here is accountability, which is what coaching is all about.

Accountability is what coaching is all about. Click To Tweet

To get certified through Wainwright Global, you need to attend the full class, do the homework, participate in class and successfully pass the exam. If you do that, we can certify you as yes, you have learned this. You have applied yourself, you know this material and you are certified as a coach. If you can’t do that, we can’t certify you. It’s what they call an assessment-based certification.

I cover that in the book and that is what I would call a level one certification. The reason I call it level one is that there are potentially many levels but level two would add one more step to that. That would be the process of providing what I would call lead flow to these potential coaches and turning them into another recurring revenue stream, which you do through licensing. You’re doing a lot of the level two stuff too. This is an incredible lesson for us because here, you started with what I would call a basic system of coaching. You train people, that’s fine and that generated revenue but you stepped up and created certification.

It reminds me of a story of a yoga teacher I was once infatuated with. She was quite beautiful and I attended every one of her yoga classes back when I was much younger. She drove this gorgeous BMW and she had a beautiful studio. She charged $15 for a class. It was hardly anybody in the class. It was great and she was a great teacher.

One day, I went up to her and said, “I got to ask you a question. You seem successful but you only charge $15 a class. I can’t imagine that twelve people showing up for these classes once a day pays for all of this and helps you build your business.” She goes, “No, of course not.” She starts to walk away. I was like, “I’m curious. Maybe I could take you to lunch and we could chat a bit.” She said, “Sure.” We did. We became friends.

I took her to lunch and she explained to me that the most valuable part of having a yoga studio is yoga certification. She would get housewives in there. This goes back more than a decade. Back then, she was getting $3,500 per certification student. She would have anywhere from 10 to 15 new certified students every six weeks. All of a sudden, that is when the light bulb started to go off. I said, “She is pretty smart. That is amazing.” I asked her, “Did you invent this?” She was frank. She goes, “I took something called Kripalu certification.

It was a form of yoga back in the Northeast.” There is an ashram named Kripalu and they have their yoga certification. She goes, “I took the original Kripalu certification.” I realized that I could take it much further. That is how I created my own. It was a valuable lesson for me. It wasn’t lost on you either. You have done an amazing job with that.

I hope that anyone who’s reading this show is inspired by this story of how Barbara took this basic skill and turned it into this huge enterprise. Before we move on to the next session, I have one more question for you. It’s interesting because I was thinking about this as we were talking. If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

It was important that I got my original training. It helped open my eyes to what training could look like. I still would’ve done that even though it was expensive but it was an investment in me. I believe that from there, I would go back and start developing my system. In 2022, Google AdWords is Uber expensive. It drives the cost of everything up that anybody that’s advertising there has to charge a lot to cover that. I’m not doing that. What I would do is word of mouth.

What got our company off the ground is we get results and people love the training. When they leave, they are on fire for coaching and everything that they have laid out as their goals in the class. They go through the coaching experience in the class. They get their goals and next steps laid out. They know what they are getting ready to go and do. Here’s one thing I do that I haven’t done. I still haven’t done it but I thought about it. It would be valuable. That would be having the students come back a week later or a few days later after the training to talk about how powerful that was, share that and ask them to invite and bring some friends.

FTC Barbara Wainwright | Training Thousands Of People
Training Thousands Of People: Word of mouth is powerful. Imagine having the students come back a few days after the training to talk about how powerful that was and share that, and they invite and bring some friends. You’ve just exposed more people to your work and will have it go big.


This is a tip for everybody. I haven’t done it but I know this works. It is to bring people in and have the graduate share their stories about how powerful it was. Ask them to bring friends along to congratulate them on their graduation and their success. Celebrate that. You have exposed a whole group of more people to what you’re doing and will have it go big. It is something that has been percolating in my mind to do.

That’s a brilliant enrollment strategy. I encourage you to do it too because it would work great.

It will. I do want to do it that I have put out there.

You will have to do it and I’m going to hold you accountable for that.

I will be doing that moving forward, inviting the graduates to come back, bring a friend and share their experience with the coach training, their plans for moving forward and how they see themselves moving forward in the future. That would be valuable for everybody in the room.

Wouldn’t it be cool if a couple of those graduates got together and started their company?

Yes, it would be fabulous. That has happened. There have been occasions when people in the class resonated with each other. I haven’t heard of anyone getting married yet. Not like that but I have heard of them marrying them in a business. They got together and started a business together. It is a great place to meet people too.

What we will do is switch gears for a second here and talk more about you. I got to know you pretty well and I’m thrilled that I have but I want readers to get to know you a little bit better too. We do that by asking these two off-topic questions but they are fun questions. Here is the first one. Who in all of space and time would you like to spend one hour enjoying a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

It would be Jesus.

Jesus has been said before. I have only done 300 of these interviews. It’s not like it is never going to happen but here is the interesting thing. The reason why is never the same. Tell me why you would like to spend an hour with Mr. Jesus.

I do believe that it would be healing. The energy or the essence that would be there would be palpable. It’s having the experience of being in his field or energy field being right there. I didn’t even know that there would be a conversation, to be honest. I just would need to be in the presence of him and I would be complete.

There’s a gentleman by the name of Dr. David Hawkins who uses a powerful muscle testing tool to determine the spiritual power of people, places and things. He sets that the highest spiritual power any person, place or thing could have is 1,000. The only individual or thing person place ever to have that rating was Jesus. That is what he talks about in his books. That’s an incredible insight that you had. I have a feeling someday that is going to happen. I can’t arrange it. I’m just letting you know. It’s outside the scope of my abilities for the moment.

I look forward to that day.

Here is the next question. This is what we call the grand finale, the change the world question and I know what you’re going to say but I got to ask it anyway. What is it that you’re doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

I will keep doing what I’m doing until something happens where my body expires. I will keep training coaches until I feel that there’s one person that gets trained. They get out there and talk to one other person. We have made a positive impact on the world. All I ever wanted to do was make a positive impact in the world and try and make the world a better place for everybody. That’s where my heart is at.

If just one person gets trained and gets out there and talks to others, then we have made a positive impact in the world. Click To Tweet

Every one of your graduates is also changing the world with the processes that you have taught them. That is the multiplier effect. That’s what coaches get to do. We get to change the world by helping others change the world. Barbara, it has been delightful but before I let you go, you have something special for our readers. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about this incredible gift you have? What is it called?

I have a book called 10 Essential Things You Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career. If you have been thinking about becoming a coach and you go look on the internet, there’s a ton of information out there but it’s all scattered and you have to pull it all together yourself. This book walks you through like, “Should I be a coach? What is a coach? What is the difference between coaching and consulting?”

FTC Barbara Wainwright | Training Thousands Of People
Ten Essential Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career

There are a lot of answers in there that you could scour the internet for but it’s all in one place, 10 Essential Things You Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career. There are still places where you can invest $20,000 in your training. Before you invest $20,000, read the book, so you know exactly what you’re looking at getting into. It is a few pages. It’s not overwhelming.

Barbara, I’m afraid to read that book. I might find out I probably shouldn’t be a coach.

I don’t think so, Mitch. You like helping people. It’s clear. It’s good that you are a coach. That is the essence. If you like helping people and seeing them light up when they get their vision statements and they finally get permission to do what they have been called to do all their life and they are figuring out how they are going to it and what steps they are going to take, it’s extremely rewarding. I know you’re there.

It has been such a pleasure spending time with you, having you on the show and sharing your wisdom with at least 15,000 others who are reading I hope. Thanks for doing so. Readers, I highly recommend that you reach out to Barbara and find out what she is doing. If you even have an inkling of wanting to be a coach, go to and you will be able to get her book. Barbara, thank you.

Thank you so much, Mitch. It’s an absolute pleasure talking with you.


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