Your First Thousand Clients

The Secrets To Building And Scaling A Business With Doug C. Brown

How do you build a business? If you already have one, how do you scale it up and double the revenue? Many business owners want the idea of growing their business, but they forget to translate those goals into their lifestyle. Missing this vital piece creates friction between career and personal goals that pin down business growth into a headlock. Today’s guest, Doug C. Brown, a global sales coach of at least a thousand people, joins Mitch Russo to reveal his secrets to building a business. Tune in to gain valuable lessons so you, too, can scale up your own!

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FTC 233 | Humble Alpha

233: Humble Alpha: Humility In Leadership That Changes The World with Steven Kuhn

The best kinds of leadership go beyond the ego and into a place of humility. Humility not only towards others but towards understanding ourselves, knowing that there is so much that we’ve yet to learn and tap within. Steven Eugene Kuhn, the founder of Quality of Life Enterprises, joins Mitch Russo to share with us how humility and leadership relate with each other through his book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha: Own Your Presence in Life and Become the Epic Leader You Are Meant to Be. He takes us through his own personal development and career journey that took him from the military, the corporate world, and even to the monastery and back again. Sharing the lessons he learned throughout, he turned it into a book that is now helping many others unlock profound leadership, unshakable confidence, clarity of purpose, and the quality of life they dream of. Follow along to this conversation to learn the five steps of empowering yourself, believing in your truth, and owning your life. 

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Achieving Success With A Strong Recurring Revenue From A Subscription Business With Robert Skrob

Getting people to notice your business and buy is one thing. Enticing them to make regular purchases is another. One can achieve a strong recurring revenue by starting a subscription business, but many are unaware of where and how to start such an endeavor. Mitch Russo talks with marketing expert Robert Skrob to discuss the best and most effective strategies to apply when building a subscription business. They detail the usual glaring mistakes done by entrepreneurs in this type of business, understand the motivation and interests of the target audience, and start engaging subscription offers in an already established company.

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FTC Bill | Success Club

Success Club: Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Think Big While Staying Focused On What Counts With Bill Walsh

The COVID-19 pandemic merely accelerated something that has been going on behind the scenes for many years – the radical disruption of business as we know it, a revolutionary transformation that calls for disruptive innovation from every business owner if they are to survive…and thrive. Through Success Club, the legendary Bill Walsh does his share in making a difference in the world by giving out free content to inspire 10 million entrepreneurs to carve their way to success in this time of accelerated change. While Bill now proudly wears the distinction of being a top success coach and America’s small business expert, he didn’t start out with a silver pacifier up his mouth. He, too, knows what it’s like for most of us who have to work our souls off just to keep our heads above the water. Listen intently as he generously shares his incredible wisdom about the makings of success in this conversation with Mitch Russo.

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FTC Geoff | Profits And Health

Going Clean To Go Strong: The Pathway To Profits And Health With Geoff Palmer

Losing your loved ones can make you feel like all hope is lost in the world. How do you get someone to move on from this situation? Even more, how can you get them to strive despite it all? Geoff Palmer is someone who has the answers. Losing his father, mother, and brother within a short period of time, Geoff went into a downward spiral abusing alcohol and falling into a deep suicidal depression. In this episode, he joins host Mitch Russo to bare with us his journey and how he moved out from that dark place into the pathway to profits and health and going clean to go strong. Now, Geoff is the owner of Clean Machine, a plant-based nutrition company where he is bringing health and fitness back together. Follow along in this conversation to discover the keys to both a happy and healthy life, even as circumstances try to keep it from you, with Geoff.

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FTC Joel | Speaking Success

Speaking The Truth: How To Use Your Story To Carve A Path To Success With Joel Weldon

If someone who has been called the “worst speaker ever” can build himself up to become one of the world’s best, then learning how to carve your own path to success with your story shouldn’t be an impossible thing to do. For renowned motivational speaker, Joel Weldon, speaking is easy, but not because he had an innate gift for it. Starting out as someone who can barely speak to 17 people at age 28, Joel worked to develop his skills in speaking to make a successful career out of it – eventually becoming one of the original founders of the National Speakers Association. Building on the lessons he has acquired throughout his career, Joel created the Ultimate Speaking System – a veritable encyclopedia of best practices in persuasive message delivery perfected over four decades of experience. Join in as Mitch Russo brings him in to the show to disclose how you can take your one-on-one communication skills to an even higher level and use your speaking skills to create videos, appear on podcasts, conduct webinars and engage in virtual one-on-one calls during COVID-19.

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FTC Mark | Landscape Management Network

From Grass To SaaS: The Evolution Of Landscape Management Network With Mark Bradley

It seems a long way from cutting grass to dominating an entire niche in the world of SaaS, but that’s exactly what Mark Bradley did over the course of his entrepreneurship journey. Before founding Landscape Management Network, Mark’s only means of employment was mowing lawns, but he had always known that he wanted more out of life. To achieve that, he started his own lawn care company. As his business grew bigger and busier, he searched far and wide for software tools to help him manage it – all to no avail. Driven by necessity, Mark created his own, marking the beginning of what would become the leading producer of management tools for landscape management. Listen in as he recounts his journey and the lessons that he learned from it in this conversation with Mitch Russo.

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FTC 222 | Affordable And Accessible Healthcare

227: Affordable And Accessible Healthcare For Everyone With Shane Foss

Shane Foss started his professional life in the healthcare industry and worked for various healthcare companies in several executive positions throughout the years after university. As he advanced through the ranks at medical device companies, and even in the business of developing healthcare facilities, he was bothered by the lack of affordable, viable health insurance policies available to the average person. He took the entrepreneurial leap and he started an insurance company. He started Hooray Health in 2017 and he hasn’t looked back. Shane joins Mitch Russo on the podcast today to share with us what building this type of company is like and how they’re making healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone.

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FTC 221 | Millennials

226: Save The Millennials, Save The World With Philip Zimmerman

Philip Zimmerman started his professional life as an environmental consultant, first hired to work for a company then shortly thereafter went out and started his own. He grew that company rapidly then sold it in four years, and that was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. He continued with his passion, environmental engineering, until he found an even greater vision – helping others build scale and grow their companies. He is the Co-founder of a cookie company, runs a mentorship program for the Dunham School in Baton Rouge, and speaks to groups all over the world about pain management, productivity, loyalty, and his favorite topic, Millennials. On today’s podcast, Philip sits down with Mitch Russo to discuss what his book, Unleash the Millennials and Save the World, is all about, the Millennium Change Cycle, and how we can teach the Millennials the overarching truths in science, mathematics, cosmology, and in the spiritual sense of what it means to be human.

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FTC 225 | Better Storytelling

225: How To Pitch More Successfully Through Better Storytelling With John Livesay

Everybody has a story and that story can be the best revenue-driver for your business. The better your storytelling is, the better your sales will be. Renowned keynote speaker, author and sales expert, John Livesay cannot overemphasize this point. Known as the “Pitch Whisperer,” John discovered at some point in his career that weaving stories into the sales process changed his performance dramatically. He since catapulted himself to success and prominence using his storytelling magic. Join in as Mitch Russo picks his brain on the selling power of a good story. John speaks in stories, so if a good story is what you came in here for, you’re not going to be disappointed.

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