Your First Thousand Clients

Your First Thousand Clients | Alex Charfen | Bankruptcy

From Bankruptcy To Billions: Unleashing The Untethered Visionary With Alex Charfen

How does one go from bankruptcy to billions in a relatively short time? It takes more than a vision. A lot of visionaries get easily sidetracked or simply stopped at their tracks. What a visionary needs is something that would untether them, something that allows them to operate at their zone of genius. Alex Charfen is passionate about giving this to fellow visionaries. He helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and optimize their lives by setting up the right systems and processes. Drawing from his rich experience of navigating the journey from bankruptcy to billions, Alex vows to make it easier for other entrepreneurs to unlock the success they deserve. Tune in and learn how it works!

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Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo | Keaton Hoskins | Social Media Followers

Unleashing Viral Mastery: How To Generate Six Million Social Media Followers With Keaton Hoskins

Today’s guest grew his social media followers to six million. How did he do that? Tune in to this episode with Keaton Hoskins, also known as “The Muscle” of Limitless Society, because he explains how going viral helps generate tremendous social media followers. Keaton talks about viral videos and the structure of a giveaway model that works in social media. He also shares the three-step process that will blow your social media following. So, join The Muscle in this episode because today’s discussion is what it takes to generate more followers.

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Your First Thousand Client | Peter Schroeder | Telzio

Mining Gold In The Cloud: How Telzio Scaled To 100,000 Users With Peter Schroeder

In the tech startup world, we are of the belief that one needs to go out and raise millions of dollars in order to run a tech company. This episode’s guest managed to build his company and scale to a hundred thousand users without any funding. Mitch Russo interviews Peter Schroeder, the CEO and Founder of Telzio, a seamless cloud phone system solution for all sized businesses. In this conversation, Peter shares the amazing story behind Telzio’s growth and how he was mining gold in the cloud. The key? Just make a good product. Peter talks about what Telzio offers to businesses, providing a much-needed solution to connect them no matter where they are in the world. From advice on growing and scaling a company to the game-changing impact of ChatGPT, Peter and Mitch cover an array of topics that you won’t want to miss. Tune in!

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FTC Michael Poggi | Empty Lots

How To Win In Real Estate Through Empty Lots With Michael Poggi

We pass by tons of empty lots every single day. Their dull and undeveloped state make them quite uninteresting, but with the right research and resources, one can turn them into powerful assets that yield a lot of profits. Mitch Russo chats with Michael Poggi who explains how he mostly deals with these vacant lots, invests on them, and transforms them into powerful real estate assets. He shares his unique methodology on finding the best empty lots to do business on and how his partnership with a research company makes the job way easier. Michael also talks about his private animal sanctuary, as well as how his real estate profits keep the place alive and vibrant.

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FTC Jeff Lerner | Life Operating System

The Simple Life Operating System That Guarantees Your Success And Happiness With Jeff Lerner

Your potential is boundless; the key to unlocking it lies within your belief in your own capacity to change the world. In this episode, our guest Jeff Lerner dives deep into the world of personal development, purpose-driven living, and the art of making a positive impact on humanity. Hear his incredible journey from dealing with challenging life circumstances to creating a thriving business and helping others transform their lives. Jeff believes in the limitless potential within each of us, and in this episode, he will explain deeply why that is. He shares his innovative approach to life design and how he found the ENTRE Institute, a platform dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need. Jeff shares with us how this program is changing the lives of thousands of people, giving them the freedom and confidence to take control of their destinies. Listen as we explore the critical role of faith and purpose in our lives and how embracing these aspects can lead to powerful transformations. Tune in now.

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FTC Peter Swain | AI

Navigating The Paradigm Shift That Is AI With AI Genius Peter Swain

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web and the Internet, we have seen various paradigm shifts that are changing the way we live, do business, and more. AI is one of those, and whether we like it or not, it is already creating a huge impact on our lives. Having not only lived through various paradigm shifts but also spotted them one after the other, this episode’s guest, Peter Swain, is the person who can give you great insights about this revolutionary technology and what’s to come. Peter is an AI genius, veteran strategist, marketer with more than 25 years of experience, and currently the CEO at A3 Finance. He sits down with Mitch Russo to answer some of the pressing questions about AI. How long will the AI fad last? How does it impact the way we live? How do you utilize it to get to where you want to be? What is the future going to look like in a world where it seems to be evolving faster than we are? Tune in to this exciting conversation and receive food for thoughts about technology, our relationship with it, and the ways it is changing the world.

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FTC Mike Calhoun | Mastermind Community

Mastering The Mastermind With Mike Calhoun

One of the most effective ways to hone your skills as a business owner and improve your team is to connect with like-minded individuals. Such an experience is attainable by joining a mastermind community. In this episode, Mitch Russo chats with Mike Calhoun, CEO of Board of Advisors. He shares the genesis story of the world’s greatest mastermind that brings together the smartest, most successful, and highly reputable industry leaders right now. Mike presents the best strategies for building memberships and establishing a community of strongly connected people that solves problems collectively and empowers each other in a profound way. He also discusses why mastermind communities must not only focus on the business and social aspects but also charitable contributions and initiatives.

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FTC Lee Benson | M.I.N.D. System

Value Creation: The M.I.N.D. System To Success With Lee Benson

How much value do you have for yourself? In this episode, Lee Benson, the author of the Your Most Important Number, dives into the M.I.N.D. System and how to utilize it for success. The most important drive becomes a north star that will empower everyone in your team and improves your number. The MIND methodology takes the lens of improvement in every decision and action. Learn to leverage value creation and be thoughtful of your team members to create their goals.

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FTC Jeremy Miner | Scientific Method

The Scientific Method Of Selling: Stop Closing And Start Selling With Jeremy Miner

What’s the best thing to do when your sales are declining? Learn from Jeremy Miner, the CEO of 7th Level Communications, as he breaks down the scientific method of selling to help tune your sales process! In this conversation with Mitch Russo, he explains why every salesperson should practice the ABDS of Selling, helping you to stop closing and start making incredible sales! Don’t miss out on this episode and extract wisdom from Jeremy Miner to help grow your business!

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FTC Alec Burlakoff | Selling Hard Lessons

Selling Hard Lessons With Alec Burlakoff

Alec Burlakoff was once the Vice President of Sales of a pharmaceutical company, but this position landed him in prison. He has gathered everything he learned from his life behind bars in his book, Selling Hard Lessons. Join Mitch Russo as he talks with Alec about his time in prison. He opens up on what too much greed can do to you and how to quench this self-destructive mindset. Discover how Alec made a career in sales by knowing his target audience deeply and spreading inspiration as a motivational speaker and coach.

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