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FTC Eric | Established Market

How To Dominate An Established Market Without Marketing With Eric Edmeades

In this day and age, it is rare to enter a market that is not without its established players already. That is why you need to work hard to stand out and compete. How can you do it? Eric Edmeades, the founder of WildFit, Business Freedom, and Speaker Nation, has the wisdom for you. In this episode, he joins Mitch Russo to talk about his newest and greatest venture and what preparations he made before taking the first step. He shares insights on building his brand and dominating the established market where he didn’t even need to market anymore. Plus, he also spills some important tips on scaling and hiring the right people. Follow this conversation as Eric tells us more about the things they did differently and become a success. 

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FTC Dean | Self Education

Owning Your Future Through Self-Education With Dean Graziosi

To own your future, you must truly love what you do and be properly aligned with your passion. Self-education is an excellent tool in this mission, which allows you to embrace your strengths and utilize them to the fullest. Mitch Russo interviews Dean Graziosi to share his inspiring story of going beyond the hustle of his parents and aim for a more successful life according to his own plans. He explains how teaching himself to appreciate his abilities and hone his knowledge allowed him to grow and cause the growth of other dreamers as well. Dean also talks about his learnings after launching an impactful program with Tony Robbins, helping more than 38,000 people set themselves up for the next level.

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FTC Merrill | Credit Score

How To Improve Your Credit Score And Get Fundable With Merrill Chandler

Your credit score affects your ability to borrow money. But it’s not as simple as paying every one of your credit cards to zero every month. What’s more important is the quality of the accounts and the utilization you have. Mitch Russo discusses with Merrill Chandler how you can have the best credit. Merrill has helped thousands of borrowers become more fundable with his revolutionary technology. Join in the discussion to learn how you can have the best credit to get funded!

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FTC Ali Mirza | Perfect Sales Selling System

How You Can Create The Perfect Sales Selling System For Your Business With Ali Mirza

To create the perfect sales selling system, you need someone to support you. Mitch Russo’s guest is Ali Mirza, the founder and CEO of Rose Garden Consulting that helps businesses excel. Ali is passionate about helping you develop a scalable sales process and sales strategy. In this episode, Mitch and Ali discuss why you need an assistant to help you operate on your strengths. But you simply can’t delegate and then leave your assistant on their own. You need to create a systematic and repeatable system to make sure expectations are met. Join in the conversation to learn more!

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FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising

Making Your Online Advertising Exceptional With Facebook Ads Expert Arman Ananian

Falling victim to a video game addiction in high school, Arman Ananian failed most of his courses. He soon realized that life looked dismal and that he needed to change to become a man in this world. After trying several different business ideas and opening up a Shopify store which, unfortunately, was not profitable, he decided to promote that store with his own Facebook Ads. By learning and studying the Facebook and Google algorithms, he cracked the code so much so that Frank Kern, revolutionary marketer and promoter, hired him to work on his team back in 2019. Starting his own media company, Arman has since built ads for more than 200 companies and acquired top-level know-how on online advertising strategy. He is now considered one of the best Facebook Ad agencies out there. Today, he joins Mitch Russo to share his exciting journey into the world of online advertising.

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FTC Dominic | Sell Your Business

NOW Is The Best Time To Buy Or Sell Your Business With Domenic Rinaldi

Are you considering selling your business within the next three years? In this episode, Domenic Rinaldi, a managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, explains why you should sell your business NOW. Why? Because banks and lenders are willing to lend you money for acquisitions and interest rates are at historical lows due to the pandemic. The same is true if you want to buy a business! Join in the conversation as Domenic shares valuable insights on how you should prepare yourself when buying or selling a business.

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FTC Kerri | Public Speaking

Master The Art Of Public Speaking With Kerri Garbis

Are you afraid of public speaking despite the numerous times you’ve had to speak in front of a crowd? Today’s guest is Kerri Garbis, the founder and CEO of Ovation, whose goal is to help you master the art of human interaction, especially through public speaking. Kerri explains that you need to remember three essential tips: rehearse with accountability, practice not getting distracted by you, and tell good stories. It’s all about practicing these three tips over and over again until you embed them into your muscle memory. Want to learn more from Kerri? Then tune in and listen to this episode!

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FTC Gary | Why Behind Everything

Finding Your Why Behind Everything With Dr. Gary Sanchez

What is your “why” behind everything? You may know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, but WHY are you doing it? Knowing your “why” sets you apart from everyone else. It helps you articulate what you believe in and attract your ideal clients, those who have the same beliefs as you. Mitch Russo’s guest today is Dr. Gary Sanchez, the Founder of the Why Institute. In this episode, Dr. Gary is going to show you how you can use your why to explode your revenue, perfect your culture, and resonate with more people more quickly. Dive in and discover what your “why” is behind everything that you do!

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FKW: FTC James | Shift Happens

Shift Happens: Using Failure For Success With James D. Feldman

Do you have a problem in your career that keeps you from moving forward? The simple solution is to look at the problem without letting the fear of failure paralyze you, and when you do, a shift happens. You begin to see the possibility of failure not as roadblocks but as building blocks to success! Today’s guest, James D. Feldman, the author of Shift Happens, believes that failure is the second cousin of success. If you want to be successful, you have to be prepared for failure! Once you conquer your fear of failure, you’re no longer afraid to go inside the problem, look at it with a 360-degree view, and pivot until you find the solution. Listen to Mitch Russo’s chat with James and be inspired to move forward!

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FTC Simon | Finding Your Balance

Finding Your Balance With Simon Severino

Starting out as a promising soccer player vying for the pros, Simon Severino froze on the one time he had to excel in the field. The universe was sending him a message: “Soccer is not for you; follow your own path.” So he pivoted and started building and helping Fortune 500 companies. This time, he lost touch with his best friends and was eventually kicked out of his soccer club. Another message from the universe: get into balance. Ever carefully, he built a model to help others and founded Strategy Sprints. Now heading in the right direction, Simon sits down with Mitch Russo to share the lessons he learned and how he is now finding the balance in making great progress career-wise and in his personal life. Want to know how he did it? Tune in to today’s show to land better clients and take your time back.

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