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Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!


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Your company needs a new business strategy guide to scale to the next level. I guarantee you will have that and more.

The leverage you get when working with me will explode your revenue and provide new methods and systems for growth.

Check out my program options below.

Programs & Services

Sales Team

Most companies don’t realize the power of a well-run, perfectly designed sales hiring process, effective sales team management, powerful scripts and incentive-based pay plans.

Let’s prevent the mistakes most companies make and move forward rapidly with a world-class team ready to close unprecedented sales!




You can have a sales channel that pays you every year for the privilege of selling your products and services. That same channel will give you a local presence all over the country. And, it will multiply your delivery systems 100x past what you are capable of today.

I can personally lead you through the Power Tribes Certification process and guarantee a multi-six figure launch just by working with me




If you have a fairly large group of people in your world, prospect that haven’t purchased, facebook or twitter fans, any decent size group who you’ve not been able to monetize, this may be a fantastic option.

You can use this technique to create a NEW source of revenue and revive your prospects, educate them on your services and get them to uplevel to your other products and services as well.

The process takes about six weeks but it will generate revenue and build your brand for many years to come.



Radio Campaign

Advertising on the radio is very profitable… if you know how to do it.

With my years of experience building and running radio sales plans, creating the internal systems to manage teams and carefully squeeze every cent of your hard-earned budget and convert that to profit is what I do, as I’ve done for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes as the CEO of Business Breakthroughs. Now I can do it for you.



7-Week Accelerator

Imagine if you could know with certainty that just 7 weeks from now, you will have an inspired new business direction that maximizes your existing assets, and aligns with your true purpose. Together we’ll:



The best people in the world have coaches, some people have many. Why? Because they want to accelerate their progress to full mastery rapidly and flawlessly and that’s what great coaching does. Who is YOUR Coach?

If you are interested in working with me, let’s talk first and see if you are fit. I’m not for everyone but everyone I work with makes amazing progress quickly. Let’s talk now.



What Working With Mitch Can Do For Your Business

“The path to growth is now clear and I know what to prioritize and execute on…”

“Having achieved 20 Million in annual sales, I needed help with focusing on the next phase of our growth – to get to 100 Million in sales. Mitch provided clarity on priorities and gave focus as to the next steps. The path to growth is now clear and I know what to prioritize and execute on that’s going to have the biggest impact to get to 100 Million in sales. I wasn’t sure if someone who hadn’t been immersed in my industry could help – but it was exactly the opposite, Mitch provided a fresh perspective with his deep experience. I really benefited from the insights Mitch brought to me – I’ve in fact already hired him again to continue working with him.”


“He Helped Us Get Really Clear About Our Direction. His Level of Support Was Really Amazing”

The problem I had is that I had a business that grew rapidly, from six to 7 figures, a few cracks appeared and we lost direction and lost opportunities. With Mitch we got really clear about the direction, stripped away what didn’t make sense, he quickly ascertained that parts of the business were working and we reinstated that part of the company, along with adding a digital suite of products as a companion to our events as well, so he help us get that completed and deployed. The level of support was amazing. We work on culture and mindset for myself and my team as well. His level and depth of knowledge is amazing. Undoubtedly I would endorse Mitch 1000% and you can rely on him. I can’t endorse Mitch enough!”



“When I was deciding to start my 15th company…”

“I reached out to Mitch Russo and I asked him if he would be willing to be a consultant to help me brainstorm this next venture and I am so glad I did.

Mitch is an unbelievable listener more than anybody I’ve ever met in that category, and his ability to listen and then provide strategic advice is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I was so amazed by his ability to capture complex problems and provide solutions that I could

When implement into my business. I just think the world of Mitch Russo, if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business, you want to start a business, or you just need somebody to hear you out and provide a different perspective.”



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