Design and Build
Your Association

Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

Do you have a fairly large group that
has been hard tomonetize?

Groups that seemingly won’t buy anything are not interested in what you have offered, but they are generally passionate about YOUR mission. You just haven’t found the right product-market match.

If you have a fairly large group of people in your world that haven’t purchased — such as Facebook or Instagram followers — an association may be the solution!

I’ve helped the National Association of Legal Vendors build the first association in that industry, establishing them as leaders in their field and adding hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue each year.

I’ve also done the same for Daven Michaels, CEO of 123 Employee. Together we built The Virtual Entrepreneurs Association (VEA). It’s been just 3 months and he’s already generated tens of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue that’s 100% brand-aligned.

The result? I quickly scaled my company from start-up to an 8-figure exit.

Through these projects (and more), I have discovered the perfect formula to create an Association that serves thousands, and I want to help YOU to monetize your group, create the perfect offer, and build consistent, recurring revenue.

You can use this technique to create a NEW source of revenue and revive your prospects, educate them on your services and get them to uplevel to your other products and services as well. The process takes about six weeks but it will generate revenue and build your brand for many years to come.

We’ll discover the key pain point in your group, design a solution and create a compelling offer to build a powerful, profitable association, which makes you money and engages your audience!

We’ll plan your association launch in three stages:

  1. Attracting and Sell
  2. Maintaining Interest and Building Longevity
  3. Sustaining Predictable Recurring Revenue

My goal is to help you
nail your stragegyand
product-market match.

Together, we’ll uncover the core beliefs your group has about you and your organization, their true needs, what they believe is responsible for holding them back (or depriving them of what they want), and the service, information or products they actually will pay for month after month.

I can explain the entire process to you in about 30 minutes and help you gauge whether this could work for your audience and whether I can help you.

“Mitch Helped Me Build The Virtual Entrepreneurs Association”

“Mitch Russo came to me with a great idea, to create an association which could help us connect with many more people who we could help grow their business. As a result, we have signed up over a thousand new members and this is just the beginning. Mitch helped us conceptualize and design the entire program, his contribution was invaluable.”


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