What Working With Mitch
Can Do For Your Business

Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

“You’re A Superstar, Mitch!”

“Extraordinary job, extremely well done! You demonstrated the power of really listening to the customer without judgment & they often solve their own problem.  U owning it.  It would be great if u would consider training others on the team with your skill! It’s a privilege to have you as a partner!”


“How Ingenious CEOS Are Creating Thriving Companies”

“Mitch Russo provides a rather refreshing new slant on growing a business to double, redouble, maybe even double again and again – wihtout heavy fixed investment in people, equipment and costs.  He has blueprinted an exceptionally impressive process many people can use to propel rapid growth.”


“Mitch Russo Nails it in his Book…”

“Turning your company or parts of it into a virtual operation will save you money and increase your profits. Mitch Russo “Nails It” in his book “The Invisible Organization,” by telling you step by step how to do it!”


“I Have Advanced To New Levels!”

“After working with Mitch a very short period of time, my customer lifetime value more than doubled as a result of the strategies that Mitch showed me. And so because of that, my business is now growing. I have advanced to new levels of growth. I’m hiring more people and overall success of the business has increased just to some of the strategies that Mitch has shown me.”

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“He Saw A Huge Vision For Me And It Changed My Life.”

“Mitch is Amazing. My business was going quite well, and I was comfortable where I was but I wanted to go much further. Mitch was brilliant at showing me where I could maximizing what I had and then take it further, much further, which we did together.  He saw a huge vision for me, and it changed my life. If you have a business and you want it to grow it and integrate it into your life, work with Mitch!”


“He Helped Us Get Really Clear About Our Direction. His Level of Support Was Really Amazing”

The problem I had is that I had a business that grew rapidly, from six to 7 figures, a few cracks appeared and we lost direction and lost opportunities. With Mitch we got really clear about the direction, stripped away what didn’t make sense, he quickly ascertained that parts of the business were working and we reinstated that part of the company, along with adding a digital suite of products as a companion to our events as well, so he help us get that completed and deployed. The level of support was amazing. 

We work on culture and mindset for myself and my team as well. His level and depth of knowledge is amazing. Undoubtedly I would endorse Mitch 1000% and you can rely on him. I can’t endorse Mitch enough!”


“I’ve increased my prices by 25% and is on track to double next year!”

“I’m an executive coach, a leadership expert, the author of five books, soon to be six, and an international speaker. I’ve spoken on three continents, in 37 states, and frankly, my business was pretty good. But something told me it could be bigger, it could be scaled.

In the 7 Week Accelerator, Mitch helped me envision things that frankly I didn’t even envision for myself, and I’m a pretty big thinker. He saw things that I’m not sure I would have ever tackled, and then even more important, he showed me how to build them.

Three months later my business is stronger than ever before. I’ve increased my prices by 25%. I’ve built new products and services that are going to be a great value to my clients and my income is on track to double in 2020. I couldn’t have done it without Mitch!

I’m now continuing to work with him and I’m so excited about what we’re going to create next.”

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“Mitch Russo Changed my Life!”

“He got the content I had in my brain out into the world. It changed my
life. Mitch has been fantastic, he helped me get my mastermind set up,
Mitch knows what he’s talking about. Mitch showed me how to accomplish my
goals faster, with more efficiency. I love Mitch, Love working with him, I
highly recommend hiring him.”

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“Mitch brought his deep well of experience into every aspect of this project…”

“We brought Mitch in to support us in building an evergreen sales team to bring in sales year-round between our events and launches. 

While we had developed a lot of competency in our organization around direct response marketing we didn’t know how to structure a sales team that would allow us to scale our traffic. 

Mitch brought his deep well of experience into every aspect of this project including writing the job description, interviewing, structuring compensation, scripting and training. Plus he’s a good guy and super easy to work with… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to Mitch, we now have a team that’s bringing in sales every single week!”


“Mitch has been excellent to work with. His expertise has really been invaluable in helping us get this program off the ground.”

“We started working with Mitch just a few months ago, and from the get-go we worked with him designing the entire plan and the roll-out. Mitch has worked very closely with myself and my team to build the program, including all the training curriculum as well as the marketing, and putting a plan together for how we are actually going to get people into the program, which is obviously a critical component of the whole thing.

Along the way, Mitch has been excellent to work with. He’s been extremely responsive, and his expertise has really been invaluable in helping us get this program off the ground. As of just recently, we finally launched the program; I say finally, but it only took us a couple of months to put the whole thing together. Considering it can definitely be a seven-figure-a-year program for us and will expand our business in a ton of different ways, that’s not much [time] at all.”


FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience
“Nothing Short of Awesome!”

“My experience has been nothing short of awesome. Mitch has a very clear communication style, communicates business strategy in very precise step-by-step fashion. I followed the steps and they work and they are still working. My business is growing.”

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“If you have the idea of a bigger version of yourself, Mitch will
help you identify that and show you the way there.”

“Mitch Has two great qualities: An ability to see into a persons spirit and with his incredible attention to detail, Mitch showed me how to build a business based on generating sales, using both a podcast and a new business model. Now, I am doing what I love, making valuable connections and converting sales.”

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“When I was deciding to start my 15th company…”

“I reached out to Mitch Russo and I asked him if he would be willing to be a consultant to help me brainstorm this next venture and I am so glad I did.

Mitch is an unbelievable listener more than anybody I’ve ever met in that category, and his ability to listen and then provide strategic advice is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I was so amazed by his ability to capture complex problems and provide solutions that I could

When implement into my business. I just think the world of Mitch Russo, if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business, you want to start a business, or you just need somebody to hear you out and provide a different perspective.”


The path to growth is now clear and I know what to prioritize and execute on...”

Having achieved 20 Million in annual sales, I needed help with focusing on the next phase of our growth – to get to 100 Million in sales. Mitch provided clarity on priorities and gave focus as to the next steps. The path to growth is now clear and I know what to prioritize and execute on that’s going to have the biggest impact to get to 100 Million in sales. I wasn’t sure if someone who hadn’t been immersed in my industry could help – but it was exactly the opposite, Mitch provided a fresh perspective with his deep experience. I really benefited from the insights Mitch brought to me – I’ve in fact already hired him again to continue working with him.”


“If you are thinking of doing a licensing program, go talk to Mitch

We were looking to create a licensing program and decided to hire Mitch Russo. Mitch is very good, we launched our program, we already made money. Really good opportunity for us and great value as a company because it will take us to 8 figures in a few years, it’s a force multiplier. Great working with Mitch. And if you are thinking of doing a licensing program, go talk to him. He’s certainly got the goods. Hopefully it will work just as good for you as it did for me! Regarding Mitch Russo, definitely give him a try


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