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About The Tribe Builders Podcast

Welcome to The Tribe Builders. We talk about how building a community is a phenomenal way to not only build your business and grow your brand but ultimately to build a movement that brings people together, connects members, and fulfill the mission behind your business or your cause. 

Listen in as some of the most powerful tribe and community builders show you have they amplify their message while organizing people for the greater good, whether it’s a cause or a set of common goals, they have created a way to rapidly grow their followers and infuse them with the message that can change the world. Theirs and yours. 

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Latest Episodes

TTB John Hernandez | Alchemy

Chaos To Clarity: The Alchemical Art Of Transformation With John Hernandez

Picture this: ancient secrets, symbolism, and the quest to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s not Harry Potter; it’s the real world of alchemy, and it’s waiting to be explored. Join us in entering the mystical world of alchemy with John Hernandez, founder of the Alchemy Coaching Institute. John masterfully brings this ancient tradition into the 21st century, demonstrating how its principles can be applied to everyday life, business, and personal growth. From the foundational stages of alchemy to the importance of nurturing your own alchemical journey, John covers everything about the importance of this ancient wisdom in our modern lives. Tune in now and let the magic begin!

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TTB Ryan Pavel | Veteran Support

Providing Veteran Support Through Education And Elevation With Ryan Pavel

How can you provide proper veteran support to amplify their voices as civic leaders? How can you ensure that every transitioning service member succeeds in expanding their knowledge and skills? In this epi-sode, Ryan Pavel, the CEO of Warrior-Scholar Project, shares how he assists veterans in acquiring higher edu-cation and bringing themselves to the next level. He discusses the support they give to these brave individu-als so that they can continue serving the country and empower themselves to pursue continuous growth. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

TTB Oscar Trimboli | How To Listen

How To Listen Like A Pro With Oscar Trimboli

Great leaders are not only masters in realizing the team’s vision and implementing a healthy culture for all. They also know how to listen deeply and actively. Mitch Russo sits down with Oscar Trimboli, a man on a quest to create a hundred million deep listeners. He explains how he uses his vast network and award-winning podcast Deep Listening to build a strong community about listening in the workplace. Oscar gives a quick masterclass in leadership by discussing how to properly monetize a community filled with listening people. He also breaks down the most effective process of community building centered on letting your passions take the lead.

TTB Rich Cooper | Tribe Of Men

A Tribe Of Men: Finding Support And Monetizing Connections With Rich Cooper

Humans are social beings. Try as we might, we can never reach certain goals without the help of others. Being in a tribe is a great way to connect with the right people you can work with, level up, and hold each other responsible and accountable. Our guest, Rich Cooper, has created his own tribe of men supporting one another in their goals. Rich is the man behind the YouTube channel, Entrepreneurs in Cars, and the author of the bestselling book, The Unplugged Alpha. In this episode, he joins Mitch Russo to share how he has grown his tribe, with YouTube as his top funnel, and the core mission that attracted businessmen to the group. Rich also talks about monetizing and diversifying his ways of connecting with his tribe and further developing their relationship.

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TTB Matt Russell | Community Of Leaders

ProCents: A Community Of Leaders Creating Enormous Value With Matt Russell

With the technologies available today, it is easy to search for products we need or offer products we sell but doing the transaction is at our own risk. Imagine how much better you’ll do if you have a trusted community of leaders to do business with. Whether you are a buyer, seller or distributor, in the trade industry or energy space who don’t know where to look or are looking for suppliers, this is the podcast for you! Chairman of the Board and founder of ProCents, Matt Russell gives us an overview of the enormous value you can get from the unique community they created that’s focused on providing a holistic environment where vetted partners can come in and get deals done. He also shares their commitment to doing what you say you’ll do and their dedication in supporting each other’s businesses. So listen in to know how you can make that vital connection to advance your business, and keep in mind that when we all work together and support our mutual goals, we all win!


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