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About The Tribe Builders Podcast

Welcome to The Tribe Builders. We talk about how building a community is a phenomenal way to not only build your business and grow your brand but ultimately to build a movement that brings people together, connects members, and fulfill the mission behind your business or your cause. 

Listen in as some of the most powerful tribe and community builders show you have they amplify their message while organizing people for the greater good, whether it’s a cause or a set of common goals, they have created a way to rapidly grow their followers and infuse them with the message that can change the world. Theirs and yours. 

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Latest Episodes

Improving Your Health Using Herbs With Logan Christopher

How do you build a loyal and dedicated health community? With transparency. Mitch Russo’s guest today is Logan Christopher, the CEO of Lost Empire Herbs. Logan discusses with Mitch how he’s passionate about herbal supplements because he uses them himself. He outsources lab testing to ensure safety and performance. Logan even shares lab results online for everyone to see! Tune in and become a transparent tribe leader. 

TTB 22 Jeff Rasley | Modernization In Nepal

Bringing Modernization To Nepal: What Living In The Jungle Can Teach Modern Man With Jeff Rasley

There are many mountains in life, both literally and figuratively. One such mountain that can seem insurmountable is the march of modernization, especially in remote areas such as the Basa village in Nepal. Mitch Russo is joined by the organizer of the Basa Village Foundation, author and mountaineer Jeff Rasley. Jeff talks about his love affair with the Himalayas and mountaineering, and shares how he came to learn about the village of Basa. He also shares his experiences with the creation of the Basa Village Foundation and what lessons he learned in helping the people of this tiny village reach for the modern world with their own hands.  

TTB 21 Kami Guildner | Extraordinary Women

Creating A Tribe Of Extraordinary Women With Kami Guildner

It’s time for great women to connect and help each other raise their voices and visibility. Mitch Russo’s guest today is Kami Guildner, the creator of her tribe Extraordinary Women Connect. In this episode, Kami shares with Mitch what inspired her to create a tribe of extraordinary women that’s changing the world. Do you want to discover what makes a tribe thrive? If you answer “yes,” then you’d definitely want to check this episode out! Learn how to connect extraordinary people and set the world on fire! 

TTB 16 | Perfect Health

Vivien Schapera On Providing Perfect Health Through Effective Leadership

Any form of leadership will not be effective without the desire to learn constantly. And for Vivien Schapera, who wants to provide and achieve perfect health for everyone, connecting with others and focusing on serving others are the main factors in achieving business success. Vivien sits down with Mitch Russo to discuss not only her healing services focused on Alexander Technique and crystals, but how she was able to start lasting relationships with her team members and clients by embracing disappointment, all types of feedback, and the variety of people she has to encounter on a daily basis. She also shares different ways to take advantage of communication, the importance of listening, and the secrets in nurturing a community, even the smallest ones.

TTB 13 | Energetic Solutions

Energetic Solutions: Leading Business Owners To Holistic Profits With Sheevaun Moran

The energy of the leader is one of the biggest factors in the success of any tribe. At Energetic Solutions and Energy Mastery University, that energy is embodied in its founder, Sheevaun Moran. A quantum energy thought leader, Sheevaun helps people achieve a holistic way of living, prospering, thriving with food, thriving with proper thought, staying out of the chaos and the drama, and making sure that they’re taking another step somewhere in their journey. So powerful is the message that Sheevaun brings to the world that it has become the basis of a thriving community of more than 200,000. In this conversation with Mitch Russo, she shares her philosophy of tribe-building which, among others, emphasizes running the tribe from your internal software and selling it from day one.