The Subconscious Mind: The Power To Unlock Your Future Success With Brian Dalmaso


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They say that mindset is the key to success, but what does that actually mean, and how can it translate into practical, actionable steps? In today’s episode, Brian Dalmaso precisely defines the concept of mindset as the subconscious mind. Brian is the CEO of Matrix Success Network. He joins Mitch Russo to discuss ways to reprogram your mind to achieve better results. It starts by understanding that the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the body are integral yet separate parts. There are a lot of crucial insights and eye-opening information to take away from this episode. Make sure to tune in and gain wisdom that will help you change and elevate your life.

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The Subconscious Mind: The Power To Unlock Your Future Success With Brian Dalmaso

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Let’s go onto my guest and his incredible story. Right out of high school, my guest went to work for General Electric and spent the next ten years building all kinds of skills. In 2003, a sudden shift happened. The division he was working for closed. That left him at a point in life where he needed to make some decisions. He decided that it was time to start a company, not 1 or 5 but 12. By starting twelve companies, he also figured out that some are going to work and some aren’t and how to pivot the ones that he thought would be the most successful. That’s exactly what he did.

He was working hard at doing this until he uncovered a little tiny book that changed his life, changed my life and probably your life too. If you remember reading it, it’s called Think and Grow Rich. This little book has been around since the ‘40s or ‘50s. Our guest will explain the origin of that and how his involvement got deeper into the processes from the master himself.

What ended up happening is he got so inspired that he took all of this gentleman’s courses. Bob Proctor was the author of the book. It turns out that eventually, he ended up working directly with the master himself. Unfortunately, Bob is gone but his work is alive and well through my good friend and guest on this episode.

Welcome, Brian Dalmaso, to the show.

Thanks for having me. It’s an honor and pleasure. I truly appreciate you bringing me on the show.

You have a lot to offer and give. That’s why you’re here because that’s what we do. Before we start, tell us how this all started for you.

Like anybody else, it’s a journey. There are ups and downs. If I go back to my early days, in high school, I was very blessed to have what I would call some mentors. I didn’t know back then what a mentor was. I didn’t know anything about that. My high school tech teacher took a shine to me. I was in a machine drafting class, which is entry-level to engineering. I did very well in the class. I enjoyed it. This was back when we used to draw on the boards, not on CAD.

He took a shine to me. I ended up graduating with a technical in high school. He was able to get me into General Electric Company at age seventeen on a co-op or an internship, which they had never done before. That was my first big break. My first mentor paved the way for me to get into something big. If anybody knows General Electric, when you get in there some of the people that were there would be like, “Put your 40 years in and get your golden parachute. Nobody leaves General Electric.” It was great work. We were working on nuclear turbines for submarines and power gen. It was good

I was around a bunch of employees, engineers, draftsmen and shop people. There was a union in there. I wasn’t in the environment of entrepreneurship. I was around employees. Everybody told me I made it. We spent ten years there. I got married. A few things happened in a short period of about eight weeks that rocked my world and opened my eyes. I’m sure people can relate to this in various ways. The division I was at in General Electric suddenly said, “We’re shutting down in six months.” I had no other revenue streams. I didn’t know anything other than what I was doing.

At the same time, my wife at the time said, “I’m leaving.” It wasn’t because of that, although maybe there was something else. It was a past relationship that never ended. We had a two-year-old daughter. In eight weeks, I lost my job, career, wife, daughter and the house where I was living in because we were together. We were leasing.

FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious Mind
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I now know what it is but back then, I’ve always said, “It is what it is.” If I can’t change it, it is what it is and I move on. Some people call that cold. They used to be like, “Do you have no emotions?” It’s a high level of awareness. There are only two ways to go with that. You curl up in a ball or move forward. I moved forward.

I ended up living with some friends. I had a good time. I ended up working for probably the smallest company in the world. I was taking a bunch of CAD courses to build my skills and found these two principal engineers that were starting their company. They hired me as their first employee. It was awesome. We had about a five-year run. We did a lot of process automation and equipment for Evergreen Solar and American Superconductor. We would design it, build it in-house, test it and implement it. It was very cool work.

They grew to about 20 employees in about 5 years and then the economy took them down around 2006 right around the housing crash. I had to go back to the drawing board again. Thankfully, when I was at General Electric, towards the end, I started a little handyman business. It was in a cul-de-sac community. I painted my house and built some decks. People said, “Can you do that for me?” I ended up starting a little handyman business and turned it into a design-build. I was designing decks, flooring and all kinds of things. I built my skills there.

I was lucky to have that little thing because when GE folded and then this other company collapsed, I was able to transition to my next mentor. He was a very successful general contractor in our area that I had met through, at that point, my next wife. Her whole family was in construction so I got into a whole new career. I was his project manager. I was designing the homes. We were building them. We had a massive run. It was awesome but the housing collapsed there in 2007 and 2008. It took him down. Once again, here I was by myself.

I’ve had this series of events. Thankfully, I had my company still and was doing stuff on the side. I put the gas down in that from about 2008 to about 2014. I was in a ten-year marriage that was all going well. I built that company up to about $1 million a year but in construction, only about 10% of it lands in your pocket.

I then had my next paradigm shift. My wife and I at that point got divorced. She was going off on her career and I was doing mine. Without getting too deep into it, it got a little toxic. I had to hit the reset button again at age 38. We had a big house that I built. It was her land and my house. It was 5,000 square feet. It had a 30-foot high ceiling in the middle with 5 steel beams. This thing was awesome. It came out of my head and onto the paper in my hands. I built it. We sold that and I was back in an apartment. I hit the reset button again.

Somebody approached me in a network marketing business, which is the pivotal shift in my entire entrepreneurial career. That’s when all these other companies developed it. It wasn’t 12 companies in 1 shot. It was 12 companies over 4 years. I got into an energy-based network marketing company. They did residential electric bills. It wasn’t those potions and lotions but it was the network marketing leveraged model. We were able to cut people’s bills down for no cost. I was like, “This is a no-brainer.” I scaled that.

Mindset is something we call paradigms, and paradigm is just a fancy word to describe all of the mental programs stored in your subconscious mind, controlling all of your results. Click To Tweet

I had my construction company. I reached out to the number two income earner in that company. He was making about $150,000 a month. I’m like, “How do you do that? How do you get to seven figures quickly in this industry?” Most people don’t do it because they don’t take it seriously but there’s a whole other sector of people that do take it seriously. You can get to seven figures pretty quickly. He took me under his wing. He was my next mentor. I still didn’t know what a mentor was though. I started to learn about it through him.

I listened to what the guy said and did exactly what he told me to do. One of the things he told me to do was read the book, Think and Grow Rich. He told me to not just read it but study it and implement it. In the next twelve months, I became the top recruiter in the whole company. I scaled my income. At the end of those twelve months, my mentor said, “You should go check out this guy in Vegas at the GoPro Masterclass event. His name’s Eric Worre.” There were a bunch of people there. That’s when I met Bob Proctor. He was one of the speakers. At that point, it was Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Eric Worre. There were twenty speakers, all high profile, including John Maxwell and then Bob Proctor.

I had never heard of Bob. He was different from everybody else. Everybody else was ra-rah. They got you going. It was awesome. There is nothing wrong with that but there was no tangible plan as to how I could change what I know is a paradigm. Bob was teaching the Stick Man, which consists of the conscious and subconscious body. He taught the 10,000 people there that your subconscious mind is like an operating system in a computer. All the programs you have are probably given to you by other people and schooling over time. You can change those programs. As an engineer, that made sense.

The gentleman I was in the audience, I looked at him and said, “I don’t know who this guy is but I’m going to get with him. I’m going to be teaching this stuff all over the world with him.” Bob never even met me. I’d never met him. The chances of that happening was 1 in 1 million. I gave myself two years to do it. Eight months later, I found myself up in Toronto with Bob for a week.

It was a $30,000 investment with 150 entrepreneurs from all over the world. It was something called the Matrix. It was a week-long deep dive with Bob. He and I got to interact. From that week, he offered me to work with him as a consultant and start to teach, coach and train this material. It is magical copyright. It’s amazing. It went from 1/2 dozen revenue streams to 36 in 10 years. We’ve been teaching, coaching and training this stuff ever since across multiple platforms.

What a story. First of all, I want to tell you that I had a little emotional pang when you described that moment when all of a sudden, you had no house and no family. You lost your daughter, your wife and your job. The reason I say pang was because it resonated with an incident in my life. My dad had gone through that very same thing. I certainly felt that about your story. It was beautifully told. I also want to bring the audience up to speed a little bit. Brian’s wife, Laura, is a delightful, wonderful, smart, intelligent and creative individual. It takes someone like you to attract someone like Laura and vice versa.

Here’s the point. You can’t get the things that you see that you want until you elevate yourself and bring yourself to the level that you are then entitled to. It’s not that you’re not before that but you’re attracting at the same level that you exist. That’s part of what I love about what you teach. If we could, I’d like to go a little deeper into some of that.

FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind: Once we understand that mindset equals all the mental programs you have stored in your subconscious mind, we can say, “Okay, how do we add a new program? How do we remove the ones that are not serving us?”


We have a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners reading the show. A lot of them are probably in one of the places that you described. Another resonance moment that I remember was listening to Tony Robbins tapes as I was in these throws of maybe the worst time of my life. I thought to myself, “Someday, I don’t know how but I’m going to work with this guy.”

That’s very parallel. When you get that intuition, it resonates so much that it goes beyond, “I want to learn from them,” to, “I want to work with them.” That’s similar.

Let’s talk about that, if we could, for a second. Here’s why. When I had that moment, it wasn’t a thought to me. It was a picture. It was a complete visualization of Tony and me. I had no reason to even think I would ever meet him, let alone work with the guy but at that moment in time, I saw myself and the picture. It was the picture that stayed with me more than the idea. Let’s talk more about that. A lot of people here are in one of the places you and I were at. Talk a little bit about mindset, how we can elevate our lives and what can we learn from you that can change something about how we see the world or maybe even improve ourselves.

Number one, when people say mindset, most people don’t even know what that means, including me for the first 40 years. I thought, “That’s the way I think.” There are mindset coaches that can’t explain the word mindset. I challenge you. When you meet them, ask them, “What does mindset mean to you?” They’d be like, “It’s the way you think.” That’s very surface-level. If you’re going to change your mindset, don’t we need to know what it is? If you’re going to change something and you don’t have that frame of reference at a foundational level, then you can’t change it.

Let’s go deeper into what mindset is. Mindset is something we call paradigms. Paradigm is a fancy word to describe all of the mental programs stored in your subconscious mind controlling all of your results. We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a body. This is what we were born with. This is the cybernetic mechanism that we are. Once you understand these pieces or parts of what we are, we can start to change programs and get different results.

I’ll give you a good example. Smoking is not a physical habit. It is a mental program expressed physically. That makes sense. That’s why if people go to quit smoking, they can’t just crush the cigarettes up physically. They have to change the mental program if they want it to stick. Wealth building is the same thing. It’s a series of mental programs expressed physically. Smoking and wealth building is no different from the subconscious mind. Consciously, we know the difference. The subconscious is accessing programs.

I’m accessing a program called English language. My hands are moving but I’m not thinking. It’s a mental activity. I’m accessing my memory from conscious to subconscious but I’m not coming up with any new ideas. You and I are not masterminding on something we don’t know. I’m not writing so I’m not thinking. I’m accessing memory and programs. Once we start to understand this, it’s like, “All of my results that I’m getting, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially or in relationships are results of programs given to me by other people since birth.” It could be by our parents and whatever religion we were in. We get into kindergarten, grade school and high school. All those programs have been given to us by ignorant people and society. Ignorant is not a bad term. It means not knowing. It’s the opposite of knowledge.

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We wouldn’t have a high percentage of broke people at 65 years old if there was knowledge about wealth building. It only takes 6 months, not 40 years. I’m an evidence guy. I’m a numbers guy. The evidence would say that the educational systems that we have are broken. That’s the other part. There’s no blame and fault. Once we understand that mindset equals all of the mental programs you have stored in your subconscious mind, we can say, “How do we add new programs? How do we remove the ones that are not serving us like overeating, obesity, smoking or things that are abusive and add things like wealth building?”

I want to give you guys another example and this will prove it. To whoever’s reading this, I want you to close your eyes and imagine this. Imagine that you had grown up with Warren Buffett as your dad. I don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. I haven’t met him yet. If you’re 30, 40 or 50 years old, imagine being in that environment for several decades and where you would be at least financially. The answer is you’d be a billionaire but you wouldn’t think anything different. You wouldn’t be like, “I’m a billionaire every day.” It’s like speaking English, Chinese or wealth. It’s another language or series of programs. The difference isn’t you. It’s your environment.

Once we become aware, which is what you and I teach, we can create a new program. There’s a pivotal point. That’s what we call a paradigm shift. That’s what happened to me when I met Bob. He showed me some very basic things. This is not rocket science. It’s just not taught in school. He said, “You have programs. This is how they got there. This is how we build new ones. What do you want to do?” I was like, “I want to get to $10 million in 12 months in my construction company. That’s one thing I’d like to do.” That was a 10X growth long before Grant was throwing the 10X up. We went after that and achieved close to $8.5 million. That’s 850% growth in 12 months. I was like, “How big does this get?”

The universal law of relativity states that there’s no such thing as big or small. Everything’s relative to our conscious awareness. I set a new goal of $21 billion in net worth and assets by age 60. That’s when the fun started. Relatively speaking, that’s much bigger. If I was sitting with Elon Musk and Warren Buffett, they’d be like, “That’s a cute goal,” but it’s all relative. It’s what I want.

Ever since I put the practices into place that are taught in Think and Grow Rich and what we teach at Thinking Into Results, I’ve gone from those 1/2 dozen revenue streams to 36. We have a software company and a consulting company. We have all kinds of things. We’re having a lot of fun. I’m nowhere near $21 billion but the evidence would say I’m moving in that direction.

I had a new conversation with a new business partner about a new global hedge fund that we’re launching. I’ve never launched one before. The software company alone could do it. It does appear that we’re moving in that direction because I understand some of these things. There’s no such thing as big or small. I’ll always focus on the positive. It’s not a happy-go-lucky thing. Positive and negative is a choice. Why would anybody ever focus negatively unless they want to attract negative things?

Let’s go down that rabbit hole a little bit. The reason I say it that way is that there is a lot of confusion around the particular thing you said. You said the subconscious mind. My teaching is that there’s the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The difference, although slight, is very important from my understanding. The subconscious mind is the mind where you store the things you do like driving or talking. Those become the programs that run your automatic life.

FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind: The difference isn’t you; it’s your environment. Once we become aware, we can create a new program. There’s a pivotal point.


The unconscious mind is the program that you are unconscious of. Those are the programs where somehow, past pain was linked to an event that then later is running like a sub-routine in a computer in the background waiting for a trigger to replay the part that will “protect you from harm.” I’m sure you’ve heard many of this. Someone crosses the street to get hit by a car at 72 degrees. It’s sunny. It’s Tuesday.

That creates a snapshot of a traumatic incident.

Some people say that the link to the unconscious part of that is the physical or emotional pain connected to it. I don’t know if you agree with any of this or not.

You’re breaking it down into a little bit more of a subset. One of the things that Bob was a master at is teaching a Harvard-level subject at a fifth-grade level. You talk about two parts of the mind. There are many parts to the mind but if we go into all of that, most people will get lost. People can understand a circle with a line that has the words conscious and subconscious in it.

The conscious mind is the thinking mind. That’s where sight sound, taste, touch and smell are. If you get a new idea and you’re like, “I want to get to $100,000,” it’s floating around in the conscious. How do we get it into the subconscious? The subconscious drives the body. About 96% of everything we do is habitual and the subconscious is controlling it. That’s why Bob went into 2 parts for a 5-year-old to digest it. You’re correct. It breaks down into many deeper subdivisions and topics, for sure.

Here’s my question. We all want to install the, “I want to be a billionaire program.” Like in the Matrix, we plug it in the back of the head and all of a sudden, we know how to do that. More importantly, how do we stop what’s in the unconscious mind from preventing it from happening from sidetracking us or sabotaging our efforts? How do we find those programs and eliminate them?

You said plugging in the matrix. My company is named after the movie. We’re born into a construct of lies. What is health? What is wealth? What is love? I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. You can get into conspiracy theories there but none of that matters. It only matters what we want, where we are and where we’re going.

The subconscious drives the body. 96% of everything we do is habitual, and the subconscious controls it. Click To Tweet

The only reason we would look into the past is if we’re trying to recreate the past, which most people are not trying to do. The way to install a new program is through the principle of autosuggestion. Anybody here can go get a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which is where all this information comes from. If you look at the legacy, Bob was my mentor. Earl Nightingale was Bob’s mentor. Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, mentored Earl Nightingale. Napoleon’s mentor was Andrew Carnegie, the world’s first recorded billionaire. I’m a good student. I’ve been carrying this torch forward along that lineage.

There’s chapter four called Autosuggestion. It’s as simple as this. Less than 1% of the population has a written goal. I’ll give an example of a short-term goal. It says, “I’m so happy and grateful that I’m earning an excess of $10 million a month by 2023 to multiple revenue sources and a calm, confident, heavily man with grace and ease.” About 1% of the population controls 96% of the wealth globally. Less than 1% has a written goal card. As soon as somebody does this, it puts you into 1% of thinkers.

I also had one for health. I have the $21 billion goal at age 60. I carry these with me everywhere. Most people read this episode but won’t do this. They won’t write out their chief definite aim and then they wonder why years from now, they’re not moving towards something. Their subconscious is a fleeting thought. When you do this and read this 10 times in the morning, 10 times at lunch, 10 times at night or forever, not for 30 days, until you reach it, that’s the principle of autosuggestion. The subconscious mind is about one million times more powerful than the conscious mind at storing data. We can’t do something once. That’s why it’s small bits of information repetitively.

The assignment for the audience is to go get themselves a set of 3×5 index cards. I do what you say in a little different way. I carry it with me but it’s on my phone. We all have different processes but goal setting has been part of my life ever since I learned it as a nineteen-year-old when an instructor or mentor helped me understand it as well. I love the process that you’re taking us through. Maybe we can even create a screen that’s on our computers so that even between switching screens, we see them all the time.

One of the keys that is very important is first thing in the morning, read it aloud. Get emotionally involved in the spirit of the wish fulfilled. If we write something down and read it mechanically, nothing will happen. You have to fantasize about it already being done. This is the part where we lose people. Everything starts in thought energy. The iPhone didn’t appear. This was thought energy.

Back when Steve Jobs had $750 in the garage with Steve Wozniak, this was thought energy. He had a healthy obsession. He was unconscious competent. He didn’t need the goal card. He’s one in a million. I don’t need these anymore but I needed them for the first whatever years and I still do that. It’s important to understand that everything starts with thought energy.

What you’re teaching here, to answer the question that I had asked you, is how we can get a new thought into the subconscious mind. The answer is training. We train from repetition. If we ended the show, I would have gotten everything I wanted out of it. Readers, I hope you’re feeling the same way but we’re not done.

FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind: The way to install a new program is through the principle of autosuggestion.


We can go deeper. I want to give some value here. It’s the same thing I teach my $10,000 a month clients. Those are our elite ones. Those people are programmed to take action on things. I’m hoping people here take action because I can give you the equation. We exist on three planes, which are spirit, intellect and body. We are consciousness or spirit. We have an intellect, which is the thinking mind and we’re expressing through a body.

If you can create on all three planes, you will compress time and be much faster. Some people call it prayer or meditation. This is where we’re obsessing and praying or meditating on the goal in the morning, noon and night. It’s not all day but for twenty minutes each time. There’s a mental prayer or meditation part of the deal. Then, as an intellectual part, what is it you’re going after?

In network marketing, I studied the world’s best network marketers. A lot of the top industry leaders are my friends. Intellectually, I studied the books. Physically, I reached out to 50 people a day until I became the top recruiter. That’s spirit, intellect and body. Do the three things. I don’t care if it’s for real estate, eCommerce, network marketing or restaurant.

Number four is to let go and let God. If people don’t believe in God here, it’s to let go and let the universe take over. There’s a part of it that we don’t need to worry about and that’s what people get confused about. They start something and then worry about it. That’s like turning a light switch up and down and wondering why the light’s blinking. It’s inconsistent energy flow. People need to remember those three simple things. Study your mind, study your industry and take daily measurable action. You can get to your goal.

We were talking before the show started. I was describing to you why I am able to charge what I do for the coaching work that I do. Mostly, what I mentioned was the fact that I’m the one holding my client’s accountable numerically every week on what the Clientfolio software is designed to do. It’s interesting that this is exactly what you’re saying. In effect, if you knew what to do, which was simply what you want and you wrote it down, which is as you described and you’ve followed your instructions, which is to visualize it, read it and emotionally feel it three times or multiple times every single day, then what you’re auto programming your mind to do is to bring it into your physical reality. That’s fantastic. I love it.

There was a part two to your question too with unconscious triggers and stuff. We’ll know the results of those. Maybe there’s a divorce or a foreclosure. It could be you’re going to buy a property and these programs kick in. We don’t have to worry about those. When you’re building a new paradigm, you don’t have to repair the old one. We focus on what we want and the rest of the stuff will naturally dissolve over time.

I’ll give you a good example. A lot of people say, “My goal this year is to get out of debt” The subconscious mind hears debt. You can ask those people and ten years later, they’re still in debt. Why don’t we change it to, “Let’s get to $100,000 a month through multiple sources.” That’s all we’re focusing on. We’re channeling the spirit, intellect and body. We’re moving forward with the $100,000 a month. What do you think happens when you hit $100,000 a month? The debt naturally goes away.

The subconscious mind is about a million times more powerful than the conscious mind at storing data. Click To Tweet

It’s the same thing with releasing weight. I would never say, “Lose weight.” The subconscious mind hears you lost something. What happens when you lose your keys or your wallet? The subconscious mind goes into a mode unbeknownst to you to try and find it. We release weight and what’s not necessary. The things we lose, we value. Words are sound and sound is energy. Even the words we choose are important.

This is incredibly fascinating. I want to also point out that you have a series of programs starting as low as $37 a month.

It’s called the Mindset Masters: No One Left Behind.

It’s amazing and ridiculously priced. It sounds like that would be a good starting place for many of the folks that are reading.

I’m most proud of that program. You can go somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000. You can get coaching from people like Grant Cardone or even Bob. There was no live coaching with Bob for $37 so I combined a couple of things from a couple of thought leaders that I was mentored by. Ray Higdon and network marketing have something called Rank Makers for $20 a month where you interact with stuff on Facebook. Bob had something called Six Minutes to Success, which was mindset email videos. There was no interaction.

I combined them on Facebook. We do daily live coaching. There are hundreds of videos. You can type in wealth, love or health and get videos. We also meet Monday nights at 7:00 PM Eastern time. We talk about these subjects and topics. We mastermind. You can tell I’m very passionate about that one because as far as I know, nobody in the history of the world has created something with that low of a value to help people at the bottom.

We’re going to transition to a different part of the show. I’m so excited about the work you’re doing and the topics you talked about. Readers, if any of this resonates with you at all, I would suggest you check out Brian’s work. More importantly, start to decide for yourself what you want your future to be. That’s what we’ve all done. Every one of us has decided. Whether we know it or not or acknowledge it or not, it’s been a decision that we made. Why don’t we take a look at those decisions to make sure we still want them the way we decided them when we first made them?

FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind: When you’re building a new paradigm, you don’t have to repair the old one. We focus on what we want, and the rest of the stuff will naturally dissolve over time.


Here are some questions a little bit more about you and how you think. These questions are a little bit fun to do too. Here’s the first one. I have a feeling I know you’re going to say but I’ll ask it anyway. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

It’s Richard Branson and that’ll happen. I know how to do it and where to go. I look at him as somebody that I want to model, at least from what I know of him. He got to multi-billionaire status by helping people. He has No One Left behind programs. He is very spiritual and physical. The guy went into space. He’s got his island. I don’t know Warren either but it doesn’t appear like Warren has much fun. Richard is out there. He’s experiencing, from what I see, all the different areas of that wheel of life from health, wealth, spirituality and philanthropy. I will do this. I already have the connection. I would say that’s probably the one.

If you need a connection, I can help you with that as well. At any point, let me know. It’s going to cost some money but if you want it to happen, it’s worth it. I also like your answer. I had figured you were going to say Bob but you already spent so much time with Bob.

I spent a lot of one-on-one time with Bob for over a decade. I got to spend days with him at his house, having lunch, jumping on a jet and heading to Vegas. We did some cool stuff.

Richard is someone many people admire. Even if he’s been said before on this show as the person, the way you described why is the part that I liked the most. That was awesome. The question is what we call the grand finale. It’s the change the world question. I think I know the answer. What is it that you’re doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

That’d be Mindset Masters. When I started to get this information, I set the goal of $21 billion in net worth and assets by age 60. It was so that I can then go on to create either charter schools or a system or education to bring this information very simply to the world. That was my connection to the $21 billion. Nobody needs that kind of money for themselves. It’s purely to impact. It’s energy.

A year later, I said, “We already created the program. You can reach almost everybody on Facebook. Mindset Masters is that program.” I had already launched it and didn’t even know. It’s a matter of scaling and getting eyeballs. We’re getting this information at a grade school level to anybody that wants it. Not everybody wants to rule the world and all that stuff. For people that are hungry and are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I want it to be available and affordable. That’s our goal and what we’re doing.

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Go to That’s where you could sign up. This is a very low-cost program. If you’re inclined, I would highly recommend that you share this link. I’m speaking to you, reader. Brian doesn’t need your $37. What he needs is to accomplish the goal of helping others. That’s honestly what everything we do is about. No person on earth has any truer purpose than to help others. How you do it is the way that is truly your expression. It’s the way you humanly are expressed in this space.

Helping others is your true purpose. This is Brian’s true purpose so let’s help. I’m going to help and I want you to help too. Share that link. Let’s get the word out and help more people. Let’s lift our society out of the doldrums that it is in. Maybe you don’t think it’s in the doldrums but I happen to. Let’s take it to the next level. You have something as a giveaway, which is also pretty special. If I remember it correctly, it’s called the 12 Principles to Scale Your Business 10X.

We’re going to give that to you as a freebie. Also, if somebody reads that, it applies to health, relationship and everything. The principles are the principles. We labeled it that way because most people do want to scale their income. You can work on multiple things. The principle is in there. It has been passed down for generations. The only downside is it’s free.

Unfortunately, from what we’ve learned, if people don’t pay, they don’t pay attention. This is your chance. Pay attention. This is gold. I’m finding the same thing as well. I’m giving away a free book called Coach Elevation. I do see people downloading it but I’m wishing more people would read the book that they downloaded. This is a gift. These are what we’re here to do. We’re here to change and empower people. You’re doing it your way and I am in my way as well. Even this show is my way of changing the world. This is how I would answer the question.

I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for taking the time to spend with us and imparting this incredible wisdom. All I can say is readers, I hope you use it. It’s that simple. You have the keys to changing everything about you that you don’t like. More importantly, you have the keys to elevating your life, world and health to levels you probably have never been to before. Do it. Thank you, Brian. We will talk again soon.

Thanks for that. I appreciate you. Thanks so much.


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FTC Brian Dalmaso | The Subconscious MindPrior to becoming the CEO & Managing Partner of multiple companies across various industries, Brian Dalmaso’s experience began in the mechanical engineering industry and progressed within the home design & construction industry. He spent the first 10 years of his career at the General Electric Company in the engineering department of the Navy & small steam turbine division. After the closing of GE’s Fitchburg plant in 1988, Mr. Dalmaso furthered his experience & education and started BMK Associates Inc in 2000; a residential design & build company. Upon realizing the rewarding experience of designing & building homes, Brian decided to pursue architecture and construction as a full time endeavor, leaving the mechanical engineering field.

Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Luxury Gaming Inc; a custom-themed, high end gaming table company. What started out as a hobby between Brian and his close friends, the Luxury crew specializes in the design & construction of customized gaming tables. Luxury Gaming serves high profile clients such as the DropKick Murphys, Seether, Dana White & Caesars Interactive Entertainment (World Series of Poker) to name a few.

Eager to make an impact on a global scale, Brian became a Partner in an energy company in 2014 offering sustainable solutions for energy, solar & travel needs. Brian also started Alvarium Systems Inc in 2016 to serve individuals & businesses in need with a sustainable CRM management system. The systems offers intuitive operation and low cost of entry to their clients.

At the onset of 2017, Brian launched the Matrix Success Network working with Bob Proctor teaching and training entrepreneurs around the world the science of how the world’s wealthiest people think, act and operate to succeed at the highest levels.

During 2018 Brian put together a group of people to develop and launch a CRM-based software and application company called Alvarium systems which they are currently testing for release. As the CEO and VP of marketing and sales Brian is not just teaching others how to start businesses, he sis in the trenches following his passions still building companies as well


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