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The Buddy System For Staying Accountable and Sane

The Lifeline of Daily Check-ins Have you ever had someone in your life, who is more than willing to help you work towards achieving what you want to and keep you inspired and motivated even when life looks bleak and times are tough, to keep you accountable when need it

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Unmotivated and Off Track?

 I Found My Way, Here’s What I Did …. Have you ever had a dream you gave up on because you either lost your motivation or life kept continuously hitting you in the face? Was there a moment where you were being incredibly lazy on completing your tasks and wished

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Seven Questions to Ask Before Switching On a New Channel

Seven Questions to Ask Before Switching On a New Channel by Mitch Russo Building a channel means you’ve reached a point in your company’s growth when it’s time to expand beyond the startup and move into multi-tiered selling strategies. Besides support for your customers, you also have the potential to

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Everyone creates… …the life they live, like it our not. Proud or ashamed, your life, it’s yours, you created it. Years ago, I learned through sheer will power or stubbornness (as I’ve been told many times) that we can get what we want. My old friend Chet Holmes used to

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The Hero Lesson

When I first started my work life as a junior engineer for Digital Equipment Corp back in 1977, I was assigned to a senior engineer, let’s call him Bill. Bill had a photo on his desk of his beautiful wife and himself clinking umbrella drinks on some exotic vacation they

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