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TTB John Hernandez | Alchemy

Chaos To Clarity: The Alchemical Art Of Transformation With John Hernandez

Picture this: ancient secrets, symbolism, and the quest to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s not Harry Potter; it’s the real world of alchemy, and it’s waiting to be explored. Join us in entering the mystical world of alchemy with John Hernandez, founder of the Alchemy Coaching Institute. John masterfully brings this ancient tradition into the 21st century, demonstrating how its principles can be applied to everyday life, business, and personal growth. From the foundational stages of alchemy to the importance of nurturing your own alchemical journey, John covers everything about the importance of this ancient wisdom in our modern lives. Tune in now and let the magic begin!

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FTC Michael Poggi | Empty Lots

How To Win In Real Estate Through Empty Lots With Michael Poggi

We pass by tons of empty lots every single day. Their dull and undeveloped state make them quite uninteresting, but with the right research and resources, one can turn them into powerful assets that yield a lot of profits. Mitch Russo chats with Michael Poggi who explains how he mostly deals with these vacant lots, invests on them, and transforms them into powerful real estate assets. He shares his unique methodology on finding the best empty lots to do business on and how his partnership with a research company makes the job way easier. Michael also talks about his private animal sanctuary, as well as how his real estate profits keep the place alive and vibrant.

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FTC Jeff Lerner | Life Operating System

The Simple Life Operating System That Guarantees Your Success And Happiness With Jeff Lerner

Your potential is boundless; the key to unlocking it lies within your belief in your own capacity to change the world. In this episode, our guest Jeff Lerner dives deep into the world of personal development, purpose-driven living, and the art of making a positive impact on humanity. Hear his incredible journey from dealing with challenging life circumstances to creating a thriving business and helping others transform their lives. Jeff believes in the limitless potential within each of us, and in this episode, he will explain deeply why that is. He shares his innovative approach to life design and how he found the ENTRE Institute, a platform dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need. Jeff shares with us how this program is changing the lives of thousands of people, giving them the freedom and confidence to take control of their destinies. Listen as we explore the critical role of faith and purpose in our lives and how embracing these aspects can lead to powerful transformations. Tune in now.

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FTC Peter Swain | AI

Navigating The Paradigm Shift That Is AI With AI Genius Peter Swain

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web and the Internet, we have seen various paradigm shifts that are changing the way we live, do business, and more. AI is one of those, and whether we like it or not, it is already creating a huge impact on our lives. Having not only lived through various paradigm shifts but also spotted them one after the other, this episode’s guest, Peter Swain, is the person who can give you great insights about this revolutionary technology and what’s to come. Peter is an AI genius, veteran strategist, marketer with more than 25 years of experience, and currently the CEO at A3 Finance. He sits down with Mitch Russo to answer some of the pressing questions about AI. How long will the AI fad last? How does it impact the way we live? How do you utilize it to get to where you want to be? What is the future going to look like in a world where it seems to be evolving faster than we are? Tune in to this exciting conversation and receive food for thoughts about technology, our relationship with it, and the ways it is changing the world.

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FTC Mike Calhoun | Mastermind Community

Mastering The Mastermind With Mike Calhoun

One of the most effective ways to hone your skills as a business owner and improve your team is to connect with like-minded individuals. Such an experience is attainable by joining a mastermind community. In this episode, Mitch Russo chats with Mike Calhoun, CEO of Board of Advisors. He shares the genesis story of the world’s greatest mastermind that brings together the smartest, most successful, and highly reputable industry leaders right now. Mike presents the best strategies for building memberships and establishing a community of strongly connected people that solves problems collectively and empowers each other in a profound way. He also discusses why mastermind communities must not only focus on the business and social aspects but also charitable contributions and initiatives.

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TTB Ryan Pavel | Veteran Support

Providing Veteran Support Through Education And Elevation With Ryan Pavel

How can you provide proper veteran support to amplify their voices as civic leaders? How can you ensure that every transitioning service member succeeds in expanding their knowledge and skills? In this epi-sode, Ryan Pavel, the CEO of Warrior-Scholar Project, shares how he assists veterans in acquiring higher edu-cation and bringing themselves to the next level. He discusses the support they give to these brave individu-als so that they can continue serving the country and empower themselves to pursue continuous growth. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

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TTB Oscar Trimboli | How To Listen

How To Listen Like A Pro With Oscar Trimboli

Great leaders are not only masters in realizing the team’s vision and implementing a healthy culture for all. They also know how to listen deeply and actively. Mitch Russo sits down with Oscar Trimboli, a man on a quest to create a hundred million deep listeners. He explains how he uses his vast network and award-winning podcast Deep Listening to build a strong community about listening in the workplace. Oscar gives a quick masterclass in leadership by discussing how to properly monetize a community filled with listening people. He also breaks down the most effective process of community building centered on letting your passions take the lead.

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FTC Rick Elmore | Entrepreneurial Way

The Entrepreneurial Way: Breaking Free From The Corporate World With Rick Elmore

Have you grown tired of working in the corporate world? Sit tight and enjoy this fantastic journey with the guest today! Rick Elmore shares his path into entrepreneurship and how he tackled the simplicity of a common problem in the entrepreneurial way. Through his technology, he was able to do things better than what others were doing. Although technology is not the only way to make a company valuable, Rick also shares how he rapidly scales his business with millions of revenue! Tune in to this episode, and don’t miss out on this gift!

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FTC Brian Kurtz | Six-Figure Mark

How An Audience List Can Help You Hit The Six-Figure Mark With Brian Kurtz

Hitting the six-figure mark requires in-depth research, constant marketing refinement, and endless product improvement. But one vital element must never be neglected in all of these: building a strong target audience. This is where Brian Kurtz found success when running the publishing company Boardroom Reports. Joining Mitch Russo, he explains how they earned billions by keeping a consistent audience list and nurturing powerful connections with each one. Brian also shares valuable secrets behind his success, from changing the 40-40-20 marketing rule into 41-39-20, his incredible concept of RFM, to his unparalleled philosophy of over-delivering.

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