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Vinalhaven, ME
Vinalhaven, ME

Everyone creates…

…the life they live, like it our not. Proud or ashamed, your life, it’s yours, you created it. Years ago, I learned through sheer will power or stubbornness (as I’ve been told many times) that we can get what we want. My old friend Chet Holmes used to call that Pig-Headed Discipline. I’ll just call it making a postulate.

The dictionary definition of a postulate is: “Assume something or present it as a fact and you postulate it.”

The Basis for Creation…

It’s time to create. Let’s make some postulates. We’ll do it together. I’ll create my 2015 and you create yours. We really can create anything we want with one limitation.

How bad do we want it?

That’s all there is between you and what you want.

Postulates are not wishes, such as “I wish I would win the lottery” that’s a wish. A good wish, one that I exercise from time to time. No, a postulate is a future creation, a thing, a spiritual machine you put in motion when you “decide” you will do something or make something real. It’s moving an idea from the invisible to the visible realm.

What will you make visible in 2015?

If you care to, write it down in the comment box below. I’ll go first.

In 2015….

  1. I will publish a book called “The Invisible Organization.”
  2. I will release a full training course called “The Coaching System Architect Master Class.”
  3. I will get married.
  4. I will have excellent health

Those are the easy ones because they are already underway, the book is just about done, the course is complete, my fiance’ is my long time sweetheart and we were engaged on Christmas Eve. They are easy because they are already nearly materialized in the physical world.

These are not yet materialized:

  1. I will create a series of regional events to help entrepreneurs build their business.
  2. I will create several self-sustaining income streams by building products and service offerings and promoting them.
  3. I will lead an organization to double their revenue in 2015.
  4. I will help 12 entrepreneurs realize their dream.
  5. One of my photographs will receive national attention (I’m also a photographer, see above.)

I will focus 2015 on Creation. I will spend my year creating my life, not being the effect of life, but the creator of my own life. I will ignore feelings that come up from time to time, trying to convince me I shouldn’t, can’t, won’t, or don’t want to. I will stand strong and create my future with my eyes open.

I am going to make 2015 the most deliberate year I’ve ever lived.

Will you join me?

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