The Buddy System For Staying Accountable and Sane

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Chet Holmes and Mitch Russo at a party together in Las Vegas in 2010.

The Lifeline of Daily Check-ins

Have you ever had someone in your life, who is more than willing to help you work towards achieving what you want to and keep you inspired and motivated even when life looks bleak and times are tough, to keep you accountable when need it most?

It was the winter of 2002 when life changed for me in a dramatic way as I contemplated life as a single dad. Now 15 years later, as I reflect on the life I’ve lived and blessings I have, I remembered how my best friend, Chet Holmes, was there for me at a crucial time in my life as my divorce was finally becoming real.

 Chet made a commitment to check in every week with me, I realize just how crucial and vital he was to my overall happiness, success in business and most importantly in my life, and I made a commitment to him.

The Commitment To Be Kept Accountable

Chet’s promise to help me regroup and get back into the swing of life and business saved me at a time when my self-esteem was the lowest ever in my life. He literally called me every day in the beginning and we would talk on the phone for about 20 minutes or so. Chet never let me off the hook, he had zero issue holding me accountable when he felt that I was either “slacking off” or questioning myself. He didn’t accept any of my excuses and pushed me until I myself realized my full potential at this dark time of my life.

We would agree to specific time frames for me to complete certain tasks, we come up with short-term as well as long-term goals for what I needed to do to make my dreams a reality and above all else, make sure that “mentally” I was in a good space. Even though we were across the country, we would connect over Skype and work on meditations together to visualize our mutual success, health and wealth.

I later realized the Chet had a set of questions he asked me each time we spoke. Simple questions that would allow him to quickly assess my situation and help me see if I was on track. Later, this process of setting up a set of questions and then asking every week or a few times a week, became the basis for a whole new business. Yet, at the time I had no idea he had any plan at all.

Experiencing One of Those Days

Talking to Chet left me feeling inspired and motivated because he had such a “powerful” voice and positive way of thinking. Then, other days, I just couldn’t rally to get my butt in gear and I would avoid talking to him because I simply just wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. Having “one of those days” is completely normal because we’re human and they’re an inevitable part of life but, you have to push yourself if you truly want to accomplish what you want to.

Chet still keeps me inspired and motivated to create new goals and new dreams to reach for and achieve. I honestly don’t know how my life would have turned out if it wasn’t for him being such a phenomenal best friend by helping me become any and everything that I wanted to.

Having someone like Chet in my life was indeed a blessing for the 25+ years we were friends before he passed away. His humor, candor, friendship and the wisdom he left will be with me for the rest of my life.

Today, the day I publish this post is significant for me. It’s exactly 5 years since I resigned from Business Breakthroughs, International, the company that Chet and I spent 5 years of our lives with Tony Robbins building together. I resigned on this day in 2012. I was lost and sad as my best friend in the world had died of complications in his Leukemia treatment. I still miss him every day, I still remember all of our time together, but without him having “set me free” I would have never created the effect I’ve had on so many other areas of my life. My consulting company, my 1st book: The Invisible Organization and soon to be my second book as well.

Ask yourself this question on New Year’s Day. What decisions can you make today that just may change the entire course of your life?

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