March 20, 2020

FTC 185 | Marketing Your Expertise

185: Marketing Your Expertise Technologically With Bill Bice

The way the world is developing, there are no shortages on groundbreaking ideas. The problem is how do you get your ideas out there? You can have the most advanced idea, expertise, or product, but it doesn’t matter if your marketing tactics can’t give you the desired attention and reaction. Bill Bice, the Founder of boomtime, fell in love with small businesses at a young age and has been committed to helping out the industry in his own out-of-the-box way of thinking ever since. Being a programmer at heart, his company developed a platform that scales with the modern world as it fuses both technology and expertise into one service. In this episode, Bill talks with Mitch Russo about the greatest mistakes that people have made in marketing and how you can avoid them. Learn how to maximize your returns using the expertise that you’ve perfected over the years, even if it means that you need to give it away for free.

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