January 17, 2020

FTC 176 | Making Meetings Productive

176: Productive Meetings: Leading Time Between Insight And Action With Darren Chait

Meetings tend to be the bane of every working individual in this world because, for the most part, they are unproductive and thus, causing a lot of waste in both time and money. Co-founder and COO of Hugo, Darren Chait, is all about saving time and making fast-moving teams to make meeting insights shareable and actionable. Darren grew up with a family with a small business and is all about building your own. This led to his discovery of a time-management tool that came out of his frustration from experiencing the exhausting days in meetings. He shares the story on how it led him to create his product and the critical errors that led him to improve it with his co-founder. He goes further into details on how to answer the right questions and stop wasting time.

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