Overcoming The Money Monster Towards A Life Of Abundance With Morgana Rae


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Is it possible to turn things around when you’re under the worst conditions? In this episode, personal development pioneer Morgana Rae tells us how she tracked her money monster and managed to shift into a life of abundance. Morgana is the best-selling author of Financial Alchemy®: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation. She is one of the world’s leading authorities on transforming relationships with money. Morgana guides entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose. Learn more as Morgana shares with Mitch Russo how you can attract more than you chase and make things happen with ease, flow, and synchronicity.

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Overcoming The Money Monster Towards A Life Of Abundance With Morgana Rae

I have something special for all my coaches in the audience. As a coach myself, I realized I have been spending about 30 minutes per session on admin because I had five applications open all over these two huge screens, one for notetaking, calendars, spreadsheet, browser, Zoom, all my past session history, scattered all over my desktop, and at the end of every session. I have to combine all that into a single email and then send it to the client. The next week when I coached them again, you go find that email.

I was getting exhausted half an hour on prep and by the way, this was happening right in the middle of my peak cognitive time, which is right in the middle of the day, where I get to be the brightest I could possibly be. I’m wasting $1,000 an hour time on $10 an hour of work. I decided to find a solution. I looked and tried everything. I could not find anything that worked.

I did with all entrepreneurs who are reading this should do too. When you find a problem that you don’t see solved, solve it, and that’s what I did. I created Clientfol.io for you. It is a coach admin platform, and it is so powerful and efficient. It’s rated five stars on Capterra and is getting great reviews. I was saying to my guest that I’m blessed by the fact that people love it. I want you to give it a try too. Go to GetClientfolio.com and give it a whirl. It’s only $20 a month. I guarantee you are going to love it, onto my guest and her incredible story.

Imagine going to high school under the worst possible conditions. You are homeless, sleeping on floors, later discovered that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, and yet you still have to show up every day and do the work. Even with these odds stacked against her, she graduated with a National Merit Scholarship award holder in Math and Science. She then went on to Smith and ended up with an honors degree in World Religion.

You might be saying to yourself, “How is this relevant to your first thousand clients?” Even with all this education and having had some incredible clients, she was barely making $100 a month living in Beverly Hills. Who could do that? It turns out that she made a discovery that would turn her fortunes rather quickly and she shifted into a total abundance place. How did this happen? What was the money repulsion monster that stocked her all over the West Coast? You are about to find out as it turns out, she is here with us.

Welcome my friend, Morgana Rae, to the show.

Thank you, Mitch.

I’m so happy to have you.

I’m very glad to be here.

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We have people with all kinds of abilities and skills who show up. I’m blessed to be able to have a one-on-one, one-hour masterclass with all of them. That’s called a podcast by the way. I have been dying to dig deeper into your stuff. This is going to be wonderful for me as well. Let’s go back to the beginning. How did this all start for you?

I love that question because it ties all these different pieces, the car accident, homelessness, the degree in Religion, and what I do now. It can look like they have nothing to do with each other. I was also the social outcast weirdo kid with the eating disorder. Pick any trauma and most of us can tap into some aspect of it. I have always been that old soul child who thought about things like, “What are we as human beings? What is the nature of reality, whether it’s Science or Religion? Why do we believe what we believe? How do we have a better experience while we are here?” I think what are we, what is this world, and how do we have a better experience are the three big questions of existence?

Suffering is way overrated. I don’t recommend it and please don’t get hit by a car while you are riding your bicycle to school and all that stuff. When you are suffering, what it does is it gives us some humility that we need to be able to respect the experience of other people better, to have more compassion and more respect for the human experience of others.

As this relates to especially the car accident, I was an easy-peasy, A student. As I mentioned, total social spazz growing up, I did not grow up with social skills. I was the kid from Clueless that the popular kids adopted and taught me how to get that along, but school was always easy for me, and then I had a head injury. I could not do what I would have always taken for granted. For anybody, who is reading who has a head injury, the recovery time is slower than anybody will ever tell you and it’ll be even slower than.

I was lucky that I was young and I was in school and having to exercise my brain, but still, it took years to be able to read more than 1 page or 2 at a time and not get sleepy, to be able to remember things, and here I am in high school trying to graduate and get away to college because I had a violent, abusive drug addict mother.

I was sleeping on people’s floors. I spent my senior year of high school sleeping on a dining room floor, which was horrible because this was the only way I could borrow their station wagon and go to my high school nearby to graduate. I remember the daughter of the family whose house this was is like sitting on the couch of the living room next to the dining room, making out with her boyfriend, and I hear him say, “She lives there,” because I’m like in my sleeping bag doing my homework on the floor, it was humiliating.

I was lucky because I was fed, housed, access to get to school and I graduated. It also taught me that a lot of stuff that I took for granted and judged about other people was ignorant and the word hubris. I took too much for granted. I thought people who did not do well in school were lazy. Now, I think they had a different brain. I give people more of the benefit of the doubt.

On the plus side because my brain was struggling to recover and do what it used to do. My intuition exploded and I started knowing things before they happened. Now, I can write, talk, think, and do all sorts of cool tricks, but I still have intuition. I have a different understanding of how frail and transitory we are, what we think we are, and it could be totally different tomorrow. There’s a huge make the most of what you have now.

This will go into what I want to teach and help anybody who’s here who wants help with this, is whatever you are going through can be useful. It can be the key to the kingdom of everything you have ever wanted. There is a lot of fear, especially in my community in personal development. I have been a life and business coach for many years now, which means now that I’m 55 this 2022, that’s over half my life. The whole positive thinking is super valuable, but there’s also a lot of fear in the law of attraction crowd that if you have bad feelings or bad experiences, it’s somehow your fault or if you have fear or negative experiences, you are going to magnetize bad stuff.

FTC Morgana | Money Monster
Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation (Volume 1)

It does not work that way. Especially, if you have been or were going through difficult stuff now, there is so much power in your victim experiences. We don’t want to live there, but they are sacred. They happen for a reason. It’s part of the human experience. In a way, it’s like you have already paid the price of admission. Why don’t we milk it for everything we can get out of it?

My first marriage was to a chronic alcoholic and I did not know she was an alcoholic, weeks prior to the wedding, but I married her anyway because, as a recovering heroin addict, I felt like I could get anybody through addiction, but I have never dealt with alcohol alcoholism before I have never known an alcoholic.

Being raised in the type of family that we were raised in, most of us did not drink and we had a liquor cabinet where all the bottles were dusty because nobody used it except when an occasional company would come by, but I ended up discovering a program called Al-Anon many years ago. One of the things that I was confused about at first, but then realized was an incredible truth was how they describe what we had all been going through. They called it the gift of despair.

I loved that and I resonated with it because if it was not for me having married this individual and going through all of the sufferings that we had gone through, I would have never made the transformation that I did as a result of that. I agree with you. You are right. You already lived it and paid for it. You might as well get the use out of it. Unless Elon Musk is correct and we are all living in a computer simulation which is fine. That’s possible as well.

Both can be true. I’m going to be all geeky and Religion major on you. I love and it blends perfectly with Elon Musk’s idea, which could totally be true and so what? Even if we are Sims, this is the job we have, and this is real for us. In Hinduism, they have the idea that all of reality is the dream of the Supreme Deity Brahman or Bhagavan, he’s like sleeping and dreaming it. This could be true too. I have had spontaneous experiences of non-duality or not drug-induced because if I’m getting there without it, I don’t even want to mess with drugs.

It’s that moment of seeing things the way the Buddha did where it feels like hyper-reality and it feels like you have the safety of being outside of time, space and pain. It’s a very blissful, powerful, amazing, insightful experience and where we are here, sitting in traffic, mad at our spouse, our cat has to go to the vet, your favorite restaurant is on lockdown, and there’s a pandemic going on, this is what we signed up for here. This is also reality. This needs to be respected.

The game goes back to one of my first question, which is, “How do we have a better experience while we are here?” Part of that is always going to be, “How do we make it better for others?” There are only three things that make human beings happy. Even though I’m known to be this money coach, money is not one of them. The lack of money will make you miserable, but what makes us happy as human beings always fall under the categories of love, lifestyle and legacy. The truest purpose of money is always to serve love, lifestyle or legacy and when it’s not, that’s what becomes painful and a problem on the planet.

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When people are making and hoarding money and hurting others and nothing is ever enough, and it’s more like a drug than a partnership or a tool. It then becomes a monster and threatens the survival of our species. It becomes this abusive relationship and that’s where I like to work because our relationship with money mirrors our relationship with life itself. “Is this a loving safe place that values me?” Those are the issues that show up in all of our interactions with money.

This is a good place to remind everybody who’s reading that we are on with the incredible Morgana Rae. She is known in her industry as the money coach and more importantly, she is one of the most giving people that I know and she’s about to share with us some of the things that she knows about how money works and how we could access more of it and in the right way at the right time. Give us a feel for exactly what we can do right now to change our situation.

To be honest and transparent, even though I’m known for working with money, being a money coach, or a wealth coach, I am not a financial advisor in any way whatsoever. Not my thing. My work does not have a lot to do with money. It’s just my clients make millions of dollars. When you come down to it’s about the relationship. If you have all your highest values, love, kindness, philanthropy, art, self-expression, joy, everything on one team and money on the other, the limiter, everybody loses.

You need to get the love and the money on the same team, but they are not naturally in our life experience. Anything that has ever made us feel unlovable, unworthy, unsafe, or powerless is going to show up in our relationship with money. Not just money. Life has three primary spiritual teachers, which are love, health, and money.

Money is the pain door that I chose as a coach because my approach is so weird and effective that it made my business easy. Once people come through the door, we get to do all the fun stuff which is about love, lifestyle and legacy. How I got to be where I am is completely backward. I never in one million years set out to be any money coach. I still don’t consider myself a money coach. I’m more of a very practical, spiritual, life and business coach who’s known for money results.

How I got here was by failing so spectacularly and effectively at everybody else’s program. I took all the business classes. I have been a marketing coach since 1994. I have helped so many beginner actors, writers, producers and directors become celebrities. I had, from very early on, immediately out the door clients, winning awards, selling films and things happening very unlikely and quickly. I had a reputation for magic immediately.

I would take the marketing and business classes. I kept taking more coaching classes. “Maybe if I become a relationship coach or master of NLP,” thinking any of that would change my financial situation and nothing worked. I was doing the practical stuff. Meanwhile, being in Southern California, I have a host of people who will rebirth me, change my DNA, and give me potions, cast spells and everything, it’s easy to find in Southern California that did not work either. Vision board and money mindset? No.

A word about mindset, have fun. If that was enough, nobody would ever have to go on a diet again. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not a cure because most of what happens is below your conscious awareness. I hit my money bottom really bad. I had taken a class on overcoming sales objections, where they give you scripts on things to say, if somebody says, “I would love to, but I can’t afford it. I don’t have the time,” or whatever. Being the great student that I am, I aced it in seven people in a row. I overcame their objections. Seven people in a row did not show up or pay me because we are not supposed to overcome somebody’s objections. If they say no, let them say no. That is my philosophy.

Your client will want you if they know what you offer them as it relates to them. You do not need scripts and manipulations to trick anybody to do something they don’t want to do. I was good at it, but in the end, they did not show up, when I got that seventh no-show that was when I completely ran out of hope and I’m living in Los Angeles, not quite Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is adjacent, as my landlord would have said at the time. It’s sky-high expensive because it’s LA. I’m making $100 a month and flying out of town every weekend to take more classes, working with coaches, deficits, spending everything has its promise, “Do this, and I would do this.” It would not get the result I was promised.

If you are reading this and you are doing everything you are supposed to do, and you are still not getting the results that you desire and deserve. This is as true in love and in health, as it is with money in any other thing. If you were doing everything that you are supposed to be doing and you are not getting the results you are supposed to be getting, there’s a very good reason for it. It’s not because you are not good enough and something is wrong with you.

In my experience, because I have coached so many thousands of people over many years, if this is you, you are very successful at protecting yourself from what you want. If we dig, there will be very good reasons. They are not what you think they are because if you knew, you would have fixed it already. For me, I’m in this despairing place. I’m honestly ready to die because when you finally figured out what you are good at and you are doing all the work and you can’t make a living at it, it feels like the world does not want you to survive, exist or be here.

It’s such a deep and painful wound of not wanted. It felt so unfair and sadistic, and I did not want to play it anymore. I have run out of steam and hope, and that is a dangerous place to be, especially with money when our livelihood, medical care, shelter all of it. Add to that, how we are valued by others, how we feel valued, and how we value ourselves, it’s all wrapped up.

I screamed and cried until there was nothing left. That’s why I say I hit bottom. It feels like when you hit the bottom of the pool. It’s a good place to be. You have to survive it, but that’s where you can push off and come back. There’s a psychological term for this that I love called an enantiodromia, which is when any emotion is fully expressed, the seed of its opposite arises. When you fully express despair, hope will wake up.

FTC Morgana | Money Monster
Money Monster: There is so much power in your victim experiences. You don’t want to live there, but they are sacred. They happen for a reason, and it’s part of the human experience.


When I had completely given way and cried until I was enraged and had nothing left, I had two thoughts. One was maybe money needs to be my next area of spiritual growth. That’s a bit of a cheat because I’m from Southern California and spirituality is easier. I thought maybe if I put the money in the spiritual box, I could deal with it, which was practical, but it was the next thought that started the shift, which was, “What is inside of me that can’t be with money?”

This is weird. On paper, I should have been doing well. I had a lot of testimonials and great marketing people wanted to hire me. There was something inside of me that was making sure that was not going to happen and that was weird. It was immediately after this that I had my next session with the coach I could not afford. Thank goodness because it saved my life.

I’m here because I had a coach. He had been trying to figure out what was wrong for months. I would do everything I was told because I’m a good student and it was not moving the dial. He hears me in this dark place and who knows where this question came from, he asked me the question that changed my life. It’s a weird question. He said to me, “Morgana, if your money was a person, who would your money be?”

I was in such a dark, painful place. I saw who my person was, who the money was, in that moment was this big, scary, dirty, violent biker who terrified me, not anybody I knew. It’s not that he’s a biker that he was bald, had the sideburns, and the tattoos. It was that I knew he was bad, dangerous, caused fights, got in the way of love, and was going to kill me. I did not know that I felt that way about money until I made it a person.

I was in so much pain and my conscious mind, which is pretty smart but failed me in solving this problem. My conscious mind was not running the things. My emotional subconscious was stepping up to the plate and showing me what was going on when I saw money as a person. I was already in such an emotional state, that is the perfect state for transformation.

The person at this moment who is in the most anxiety, pain or whatever, congratulations, you have the neurological advantage for the biggest change because you don’t have to dig that far to light up the neurology and have the motivation for a change. By the way, if you are not in that state, you can have change too, but real change comes from a deep place. It’s not a fun, interesting intellectual exercise. You have to dig to get yourself into that place. I was lucky that I was in so much pain at that moment.

As soon as I saw this monster, the money monster, that biker at that moment, it was so clear to me that he was so scary and he felt so real. It was clear that there was no way that I would ever be able to have money in my life if it was that guy. I had to get rid of him for any possibility of having money in my life because it was an existential threat.

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I like spending money like anybody, but the way I was pushing it away, never made sense until that moment. I had to get rid of the biker, which created a new problem because I lived in LA. I got rid of my relationship with money. You are not going to live for very long without a relationship with money. I felt the vacancy where this person had been all my life without my awareness.

This imaginary person and relationship were the air around me and I did not notice it until it was gone. I knew I needed to replace him. For one thing, I did not want him coming back or some random money monster walking down the street to fill the place. Nature abhors a vacuum. I had a vacuum, I needed to fill this spot.

Are you saying that the question that we should ask ourselves right now is if we could put a person in the face of our money despair or money problems, who would that person be or you are just telling the story about how it was for you?

I’m telling the story and then I will tie it into how to make it work for you, but in answer to your question, I reverse engineered what happened to me because I had instant results. I had to figure out how to make it work for others. By the way, I blew it in the beginning. I had to figure out what needs to be there. The first step will be to uncover the root cause of the money monster or the money problem. “What are you protecting yourself from?” The joke is it’s never going to be about money.

Money is always the symptom. It’s what is behind the money. Anything that ever made you feel unlovable, unworthy, unvalued, unsafe, especially if it does not look like it has to do with money, if it was kids teasing you, an accident, violence, rejection by parents, lover, teacher, business partner or something out in the world that made you feel unsafe, that is where you want to look. You want to follow what is going to have the most energy. It may not be what you think.

Many years ago, I had a client. He found the root cause of his feeling that there was something wrong with him. It was rooted in a very innocent moment when he was maybe three years old playing doctor with another three-year-old. It’s healthy and normal, but an adult walked in, we don’t remember what the adult said or anything, but it hardwires so much shame in that second that it showed up in his relationship with money and women for decades.

When he remembered that moment, he felt it, and we identified that was the moment he decided there was something wrong with him. We put that into the monster and then step three is obliterating, eradicating the monster, getting rid of it, that created the space for a new relationship with money. In his case, a very elegant, loving French woman is what showed up in his mind’s eye and he made $1.6 million a month later, so not bad.

In my case, it was far less dramatic. I knew that I needed a new relationship with money and I was asking myself, “Who could I want so much that I would be willing to have this person in my life, even if it’s money?” It’s important that the relationship puts love first. If the relationship is about what I want you to do for my money, it’s another monster because it’s making you helpless and a victim again.

You have gone through the effort of obliterating, destroying, annihilating, getting rid of the monster, so you are no longer the victim. The victim experience is important and valuable and you dig it up in step one. Take off your law of attraction, personal development, healthy adapted hat, put on your victim hat, the bigger the victimhood, the better in step one. Blame it all on a monster, the bigger and badder the monster, the better. Get rid of it because it means that you are always more powerful than the monster. On the other side of it, when you destroy and reject the monster, you are rejecting everything that you no longer permit to be in your life experience.

Identify the monster and let’s say, it was an incident from childhood. I recognized that and have this cognition that goes, “I see how all of this played out in my life all these years. Now, I can trace this back to why I married an alcoholic,” or whatever it is. The next step here is I want to replace this money monster or this connection with something else. Where is that and how do you get to that?

The first step is to uncover the root cause. You want to feel it. You may know what it is right now and it may be like boiling up. The trick with the monster is you want it to feel very real like a real person, but it can’t be you and it can’t be your parents. You don’t want it to be too cartoonish because that creates emotional distance and you want it to feel like a real relationship.

Step three, I did not know this at the time, but I have learned this over the course of coaching people and my tribe is the love, light, peace, and vegan. The bloodier the better. Get violent and destroy it. Be Kali or Archangel Michael, be a sacred warrior and obliterate it. It’s like Highlander, there can only be one. It’s going to be you or it. Choose yourself and destroy the monster.

FTC Morgana | Money Monster
Money Monster: When people are making money, hurting others, and feeling like nothing is ever enough, money becomes more like a drug rather than a partnership or a tool. That’s when it becomes a monster.


You then have this empty spot and when it feels completely empty and there’s like no feeling energetically of any monster lingering around, that’s when you meet the new relationship that you are going to have. The quality of that relationship is going to feel like a relationship with love. I discovered this through trial and error, many years ago. In the early days, clients were having dogs, cats, horses, and all sorts of ridiculousness as their money honey. I was like, “Sure.” It just does not work. Cats don’t know anything about money. You don’t want to get that intimate with them and I’m a cat person.

What works best in my experience and when I say best, I’m talking about both in terms of inner transformation, healing and in dollars, euros, rupees, or whatever you use, is an archetype of a lover. Lovers are equals. You can break your lover’s heart. Your lover is not here to rescue you. It’s not Oprah or God, it’s somebody who loves you. That works best for who is going to be in this new relationship and you want that feeling of it being love instead of a transaction.

When I asked myself, who I wanted to be in my new relationship, I had no idea what was going to show up. At that moment, luckily for me, I imagined out of nowhere, this tall, dark, handsome and romantic young man with clean-cut, wearing a tuxedo, and the kicker was he showed up holding a bouquet of red flowers as if he wanted to woo me.

I was overwhelmed, “This is a person who’s in love with me and who wants to be with me, who I have been pushing away for years, and wounding him that way.” That was step four was meeting what I now call the money honey. It can be guy, girl, them or they, pick your flavor. It works. It’s somebody worthy of your deepest, love, and admiration who chooses you over everybody else. If you are not feeling that, go back a step and see if there’s any little bit of money monster protoplasm lingering and zap it.

I’m reverse-engineering the whole thing for you to give it context, so it’s not an intellectual exercise. I have got this cute guy who wants to be with me and I realized, “I have no idea how to not push money away.” I have decades of neurological imprinting of how to push money away to be uncomfortable like family Holocaust stories and all sorts of reasons to make money dangerous. I could feel that he was safe, that he was worthy of the love that he wanted to be with me. It was completely up to me because I have the body.

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Money is not Santa Claus for you to sit on the couch like in the secret and visualize, and money will go out and bring it for you. Even though sometimes it feels or looks that way when the money comes in big and fast. We are about empowering you. You have the body. You are always the gatekeeper in this relationship. Since I did not know how to allow him to be with me, I asked, which is a handy thing about when money is a person and a person that who wants to be in your life and is worthy of being in your life.

You don’t have an answer to go into business with that person, go out on that date, write this book, whatever your question is, have a conversation with your money honey. I asked, “What do you need from me, so you can stay with me the way you want to be staying with me?” When you ask a question, you get an answer because that’s how our brains work.

Clients, when we first do the process they say, “How do I know if it’s me or if it’s my money honey?” I say, “Yes, it is.” It’s a way for you to access your highest, truest wisdom without all of your neuroses because your money honey sees you as you are without all of your nonsense. It sees you through the eyes of love, so you get to see yourself as your most creative, resourceful, great worthy person because you are seeing yourself through the eyes of the beloved.

I asked him the question and he answered, “What do you need from me, so you can stay with me?” He said, “I need you to love me and stop treating me like a monster.” That had such a vulnerability in it. I thought, “What does that look like to stop treating you like a monster and to treat you with the love that you deserve? You want to be my life partner and you deserve me not to be a jerk. What does that look like?” I thought, “Next time you bring me a gift and you woo with the client. I’m not going to push it away like it’s some horrible polyester sweater.”

I started to notice things that I did that pushed money away. It’s my discomfort when somebody would ask me what I charged, I would get like all sorts of weird spiritual ideas. “Jesus would not charge.” The next day four people called me up out of the freaking blue. I got to test myself and keep my promise to my money honey that I would not treat him like a monster, which meant when they asked me how much I charged, I would state my fee with the energy of, “Is he not lovable?” I would shut up, which you probably have guessed by now is the hardest thing in the world for me to do. Four people hired me that day.

Within 24 hours of my own shift, 24 people hired me for double what I would ever be charged in my life. I was the person who had been struggling to make $100 a month in Los Angeles. The clients kept coming and I had to start group programs, waiting lists, retreats and products. I have made millions of dollars since then. I develop new problems like having too many clients. There was a time when I thought full practice was the greatest thing in the world. No. That is a formula for burnout. It’s so much better to work with a few people and charge well, so you can give them everything you have got. Get your first thousand clients. It’s an important milestone to have an impact.

I liked the way you described it. To be clear, in case anybody is wondering, the money honey is not a real person. It’s an imaginary construct that you can hang a series of emotional concepts on so that it becomes the target of your emotions. At the same time, it’s a way of thinking about something that is negative in a positive way. I liked how you did that.

We are reprogramming your neurology. One of my clients is a neuroscientist. She validated all of this. By having a strong feeling, in the beginning, bringing up all the negative triggers that make you want to hold whatever it is at a safe distance, and then blasting and rejecting it in as dramatic a way you can with your knife or saber. One client, imagine running over her money monster with a monster truck.

Replacing that when you are in this heightened neurological state, then you replace your response to the trigger with this very relaxed, yummy, expansive, safe love. That’s what wakes up the genie of the frontal lobe, your genius zone, so that you can look at all the chaos in front of you before anything is changed. You can see everything in your life looks different because you are now looking at it differently with more confidence and respect for yourself.

You can also look at problems you have been struggling with now through the eyes of your money honey, and you see opportunities where you did not see them before because you have woken up that genius zone and you want to continue that relationship daily. This is what I’m worried about. You can do automatic writing, walking or thinking, but it’s a way to bring up the problem and tap into your greatest resourcefulness, but also make it fun.

FTC Morgana | Money Monster
Money Monster: The change I want to see in the world really comes down to helping people have the tools to relate to existence in a powerful way.


Money tends to be very scary and triggering for people, so now make it fun, and you will not have an unconscious reason to keep it away or get rid of it once you have it. I was having a conversation with somebody, where she knew somebody who had inherited billions of dollars and drunk himself to death. I understood exactly why he did that because he had not grown the container and the relationship to feel worthy and to have a partnership.

That’s why people who win lotteries commit suicide at such a high rate. We need to have the foundation of love first so that you have the container to grow and be like my client Perry and make tens of millions of dollars within three years and keep growing it, at the same time, growing the love in her life and the good work she’s doing in the world.

I love the process. It’s very simple, but in a sense, very logical. In some ways, this reminds me of my study of the Kabbalah many years ago. The way the Kabbalah describes it is connecting with the power of God. The stronger the connection, the more presence you have. Both presence and presence at the same time. In some ways, what you are saying is to unblock the pathway and allow what’s yours to flow to you.

Your mechanical process, I know it’s more than that, but the way you describe it is a perfect vehicle to visualize how all of this is shaping and harming you and then removing and replacing it. Here’s the part I love about what you said, it’s the trust. What by that is that once you have done this work of killing your money monster. At that point, you need to allow the universe to bring you what is yours and to allow it into your life by being open to it and not treating it like you did before. That is perfect.

My favorite thing to say is, “Change happens at the speed of safety.” When you mentioned Kabbalah, I purred. I studied Kabbalah at Smith back in the late-’80s. My husband has been teaching Kabbalah for several decades. That was when I found out about him when we were dating. That was when I was like, “Game over. He’s the one.” He does not know that.

I did the same process nine years after I slew my money monster and I’m teaching my thing on all these stages, talking about when you are doing everything and you are not getting the results, I kept hearing in the back of my head, “I’m going through the same thing with love.” I’m taking every class. I’m on the dating apps and talk about a horror show. I need to slay my love monster. I did that in 2012 and I met my husband two months later.

That’s such a beautiful story. First of all, you have shared so many brilliant ideas and concepts. If you are reading this, you can take what you learned and apply it to your life. That’s what I’m so happy about. You gave us some great stuff that we can do right now and then we have more, but right now, we are going to transition to a different part of the show, where we get to know you a little bit better. We know you pretty well now, but these questions are designed to help us see a different part of you. Here’s the first question, who in all of space and time would you like to spend one hour and enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch, or an intense conversation with?

At this moment in time, I would like to take a walk with Hillary Clinton. As I get older, I have respect for women from the generation before me and what they went through and paved the road for. I picked very divisive people who have very strong feelings of pros and cons. She’s smart and a survivor. That’s who came to me.

The person that I interviewed right before you when I asked this question said Hitler. The variation of what people say is it’s not important who the person is. It never is. What’s more important is the reason they choose them. I love the fact that you called her a survivor. The fact is that she’s a brilliant woman. People have strong opinions about her in both directions, but the most important thing and the reason you are referring to her is that she’s figured out how to live in this world and navigate and, in many ways, how to get what she wants.

Every person has a limitless ripple that we never know about. Click To Tweet

There’s also another piece that you don’t know about me is when I was twelve years old, my mother attempted suicide because her husband was cheating on her, and I saved her life. I was the one who called the paramedics because they had taught us to do that in school the semester before. The pain of being the wife cheated on, I got how dangerous that was. It was a very traumatic experience, then I saw Hillary go through that publicly, and my heart has always felt that for her.

That’s another very big and important bond that you have and a great reason to admire a person who has endured and gone through it. That’s a great choice. Thank you. I’m now about to ask you, the grand finale, the change the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world literally?

The vehicle that I have chosen to change the world and what I love about being a coach is that it’s not all on me. I get to support world-changers who have tools that are far beyond my toolset like clients who are CEOs of tech companies. One of my clients is a cattle rancher who is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture in how to graze cattle in a way that manages the land and makes it better rather than worse.

The change that I want to see in the world comes down to helping people have the tools to relate to existence in a powerful way. Everybody deserves to have their needs met, tools on how you have a loving relationship with life so that you can make the world better for yourself and for others. It’s a one-person at a time game, but every person has a limitless ripple that we never know about.

That is the game and the mission I’m playing. I’m teaming with some other coaches internationally, three coaches from Asia, three other coaches from the US for a hybrid of Disneyland meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Personal Develop meets save the world that we call Million Quest, which is a game to impact one million people using custom-designed theme parks positively. Coaching courses, remedies, role-playing, interaction, strategic planning, and execution to have a real, tangible, sustainable result to positively impact one million people, and then to do that over and over again.

We need to be thinking more creatively, but we need to take care of ourselves. I have coached billionaires who are insecure missus and fundamentally people on public assistance I have coached. The more secure we are with ourselves and with life, the kinder and the better we are in creating positive change for everybody else.

This has been a wonderful experience spending time with you and listening to your story, which is remarkable, and your process, which is wonderful. Thank you so much for doing that, but before I let you go, you did let us know that you had something special for our readers. Would you like to tell us what that is?

I have a quiz. It is an easy-peasy, pain-free, money love quiz. The question is, “Does money love you?” It’s a quiz that you cannot fail and you cannot do badly at. It lets me know where you are on your journey because we are all on the same journey of love, lifestyle and legacy. Based on where you are and what you need, I make recommendations, including free gifts of what your best next step is in creating a love-centered relationship with money who adores you.

Where might we find that quiz?

I am sending you to MorganaRae.com. It’s the mothership. Everything is there. If you scroll down the page, you will find the quiz on the homepage. I also have hundreds of articles and videos for questions that come up when you take yourself through the process, so that I can support you in becoming the abundant and prosperous person you deserve to be.

Readers, you can simply go to YourFirstThousandClients.com, go to Morgana Rae’s page, and there at the bottom of the page will be access to the money love quiz. Thank you so much. It was great and I enjoyed it. Readers, if you enjoyed it too, I would appreciate it if you would go over to Apple Podcasts, and give us a rating. Let us know what you think. We have over 250 five-star reviews. If you think it’s worth it, go leave another one. I would like that. You help others receive the same information that you received as well. Thank you so much, Morgana. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon.


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