Finding Success By Building Relationships With Influencers With Cloris Kylie

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TTB 28 | Relationships With Influencers


If you want to go fast, do it alone. If you want to go far, do it together. Some entrepreneurs don’t believe in the power of influencers, they want to do things alone. This is clearly false, as Cloris Kylie explains why building relationships with influencers is important. Join your host, Mitch Russo and his guest Cloris Kylie and learn how influencers can help build your tribe and why collaboration is key to success. Join in today’s episode so that you can find success, not alone but together.

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Finding Success By Building Relationships With Influencers With Cloris Kylie

Our guest started out coaching high school students to be accepted into a graduate program at Ivy League schools. Her students felt empowered and she became competent in her ability to be an incredible coach. She runs several communities dedicated to helping others rise above their current condition and excel in every area of life. Welcome, Cloris Kylie, to the show.

Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here.

I’m thrilled to have you again. You and I have been friends for a while and have been on each other’s shows, which is always wonderful. Here you are now to tell your passionate story about your tribe. Let’s start from the beginning. How did this all get started for you? How did the story of your tribe start for you?

I think people were attracted to the idea of seeking collaboration with influencers and connections with influencers that didn’t feel dirty to them. You didn’t get that achy feeling when you were trying to work with someone else. That’s what attracted them to my message because I’m all about collaboration, where you find what’s in it for the other person too. It’s not all about you, how can I make a gain and how can I take advantage of the other person and their audience? It’s about how can we work together? How can I help you as well? That’s what allowed me to build a group of people who have those values. Group of people who feel proud to connect with influencers in their industry and to share their message. It feels good. It feels right. That’s my tribe.

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If you were to state your core mission, what would that sound like?

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build winning collaborative relationships with influencers. What are those entrepreneurs who don’t think about others instead? They want to promote for the purpose of their own game. We are against that. We are pro collaboration and pro-win-win. That’s what we’re all about.

That’s so important now. In fact, that’s not only important in business but it’s also important in life, as you know. I love your mission. How long have you been doing this? How many people are you leading? Give us some details.

I’ve been doing this since I’ve transitioned to an online business in 2013. What happens is as I was working with entrepreneurs, I experienced that other side. People who wanted to see what was in it for them. I didn’t feel right about that and I started to bring people to my podcast back then, the people to my show who had those standards, those values.

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I started to connect with people who also had an online business pretty much aligned with mine. They introduced me to other people who had the same values. I started to build my network with influencers in that space. It was doing a lot of personal development and empowerment. As I continue to work with them, I realized that we could all work together to share our message in a grander way.

I came across others who were doing collaborations, they were having each other on their podcast just like you and I have done like virtual summits and blogs. I just saw the opportunity there. I wanted it to feel right for me. I always had that priority to prioritize other people’s well-being. It’s interesting because I wrote my book Beyond Influencer Marketing with that in mind.

After I wrote my book, I read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and his philosophy of being a go-giver is not going to get results. It’s like you’re not a go-getter. You can be a go-getter and a go-giver. That really resonated with me and that’s why I connected with Bob. He has become one of my good friends and we have done a lot of collaboration because he has the same philosophy. I find myself expanding my network with the right people. Sometimes I connected with the wrong people, though. I understood that at some point in the relationship it was time to move on, which will happen to you as you build your tribe. It’s important that you always have your mission in mind as you brought it up, Mitch.

That’s fantastic. First of all, I could see why people are attracted to you because you did it yourself. You started out connecting to influencers and you led the way. You set up your own relationships. From that point on, it was fairly easy for people to see what was possible without realizing that you had spent years perfecting the process, the hard work, time and the diligence required to keep those connections alive and those relationships going. Of course, that’s very well done. How many people are you leading in your tribe?

TTB 28 | Relationships With Influencers
Relationships With Influencers: Entrepreneurs should build collaborative relationships with influencers. Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs who don’t think about others and just want to promote for their own purpose.


In my larger tribe, I have about 8,000 people. I have a smaller tribe of people who have signed that as you give manifesto and have said, “We agree with these values. This is what we stand for.” It’s a smaller group of people. We have about 55 people in there. We have intimate calls and meetings where people feel safe and empowered to spread this message to those around them. I would say I go from the large tribe or followers. I then bring people into the small group because they are ready to make that commitment to know that that’s the way they’re going to operate.

What would you say are the benefits that you bring to your tribe?

The benefits would be the combination of having the right strategies, mindset and inspiration. You can get information anywhere online but what if you apply what you learn with the wrong mindset? You’re not going to get the right results. What if you never start because you don’t have that feeling of empowerment that you’re ready to start?

I feel like combining the mindset and the values plus, the information that you become inspired. You get that inspired idea, that burning desire that Dr. Wayne Dyer used to talk about, “Even when things get tough, you continue on, you move on, you’re resilient.” That’s what I feel like my tribe gets from me, that push and inspiration.

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One of the benefits that many people don’t realize they’re going to receive when they begin the process of building their community is that they receive benefits by being the leader. What would you say are the benefits you receive as the leader of your tribe from your community?

I would say it keeps me aware of my blind spots because we all have them. It keeps me on my toes, I continue to improve myself and learn more so I can serve them and answer the questions. Many times they say things that I just wasn’t aware of. For example, I’ve been talking about the concept of group referrals for a long time now. I even created a program and one of the bullet points of description was you learn how to do group referrals.

I thought everybody got it. An influencer introduces your program to their audience. That’s a group referral. I then decided to ask my tribe, “What do you think a group referral is?” I don’t think I remember how many answers I got. They were all different, all of them. It made me realize I have to be clear. I feel like I grow thanks to their feedback. If it wasn’t for them, I would be in a little cave, creating things and not making a difference.

I agree with you. In fact, there are many of us that lead communities that I don’t realize myself how many benefits I received from the community that I’ve built as well. Tell me a little bit about it as if we’re now helping those who are hearing our voices. If they’re thinking about building a tribe, would you suggest that they have a product or a service to sell before building their tribe? Should they build it first and then figure out what the tribe wants? What would you say?

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I always go to my tribe to ask for feedback before I make or create anything. I would say build your tribe, make sure that you connect with people with who you want to work with and then gets their feedback. Based on the ideal goals that they want to achieve and their main challenges, that’s how you create valuable content for them, free and paid programs, solutions. I made all of those mistakes that every mistake anybody could make I made. That was one of them.

I know what they want. I’m just going to create this and then release it out into the world. I went into a little cave for six months and I worked hard. I released that program and nobody wanted it. I realized that it was doing it the wrong way. Since then, in everything I do, the title of my book is completely different. I changed the thanks to people’s feedback when I’m want to create a new program. I always go to them. Everything I do, I check with my tribe.

For your own tribe, how have you monetized your own tribe and community? What have you done? What do you sell them? What products do you offer?

They have the option to work with me privately as their mentor as they build their online businesses and connect with influencers. We also have group programs for them and digital training. Basically, everybody has an option to learn these principles regardless of how much time they have to follow in and attend the meetings.

TTB 28 | Relationships With Influencers
Relationships With Influencers: Being in a tribe helps you grow thanks to other people’s feedback. If it wasn’t for your tribe, you would just be in a little cave and not make a difference.


Maybe they want to do it on their own. I try to offer different options but they all have the same philosophy behind them. That’s one of the reasons I wrote the book because I wanted to make all of these principles accessible to everyone. I feel like with the book, everybody can get the concept and then if you want to go to a deeper level and work with me to implement, they can always do that.

Cloris, let’s move on to the nuts and bolts of running a community. How do you work with social media to promote? Do you use automation? Do you farm that out to a third-party company or agency? Do you use VA’s? Give us an overview of the mechanics of operating your tribe.

For social media, I would say I tried the automation route and I didn’t love it. I felt like I was doing it just because everyone else was because I wasn’t getting the engagement on my posts that I wanted to get. I said, “If this is not working, why to keep doing it?” That’s why I decided to do organic posts with the help of my VA. Sometimes I post things. I like to do a lot of live videos to interact with people and just to show myself, my face so they can create a real connection.

I’d rather do fewer posts of high quality rather than post all the time and not connect with people. The second thing is I’ve been very focused on one social media platform. I might have my VA post the same content on other platforms but I’m only on one of them, which is Facebook. I found that’s where my people are. That’s where I have my Facebook group. I just focused on that. That allows me every time you focus and you get better results.

I liked the way you think about that because clearly, what you’re doing is you’re dedicating all of your time and energy into one place, which is great. Do you use the software at all for sharing or spreading the word other than Zoom or something? Do you have an automation platform that you use at any level or not really?

I don’t. I used several ones in the past. Meet Edgar was the best that I tried but I’m not using it anymore.

What about managing membership? How do you manage membership? Do you use a membership platform or do you use Facebook groups? What is your go-to on that?

For the membership, I have everything on ClickFunnels. I’ve used ClickFunnels. I was one of the founding members. I found that easy to put everything there in one place. The recordings of our calls are there, the content, the courses, everything is in there. It makes us streamlined for the group. I do the Facebook live videos. They are in a group. I’m all about simplicity and focus because I tried the other way and it didn’t work. That’s how we do it.

It makes a lot of sense. For others reading now, if they are interested in taking their first step. What do you think that first step should be?

I would say the first step is to clearly define who you want to serve. It has to be a very specific niche audience. A common mistake, they want to serve everyone. You will not be able to create a tribe like that. It’s about finding the group of people that resonates with your values, your mission, your style and that starts with you creating a clear profile of your ideal client. That’s the first step.

Start building your tribe by sharing what you stand fo and this is something that you’re good at niche. Creating that mission, that manifesto and showing that when you create content, when you do social media posts, your products and programs, your the partners that you choose to work with and you will see your tribe grow. As you grow your tribe, it’s important to go out there and ask when it comes to solving the main problem that you solve for them. What is the greatest single challenge? I learned that from Brian Lebec. I do that all the time. My clients do it, asking the question and gathering that feedback is essential because that’s how you can create the right solutions for them. It all starts with a deep knowledge of your avatar.

That’s a great tip. Let’s put our rose-colored glasses on and look two years into the future. Tell me what you see for your community and your business. What does it look like a couple of years from now?

What I see is an expanding group of people who achieve great things, who become ambassadors to this message to what we stand for, to see a transition and a shift from doing this one-sided type of interaction to something that is more sustainable for all businesses that allow you to enjoy what you do and to be profitable as well. Am I going to say that one-sided influencer marketing strategies with Instagram shoutouts will disappear? Probably not but you will see that those who choose a different approach then they will see results and they will create those long-term connections to stay in business.

I was just going to come out and endorse you here, Cloris, because I’ve followed you for a long time now and I’ve put many of the things that you’ve taught me into practice. It’s been terrific. I’ve always had an attitude of helping others because that’s how I feel the best when I help others, it feels good to me. The whole idea here of helping influencers in particular of building relationships with influencers is very powerful. If you have the patience, you have the time and you want to do this desperately, then you should be tuning into Cloris and learning from her. I understand that you have something interesting for our readers. Would you like to tell us a little bit about your free giveaway?

I think you will enjoy this guide called 15 Ways to Get Noticed By Influencers To Grow Your Business. What happens is when we intend to connect with influencers, we know that we have to deliver value first but because they are influencers, sometimes it’s hard to come up with the best way to do it. This guide will show you fifteen ideas that you can implement right away to start creating those connections. Once you do it, new ideas will pop into your mind. I think this guide is valuable just to get you started building those connections with influencers and that’s at

Cloris, if people want to get ahold of you, what would be the best way to do that?

The best way would be to go to my website, You’ll see a contact form or on social media too.

Thank you, Cloris. It was wonderful chatting with you. I appreciate your time and I look forward to the next time we get a chance to talk.

Thank you so much, Mitch.

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