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About The Tribe Builders Podcast

Welcome to The Tribe Builders. We talk about how building a community is a phenomenal way to not only build your business and grow your brand but ultimately to build a movement that brings people together, connects members, and fulfill the mission behind your business or your cause. 

Listen in as some of the most powerful tribe and community builders show you have they amplify their message while organizing people for the greater good, whether it’s a cause or a set of common goals, they have created a way to rapidly grow their followers and infuse them with the message that can change the world. Theirs and yours. 

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Latest Episodes

TTB Alexis Dean | Entrepreneurial Loneliness

Building A Powerful Community Of Women To Fight Entrepreneurial Loneliness With Alexis Dean

Entrepreneurs can get lonely too. With the pandemic, loneliness is a very real thing. People want to talk to other people who share the same interest in the business. This is why Alexis Dean founded The Dovetail Community, a global community of world-class women entrepreneurs. Join your host Mitch Russo as he talks to Alexis on how she started the community to fight entrepreneurial loneliness. Learn how she grew her community of women by referral. Find out how she manages her summit events. And discover why purpose is more important than a product when it comes to community building. Don’t be lonely today, and tune it to this episode!

TTB 28 | Relationships With Influencers

Finding Success By Building Relationships With Influencers With Cloris Kylie

If you want to go fast, do it alone. If you want to go far, do it together. Some entrepreneurs don’t believe in the power of influencers, they want to do things alone. This is clearly false, as Cloris Kylie explains why building relationships with influencers is important. Join your host, Mitch Russo and his guest Cloris Kylie and learn how influencers can help build your tribe and why collaboration is key to success. Join in today’s episode so that you can find success, not alone but together.


Finding Your Purpose Together With Your Tribe With Otis McGregor

If you want to find your purpose, you need to reflect on your life and find what makes you happy. Find the one thing that you’re good at and work on it. It’s also easier to find your purpose when you’re working with others as a tribe. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. People are not islands; they need human interaction to survive. Join your host Mitch Russo and his guest Otis McGregor in finding your purpose and your tribe. Otis is the Principal and Leadership Coach of Tribe + Purpose. Learn how he is creating the next batch of leaders through coaching. And find out how to form team camaraderie while doing your life’s purpose.

TTB 26 | Focusing On Joy

Breaking Through Your Limitations And Focusing on Joy With Barry Shore

Life forces us to deal with different emotions when we are faced with adversity. It’s up to you how you’re going to frame your experience. Are you going to wallow in negativity or focus on joy? How exactly do we attain joy when everything else seems to be falling apart? Join Mitch Russo and the Ambassador of Joy Barry Shore as they delve into focusing on joy to live the happier, healthier and wealthier life you want. Barry Shore shares personal stories that he experienced throughout his life while thinking about contemplating, living, growing in joy regularly. Smile and love life through this episode as he discusses breaking through limitations and instilling habits that would help you achieve and create the life that you desire.

TTB 25 | Lead To Success

Lead Your Tribe To Success With Susie Carder

How do you lead your tribe to success? The key is to gather like-minded people who are givers. Mitch Russo’s guest today is Susie Carder, a globally recognized profitability coach. Susie talks with Mitch about how you can build your tribe and lead them to success. First, determine your core God-given gift and focus on it. Next, search for the right people you want to serve with your gift. Do you want to know the next steps? Tune in to find out!