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Scalar energy was first discovered and harnessed by Nikola Tesla. It’s a technology far superior to that of electricity, and yet, barely anyone has touched it. That is until the founder of Scalar Light, Tom Paladino, arrived in the energy space. Tom has researched for over 20 years on scalar energy and believes that it’s the solution to human health. Learn how he started his business just like every other entrepreneur out there. Discover his business model and how it differentiates itself from everyone in the market. Join Mitch Russo as he talks to Tom about the study of scalar energy and how you can harness it. Experience the power of light energy today!

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Understanding The Power Of Scalar Energy To Human Health With Tom Paladino

Welcome to this moment in time when you get to chill out, tune in and extract wisdom you can use to grow your business. I have something special for all my coaches in the audience. As a coach myself, I realized that I had been spending about 30 minutes per session on admin because I had five applications open all at the same time.

I got tired of spending all this extra time, particularly during my peak cognitive periods where I could do the most work helping others. Instead, I searched for software to help me manage my coaching clients. I couldn’t find any that allowed me to do what I wanted to do. I did what all great entrepreneurs should do when they find a problem that cannot be solved.

I solved it myself and created a software platform for coaches. It’s called ClientFol.io, and it does everything you need and nothing you don’t, and allows you to simply access all of your client records on one screen, admin them after you conduct them in five minutes, and then move on to your next client. Go to ClientFol.io, and check it out.

Onto my guest and his incredible story. Studying the work of Nikola Tesla, my guest was introduced to scalar energy. Tesla spoke of the spores in the universe, and when he died, many of his future inventions died with him too. Yet the seeds were sown, a discovery was made, and a man was inspired to take this to the world. That’s where this story begins. Welcome, Tom Paladino, to the show.

Thank you for the invitation.

It’s my pleasure. It’s great to have you here. You and I have crossed paths over the years and I’m glad we finally get a chance to do a deep dive into what you do. Tell me a little bit about how this all started for you.

I am working with scalar energy but some people call it zero-point energy. It was first discovered and harnessed by Nikola Tesla. The energy that I’m working with is not electricity or magnetism. It’s scalar energy. With that in mind, I believe it offers great prospects to mankind. It’s a technology far superior to that of electricity. I’m a scalar energy researcher. I began my career when I was a youngster and started to read about Nikola Tesla. Tesla was the impetus behind my career and I marveled at what he could do. To this day, he’s unmatched and unparalleled. We will speak about Tesla and how he more or less shaped my academic career.

Like you, I became fascinated with Thomas Alva Edison. I studied all of his work and read all of his books. I ran the library out of books on Thomas Edison and then shifted to broader topics about electromagnetism and electricity. This was in the 1960s. I can relate to having that hunger and discovery process that drives us. How old were you when you made the connection between what you’re doing now, which is using scalar energy to heal others, provide nutritional support, and some of the other things that your products do? How did all that start?

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It started with Tesla. Tesla alluded to the fact that scalar energy could be used to improve human health. As early as the age of 8 or 9, I knew that this was therapeutic energy and that scalar energy would be used for therapy. Although he did not focus on that particular avenue, I took that up on my own. Nonetheless, you always look at your predecessors and thank them for giving you that learning. If Edison was your foundation, so be it. We stand upon the shoulders of these great scientists, men and women. The answer to the question, I was enthralled with Tesla to the point at the age of 8 or 9. I knew that energy could be used to enhance human health. I’ve been on that path ever since.

When did you first use it to do so?

I started to use it in 1993. It was a 30-year period of theory and I finally met an American inventor. The name was Galen Hieronymus. I was able to buy Hieronymus instruments. That was my foothold. It’s the ability to buy these instruments and start using them back in ’93 and ’94 for healing purposes. The results were demonstrable and immediate. I knew I was onto something. Even a novice like myself working with these high-tech instruments can have such great results.

I’m going to ask you to go a little bit deeper with this.

Galen Hieronymus headed a prolific career. By trading, he was an electrical engineer but he also saw the merit of this other type of energy, scalar energy. Galen was the man. There was a time in his life that the Food and Drug Administration worked with him. He worked with NASA and the US Army because they saw the benefit of this new technology. Sadly, nobody was there to continue with the work of Galen Hieronymus. I continue with his work but I’m focusing on health.

He passed away in 1988. There’s quite a body of work. The more important element of this that I’m fascinated with is how did you find out about this? Before you answer, when someone is on a quest and driven to do something, the universe tends to conspire around him to assist. I bet at some level that information was brought to you. Help us understand how that process happened to you.

I was an avid reader. I was in the library one day reading about the Hieronymus family. Something went off in my mind and I said, “I have to go meet them.” I got on the plane, flew to Georgia, and met with them. That’s part of my career. It’s the entrepreneur or the person that’s willing to get on a plane, go and meet people, and discuss matters. Through that dialogue, I developed a career working with scalar energy because I was working with that small group of experts, from reading a book to having that push from God and the Holy Spirit to the point of getting on a plane and meeting with the Hieronymus family. They took me in as their understudy. I assumed that position for years. That was rather fortuitous.

It’s wonderful that you took the initiative. That’s what this world is about. Words, thoughts, and behavior by themselves mean almost nothing. Taking action is what changes people’s lives. Clearly, you are an action taker. You did that. Let’s get into the business. When you first got started, purchased the instrument, and set up shop or whatever that you want to call that, who was your first subject?

My family. They were willing disciples at that time. I had great success with them, but it took me close to 25 years to develop a business model.

FTC Tom | Scalar Energy
Scalar Energy: It can take you 20 years to come up with a business model and say that you have to commercialize this. You have to bring it to the general public. Otherwise, you’ll just be an obscure researcher.


This is not uncommon. For many people, it takes decades sometimes to sort out and uncover the profitable formulas that work for a company no matter what product you have. You could have a soup product and either a small restaurant locally or you could turn that into an international business. It’s the talent or drive of the entrepreneur that makes that happen. You started with your family, saw results, got excited and wanted to share that with others. How did you start?

I did share with others but this is a new technology and approach. I thought about starting a business right away because I had to fund myself. I didn’t have the money, wherewithal and knowledge. For twenty years, I perfected my approach. Imagine you have to play this back in ’93 and ’94. It took me twenty years to say, “I have to go to the next step, commercialize this, and bring this out to the general public. Otherwise, I’ll just be an obscure researcher.” I started a website and I had to build and scale it.

How did I do that? It’s by radio shows, traveling and speaking at seminars, and email marketing. You name it. I’ve had to do that. As an entrepreneur and the sole owner of this enterprise, it’s on me. Nobody else gets up in the morning. I have to decide that tempo. I’m happy about that. I don’t begrudge that. Those of you who are business owners, I can relate to your struggles. There are highs and lows. You have to temper that and find your way through it. Some days are better days than others. If you keep at it, you will always succeed.

I want to add one thing to what you said. That’s true at every level but there is a factor here that’s important to remember. I’m sure you will agree with me. When you discover something isn’t working, instead of quitting, which is a failure, you pivot into something else and try that. Iteration is one of the most important elements of a successful company. As an airline flies from one location to the other, it’s constantly course-correcting, and so are we as a business. Let’s talk about some of your course corrections. When you started and got your first paying customer, what year was that?

It’s 2008.

This is important. I’m so glad you’re sharing this. I appreciate your honesty and frankness about this because you have been working on this for over a decade before you had your first paying customer. Did that come about by design or did someone come to you one day and ask you for help? You tell the story. How did that happen?

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I had to support myself throughout my life. Keep in mind, this is groundbreaking research. You’re not going to get any grants from academia. This has never been done before so I had to support myself. There came a time in my life when I said, “I’m getting older. You simply have to take a chance.” I wasn’t happy in my position. I left and started from scratch. This was an upstart business. This is from scratch. It took time for me to build a model. I’m happy I did it. I had the wherewithal to do it, grow and scale. If I project in the next ten years, we will scale significantly. Like any business owner, I had to be prudent with my money and time, and allocate both.

In the beginning, we’re faced with a lot of difficult questions that we need to answer. Maybe the first question that many entrepreneurs struggle with is, “What do I charge?” How did you decide on your pricing in the beginning?

I wanted it to be fair and reasonable but there has to be an exchange. Nothing is free. Only God’s sunshine is free. Only God doesn’t need payback. In this role with limited resources, you need to charge and some type of fee schedule. I looked at costs, what people could afford, and what I would consider to be fair. I have monthly sessions so said to myself, “I simply want to be able to support this healing ministry. I don’t want to in any way break anybody’s bank.”

I set it up so that my costs would be hopefully significantly lower than a car payment or their electrical bill. Everybody is on a month-by-month projection. If you can make your monthly bills, you come out in the black. I said to myself, “Maybe $100 a month would be fine with people.” That model has proven to be true. You can’t ask thousands of dollars. I would never do that. Put yourself in between the water bill and the electrical bill. That’s reasonable and people honor that.

The other thing about it is that it’s inexpensive enough for people to stay on the subscription, but it’s also expensive enough to question every single month. The real question is, “Does it work?” Let’s talk about that because that’s the biggie. Why do some people get great results and others have no effect at all?

Everybody feels the benefits because I’m working with energy, and energy is fundamental. If you’re working with light energy, it does have the desired effect. It’s always, in this case, beneficial. Some people sense that and others do not sense that. Some people are much more sensitive. Some people say, “I feel great. I can’t go without this.” Others say, “I feel okay but it hasn’t been a life change.”

There are so many permutations here. We can’t account for that. That’s why I always start people off with a free session. I say, “You and decide if this is of merit.” That’s a business model. If you start somebody off with a free session, they realize that you’re honest and upfront. That person can adjudicate whether this is of merit or not.

I’ve built several companies in my life, and the one that I’m most well-known for is having built a company with Tony Robbins called Business Breakthroughs International. Before that, I built a software company, which my readers know. I grew that to 250,000 clients and then we sold that business for many millions of dollars. The most important thing that I learned is that sometimes pricing becomes the first decision, and that’s when people don’t know what they’re buying. When we started TimeSlips Corporation, time and billing software was in the thousands of dollars per year. We started at flat sale $99.

FTC Tom | Scalar EnergyFTC Tom | Scalar Energy
Scalar Energy: If you’re going to scale, you have to find the right people to surround yourself with. And, when you’re surrounded by them, don’t ever be embarrassed by saying, you don’t know.


We raised prices as we went on, but that became an attention-grabbing moment to break into an industry. It’s outsiders coming into an industry and offering something at a low price that has high performance. I could say it has high performance. You could say your product does but ultimately, it’s customers who tell that story. When I announced you at the beginning of the show, I talked about ClientFol.io, which is my SaaS platform for coaches.

I initially offered a fourteen-day free trial and found that a lot of people signed up but few people tried it. When we moved to a $1 trial, we had far fewer sign-ups but high uptake after the $1 period was over. The basic example and the idea behind this is something you mentioned earlier. I’ll paraphrase, “If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.” That for me has held up as a way of thinking about how to start a business and a subscription model. As time has gone on, what did you have to do for infrastructure? You have your email responders, lists and everything else. What other infrastructure did you need to put in place to scale this business?

I work with professionals. Don’t ever be embarrassed by saying you don’t know. There are some IT directors that I work with and some people in marketing that know a lot more about IT marketing than I do. You surround yourself with people who are specific to a career-specific to a function-specific to a job task. That’s what I’ve done. We have such a beautiful team. They are self-directed and professional. They know what they need to do because I’m a researcher.

I spend most of my time in a laboratory. I don’t have time to market and look at email marketing and statistics. I don’t have time necessarily to answer the phone and take an order from a client saying, “You have to structure your business.” If you’re going to scale and you’re not going to be a one-woman or one-man show, you have to find the right people. I will toot my horn. I have found the right people. I treat them well. We have a great team because of that.

That’s what the job of the CEO is. On my LinkedIn page, before I got all fancy and changed the banners and everything, it used to say that the only job of the CEO is to create and communicate. You’re a perfect example of that from what you said. I respect the years that you put into building your company and learning your craft. I don’t mean the scalar energy craft. I’m talking about the management of the business.

The way that you’ve structured your company all comes from the decades of experience doing this. Let’s talk a little bit about scalar energy from the perspective of those who receive it. My earlier question before the show is, “Where is the antenna? Where do you transmit from?” Give us an understanding of how people get these scalar energy waves and how someone can be affected by your computer in your workshop.

Keep in mind, scalar energy is not electricity. It’s a different type of energy. I have an international clientele and we work with people by way of a photograph. People email me a photograph that has their signature. Any photograph carries a light signature. I take a person’s photograph and place it inside my instrument. Consider what I’m saying. I have a global village and the ability to work with anybody in the world by way of their photograph. I don’t have to worry about shipping and any physical product. I work in nonphysical services. I send energy through a photograph. That’s the new science of scalar energy.

If you’re an entrepreneur out there, you’re going to see how this new service working in a non-physical capacity is so much easier. Imagine if I had to deliver. I service by GPS. It won’t work. The margins would not be there. I could not possibly work that way. Imagine if every store owner could deliver a product or a service by way of a photograph. That is my edge. That allows me to scale. If I had to worry about inventory, I could not do this. If I had to worry about shipping costs or setting up distribution points, forget it. That takes millions of dollars. With the fact that I work in a new era working with nonphysical energy and I can deliver my service through a photograph, I can scale rather quickly.

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Let’s get a little bit deeper into this for those who are not familiar. As a reminder, we’re talking to the incredible Tom Paladino, who started a scalar energy business, has scaled that scalar energy business over these years, and is now delivering to thousands of people all over the world. The expenses related to delivering your service incrementally sound like it’s about zero. Is that fair?

It’s all IT. Everything is from a computer uploader for the photographs to the staff. It’s able to work with people and explain the process to the laboratory. That’s always expanding. I am scaling by increments and I’m fortunate enough to do that. Whereas in some businesses, you have a hub or a significant outlay of cash. A lot of businesses cannot make that outlay of cash to grow. Thank God I can grow in increments.

What’s nice about the business is that for every new customer you add, you don’t have to spend an extra $5 to deliver. It’s all part of your existing infrastructure, which periodically must expand to meet the need. You have found this natural form of energy and exploited it. They use that word in a positive way to help others. What stops other people from going into your business?

I welcome them. It’s a poorly understood subject. Scalar energy is a new science. Unless you have that foundation and understanding, you will not succeed. This has taken me years to study and perfect the instruments alone. It has taken me 30 years to perfect the instruments and I’m not finished. How many people want to spend 30 years looking at science, perfecting instruments, and not having any feedback or remuneration during those years? Nobody. Hardly anybody wants to devote 30 years of their time to new science and technology without being compensated. I don’t say this to be snide. I don’t see anybody on the horizon who wants to do what I’ve done.

You’re the pioneer. You’ve been able to harness this and use it. Maybe you will tell us a story or two about some of the people who you’ve helped in the dramatic examples of its use. My question now goes a little bit to a higher level. How could this be used to fix the world? How can we change the world with the work you’ve done? You don’t have to tell me in detail because we’re going to get to that question later. What I’m asking is, are there divisions of the US government that are interested in this? Is that something that you could share with us about the types of outreach you typically receive from organizations that are not simply a customer wanting some help?

Per se, I’ve not had any government directly approach me. People in academia are interested. I’m going to cut to the chase. This is new energy and technology. It is pennies on the dollar. In other words, if this is free energy from the stars, then it will change and in many ways disrupt our energy spectrum and the military-industrial complex. It’s free energy. In working with free energy, you’re going to have friends and enemies.

Where has that shown up for you?

For the most part, we’re a grassroots group. People love what we’re doing. When I move to the next phase of energy generation and provide energy for homes and factories, that becomes a threat to the power structure. I’m sure there will be a significant backlash.

On the other hand, if it’s properly handled, it might make them much more successful than they are if they were able to work with you directly to harnesses and provide it as a service to millions of customers all over the country.

Nikola Tesla had free energy towers or scalar energy towers. He was demonstrating how we could illuminate a light bulb hundreds of miles away without wires. That’s a wireless transmission of energy. The powers years ago did not like that because they wanted to control the energy. It’s free energy from the stars. You cannot control stars. Stars are for the taking.

If you were to create a scalar energy receiver/converter so I could plug my toaster into it and have toast, what would it take to do that based on what your knowledge is?

God is going to have to give me the wisdom. I see that in the foreseeable future within the next years to be able to power some of our appliances around with scalar energy. What will that look like? You won’t have a cord or hook up to the electromagnetic grid. You will simply capture this energy in your room and home, and use that ambient energy to power a toaster, a radio or a jacuzzi.

FTC Tom | Scalar Energy
Scalar Energy: People will be able to power their appliances with scalar energy within the next ten years. It will all be ambient energy.


What that would consist of is a device that receives and converts this free energy from the stars. This is fascinating. Tell us a little bit about some of the folks who have experienced this and the results that they have gotten.

I’ve been bragging. We received reports from Tanzania. We’re working with people around the world by way of their photographs. We are working with an HIV/AIDS clinic in Tanzania, Africa. Everybody that we have worked with since 2017 is now HIV-negative. Nobody in the clinic is suffering from HIV. They have no viral load. They’re all healthy. No one has any symptoms. They’re essentially closing down the HIV/AIDS clinic in this particular town. By sending scalar intelligence into a photograph, I can prove in my laboratory that I can break apart or transmute the HIV virus.

Could this be done with any virus?


Is there a different “recipe” or formula for every different virus?

I’ll explain how this works quickly. If I take a magnified photograph of the herpes virus and place this magnified photograph of herpes in an instrument, the instrument looks at the molecular bonds of the herpes virus and then breaks apart those bonds. All I need is a photograph of a microbe to destroy it.

If you were to take the Coronavirus if there is such a thing, and there has been some controversy over whether or not anyone is isolated for the literal Coronavirus as it has been described as COVID-19, and you’re able to upload the entire population of Facebook into your system, could you press a button and eliminate COVID-19?

Yes. We have missionaries from around the world that are sending us collages of people. I received 3,000 photographs from Uganda. We’re working with people around the world by way of their photographs and we’re having great success.

I can’t imagine anyone reading this and not being excited about this process, particularly if they have never heard about it before. We’re going to move to the next level with some questions about you that we do with all of our guests. Readers enjoy this and find it interesting. We will get more about even offering, if it’s okay with you, a free gift to readers about getting a chance to try this for themselves. Let’s start with the first question. The first question is what I ask every single show. I know the answer before I ask it but I’ll ask it anyway. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I always say if Nikola Tesla was alive, I would be his willing assistant. His mind and what he achieved are unparalleled. What I’ve learned from him just from his notes is unmatched. He has opened up an entirely new vista to the world. This is a new way of living that Tesla envisioned. Of any person or scientist, I would love to sit down with Tesla.

That makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, there were dark forces against him that destroyed much of his research before it had the chance of being exposed to the human population. I did not to the extent you have, but I’ve studied Nikola Tesla’s life as well. I’ve been fascinated by him and the free energy movement for the last several decades. I bought all the stupid things in the back of magazines for free home generators, the plans and the toroidal energy-generation systems.

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I don’t say I’ve ever built one but I have read many of these different things. It has always fascinated me how this one man has ignited so much creativity in others and potentially, in your case, the chance to change the world, which is the grand finale question. That is simply this. What is it that you’re doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

Scalar energy is a new technology. It’s going to replace the existing military-industrial complex. Scalar energy is free and clean energy. It’s much more versatile than electricity. You can do so many things with scalar energy that you cannot achieve with electrical energy. I’ve always said that the advent of scalar energy will mark a threshold in mankind. It’s a technology like none other. Scalar energy will have a greater impact than that of the computer.

If that were to happen, and it could happen in a productive and powerful way for humanity, it would be an incredible thing and that would change the world. Thank you so much for spending time with us. Before I let you go, tell us a little bit about how you’re offering this free gift to my readers.

Our website allows anybody in the world to email a photograph. We work with people, animals, or pets by way of their photographs. The website is ScalarLight.com. Visit the website and simply upload and email us your photograph. We will hopefully convince you over fifteen days that this is of merit and your health will improve in some fashion.

Readers, take a look, go over to ScalarLight.com, upload your photo, and see for yourself. If this works for you, potentially it could change everything. Go ahead and take a look at that. Tom, thank you so much for your time. This was fascinating. I would love to continue the conversation and hopefully, we get a chance to speak again soon.

Thank you.


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