Thanks again for attending my webinar on how to have the best year of your life with your Accountability Partner. As you know, we’ve done all the work for you. We have a way for you to select your own accountability partner, we have a growing “question” library with new courses and programs being added daily.

We also guide you step by step through your session and we track your statistics; your success markers every time you meet. It’s hard to build all that on your own. In fact, at the current pricing, it’s about a dollar a day to be a member. While I don’t know you personally, I do know that I designed this system to help you the same way I would coach you if you were one of my private clients.

If you decide to work alone on this, here are the questions I promised you:

  1. What did you attempt to accomplish since the last time we spoke but have not?
  2. What programs, projects, or events are you participating in right now or soon?
  3. How did you do on your goals since we spoke last, anything stand out that you want to discuss?
  4. What Challenges are you faced with right now?
  5. What are the best opportunities are you looking at right now?
  6. What are you most grateful for right now?
  7. What single accomplishment are you happiest about that you achieved since last time we spoke?
  8. Did you try something new that worked well since we spoke last?
  9. What is your most pressing problem in your business right now?
  10. What do you need that you are not getting and how would it change your life/business if you got it?
  11. What emotions are stopping you from moving to the next thing you want to do?
  12. How has revenue/profits changed since the last time we spoke?
  13. Is there anyone in your life that is giving you a hard time right now? Who? What’s the problem?
  14. How many sales did you generate since we spoke last?
  15. How many times did you exercise this past week?
If you are ready to try the accountability platform now and sidestep the hassle of trying to do this without the guidance and support of a company and a community, then you still have the chance to get started today!
Just click: I AM READY TO GET STARTED NOW and just follow the prompts and enjoy the new connections, the system and the master classes we have waiting for you!
I hope to see you on the other side!
Mitch Russo