In every business and with every business person, there are blocks that will cause hold-ups. Luckily, with the advent of the internet, we can learn from online courses and self-help programs. But not all business owners become successful with this step, and Brian Ridgway was one of them. To make matters worse, his self-help addiction lead him to seven failures. Still, this did not stop him from finally generating $160 million. He discovered that when the standard business stuff isn’t working, it’s time to turn to the spiritual side of things. Learn how he is able to help entrepreneurs with lifelong issues and solve it in just one hour.

I do this because I love to interview amazing people, who have cracked the code and built a life for themselves that others model. I do this because I’m always looking for the best way I can to get back to the community that has given so much to me. I welcome your feedback and your suggestions about how I can make this show experience better for you. I want to start with a question. Have you ever purchased an online course, training program, sales program or marketing program but never quite finished it? I know I have. Have you never quite received the value you thought you would but wish you had? I have a solution. What happens if I could match you with your perfect accountability partner so you can work together to get that course done? I have built the equivalent of for entrepreneurs to help you do exactly that. Introducing the Results Breakthrough Network, besides finding a match, the software coaches both you and your partner to get the most out of your weekly meetings. As a listener to Your First Thousand clients, I want to invite you to try it for free and see if it’s a fit for you. Go to Entrepreneurs, it’s time to get accountable. That time is now.

Freedom From Self-Help Addiction with Brian Ridgway

Our guest is not just a personal friend but a rare individual who’s done what some think is impossible. He’s generated over $160 million in revenue in 70 countries. He sold personally over $12.5 million, and that’s the boring part of his story. He’s done something that has rarely been achieved in all of human history. He’s found the way to free another human being and resolve lifelong issues plaguing mankind for eons just as he’s freed himself. He’s not Jesus, Buddha, Moses or any such religious icon. He just discovered one essential truth about us all. Ever since then, he’s been sharing it freely with others. He’s here to share it with us. Welcome, Brian Ridgway.

Mitch, thanks for the welcome. I’m grateful to be on with you.

Brian and I have been friends now for probably about six months. It’s been an incredible experience knowing Brian. I felt like having him on the show would be such a gift that I couldn’t wait to have him. Brian, I’m excited because I know that what you’re going to share is going to change some people’s lives, maybe a lot of people’s lives, and I can’t wait to get started. What I like to do is to go back and talk about how you got started where you came from. How did you discover who you were and get the kind of success that you did early on?

I understand origin stories from different angles. With the work that I do, as unique as it is and literally unique, I’ve never seen anything like it, my origin story has to start with super early childhood. Though it’s still a very short story, the bottom line is that who I became during those first fourteen, fifteen years of life dictated who I was as an entrepreneur. I love Zig Ziglar. I heard him say this many years ago, “You can’t be one kind of person and a different kind of salesperson.” I say, “You can’t be one kind of person and a different kind of business person.” If you look under that entrepreneur hat that you’re wearing, it’s the you that came out of that childhood home. For me, I had a pretty severely abusive childhood. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally beaten pretty much every day for seventeen years. When I came out and began in business, I had such low self-esteem. Literally, my inner mantra was what my dad told me a couple thousand times which was, “Stupid, ugly, worthless piece of blank,” and you can fill in the blank. That was the self-image that I began in business with.

I’m in a small group of people that the huge majority of people that come out with that kind of self-belief and self-image, they just are never able to crack the code financially. I was able to make pretty much unlimited money. I got into sales and marketing early. I discovered, to my shock and amazement that I was pretty much ninja at both of those. I could just create money in any industry. However, I made a discovery and that is that when you believe you can’t have, shouldn’t have, don’t deserve, and you actually then find the way to overcome that, you’re going to make yourself pay in other ways. The huge majority of people just can’t make enough money, but there’s that smaller group of entrepreneurs who can make it and they find incredibly creative ways of losing it very quickly. I know you help a lot of people and you’ve seen that a lot yourself, Mitch. When I got into sales and marketing, I was able to accelerate constantly making more money, generating more money in more industries, helping entrepreneurs to see hidden opportunities and hidden assets, and blow through it. However, I made and lost a fortune not once or twice or even three or four or even five times, but seven times. I made and lost everything.

This is where the plot thickens. Over those fifteen or twenty years that I was climbing through this, I invested well over $300,000 on every type of self-help personal development. My business origin story is nothing without looking at what I did to try to make my life work because it was the same person. I spent over $300,000 on every type of self-help, money business success course, every seminar that came down the pipe. Some of them I went to twice because I figured I screwed up the first time when it didn’t work for me. It would be hard press to name a guru or an expert or a “healer” that I didn’t go to and spend money to. When the standard business stuff didn’t work for me, I started opening to more and more the spiritual stuff, energy, meditation, law of attraction, those types of things.

There was a point in time when you started to make money. You started to see things happen, then you lost it all or something went wrong. Let’s go back to the first time something went wrong. Let’s talk about how you felt and what were the signs to you that it wasn’t just a happenstance or an accident. People make bad investments and they go wrong, it doesn’t mean they’re broken. How did you figure that part out?

It was a stacking of the seven. However, I did get clues the first time. The first time, every time I made a sale honorably, honestly and lovingly helping a person say yes, when they said yes, I had a feeling of fear go through me like, “I’m about to get hurt. I’m about to get in trouble.” No one explained to me. I found out many years later that children who have been severely abused often carry that fear in any area where they start to succeed or win even slightly they get a feeling of, “Here comes the punishment.” I knew that every time I made a sale, I had this feeling of, “Here it comes. I’m about to get my butt kicked.”

How did you know that wasn’t normal? Didn’t you think, “Isn’t this how most people operate and feel?”

I lived my life as an interviewer and I was always interviewing my friends. I viewed every sales presentation I ever made as an interview. I didn’t see that feeling being universal in everybody else. When I saw my sales managers, they didn’t seem scared or upset when they got a yes. As my yeses got bigger and bigger, I got into selling $30,000 to $100,000 packages and I had extremely high closing ratios. I also had severe fear of rejection issues, which for a lot of people, comfort zone is another phrase for it. I had to overcome this massive fear of rejection and call reluctance every single time. It was just this crushing feeling. I was doing cold calls on business owners. My car door weighed 10 million pounds thinking about pushing that thing open and getting out of the car again.

I sold too. I literally sold like you did. I had accounts that I called on and I’d drive to the accountant and I’d get out of the car and charge through the snow and whatever it took. I would have to go and close those deals and I did. I had feelings about it too. I didn’t always like it. It didn’t always make me comfortable. I didn’t always look forward to it but I didn’t think there was something wrong with me. That’s the part I was asking about. Maybe there was something wrong with me but I didn’t know it.

I didn’t get any clues that there might be something wrong with me during the first few. It was around the fifth time that I lost everything. By then, I was well into probably $200,000 that I had invested. I was taking all the money, business and success courses and doing everything they told me. I was going through all the personal development, all of the self-help and taking total responsibility and visualizing what I wanted. I was doing everything that the gurus and leaders on law of attraction experts told me to do and nothing worked. In fact, the more self-help and personal development that I went through, the worse my life got. That’s when I reached the conclusion, “I must be totally screwed. There must be something so fundamentally flawed in me that even self-help can’t help me.”

YFTC 069 | Self-Help Addiction
Self-Help Addiction: I went from the idea that everything is energy to the instantaneous experience of it.

I think most people have, at one time or another, done something around self-help or training. I used to call my car “the rolling university” because my trunk was filled with cassette tapes. Somewhere down in the basement, I have boxes filled with cassette tapes, programs that I bought on Nightingale-Conant many years ago. I always felt like those were reinforcing and those were of value and I would learn from them. Later when I was hurting, then I tried self-help as a way of trying to untangle my emotions, maybe the things that I thought were bothering me that weren’t solved by just me being able to figure it out.

Doing what I do today, the huge majority of my audience and clients are people that spent a lot of money on business success, self-help, personal development, and then spiritual work. I couldn’t agree more. I had the same trunk that you had. The issue was, even early on, I was noticing that my personal and emotional challenge stuff was very intricately tied into the business challenges. I saw them as almost one thing and I couldn’t separate them. I would listen to the business gurus, everything that came out from Nightingale-Conant, boxes and crates. I would listen and I would get hope and I would see this make sense, this will work, and this is going to make the difference. I would go through that program and I would be exactly the same I was, only worse because now I felt I’m so screwed up. I just went through the best training course that’s working for everybody else and I’m still screwed up. What I didn’t know was that almost everybody else that went through that course felt the same at the end too. There was nobody there to tell me that. I just got more and more depressed and more and more frustrated. As each disaster, I don’t view them that way now, they’re all miracles, but at that time, the pain of those disasters, I started to feel that there must be something deeply broken in me. For me to have spent that much money on self-help, gone to all the seminars, all the courses, applied those step by step that I was given one after another, and still my life was a train wreck, I started to lose hope.

Here you are at this point. You felt like you’ve lost hope. Where do you go? What do you do? What’s your life like at that point?

That was around when I had lost everything the fourth, fifth times. I’ve worked now with 70,000-plus people in 83 countries and I have heard so many people come back to me and say, “Brian, I felt exactly the same way. I didn’t have it quite as bad as you did.” This is so common and people don’t talk about it. I had two choices. I could end my life and give up or I could buy the next damn self-help program that looked even better and brighter and said that it would go further. That’s what I did.

YFTC 069 | Self-Help Addiction
Self-Help Addiction: Break Your Self Help Addiction: The 5 Keys to Total Personal Freedom

My book is called Break Your Self-Help Addiction. It was humorous and it’s not because when your life is not working, when your business is not working, when your marriage or relationships are not working, when your health is not working, when anything is not working and you’ve bought the courses and done the programs and it’s still not working, you’re still alive and you’re still around when the next shiny object comes along that holds the promise that this will be the one that works. If it looks like it addresses what those other things didn’t, you invest again. That’s exactly what I did. I just got further. I moved from what most people would call the practical self-help and business trainings into more and more spiritual, more and more advanced things that I used to call woo-woo. Desperation will put an end to skepticism very quickly. I opened up to meditation and belief-elimination and spirituality and bringing more energetic concepts in, until I realized, “This is the most pragmatic thing that we can do,” and more and more people are waking up to that. For me, that led to me realizing that I was 100% absolutely unquestionably responsible for everything that was happening in my life, which created for me even more pain. If I looked back and saw all those times that the money was taken from me, or companies I brought millions in business to, they went under, I could look at that and say, “That wasn’t my responsibility.” When I realized I was utterly, totally and completely creating my own life, I took full responsibility, “Yes, I am doing this,” but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know where the switch was to flip to make it work. By then, I had pretty much tried everything that self-help and personal development had to offer, visualization, all of it. That’s the seventh time I lost everything.

If I didn’t have kids, I can promise you I would have jumped off a bridge. I couldn’t put a gun in my mouth because I’d lost everything and I couldn’t afford a gun. If it weren’t for my kids loving me and me loving them, I would not be in a body right now. That was the seventh time and that culminated around 45 years of age. I barely hung on. I went for about a year and I made this commitment. When I lost everything for the seventh time, I looked in the mirror and I said, “I don’t know how to make this not happen again. Until I do, I am not going to make another penny.” They took the Mercedes, they took the house, they took everything. I put on a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of shorts and I started walking. For months, I basically meditated with one question in my mind, “How is this me? How did I create this?” It led to, in 2011, this earth-changing, life-shaking miracle that changed absolutely everything for me. That was the turnaround moment.

It took a lot of effort to go through all these business courses and you got what you did out of them, but you still felt the same way. You moved from business courses to self-help and again you went through all of those. I’m sure you followed them to the letter, and still no true relief and no outward success showing up either in that regard. Finally from there, you moved into the spiritual realm and healers and probably people who would do things in the spiritual world to affect you. None of that worked either. Now you are at this point in your life where it’s the final tragedy. You lost everything for the seventh time and this feeling got to be so overwhelming of, “The only thing keeping me here is my kids.” That’s a great reason. I’m glad you stayed but that’s pretty dramatic. People may not be able to identify, per se, with the story of what they did but they will identify with those feelings because we’ve all had them at one point or another. Here you are, you were wandering around in your shorts and your flip-flops. What happened next?

There’s a point I want to add to what you said and that is that the spiritual work and all the quantum physics that I studied, to contemplate and factor in to your question, $300,000 was no chump change, I was getting into incredibly advanced information. Although I had been a professional musician many years earlier, I quit listening to music to live in automobile university. It was a ten, twenty-hour a day pursuit for me. I spent probably ten to fifteen years listening to self-help, personal development, and spiritual programs while I slept every single night. This is what’s so ironic. I was waking up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically, some would say, and developing these incredible insights. It’s that my physical life was still a train wreck. That was so confusing and frustrating for me. To summarize that last phase, I had generated over $160 million at that time. I had done about $11 million in sales at that time. I had spent over $300,000 on personal development, self-help, spirituality seminars, shamans, everything.

When I lost it all the seventh time and I ended up homeless, hopeless, stuck and just literally desperate and suicidal, that was where at the lowest possible point I had no hope whatsoever, I was stranded in a city that I did not want to be in with no way out. I had exhausted everything I could imagine. At the lowest possible point, I had what can only be called a miracle, a profound awakening. All of the quantum physics and all the spiritual stuff that I had ever learned, I went from the idea that everything is energy to the instantaneous experience of it. I went from the idea that anything is possible, infinite possibilities, into the instantaneous experience of it. In a second, I went from living for 46 years in a hell on earth into a heaven on earth experience. That was followed a few minutes later by a phone call where I was picked up to take over marketing for a company that I was very impressed with. Eight days later, I was on an all-expense paid cruise in the Caribbean. The miraculous turnaround is just beyond the beyond. The funniest part about it is the ship that I was on, the name of the ship is The Miracle. I have photo evidence. I couldn’t make this thing up, it’s just too incredible. That was the turnaround, January 3rd 2011 about 10:30 in the morning.

I guess we’d call that the gift of despair, the deepest despair possible. Clearly, it was your gift. I was in an alcoholic marriage at one point. I had a wife that was alcoholic and I was going to Al-Anon meetings. I remember finally after trying everything I could to get her to stop drinking and my wife being as miserable as it was, and me almost basically losing my company as a result of the emotional strain of this and trying to keep my seven-year-old safe in the same environment, what ended up happening is I got to Al-Anon and they said, “Why are you here?” I said, “I had no place else to go. At this point, I tried everything and nothing works. I don’t know what to do.” They said, “That’s how we all got here, so welcome.” You got to a worse place than I did because I wasn’t suicidal. That was about the only thing I wasn’t. This switch worked for you and anyone would say, “Brian, that’s great. It’s flipped for you, but do I have to get to that same place for it to flip for me?”

The answer is absolutely maybe. It is almost never required. I work with people around the world who are at everywhere on the continuum. I work with people in their twenties who are stepping into entrepreneurism and haven’t hit the glass ceilings yet. I’m able to help them to break free very early in their phase. I work with people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s who had tried everything and were pretty much giving up. I’m able to help them. There doesn’t seem to be any requirement for that level of hell. That appears to be something that I chose in order to be able to help at the highest possible levels. When I look back, it appears I was being groomed to do what I’m here doing.

It’s funny how every single thing we experience in life leads to a moment when all of a sudden, as miserable as that experience was, it brought you to the place that you couldn’t have gotten to any other way. Let’s move forward here and get into a little bit now of what you do. I have heard the word spellbreaker associated with you. I have never seen so many testimonials on YouTube for a person in my life. You may have as many as Tony Robbins but I’m not sure. Help me understand what it is that you do and why everybody is so verbal about the results that you seem to get for people. What is it that you do?

I’m going to go back to when I was three years old. When I say I was being groomed, I mean that in the most literal sense. It happened constantly for me. My parents would have friends over at the house or we were over at their house. I would hear someone speak for a few seconds and I could see and hear and feel the pain inside of them and understand with a vocabulary that I had no way of developing by three. I knew exactly how to help them see how they were holding themselves back and to tell them how they could look at it differently and break free of those thought chains. I did that from three years on. While my life was going into train wreck territory, I was always able to help the people around me to break loose. That was something that added even more pain to that story that I told. A few months after the breakthrough in 2011, I got inspired. “This gift that I have, that’s what I’m on the planet to do.” Ever since then, I’ve been doing it. After a couple of years, one of my clients said, “You broke my biggest spell,” and the words spellbreaker stuck. The reality is that you are an infinite, unlimited, perfect, complete being of energy disguised as a human. It’s interesting, I’m not the only one talking about this. So far though, I’m the only person I’ve seen who’s literally able to help anybody that wants it to step into that reality. I’m sure there are others. I’ve been looking for 30-plus years and haven’t found them yet. I help people through spell-breaking to step into being the infinite, unlimited, perfect and complete energy being that they are by dissolving whatever is in between where they are now and their infinite, totally powerful truth. That’s the essence. It’s generally done through communication. I’ve worked with groups large and small, thousands, hundreds, tens across the planet. I’ve spoken in many countries around the world. I’ve worked with small groups. I’ve done dozens of online programs. I also sometimes do one-on-one work where I help a person dissolve one or more of their deepest life issues.

What’s interesting about this is people come to me with things that they’ve been working on for years or decades and they’ve literally tried everything. In less than an hour, it doesn’t matter what the issue is, I can help them dissolve it and have it be a total non-issue. Something that’s freaky is that very often when I’m working with someone on a life issue, their cancer disappears or scoliosis, things that are absolutely impossible. You have your own experience with me, Mitch, and you’ve also seen a lot of those testimonials. I’m doing a video session with somebody remotely. I’m talking with them about their health issue and somebody messages me later, “Brian, I watched that video and the cancer growths on my body disappeared within three hours after watching your video. What’s going on?” That stuff blows my mind as much as it blows everybody else. I have a couple in Belgium that I had never met. They watched me work with someone else on a live video and her multiple sclerosis left her body while she was watching.

Those are some amazing claims, Brian. This is a business show for entrepreneurs and here we are talking about stuff that normally I’d never talk about on the show. The reason that I wanted you to be here with me and the reason I wanted people to know you is because what we’re talking about here is removing blocks that have been holding us back. Since we’re all in business and we’re all entrepreneurs, all we do all day long is work on our business. I know that’s what I do and probably more than I should. The bottom line is that we work on our businesses because we love what we do, but if there are invisible impediments that are standing in the way of total success, then that freedom is required. “I’ve got to get that if I can be the success that I know I can be.” I’ve been successful. I’ve been a failure. I’ve been both. I know what it’s like. There are times when you don’t understand what happens. All of a sudden, things are going great and then a car runs into you and wrecks your vehicle. What is that? How does that work? These are the internal things that we don’t understand that somehow you do. Let’s get mechanical about this. What could people do to get closer to understanding this for themselves?

I’m going to encourage everybody to start to breathe deeply and tune in and relax. You don’t have to believe anything. You don’t have to take my word for anything. Just be open and curious. How could it be that I can be talking with someone about their business and their scoliosis leaves? How could that happen? There’s a clue there. There’s a clue and that is that you are not a business person. I literally teach with my more advanced clients that there’s literally no such thing as business. It’s a made-up idea. You’re the same little boy or little girl that was riding your bicycle with a Superman, Superwoman, super girl cape on riding down the hill when you were four years old, wanting to play and explore and have a blast in this miraculous universe and planet that you find yourself in. However, you got put in to an educational system and that educational system has components of religious, governmental, medical, all the systems and established institutions of energy that teach how life is. None of which is true and you had to buy it. You had to invest. If you think about that phrase we say, “I’ll buy that,” every one of us as children, we bought all of that stuff that they taught us. What did we buy it with? With our infinite creative capacity and our belief. Ever since then, we’ve been struggling to measure up to do it right, to be a success and not a failure. As long as we’re doing that, we’re missing the fact that we’re infinite, unlimited beings in a world of infinite possibilities with infinite opportunity to have a blast creating whatever the heck we want to create in our lives.

The first thing to do is to become present enough to begin to feel, “I don’t have to be working twelve hours on this project to force it into completion. I know what I can do, come back to presence first.” What can they do? That’s the very first thing they can do. They can come back to presence and the best way to do that is to look away from the computer and the phone for a moment and breathe, maybe look out a window. “Air, water, dirt, sun, that life I was living that was fun and joyful before I learned all these rules about business and money and success and failure.” When you find that you can play and be present and generate more money, having more fun with more people without the stress, that’s the call.

We were raised as kids to live in a world of adults and we’re children so we assume that what we’re being taught is right and true. We adopt it blindly so that we can fit in as we grow up. All the stuff about being free, these are things that I’ve heard a million times. What makes what you do different though? How can you telling me to be free and to be present, to be different than Deepak Chopra or anybody else telling me the same thing? Why are you different? What do you do that’s different that I don’t understand so far?

YFTC 069 | Self-Help Addiction
Self-Help Addiction: The truth is what makes us free, not all the illusions that we hold.

I am living in a state of unconditional love. Each and every person that comes into my presence, hearing my voice, you feel whatever you feel. Mitch, you’ve experienced what I do and it is entirely possible that you’re chiming in on that at some point. I am living in unconditional love. When I look at you, Mitch, when I look at the person who sits in front of me, when I talk to the person on the phone that’s in front of me, I don’t see any of their beliefs about what’s wrong with them. I don’t see any of what they’ve bought into about themselves, their family, their religion, their money, their business, their success. I see an infinite, unlimited being energy in front of me that’s perfect and flawless with infinite potential. That’s all I see. First and foremost, the person in front of me feels that. On whatever level of awareness and presence they’re ready for, they feel, “There’s something weird here.” People who aren’t ready instantaneously dislike me without knowing why and they just run. The people who do want more freedom say, “What the hell is this? This is amazing.” That’s the first thing that’s different about me.

The second thing is I fearlessly, uncompromisingly, unflinchingly and unhesitatingly speak that truth of love and infinite potential to that person if they’re open and willing to hear it. If they’re not, I just have a chilled conversation with them. When someone comes to me ready for help, I reflect to them their infinite perfection. When they speak to me any of their paradigms or beliefs about their problems, their challenges, etc., I say, “Would you like to have some help with that?” When they say yes, I reflect back to them through my being and, verbally, the perspective of infinite possibilities, of infinite perfect energy with no limitation. It’s so interesting, by helping a person to see what they consider to be a problem from the perspective that they see it from, when I help them see it from infinite possibilities, it basically goes from being implicit and hidden from them to be an explicit and very obvious. Suddenly they find themselves completely free of the entire issue. That’s a huge oversimplification but that is the essence of what I do.

Step one is to get presence. You have a very beautiful, simple way of helping people get present and that’s simply to breathe. Whenever I work with Brian one-on-one, he encourages me to breathe through my nose and out my mouth continuously without forcing it, without rushing, without slowing down. Just breathe. I will testify this, it does bring one into presence because you’re focusing on your breath. If you continue to focus on your breath, then for some strange reason, not much else is important. Presence is a physical act that Brian takes his clients through. Step two is speaking through this thing that you called infinite love. I want to rephrase it a little bit because the key to what you said came before you used those words. You said you don’t know the struggles or the problems or the successes or the failures of the person you’re talking to. All you see is a person.

What you’re asking us to do is to maybe look at ourselves the same way. What would happen if we looked at ourselves as a person without the stories connected to the name Mitch or Brian, whatever name you have, whatever story you’ve had that you’ve connected those two together in that moment? Just for now, what would happen if you looked at yourself that way? I’m unpacking a little bit of what you said and seeing it in a more procedural way to get to that point. The final last step here is what I would call maybe the magic, it’s the ability to read another person’s energy, whatever you want to call it, to read them and guide them to the place where their maybe greatest pain that is ready to be exposed sits and show it to them so that you’re turning the unconscious into the conscious. Is that possibly how this works, how it seems to eliminate problems in people’s lives? I’m just trying to, in my engineering mind, unpack this in a procedural way. Does that make sense to you?

It makes total sense. I’m going to add a little fuel on that fire and then we can take yet another step of dismantling and reverse-engineering this. I know that this language is a little bit woo-woo for some. I make no apologies. When I finally made the discovery that what most people call woo-woo is the most practical and pragmatic, the truth is the answer. The truth is what makes us free, not all the illusions that we hold. I don’t care how dearly we hold them. I’m okay with other people choosing to be offended or turned off or skeptical. That’s wonderful. I’m working with the people that want freedom, that’s what it boils down to. When we speak, we can only speak from one of two places. We can speak from presence of our infinite, unlimited selves or we can speak from other than that. When I say other than that, it’s our language and behaviors and beliefs and rules and values and all the programming we’ve received. The only two places we can think from are the only two places we can act from. It’s the only two places that we can speak at all from.

What I was doing from three years of age without knowing it and having no idea how that happened, sometimes you take a two-year-old, a three-year-old, you sit them in front of a piano and they start to play the song they were playing in their last body. Apparently, that’s the case for me. I was doing this at three. I hear when you or whoever it is in front of me is speaking from your infinite being or when you’re speaking from your rules and beliefs and programming which is all utterly false. For someone who is open and desiring to come from their infinite, unlimited being, I’m very quickly able to help them to shift over to their infinite, unlimited being. That’s the piece, that’s that feeling that comes in, Mitch, when we start a session. I’m helping you to step right back into your infinite, unlimited being and you feel the difference. It’s not ethereal. It is ultra-intense and clear. That’s what I’m pointing to that. In the conversation, I might repeat back to you something you said from your non-infinite. I do it in such a way that helps your infinite being see it as a, “That’s BS.” I’m helping you to move back into the perspective of the witness, the infinite, unlimited being that we keep learning and hearing that we are, and then to view your “perceived problem” that when you’re in your limited being seems like everything to you. When you’re in that witness position and you view it, it moves from the implicit to the explicit. It loses all power and you literally transcend it, never to experience it again.

What Brian is saying may sound crazy but I have experienced it. I have experienced what you described, that moment in time when it felt like an insurmountable problem pretty much went away. That’s why I wanted to have you here. There are two questions I have for you. The first question is, can you tell me the name of your book?

It’s Break Your Self-Help Addiction.

Brian, you offer it for free. Where can people get it for free?

It’s for free at along with several free videos that support it and help you to live it.

I downloaded this book to my Kindle. I’m on the plane reading this book and I get to a certain section of the book and I laughed out loud. The people next to me looked over to see what was going on. There was a moment in time, and I wish I could remember exactly what it was that you said, but when I read that thing and I laughed out loud. It was a realization to me that this was truth, that there was something here that was true that I hadn’t quite heard that way before.

The first thing I would tell people is to get a hold of that book. It is absolutely free. Read the book and if it resonates with you, step two is to go on YouTube. Brian has at least 100 of these spellbreaker sessions. You don’t need to buy anything from Brian to experience what his clients or his friends, the people who claim to go on YouTube and watch his videos and shed some of these issues that they’ve had all their lives. I would encourage you to start there. From there, see how you feel about subscribing to Brian’s newsletter or other things that he offers. This is something that was unavailable to me six months or nine months ago. I have looked like others have and like you have at so many different options and choices for self-help and spiritual healing, etc. It’s an option. Look at it and see if it resonates with you. If it can unblock us as entrepreneurs and allow us to achieve our goals and help more people, which is what most of us are about, then why not? That’s what you’re here to do, Brian. So far you’ve done a pretty good job. I have a couple of questions. This is a question that I love to use to show me a little bit more about who I’m talking to, to help my audience understand you better. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

At this point in my life, there is no one left. Some people call this channeling and I understand how weird the answer is and that’s okay. I’m weird. I’ve accepted that years ago. I am basically channeling because I don’t know anything anymore. I’m open to infinite, unlimited truth. Anything that I ever wonder, the answer literally flows right into me. I don’t have any more questions. I don’t have any more needs. I don’t have any more stress in my life. I’m done with needing that. I have everything available to me. I’m loving every second, every minute of life. I would welcome that hour with anyone and I don’t prefer or desire an hour with anyone anymore. The answers come to me whenever I ask.

That’s a first. We’ve gotten several answers before but not no one. Thank you for that answer. Here’s the grand finale, the question that is maybe the most important to all of us. It’s about what is the most important thing you do. It’s called the ‘change the world’ question. What is it you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

What I do is I unqualifiedly, unquestionably and limitlessly unconditionally love every person on this planet whether I meet them or not. There are companies in the world that some people vilify. There’s a couple of big companies that want to take over the food supply of the planet. There are a couple of companies that want to take over water and completely own it all. There are a lot of marches against, there are a lot of movements against and I don’t subscribe to any of them. I love them too. When I look at some of the things I did in my life that I’m neither proud of nor ashamed of, I just look back at what I did that I would never do again and I realize that in that moment, I was doing the best I could to survive. I was doing the best I could to live. I was doing the best I could to get by and stay safe when I was confused, troubled by emotions at things I didn’t understand and couldn’t find help to. I have completely forgiven myself. When I look at anybody and everybody else, no matter what they do, here’s what I think. If I was born to the people they were born to, if I was raised the way they were raised, if I learned what they learned, and if I knew to be true what they know to be true and I found myself in that situation, I would have done what they did. I carry no judgment, no blame, no fault. I just love everybody. I see that change in the world because I see people who were sure that they didn’t like me, who thought I was weird, who later come around and I’m able to help them, and they join me in this unconditional love that I’m doing. That would be my answer, unconditionally loving everybody I see and meet.

Brian, basically you are the CEO of Love Fest International. This was an unbelievable conversation. I really appreciate your time. I encourage everybody to go check this crazy man out. You’ll never know, it could be fun and cool. Check it out. Brian, thank you. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again.

Thanks, Mitch. I enjoyed it. Thanks everybody for listening.

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