217: A Waking Up Experience: How Change Was A Foregone Conclusion With Dr. Michael Cotton


FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience


Do you feel disengaged and fully checked out? In this episode, Dr. Michael Cotton, Founder of Source Code Meditation, joins Mitch Russo as they talk about the human potential movement and Dr. Michael’s waking up experience that led him to form a new human potential system. They take a deep dive into the concept of human potential and personal transformation as Dr. Michael shares his personal experience. Get to know what triggered Dr. Michael’s transformation and the importance of having a deeper understanding of the brain to discover this entire universe called self-help. Tune in and find the path for your own journey to personal transformation and create the life of your dreams. 

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A Waking Up Experience: How Change Was A Foregone Conclusion With Dr. Michael Cotton

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After dropping out of college, he took a job at an industrial site where the stench of burning aluminum and welding smoke choked his lungs and burnt his eyes every day. Disengaged and filled with stress, fear and apathy, he wondered how he happened to be here completely disengaged and thinking only of the alcoholic consumption every weekend brought. Fully checked out and disengaged, one moment turned into one hour, one day, one week, then something happened. It was not like the last moment or any one before it.  

He had a sense of empowerment so powerful that he stood up from his slouching position, transfixed by a surge of energy and instantaneous deep knowing that he was on the cusp of a major transformation all in a split second. Everything about his future snapped into focus. He realized instantly it was time to restart his life or resume his educationThat’s the beginning of this amazing story. Welcome, Dr. Michael Cotton to the show. 

Thank you, Mitch. I’m excited to be here. 

I’m happy to have you, Michael. It’s amazing how you started from this place of utter despair to where you are now. Before you complete the story that I started for you, I want to make sure our readers know in full disclosure that Dr. Cotton and I work together. He is my client. I work with him to help him grow his business. You’re going to hear more about his business as the show continues. Michael, tell us what happened after that moment in time. 

That moment in time was what I now referred to as my waking up experience. With that surge of energy and overwhelming sense of empowerment and confidenceI knew in an instant that the fact that my life was going to change was a foregone conclusionWithin a week, I had quit that job and I started to study everything that I could study that could make sense out of what happened to me or for me. In that process, I started to explore everything you can explore in the self-development world from Tony Robbins to Zen Buddhism, to energy work techniques and all kinds of consciousness modalities and developmental psychology.  

The amazing thing that happened during this exploration is I started to recognize that my new life was going to be somehow part of this human potential movement. It was this flow state. I started taking steps towards that end without even knowing exactly what it looked like. Somewhere along the path of my studies, I started getting curious about the brain. I read a book called The 3Pound Universe that was put out by Omni Science magazine. It lit me up and I recognized that everything I had been learning again from Tony Robbins and the Zen Buddhism had not fully addressed the brain, the actual neuroscience component of self-development or personal transformation. I started to study that and I realized I needed to learn as much as I could about that. I started forming this new human potential system in my mind. I decided that I needed to get educated in chiropractic because I had found that path was neurologically based. I would learn about the brain and nervous system if I did that. 

It’s obviously referring to the human brain. The other thing I wanted to ask just to pick up the thread here. When this surge of energy happened to you, when this moment in time took place, you didn’t do anything to cause that. It was somebody coming and spiritually slapping you in the back of the head. How would you describe it? You didn’t cause it. 

FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience
Waking Up Experience: It’s not enough to work on the mind if you’re fighting against the brain, you have to wake up the brain and the mind together.


That’s not a bad way to describe it as you did, Mitch. Someone spiritually slapped me in the back of the head. No, I didn’t and that was part of what put me on this path. To be transparent, leading up to that defining moment, I was feeling something bubbling up in me. There was something changing that I wasn’t doing anything to create either. There was that profound defining moment on that day. No, I didn’t do anything. That’s where I started to study personal transformation, and why it was that happened to me. That is what put me on the path. 

You’re lucky in a sense, but you were preparing yourself for it even before it happened it seemed, which is what I call a clue. I love clues because they’re breadcrumbs. They lead us down a pathway to where all of us could go. Here you were, you made this decision. You quit your job. You’re back in school. You’ve discovered this entire universe called self-help. Now you’re exploring and studying the ancient mystics and the religions of all time. Where does this take you? 

I want to preface a couple of things that are important to this too. I was kicked out of college with a 0.57 GPA. They said, “You’re academically ineligible. Don’t come back.” When I decided I needed to understand the nervous system for the new system I was creating, I went to enroll in chiropractic college. They kindly said, “This is a four-year postgraduate doctoral degree.” I’m in this flow state so I went back to get my undergrad work and aced all of it. I was taking 32 credit hours a semester. I’m only saying this stuff because of the contrast between who I was and who I was becoming. I went into chiropractic. I did a four-year post-doctoral degree in three years. I graduated on the national dean’s list, got out, and started working in the field, but simultaneously recognizing that it was only a piece of this larger human potential puzzle I was putting together. 

What I love about your story is the only difference between the before you and the after you was this moment of realization and this extreme level of motivation. Part of what I’m hearing is, there was this moment where you woke up and said, “I have the potential to cause an effect in this world that I never realized I had before.” In many cases and for many people, that alone is the motivator to get them to go where you went from where you were. 

Not only was this the sense of that but there was this sense of I didn’t have any choice. I had to do it. It was that powerful of a feeling. 

Here you are at this point. You graduated school and you have your doctorate in chiropractic. Did you go to work as a chiropractor? 

I did for a fairly short period of time. I knew that it was a means to an end. I was simultaneously developing a larger system, but I was using my chiropractic education to experiment, innovate and explore different energy work techniques and modalities that I could access because of being a chiropractor. It provided a piece of this puzzle but I quickly started to transition out of that field because I always knew it was a means to an end for me.  

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What you were on the path of was you knew that there was a destination. You didn’t know where it was. You had a sense of what it was, but you weren’t even clear fully as to what it truly was until when? 

I would say that it was many years ago. I had another big defining moment. I was in the middle of trying to reconcile what I knew about energy work, the nervous system, the brain, the developmental psychology, the evolution of consciousness, and Zen Buddhism. I was trying to put all of these things together that didn’t seem to fit. Right about that time, as so often happens when you’re in a flow, a book called Sex, Ecology, Spirituality by the genius American philosopher Ken Wilber landed in front of me. It’s about a 900 or 1,000-page monster, but I read it and it was a book on Integral Theory or Integral Metatheory.  

Even at times where there were competing paradigms between cognitive behavioral therapy, neurophysiology, and consciousness studies and somehow it brought them into this. I saw the whole thing crystallized in my mind. It all came together where I saw how all of the pieces fit and it was the next level of flow state I just started creating. I might have been determined to be insane. I had huge notepads scattered all over my house where you couldn’t walk through it. I was drawing on them until late at night and creating this thing until it landed into this self-development system.  

After reading this book on Integral Metatheory by Ken Wilber, it seemed this crystallized for you and as you proceeded now you had a much clearer picture of what it was that you were trying to express. Did you ever communicate with Ken Wilber whose books seem to change everything for you? 

I had a meeting with him. I was with a group of about six people that we got together. I was part of the early days of the founding of his Integral Institute and was involved in the Subtle Energy Domain and the Consciousness Domain at Integral Institute. Because of that, I got to meet him. He said a line to me that I will never forget at that time when I was talking to him about some of the profound concepts that I was exploring and the new system. He said to me, “Do you know what’s the politically incorrect definition of a pioneer? It’s the person with all the arrows in their back.” 

I’ve heard that many times before. I have arrow marks in my back as well. I get that. Let’s briefly talk about now in the present sense, what is this system? What does it do? What does it achieve and how does someone go about using it? Give me an idea a little bit more about it. 

For me, there are several derivative paths of this “All roads lead to Rome model. Our most robust iteration is a process called Source Code Meditation that I wrote a book about and The 9 Summits of Transformation, which is a companion work to Source Code Meditation. Here’s the key to all of this. If you remember back in that bio story, I had that a-ha moment when I read The 3-Pound Universe, that the brain was the missing link in personal transformation and in so much self-development. I know now, even business strategy, that the human brain evolved at a time when the environment was full of predators. It’s designed to keep us safe. Its main mechanism for keeping us safe is creating sameness so we do the same thing over and over again.  

FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience
Waking Up Experience: If you don’t know anything about marketing, branding, communication, and human behavior in sales, you can’t impact the world.


If we wake up alive, whatever we did yesterday, last week, last month, led to our safety. We habituate these old patterns that keep us the same. I recognized it was that lower brain that the research was saying we were still living from even in the modern world. That’s what we were bringing to the meditation cushion, the yoga class, the business strategy, the Tony Robbins seminar. It was that old brain that didn’t want to change. I developed a technology that could mobilize energy in the body to access the higher evolutionary components of the brain. That’s what all of my technologies lead with. They’re all brain first technologies.  

How do we shift the brain out of lower stress survival modes into higher thriving modes? Once we do that, we can have access and a window opens into change. What Source Code Meditation does is it teaches a person how to access energy in them that can awaken or activate the higher potential of the brain, then introduce meditation. When the higher brain is activated, you can receive meditation that works, unlike what happens for the vast majority of people that can’t stick with meditation. It’s a transformative meditation process because first, we wake up the brain. Once that happens, we use meditation to wake up the mind. It’s part of my Integral Theory background of understanding that it’s not enough to work on the mind if you’re fighting against the brain. We have to wake up the brain and the mind together. 

The short pathway that I want to restate a little bit for my own understanding is that we can try to do things like meditation and try to drop it to a higher state, but our reptilian brain is getting in the way. It gets in the way by trying to keep us safe. It also prevents us from finding this higher evolutionary brain. I understand why the human body and the brain were designed the way it was. It was there to keep us safe at a time when the world was filled with predators. Some would argue that the world is still filled with predators. At the same time, they were different types.  

We hardly encounter saber-toothed tigers anymore. The fact that we’re overwhelmed by COVID-19, because that is a predator in a sense and an unknown, invisible predator. There is a lot of stress that comes from that. Even in times like this, by accessing this higher functioning element of our physical brain, you believe and your system shows people that they can access a different region of the brain that gives them yet further access to a spiritual component called the mind. 

Here’s the thing. The brain and mind are not the same thing. That’s one of the tenets of an integral understanding. The brain is physical and objective, thus the 3-pound universe. The brain is a thing that weighs something that has mass and matter. The mind however is subjective. You can’t locate your mind in space or time. It’s a subjective phenomenon, but it correlates with the brain. They’re two sides of a coin. If you’re in the lower physical brain, which most of us are, one of the challenges with the modern world is that the complexity of the world has exceeded the capacity of the lower brain to be able to adapt to it.  

We’re trying to adapt to a level of complexity and modernity that these primitive biological processes aren’t adequate to. All information, energy, and everything in our environment first comes in and gets filtered through the lower brain survival processes to see if it’s safe. This is a fact of how we’re madeWhen it’s a simple complexity overload, the lower brain just assumes it needs to protect itselfIn some way, we’re always in this inadequate lower brain survival strategy that’s not working for the modern world.  

Here’s the thing. Remember the subjective part of us where we have our feelings, emotions, consciousness, awareness, thoughts, and all of this subjective stuff, there’s a corollary in our mind that arises. We have stress, anxiety, low-level thinking and negative emotions. If you can access the higher brain, you have the potential to wake up the higher mind. The corollary to the higher brain is the higher mind. That’s where we have a purpose, meaning, confidence, flow states, and higher spiritual awakenings and capacities.  

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It was at that moment back in the welding shop that you had a glimpse of what that would be like if you could access that higher mind. Would you say that’s accurate? 

Absolutely accurate. 

I’ve known about this and the way we’ve met is I went to attend one of Dr. Cotton’s training and that’s how I became acquainted with him. That’s why I got excited about the idea of working with this guy so that we can explore this stuff together. I want to go one step further here and I know that you have a simple way of describing it. It’s a physical process of movement and energy that accesses this higher mind. How would you describe it so that people can get a feel for what it is and what it would look like? 

I had said that part of why I went to the chiropractic profession was to learn neurophysiology, but it was also to explore all of these energy type work techniques. One of the things that I learned along this path is that the human body has this latent energy in it. Traditional Chinese medical doctors call it Chi and yogis call it Prana. It’s been called a variety of names and it’s well established that there is this latent energy in the body.  

What I did was create a system and the first iteration of that many years ago to liberate that energy in the body was a whole intensive training program that I trained facilitators to be able to work with clients to do this. We still do this because it’s powerful. We have a whole research institute in Chicago. With the Source Code Meditation technology and all of our research, we figured out how to teach people a way to cue pathways in their body that will mobilize this energy to their brain.  

Through our programs, whether they’re in person or online, we teach a person how to liberate this latent energy in their body, and to start to then shift their center of gravity from lower brain to higher brain physiology. That’s the hallmark of all of it. A technology that teaches you through gentle touch and breath into pathways to liberate latent energy that will awaken the higher capacity of your brain. Once that happens, we can introduce meditation and wake up the higher mind. Once that happens, we can help you create the life of your dreams.  

The thing I like about your work is that you did not rely on the subjective elements of this. You brought in neuroscientists to verify facts. I remember you telling me that you did have your own curiosity. You said, “I see the experiences that I have and the experiences that my clients and my students have. Is it real? Can it be proven in the real world that what we’re experiencing is truly a physical state?” Tell us a little bit about the story of how that came about and what the results are that you discovered. 

FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience
The 3-Pound Universe

Thank you for that. One of the strengths of this technology is that we have brought both of this mental consciousness and the spiritual world together with the science, physiology, objective components and the research of it. That was always important to me. From the beginning, I recognized the need to produce research to create evidence that what we’re doing works. The other real advantage of the research is that it allows me information that lets me continue to develop and iterate these models to make them more effective and efficient as we continue to go. 

Several years ago, we were in the lab of a brain researcher in Los Angeles. We were testing some of what eventually became the Source Code Meditation technologies. We grew to the point where we opened our own research center that we have in Chicago. We’re opening a nonprofit called the New Human Research and Development Institute. We have our Director of Research who is completing a PhD and she is writing the dissertation on this work. It’s world-changing stuff.  

My right-hand person worked in the Fermilab in the Hadron Collider. He has a PhD in quantum physics. He’s my director here and so we have this strong science core. We’ve had studies done out of the University of Iowa and we have a large study going into the Integral Review. With that said, I never lose sight of the fact that there’s a reason why we do the science. That’s to help people change their life. We’re not afraid to talk about personal growth, personal transformation, and spiritual growth terms too because these things are not incompatible to me. We have to bring both of these worlds together. 

Michael, the one story I want to end the segment on is the story about the Dalai Lama. It’s one of my favorites, the quote that you have and how it relates to your work. Can you tell us what that is? 

I’m not sure if I can get it verbatim. I’m good at remembering quotes and bad at remembering them precisely. I’ve used this before on some of our material. This was reported in Scientific American in an interview they did. The Dalai Lama had made the statement that he meditates for four hours each morning. If neuroscience could discover a way that he did not have to go through the length of that practice in a way that he could still reap the biological and psychological rewards of that practice, that he would gladly adopt the innovation. It’s something to that effect. He meditates for hours a day. He acknowledges it’s long and rigorous. He would love for neuroscience to find a way to shorten that time for him. If so, he would adopt the innovation. With complete humility, we are onto that innovation that can dramatically reduce that time and create profound results. 

Clearly, Michael, we need to get the Dalai Lama involved.  


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As we go into this next segment of the show, I want to talk to those people out there who are building spiritually growth-oriented businesses because this is what you’ve done. You’ve built a hugely successful company around something that is difficult to sell. There aren’t a lot of people getting wealthy by selling a meditation system. I’m not implying that that’s where you are. I know where you want to take this and it’s not even for your own personal gain or to bring this work to the world. I’d like for you to describe for our business audience, how did you start to grow this brand and how did you roll it out? Where are you taking it? Where have you taken it so far? 

I want to start at a place that is not exactly a strategy because you and I worked together. I worked with you to help me with strategy, which is crucially important, but there’s a piece before that. For me, without this piece before that, the rest of it is meaningless. I’m careful about overgeneralizing. I’m speaking from my personal experience, my personal belief and how I did things. I juswant to put that caveat on there.  

The first thing that has to happen is whatever it is and if you’re working in that market space of personal transformation and spiritual growth, or this might even be in any market space, the first thing that has to happen is you have to be so ridiculously in love with what you’re doing and what you’re going to do. You have to be so sold on the efficacy and ability for that to impact your client that you simply become consumed with it. I fell in love with what I was doing. I had so much passion and purpose that there was simply not anything that was going to stop me because I knew how much the world needed it.  

For me to not be responsible for how much the world needed what I would offer would be betraying my own estate. It would be violating the gift that I had been given. It was even part of the drive to get the science into that. I had to believe and have confidence in what I was doing. I had to be enthused and passionate, and know that it was going to make a difference. That was my starting point. I don’t know any way to do it other than to start to be in love with and consumed by what it is you want to do in the world, and what it is that you want to impact people with. 

I’m glad you brought that up. I want to broaden what you said to most things in life. It’s possible that you could maybe join a multi-level marketing company and figure out how to sell some stuff and make some money. Those who are truly successful parrot your feelings and expressions exactly. It’s important to be in a place where you are in love with what it is that you are bringing to the world. It is super important. 

I don’t want to tell someone they’re in the wrong business that’s selling some widget. For me, that’s what’s allowed me to endure all of those arrows in the back. That’s what’s allowed me to do whatever I had to do to get to where I was going. That created an unstoppable drive in me because the world needed it, it needed me, and I had a responsibility to that knowledge to share it. 

You are in that place and you have it in that place, and our audience might also feel as if they’re in that place. How do you begin a business of doing this? What would you advise people who are just going in this area or who have something but would like to take it to the next level? 

FTC 217 | Waking Up Experience
Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution

I want to speak from my personal experience. I put myself in positions where I was simply all in and there was no plan B. I want to be mindful of the advice here that that is not good advice for someone who has not been consumed and fallen deeply in love with what they have to offer, so much so that they know they won’t be stopped. That’s why it was important to me to get that part of it out because the next part for me was I just jumped in and said, “The world needed this.” I leased space to start doing it. I converted the chiropractic practice that I had overnight.  

I told the people coming in there, “I will no longer do this because I’ve been shown something that is far beyond anything I could do in here. I can’t work in that way anymore.” I set out to start changing the world in that way. I signed leases and I started learning everything I could learn about marketing and human communication. I saw you have Seth Godin on your show. I read virtually every book he ever wrote about marketing. I realized that I had to understand sales, marketing, closing, human behavior, and human communication or I couldn’t do what I needed to do in the world.  

Simultaneously, I jumped in, opened a business around that, and started learning everything I needed to learn to make that business work. From there, I started mastering life presentations and I learned how to do talks. I can tell you, Mitch, this did not come naturally for me. Even as on fire as I was, I remember having to do a presentation in chiropractic college in a class and I shook like a leaf. I had never done a talk before and I get up in front of a class and do this. Turn the page twenty years later, I’m on stage in front of hundreds of people and doing webinars for thousands of people. Now, it’s a way of life for me.  

If there’s one thing that led to my success personally, I’m going to back up three things. The first thing, becoming consumed and falling in love with what you do to the point that nothing can stop you. The second thing is learning all of the things you don’t want to learn that doesn’t have anything to do on the surface with your spiritual or personal growth technology. If you don‘t know anything about marketing, branding, communication, human behavior and sales, you can’t impact the world. I had to learn that and you have to learn that. I learned and understood that. The next thing was the distribution channel at least initially for me was live presentations. I learned how to do them, set them up, and how to sell or close at those presentations. 

After working with Michael as long as we have, which is about the beginning of 2020, around January or so, he has evolved enormously in those skills. There was no COVID when we first started and I saw a chance to take this technology to the world through my work and his together. We both shared that vision and that’s why we came together. That drastically changed with COVID because all of a sudden, the most powerful way to take this to the world, which is through a live presentation, went away. That’s where this pivot came into a place where we had to then change the entire approach and move everything online. No matter where you are, whether you were speaking from a stage, running a yoga studio, and doing all of that live, whatever business you were in before, you’ve been forced to move everything online or at least to have to stop doing your live presentations. That’s where Michael shine.  

What we did together is we pivoted into a digital presentation. That’s important, but here’s the most important thing. I am amazed by the success that you’ve had, Michael, because what you were able to do is figure out a way to give people the same results as a live event using your home-based study system. That was profound to me because that’s hard to do. How would you advise people reading to do that for what they do? 

Maybe a little more backstory on that is good too because for people to understand that the revenue generated from my business was 90%plus live event, live workshop, live retreat, and live training based. You came to one of my workshops and it impacted you. We decided to work together because you saw the potential in this and we had this live event, live workshop, live retreat thing ready to scale into the world. We come together with that notion and we start down that path and the pandemic hits. In the first month, we canceled 22 events. We’re all of a sudden in this place where we simply don’t have live events or the revenue stream that comes through live events, and we had to pivot. I want to go back to the innovation that comes out of the higher brain and the higher mind is crucial. The pandemic wasn’t going to force me into a plan B because there was no plan B. Where do we go from there? We got to figure it out.  

A testament to the work that I do and of waking that higher brain and that higher mind up in the practice that I’ve had allowed for innovation and creativity. It allowed me to leverage your big mind, talent, and skills, and to recognize that you could help me with this pivot. We took a couple of online programs that had been secondary to us for some time because we had this robust live event business. We took these two online programs and we said, “Let’s pretend like this is all we’ve got and all we’re going to have and we have to change the world through these programs.”  

We started innovating in those and creating within those. Wstarted interviewing our clients and creating deeper elements within the community and the Facebook groups until we turn those into potent and powerful technologies in and of themselves to create change. You’ve been part of the strategic element of pivoting into that online space. We’ve moved our business 100% into the online world because we don’t have a choice. Our programs are growing like crazy. People are loving them and they’re having these most amazing changes. I wake up every morning and I look at the Facebook page for people in these programs and it’s incredibly inspiring and rewarding to see what’s happening. One day, we’ll be back to live events and we’re going to continue to scale those. We’re going to also have this amazing path of these online events. We have people on our calls that are in our online programs from countries that I can’t even pronounce the name of. 

Michael, it’s a tribute to your intensity and your desire to make it succeed, and that’s what all of us have to do. Nobody gets a free pass here and nothing stays the same. While there is the burn the boat concept of all in, we also have to understand that we always are in a place and we live in a world of change. You did a great job of adapting to it. We are building a whole other channel that we never had before so that when live stages do come back sometime in the 2030 range, we expect to have a bigger business anyway. This has been great and I appreciate your insights on this, but it’s time to switch gears. Now we get to know a little bit more about you through the two questions that I have lined up for you. Here’s the first question. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with? 

That one is easy for me because I have thought about it many times before. The answer to that is Jesus and I’m going to tell you why the answer to that is Jesus. I don’t personally particularly identify myself directly with any religious affiliation. I’m a supporter of the esoteric or upper-level paths of all of the world’s wisdom traditions. There’s something mysterious about this Jesus Christ figure and how a revolution and movement was sparked that led to one of the greatest stories and movements that’s ever been created a couple of thousand years later. 

The fact that it started so long ago, so much of the actual information about Christ is muddy and distorted. There are the Gnostic Gospels that they found in the Nag Hammadi library and all of these different competing narratives. I want to sit down with the man and pick his brain. I also believe that he was accessing higher consciousness. I want to understand and take the myths out of it, and how it’s been changed over the centuries. I want to deeply understand what did he wake up to and what was he doing then. There’s some evidence that the Christian idea of the Holy Ghost for instance or the Holy Spirit, which in the Greek is breath. There’s some evidence that they were possibly liberating some of this energy that I’ve been talking about. I want to pick his brain and understand what he was experiencing, what he was signaling, and how that movement got sparked, to begin with. I don’t think there’s any way without talking to him to know those answers for sure. 

A lot of people have named Jesus Christ as the person they would like to spend that one hour with, but nobody has ever said it for the same reason. That’s why I love that answer so much. There are many different people who would like to have this experience for completely different reasons and yours is completely unique as well, so I love that too. Thanks for that answer. This is the grand finale, the change the world question. I have a feeling I know the answer, but I’m going to ask it anyway. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world? 

That’s what I am doing but let me expound on how that can play out and the big story within it if that’s what you’re looking for. Let me first say this because it’s important to understand the evolution of our species from a standpoint of consciousness. We have evolved as a species over the last hundred thousand years through five major epochal shifts in how we perceive the world and how we perceive other people. Those have moved from archaic, magic, mythic literal to now the modern world of rational modern consciousness and postmodern consciousness. 

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Source Code Medication

Here we are many years later as a species that has gone through these five major epochal shifts or evolutions in consciousness that a human born in the last hundred years can move through those in a lifetime. We can move up to modern and postmodern consciousness in its pluralistic and rational way to relate to the world. Here’s the thing, each one of those evolutions of consciousness was brought about because the complexity of the world exceeded the ability to create meaning, make sense, and thrive from that level of consciousness. 

We are now what many developmentalist researchers believe in what’s called the late stages or the deficiency stage of the modern and postmodern world. Human beings now can no longer keep up with, remain adequate to, make sense of or create meaning in the world that’s been created. The problems that we are facing have become what’s called wicked problems. They’re overwhelmingly complex and we don’t know how to deal with them. The solution is to evolve to the next epoch or stage of the evolution of consciousness. We have to move from the modern mind and postmodern mind into the meta mind, and wake up these higher capacities of our mind. 

I want to assure you and your audience that this may sound like some kind of New Age hyperbole, but everything I’m saying is highly researched. These developmental changes in consciousness have been measured in 100 different cultures. The developmental evolution of consciousness in humans is well established in the research. I want to help humanity elevate their consciousness into a new stage of mind. To do that, we have to wake up higher capacities of the human brain. When that happens, we will not only liberate in the individual a sense of freedom and transcendence, but purpose, meaning, understanding, and the ability to thrive in this hypercomplex world.  

We can then create a new culture from that next stage of human evolution that has this downward causation or impact on the entire spiral in the entire world so that we can help everyone become healthy, meaningful, and purposeful wherever they are. Also, simultaneously invite them to grow vertically into higher stages of evolution if they so choose. In effect, that vision is behind every breath that I breathe, every move that I take, and everything that I do with all of the technologies that I develop. It’s to help usher in this next stage of the evolution of consciousness and the brain, and upgrade our species in a way that they can thrive in this hypercomplex world. 

If you can access the higher brain, you have the potential to wake up the higher mind.  Click To Tweet

I love the path and I love your mission. Michael has a couple of things here that he’d like to provide for you to maybe help you understand more about what he’s doing. If you like to get involved, the first thing is a free gift that will help you learn more about how you can understand how Source Code Meditation can work for you or improve your life. The link is SourceCodeMeditation.com/book. What you’re going to do is get a section of Michael’s book there. He’s invited all of us to attend his master class called Pathway to Awakening. 

Readers, I have a question for you. This is not the typical guest that we bring on to the show as you know. Although there’s an incredible element of business and growth involved, this was a great discussion about spirituality and human life. If you like this and you think I should have more guests like Dr. Cotton, please let me know. It would be appreciated at the same time, interesting too. Dr. Cotton, thank you for your time. The only other question I have for you is how long do you think it’s going to take to wake up this world?  

I’m hoping that in my lifetime, I see a significant minority that has moved into this next stage of the evolution of consciousness. I can see from there that the grooves are being cut and the paths are being laid down for a new world to emerge. My hope is that this happens in my lifetime. 

We’re all here to help you do it in best that we can. Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your time. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon. 

Thank you, Mitch. I appreciate you and I appreciate being on this show. 

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