208: From Broke Dad To A Seven-Figure Trading Education Business With Casey Stubbs

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You don’t need to be a visionary all the time to succeed. Sometimes, you just have to read the instruction manual and follow the steps. Casey Stubbs did just that and is now reaping the benefits of his seven-figure business in stocks trading. Casey started as a broke dad of nine, who quit his profitable soap business in favor of construction and carpet cleaning just when things didn’t exactly pan out for both in 2008. With his old computer, he tried his hand out on website advertising and went on his way to the top since then. Casey now runs a thriving business at Trading Strategy Guides, helping traders and trading educators up their game by providing the best free trading education and education strategies. He aims to reach $20 million in revenue – a story that he shares to people through his podcast. Listen in as he tells his story to Mitch Russo on the show.

From Broke Dad To A Seven-Figure Trading Education Business With Casey Stubbs

Welcome to this moment in time when you get to chill out, tune in, and extract wisdom you can use to grow your business with your first thousand clients. By the way, this is unique. I’m going to give you the chance to talk to me anytime you want because this show is a two-way conversation. What do I mean by that? I have received voice messages from all over the world. I want you to click on the button that’s on every single show page that says Speak to Mitch and I’m going to speak back to you, too.

If you tell me something, don’t be surprised when you get an email with a voice message from me with an answer to your question or comment on what you said. Keep it clean, but be funny, be friendly. Tell me what you think. Tell me who you’d like to see in the show. Tell me what you think of the guests that you are reading. This way, if you say anything provocative about him, I’ll pass it along and his hit team of assassins will come to hunt you down and kill you. Whatever you feel like saying is fine.

Let’s get this thing going here. Before I do, my sponsor has a message for you. I’m going to put it aside for a moment and talk about it instead. I met this guy. His name is Daven Michaels. A smart guy. I helped him create something called the Virtual Entrepreneur Association. I had a vision and I thought that he was in a place where he exclusively could create an environment of training, of discounts on services, of all kinds of asset-rich environments that will save you money on the things you’re already paying for.

You’re going to get resources, tools, education, and you’re going to join a community. This has been tried before but I’ve never seen it pulled off to the extent that Daven has. The reason he did so is because he’s put so much into it. He is a genius at operating virtually. He wrote a book called The Virtual Entrepreneur. Everyone who tries the service, which is free for now, you’re going to get a copy of that book as well at no cost. If this is intriguing at all, if you are a virtual entrepreneur, if you’d like to join the community, if you’d like to take free classes if you’d like to find discounts on everything you can imagine. There are 100,000 discounts, including incredible stuff coming like actual health insurance discounts. Go to VEABusiness.com/mitch. Don’t forget this /mitch or else Daven won’t know that I’m sending people to a site.

On to my guest and his incredible story. Readers, I’d like you to please shut down your cell phones unless you’re reading on your cell phones then don’t shut it down and focus. This is going to be the type of interview where you are going to walk away with something powerful. My guest started a soap company in his basement. It was going well except for one small problem, he hated doing it. He didn’t like selling it. He hated doing everything about it. He decided to shut it down, even though it was doing pretty well, which I admire because you just can’t do something you hate for money.

Nobody can, not for long. What he then did next was he tried the carpet cleaning business. This is a guy with an entire family to support. He was working full-time in construction and carpet cleaning in the evenings and it’s 2008. You can imagine what’s going on. The economy collapsed. He loses his job in construction and then he decides that carpet cleaning just wasn’t working for him either. He decided to go look for a job. He searched and he searched. Crickets, no one hired him. Anyone reading relate to this so far?

Next, on a whim, he started to help his dad set up a computer for trading stocks. His dad decided to get into this and asked his son for some help. Sure enough, he stepped up and helped his dad get this stock software installed. He uncovered a world that he fell in love with. Without a whole lot of effort, he started to study stock trading, but with a lot of passion. He dove in, he started to trade and discovered something important about life, business, and success. He’s here to share his hard-won lessons about life, business, and pushing through the crap to get to your final alignment with the universe that has been waiting for you all along the way. Welcome, Casey Stubbs, to the show.

Thanks, Mitch. Glad to be here.

Casey, what a story. By the way, for a little flavor here, how many children do you have?

Everything we want is on the other side of fear. Click To Tweet

Mitch, I have nine kids.

Readers, can you imagine being in Casey’s situation? Imagine being in that place with a growing family and not getting a job and not being able to do so. Casey, I feel your story. Tell us all about it. What was going on back then?

As you know, the economy was bad for construction. It was bad all around. I didn’t know what to do. It was difficult emotionally because I knew I had to support my family. In addition to starting this website, which was about trading, I was also working some side jobs, still doing carpet cleaning. I worked at FedEx from 3:30 in the morning until 8:00, then I would work on my website, and then I would do carpet jobs on the side.

You were hustling. That ever-expanding family of yours wasn’t seeing you much, were they?

No, they weren’t. That’s an important lesson that I did learn along the way. Now, I make sure that I’m done with work every day at 3:00 PM so that I can spend time with my family.

That’s a luxury because if you have a family and you have mouths to feed, then you can’t shut down at 6:00 PM if you haven’t made enough money yet to take care of your family. That’s the lesson that you learned later. Maybe even one of the biggest motivators for many of us to be successful in whatever we do. Let’s talk a little bit about where you were. You’re in this place, you’re working carpet cleaning at night, you’re doing odd jobs, FedEx, etc. and you’re building this website. Of course, at first, you had $0 revenue. Did you know in advance how you would make money with the website or did you try different things and experiment with hell?

It’s interesting when I look back at it. I tried a lot of businesses before this, and this one was not necessarily the most well planned because I didn’t know how I was going to make money. I thought I just give it a shot and see what happened. I used one of those website makers that cost no money. It was called Yola. I don’t even know if they’re still in business but it was a free website. I had no money. I had an old computer and slow internet access. I tried whatever I could, but I didn’t have an actual plan. I didn’t know how it was going to make any money.

You’re not alone. In all honesty, many businesses start that way. The thing that you brought to the table was a strong desire to learn. Tell me what happened. What was your first idea to make money from this website, by the way?

It was an article that I found. I still have this article. It was titled, Eight Ways to Make $1,000 A Month Online. I used that article as my guideline to launch the business and it’s a silly thing but all I did was read the article and follow the instructions and then it worked.

FTC 208 | Stocks Trading
Stocks Trading: Back in 2009, you could write content and people would actually read it and then advertisers would want to support your website with their ads.


I wish more people would do what you just described. There are so many of us who create content for entrepreneurs in many different vertical markets and different business types. In many ways, us content creators layout step by step exactly what to do. I have a book, it’s called Power Tribes. Power Tribes is all about building an alternate sales channel called Certification. I actually blueprint the entire process in my book. To my knowledge, only one person has from start to finish built their own Certified Consultant Program just by reading the book. People don’t read and follow instructions anymore.

We’re all too distracted or maybe creative. Maybe we think that unless we add our flavor to something, it just won’t work but it’s the opposite even when I was running the sales department, if you will, the sales teams for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs. We found that our best salespeople were those that would simply read the script. If you got creative, if you veered from the script, you made less money. Casey, it doesn’t surprise me that you read a great article written by a smart guy who gave you the exact steps to follow, you followed them and tell us the punch line. Did it work?

Yes, it worked out well. It seemed like a few things of luck happened, but I was writing articles, blogging, talking about my journey of learning how to trade, and a couple of larger websites picked up my content. They started sending traffic. After having a website for only two months, I was getting 5,000 visits a month and that was a lot of traffic for me. I then made my first money online as I began to make money from advertising on the website.

Your business model goes back to what year?


In 2009, you could write content and people would read it. Advertisers would want to support your website with their ads and that’s, in your case, the business model that worked for you back then. That doesn’t work well anymore unless you’re selling something or talking about something super-specialized or if you have 500,000 or more pageviews, then you could still attract advertisers. These days, most people who have 5,000 or 10,000 page views to their blog site, advertisers are not interested in them. You started what I would call somewhere around the golden era of website advertising. What happened next after you started attracting some advertisers? It felt good, I’m sure, to get some checks finally. What did you do?

You’re right, it did feel good but it still wasn’t enough to support me fully because I wasn’t that well known and wasn’t getting a lot of traffic yet through meeting people online, people coming to my website and getting on my email list. The next step was to start building that email list. I put a free eBook on the site and I began to build an email list. From there, I was meeting people and a professional trader reached out to me, and he said, “Could you market my service for me?” I started to do that and that’s when I stepped into marketing and making money selling products.

You then became an affiliate?


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Readers, I hope you’re noting that this all evolved in an organic way. Casey did not set out to go find that guy. That guy just popped into his life. Why do you think that happened, by the way?

I was being genuine with my content. I was working hard. It’s not like this was the first time I had tried to do it. It was a continual perseverance that I had. I realized that I was going to be successful. I just went after it and things fell into place because I took action on that. I kept moving forward.

Of course, and that is what it takes. Let’s fast forward to the middle of the story. You’re on your way to $20 million in revenue but you’re at $2 million. Is that right?

That’s correct. I’ve got an office here in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I’ve got a solid team. We’ve got multiple email channels, multiple websites, lots of training. We’re working hard to fulfill our vision as a company.

It didn’t all start out as a business plan. It evolved. It evolved slowly over time. This is the point I wanted to get to. What you did is you opened up and allowed what was there to flow to you. I know that sounds a little woo-woo but it’s important because if you are not in the game, then you can’t play. If you are not in the world doing what you do, if you are not promoting yourself in a way that allows people to find you, then no one will, and nothing will happen. When you get somebody like Casey who stands up and says, “I’m going to do this and I’m just going to keep persisting until I get it,” then opportunities find him as they did. Is that right?

Yeah, that’s a great way to express it. I got to admit, at times, I did not want to stand up, I did not want to put myself out there because of fear factors but I went through and pushed through the fear and just did it. Now, I expanded my vision. My plan is bigger, and I’m putting myself out there, even more, trying to accomplish even more things.

Everything we want is on the other side of fear. That’s what you discovered. I’m way past this, I’ve been afraid of so many things in my life. When I started my first software company back in 1985, I was afraid of everything. I’d never done anything like this before, but I didn’t care. I knew I was driven to do this. I’m certain you are and felt that way in the beginning as well. You had a more immediate need than I did. You had a family to support. I was a single guy but I was passionate. I wanted to do what I was about to do. The thing was confronting that fear. Casey, you did it every day. I’m sure you still continue to, as we all do. This is the lesson that is so important to understand. If we can find the things that scare us, those are the things that we are guaranteed to grow from. I’m sure you can confirm that with your actions.

What I always like to say is I like to get out of my comfort zone. I feel like when I’m out of my comfort zone, that’s when I’m growing. I’m always trying to grow. I’m always trying to do something new, something that I don’t necessarily enjoy doing but pushing myself to new limits. Always trying to move forward. In my business, I’m always trying to improve it, work on it, and go to the next level.

The name of the show is Your First Thousand Clients. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have 1,000 clients. Tell us about the pathway to that 1,000 clients. What happened at 100 clients? What did you do to get your first 100 clients?

FTC 208 | Stocks Trading
Stocks Trading: Creating a system is not that difficult. The hardest part is making sure it is implemented.


The first thing that I did was build that email list and it was a small list. I had my first 5,000 people on the list by the first year. I thought that was a pretty good growth rate. It was at that point when that trader who I was an affiliate for, we merged together and launched our product, which was an education service that he was providing the education and I was doing the marketing. We launched that and we were able, through a three-week campaign, to get our first 100 clients. The main factor was that as I purchased some education, it was exactly the same thing I did the first time. I purchased some new education and I followed the instructions. It was actually Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. That was a lot of money. It was $2,000. For me, that was a lot of money but I followed the instructions. It worked. I got my first 100 clients quickly.

I can’t stress the importance of repeating what you just said. People, follow the instructions. Smart people are out there every single day, creating this stuff for you. Yes, they do it because they want to sell it to you, but it wouldn’t be worth buying if it didn’t work. If it didn’t work, people couldn’t continue to sell it. By all means, get a great education and follow the instructions. Play along and make it happen, just like Casey did. When you first got that first 100 clients as you started the business, you had systems or you had to have systems in place. What changed over the course of the time you were transitioning from 0 to 10, 20, 100, and beyond? What changed in terms of the systems you needed or the processes that you had to create?

What changed is when I first got my first 100 clients, I was responsible for all of the emails. I would create what is called a sales funnel, a sequence of emails that would be automatically sent. I was doing that all on my own. What has changed since then is I’ve been building teams of people to do the same things automatically. It’s not automatic because I still have to coach, train, and show them how to do it so that it gets done according to the way that I want it done, but I built the systems. I have a system for getting traffic, for handling my customers, for producing the videos that go out on my site. Every little thing on my site now has a small team and they’re all doing it according to the system that I created.

I’m going to get a little bit more granular with this because this is important. What started to happen is you did everything yourself and you realized that if you’re going to grow, you can’t do everything yourself. You need to bring leverage into the world for you and your company. You then created systems. Here’s the question. When you created these systems, did you document the process and how did you do that?

I did document the process. I put everything that I do in Google Docs. I create a joint folder for my teams, we put all of the processes and procedures in Google Docs. I find that creating a system is not that difficult. What is probably the hardest part is making sure that the system is implemented. Many times, I would build a system, we get busy, and then we’d forget about it. What I’ve learned along the way is to implement it, and then follow up to make sure that it happens and then continue to follow up because over time, it then becomes normal and natural. Initially, it’s not because it’s something different and you tend to go back to your old ways.

What you’ve done is it sounds like you’ve built some accountability into your process so that you’re able to hold your people accountable for implementing the systems that you designed.

Accountability is important. I have to make sure that it gets applied. It’s also important for standards. It’s not just that the system is being done, but that there’s a standard that needs to be attained, in addition to the system. The system itself is being measured but also the standards are being measured. I’m a big believer in measurement. You have to have a goal. You must have set a standard for everything.

You certainly didn’t know that when you created the system. You must have figured that out after the system was implemented, then you had no idea what was going on. Is that true?

That’s true. I could probably say, along with most business owners, is we learn things along the way and we do it the hard way. My first experience with growing teams was leading without being clear. I would say, “Here’s your job. Here’s what you need to do.” The next thing you know, there are people who don’t have a purpose. They’re just doing random things.

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What you’re talking about is what comes with time and experience. Readers, we are talking to Casey Stubbs. This is an amazing story. This is a guy who just rolled up his sleeves and did whatever it took to be successful. He has created himself a quickly growing company running at $2 million and on its way to $20 million. At this point, with all you’ve learned about systems and with all you’ve learned about documenting this process, do you have a well-running tight ship at this point or you feel like you’re still in the tuning phase?

I’m still in the tuning phase. We’ve got some of our systems working well. My strong point is good traffic generation. My videos, I’ve got a good YouTube channel, getting a lot of traffic there. Some of the systems I still think I need some work. My client journey, I’m working on improving that so that I can deliver the best experience systematically to clients so that every single client is getting the same experience consistently. They’re able to apply everything that they learned in the simplest format. Since I’ve learned along the way that following instructions are the most important thing, I want to help people have that same experience and apply what I’m teaching.

You’re in the right place with trading and I’m a trader. When it comes to trading, successful traders create systems and follow them. Creating the system certainly is difficult. Following the system is much harder. The reason for trading it’s much harder is because it gets emotional. When you start to see 400, 500, and 600-point drops in the stock market or consequently, huge losses in your own portfolios, it’s a little hard to stick to the system. Yet those who do, in the long run, tend to be successful. Would you agree with that?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a matter of discipline. That’s easy to say, hard to do and handling fear. Fear is such a big one because when the fear hits in, you see the markets dropping, you can tend to panic and do something that you shouldn’t do. Having that system, going back to that, and saying, “I have this emotion. I’m feeling fear but I’m not going to do what I’m feeling. I’m going to follow what the system has dictated to me. I’m going to trust the system. I’m going to know that if I follow through, it’ll work out in the end.”

In many ways, that’s the lesson in life. The lesson here is let’s decide in advance what our objective is and then find people who’ve done it, find people who made it. Find people who found their way there by building through time and experience the systems that got them there and follow those people. Follow their instruction and eventually be one of those people as Casey is when it comes to trading. Talk to us a little bit about what I would get as one of your customers at TradingStrategyGuides.com.

What we are offering is a free signal service, which includes a connection to Telegram. We’ve connected our trading platform to Telegram. Telegram is an app that goes on your phone, you can then get the trade ideas sent directly to your phone wherever you’re at. We also post news, educational articles, and videos on a daily basis to everyone that’s on that signal channel.

That’s not how you make money because that’s free. Where’s the step up from free to making money?

The products that we offer are educational products. It’s a step by step outline on how to apply the trading system from the beginner mindset of what you need to know. All of the basic items from where to start. Open up your first account, how to plan your trades, how to create a trading plan, what types of trades you should be taking. Step by step instructions, as well as some indicators that we’ve programmed, some custom indicators that you can apply to your charts if you’re using an MT4 or ninja trading platform.

Most of us have no idea what you just said about MT4 or ninja. In English, what does that mean? Does that mean that if I follow your free instructions like you demonstrated building your own company, will I be able to trade and make money or do I need something else?

FTC 208 | Stocks Trading
Stocks Trading: Work on improving that so you can deliver the best experience systematically to clients so that every single client is getting the same experience consistently.


You can follow the free instructions and be able to begin your profitable journey. You don’t necessarily have to purchase anything. I do that on purpose because I want to provide a lot of value. That’s one of my life missions, to provide value in every situation that I’m in. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to get paid, but I want to provide a lot of value. When people receive that, they’re like, “This is good stuff. I want to take the next step with him.” The free material is definitely enough to get started and to go and you would never have to buy it if you didn’t want to. Usually, people like to give back, so to speak, and get to the next level and enter into some of our communities.

That’s where you charge money, to enter into what some of the communities?

Yes, and the education.

This, of course, is the thing that we’ve all learned in business is that the more you give, the more you get. In your case, you’re giving away so much that people can enroll for free and start making money just following your instructions. That’s a little rare. Most of the time, free giveaways are designed to get somebody interested, and then you have to find a way to get them to pay you. You did a great job with that and I’m excited to dig in and look at that.

To some degree, it’s a perfect model too because once they are addicted to your free instructions, and they’re having a lot of success, and they’re enjoying the interaction, then it’s a natural next step to enroll in your world as a paid experience. That’s well done. I like what you’ve done there. Let’s talk a little bit more about the other entrepreneurial journey to where you are. You also have a podcast. It’s called, Sharing My Journey From $2 million to $20 million and that’s at CaseyStubbs.com. Is that right?

That’s correct.

Tell me what you do. What is the focus of your show?

The focus is on sharing my vision and the steps that I’m taking and what I’m learning along the way. I’m opening up my business to the outside world so that they can see what is actually going on the inside. They can follow me as I have success. I’m doing that so that people can see and apply it to their own lives. Hopefully, it’ll be a help to them. I have learned from talking to you that I need to get a more aligned purpose to help my overall business goal. As you can tell from talking to me, sometimes I don’t think like that because I’m just trying to add a lot of value.

That happens to be a nice quality. I like that about the way you present. At the same time, there’s an element of reality where we all need to make a living and it’s best to deliberately create that pathway from what you’re doing for free to what people can pay for, which you’ve done. I certainly like what you’ve done. The story itself holds. You are, in fact, in the most genuine way, interested in helping people. For that reason alone, readers, it would be a good idea to check in and listen to Casey as he shares his wisdom.

Casey, we are at the point in the show where you shared a lot of great information. Your journey is super interesting. I’m kind of excited about signing up for my free trading strategy guide access. Readers, I hope you are too. At this point in the show, we want to know a little bit more about you. I don’t mean your story but about the real you. We do that with a few questions. Here’s the first question. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch, or an intense conversation with?

Decide what your objective is, find people who have made it, and follow their instructions. Click To Tweet

If I was to choose anybody, and that’s a tough choice because there are so many people, I’m a big history person. I read a lot of history. It’s a difficult decision but I would choose Winston Churchill. I’ve read a lot of books about Winston and I thought he was a tremendous leader. He made a lot of difficult decisions in tremendous pressure, where a lot of people’s lives were at stake. I thought he was a great leader and I would love to ask him leadership questions.

Yes, people have selected him before. I have to tell you the thing that I love most about Winston Churchill. I love the fact that Winston Churchill failed at so many things. He was absolutely not, at the beginning of his career, a charismatic speaker or a leader of any sort. In fact, he wasn’t even the first choice to be the Prime Minister. This guy made lemons out of lemonade, if you will. He emerged to be one of the most important people in the UK’s entire history because of who he was, not necessarily what he did. It’s a great choice. If I ever get the chance to meet him, maybe in heaven someday, I’ll invite you into the conversation as well. How’s that?

Sounds good.

Here is the last question and maybe the most important question of all. It’s called the Change the World question. I need you to sit straight and get ready for it. Are you ready?

I’m ready.

I heard you adjusting a chair. I’m glad that you did. What is it that you were doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

Being a person that is aggressive and goes after my goals that I should have a specific answer, but I don’t have anything specific. How I want to change the world is to influence as many people as I can in a positive way. Small things can make a big difference in someone’s life. I always wanted to do the big things but I’ve learned that if I’m consistent and I do the small things and that even if I can find one person and change their way by doing something special for them, it will last forever. I want to share one small little story. My wife inspired me.

Someone that she works with was having a tough time at work. She went and planned out an entire day for that person at work. She said, “It’s your day today, I want to make you feel special.” Every hour, she would give that person a gift, a little note. Give her some financial gifts and bless that person all day long. At the end of the day, she brought home dinner for her and her family. Doing something like that and putting someone up on a pedestal and helping them makes a huge difference in their life. She’s not going to forget that. I want to continue to follow in that type of influence and continue to impact people on a daily basis.

Casey Stubbs, you are changing the world one person at a time every single day. Thank you for being my guest on Your First Thousand Clients. Thank you for being the person you are, giving the way you do. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again.

Thanks for having me on the show. I appreciate it.

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