FTC 183 | Quantum Frequency In Business

183: How Quantum Frequency Can Deliver Business Success With David Adelson

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Whether you believe it or not, something unseen can bring you all the success you need in life. In today’s fascinating discussion, Mitch Russo interviews the master of Quantum Frequency Range, David Adelson, about how frequencies and alignment can help build your business quickly and successfully. Running a spiritual-based business into an efficient company, David has proven well enough that his process works. He then discusses how finding the right frequency can help solve problems and how his program called Peace and Harmony can help improve group performance.

How Quantum Frequency Can Deliver Business Success With David Adelson

Was it something that I or my guests said that inspired you, angered you or empowered you? If yes to any or for any other reason, tell me. Let me know how you feel. I want to know what you love or hate about my show and I will respond back to you, I promise. I’ve had voice messages from all over the world and I want you to click on the button on every show page that says, “Speak to Mitch,” and I’ll return the favor with an honest and prompt answer. This episode is sponsored by VEA, the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association. Finally, a place with all the tools, resources, discounts, education and community to help you on your entrepreneurial mission. Think of VEA as the triple-A or Swiss Army knife for business. Seriously, this is an incredible value. While the price is still low, check out this resource-rich asset that can make you money by saving you money on the things you already buy. For a limited time you can get not just a free trial, but a copy of the Founder, Daven Michaels’ new book, The Virtual Entrepreneur at VEABusiness.com/mitch. Now, onto my guest and his incredible story.

When he was in college, his Master’s degree advisors thought he should be a stand-up comic, which I think as a compliment, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, he placed a $5 ad in a local shopper’s guide, and thought it was silly. Instead without expectations, he ended up generating over $90,000 from that little ad during that first year while hanging out with friends on their horse farm, never really working more than twenty hours a week. Now known as a healer, he’s developed over 500 products. He certainly had more than 1,000 clients and programs founded in consciousness and wholeness. He’s here to hang out with us and share his wisdom. Welcome, David Adelson, to the show.

Mitch, thank you so much for having me. I’m very excited to be here and to share my wisdom and story with your audience, to help inspire them and get them to realize that whatever their dreams are, whatever their aspirations, however lofty or however practical, you can have it. Things can work out for you. I’m very excited to share that enthusiasm for people’s future because everyone who chooses to can have a great future regardless of their past, which you have covered so many times on so many shows. I’m grateful to be here.

It’s my pleasure, David. A side note, David is not what you’d call our usual type of guest. He fits the mold because he certainly had more than 1,000 clients, but he is going to share with us a different perspective on success. One of the things that I know about him is that he understands who you are. He’s read quite a number of my blogs already and we’ve had some extensive discussions about it. Audience, stay tuned here because this is for you. Let’s get started, David, with this whole story about getting started in life. We all have an origin story. Tell us a little bit about how you got started.

My origin story started before I was born. This is in the late ‘40s because I was born in the early ‘50s. My grandmother went to what these days we’d call a psychic but back then that was very voodoo and it wasn’t an everyday thing. This woman was some nice woman who had some insights into people and she’d have them up for tea and talk to them. My mother was pregnant with my older sister at the time. My grandmother went because she liked the whole fortune teller thing and the woman told my grandmother certain things about me. Basically, I would do wonderful things for the world.

My mother had my sister and my mother went to the same woman without telling her the story of her mother or anything. She said that she thought it was going to be a boy and all of a sudden the woman said, “No, it’s going to be a son and you’re going to have another daughter too,” but some nice ego thing about being bright or something. That’s why she didn’t see the other two. She reiterated that he was going to do wonderful things for the world. As nice Jewish Italian parents, I grew up with a guilt trip from age one. You have to do good things for the world, which is a lot of pressure for a little kid. They say it enough that you believe it and the normal life until I’m twenty. I’m playing music and hanging out with friends who are in bands and I didn’t do drugs because that didn’t make sense to me.

I started realizing quite early on that I was having experiences in the world that other people weren’t having. I was seeing things that people weren’t seeing and knowing things that there’s no reason I should know. I thought that was interesting, but I had no idea what to do with it. When I was in high school, people would come up and they’d ask you things, facts, “The test is coming up, what’s the deal on this?” I would answer and I knew that I would tell them an answer and I knew the answer was true but I also knew that there was no way I should know that. It wasn’t something that I had read or something, but somehow I recognized that there was truth about it and more often than not, it worked out.

I’m going through this and about the age of twenty, I’m starting to get a little nervous because I’m starting to think, “If I’m supposed to do wonderful things for the world, shouldn’t I have a clue what it is?” I had none. I had no idea. I knew I like to write and I read fantasy books, The Lord of the Rings and all of that. I knew I loved music, but I am tone deaf and I can’t even tell if you hung two notes, whether you’re going up or down. I’m really bad. That’s not where it’s going to be. On a whim, I started fencing in college because I had a friend who wanted too. We both liked pirates and we thought that would be cool. We started fencing and then we saw this little brochure, ten pages brochure on meditation on TM. It said and showed some research and you had faster reaction time and we were looking for, “What tricks can we pull out of our hat to be better at it?”

I started meditating and as soon as I started meditating, I stopped fencing and that interest in consciousness became everything. I became obsessed with it. I ended up going to Maharishi University of Management when they first opened in ’73. I have a Bachelor’s and a couple of Master’s from them. I taught on faculty there. In the middle of all this, I got married and had some kids. In the mid-’90s, I’ve left faculty at this point and working in the world, my oldest son who was thirteen got bone cancer. We spent the next ten months more in the hospital than out. He would spend about three weeks in the hospital for every five weeks. We were in and out a lot and during that time I started having some amazing experiences with divine beings like Mother Mary and Lord Christ and Maharishi’s teacher and from the Vedic Indian Hindu tradition, some of the deities from there started showing up in my life. You don’t quite know what to do with that.

What do you mean by started showing up? Did you mean like you’d open up the front door and they’d be standing there?

In one case, it was they walked in through the garage, down the hall and into the room where I was finishing meditating. Sometimes they’d be in the room that I was in. It happened a lot. They show up. There’s the whole thing about, “Who do you pray to?” and all of that. From some research that I had done, I felt that the Divine Mother would cover everything, whatever the highest would be. It was based on an explanation that I had seen about the length of time of creation. One of the lead in lines to it was that you measure the time of creation based on whoever has the longest lifespan and that was considered the Divine Mother in Vedic science. I thought, “Can I connect to the Divine Mother?”

Since that time, it’s been a virtually constant connection with that level of intelligence. My son finished the cancer thing. Several years later, I was working as the marketing director of a computer magazine for handheld computer devices. I was walking through the office and as I walked in and I had to walk all across the first floor up the stairs and then all the way back until the end to my office, I realized as I was walking in, that I was getting weaker. The farther into the building, the weaker I got and I realized it must be time for me to leave. I had been there a few years at that point. I told my boss that I had to leave and he said, “What are you going to do?” I said, “I’m supposed to be a healer.” I’ve got some real basic training.

A lot of this was stuff that came naturally, but there was a lot of figuring out. As you know, when you’re starting off, there are a lot of self-doubts that come up, “Can I really do this?” In that self-doubt and in that not quite sure what I was doing, I hung out my shingle and I didn’t know what to charge people. I thought, to get a massage costs $40 and whatever I’m doing is worth at least that because I’m helping heal things or give them information or help them get a direction or whatever. I started charging $40. I eventually got up and then that came and went. I wasn’t making a living. We were living in Iowa at the time. We moved to Massachusetts and it was there where I got a part-time job to get us some money to move there. Once I have that, I wanted to launch my business full force.

The guidance that I got was, “Do that but your job is to have fun. That’s your number one job. Have fun.” I said, “That’s great but I need to do something.” They said, “You can put a three-line ad, $5 a week in the shopper’s guide and in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.” I lived in a town of 1,600. Great Barrington was the next town over with maybe 10,000. I said, “Put this ad every week,” and I don’t remember what the ad said. I went and I hung out with my friends on their horse farm. We went to movies. We went swimming. We went hiking in the woods. All of this stuff you did in Western Massachusetts and having a great time.

Everyone who chooses to can have a great future regardless of their past. Click To Tweet

I simply answered the phone when it rang. If somebody called up, I talked to them. After a year, I discovered and the way it worked out is interesting. The person who was processing my credit cards, which was how both of the payments came but other people wrote checks and stuff, came up to me at the end of the year and said, “Here’s what you’ve earned this year.” It was $89,000. I know I had several thousand-dollar checks come through and I was stunned. I had no idea that’s what I was doing and I never worked more than twenty hours a week.

This is an incredible story. I do have some questions. I’m going to go back to what you said about being in high school. We beat up kids like you all the time. For heaven’s sake, I was the one who was getting beat up a lot. I figured, “This guy is even weirder than me. Let’s beat him up. What the heck?” You survived that.

I didn’t get beat up. Can I tell you why?


When I was in junior high, I realized that was going to happen. I realized that the way you avoid that is you make friends with the bullies basically. On the way walking to school in the morning, maybe you’d find 1 or 2 of them and sometimes you’d find a group of them and I would just go up and I talked to them. I’d ask, “How’s your day? Is everything going okay? Are you having trouble?” I didn’t do a lot. I never did any tutoring or trading for anything. I was nice to them. I also made it very clear that if they fought me, I wasn’t going to fight back. The point of that is if you’re the bully and you’re going to brag to your buddies and you go, “I beat up this guy.” If he’s somebody worth beating up, that gives you some status. If you go to the guy that everybody knows it’s going to turn into a wet noodle if you walk up to him, there’s no advantage to do it.

It’s no fun. That makes total sense. I had a different strategy. My last name is Russo and most people thought I was Italian. The Italian kids would come up to me and said, “Russo, we’re going to go beat up some of the Jewish kids after school. Do you want to join us?” I would simply say, “I’d love to, but I’ve got a dentist appointment. Could it be maybe another day?” Most of the time they go, “Yeah, sure.” That’s how I got out of it. I made them think that I was Italian and you’re not going to beat up another Italian kid. That worked for me. We all find our way although I still got beat up by the Puerto Rican kids. Anyway, also the other thing I wanted to ask you about because I’m not sure, but we have another common connection that I discovered when you were telling that story. You said that you worked for one of the computer magazines. What magazines did you work for?

I’m not going to be able to remember the name of it. It was Thaddeus Computing in Iowa. Hal Goldstein ran the company and he had worked for Hewlett-Packard. When he left, they had a handheld device and this was in the ’80s. Most people who are dealing with PCs are fairly new. Hewlett-Packard had developed a little handheld that was an amazing computer, but technically difficult to use. People who had them were loyal to a fault. When he left, because he had been in a department and working with them, he knew that people would call up with questions all the time. He had an idea to create an every other month newsletter specifically addressing all of the cool tricks, tips and problems that people had with this particular HP device. I’m not going to remember the name.

FTC 183 | Quantum Frequency In Business
Quantum Frequency In Business: When we get to these more refined levels, the name is not as important as your ability to tweak things in a level that’s below what caused the problem.


It’s not a problem. I wanted to get a feel because I used to write for Bite Magazine. I don’t know if you remember Bite.

I do remember Bite.

Back then, I was the biggest geek in the world, nerd or whatever. While the men my age were out trying to get dates, I was building oscillators on my dining room table and stuff.

I can relate.

The bottom line is that I thought I might have run into you in that world because your name sounded familiar.

No, because I know all your people are interested in launching their business and Hal’s story is cool. When he left Hewlett-Packard, they gave him their email list of the people who had the program and he went out and created a little email saying, “We’re going to be launching this. It’s going to cost,” and it was expensive. I don’t remember what it was. You’re going to get six issues for $40, $50 or $80, some heavy-duty thing. He sent out this and he got a ridiculously high response, something like 60% or 80% and immediately before he had even created an issue, he suddenly had $40,000 in cash to launch to create his business, which is a huge windfall. We’re talking like the 1980s. At that time, he’s got no overhead. He’s going to be writing it himself. He hired some freelance writers for an article here or there, but just that idea of having that really targeted list because he had worked in the department. The people liked him and when he left, he said, “Can I have the email list?” He just asked. They’re like, “Sure.” These days, I don’t know. The point is I want to encourage people again, if it looks easy, maybe it can be for you.

The other lesson from the story you told is that you get nothing unless you ask. You never know what people will say yes to, so just ask. This is a lesson I taught my daughter 100 times as she was growing up and it turned around later to bite me in the butt as she asked now for everything. The most important thing is that she learned to assert herself. That’s the lesson I was trying to teach her and the lesson you are sharing as well. Let’s get back to you because this is very interesting. Not only do we have some past characteristics about each other that we recognized, but I’d like to focus more on what you’re doing now. How would you describe your business? What would you say is the primary way you generate revenue?

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The primary way I generate revenue is that I do one-on-one work with people. I charge up to $250,000 to work with me one-on-one for a year, four hours a week for 48 weeks.

Seriously, what could you do? Don’t get me wrong. I love that you charge a lot of money. What is it that somebody would pay $250,000 to get you to do for them?

It’s spiritual growth. I want to back up a little bit because there are two facets. You had talked about the 500 programs that I’ve created. To be honest, it’s a lot closer to 700 because I have close to 100 that I haven’t even released yet. During that time where I went from nothing to somewhat $90,000, it was $96,000 the first year, I was doing great. I really want to address it because I know you like to make sure that people understand that when I say I’m doing this now and it looks great, it didn’t happen overnight and there were challenges along the way.

One of the challenges was at one point, I had increased my hourly rate. I was up to $90 an hour and I suddenly got guidance that I was supposed to raise it to $135. At that point at $90 an hour, I was fully booked for the twenty hours a week I was willing to do, which is basically ten appointments and most appointments went up to two hours. I was booked 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks in advance and I was loving it. Money was coming in, it was great and my overhead was non-existent. I suddenly got this guidance that I was supposed to raise my rate to $135. I sincerely want to emphasize this, Mitch. I honestly and truly believed that was going to be the end of my business.

I seriously believed that nobody who was calling me would want to pay that much money. I doubted that they would feel that I was worth that. Instead, when I raised the rate of all of the hundreds of clients that I had, only two people mentioned anything about it. They were both my two wealthiest clients. One of them said, “It’s still the best deal on the planet.” The other one said, “That seems like a lot of money but okay.” That was it. I stayed booked up and suddenly my income went up another third.

On the topic of raising rates, one of the first things I do whenever I start working with a new client is I look at their rates and intuitively, I know that most people are charging too little because of the imposter syndrome or because they feel they’re not worth it. I also know after doing this for as many decades as I have, is that nobody cares that much. If any clients were to make a comment about it, it means that you’re dealing with the wrong strata of clients at the moment. As you raise your rates, new strata of clients appear to fill that void and typically in a much larger number. Raising rates in general, if you truly are the master of your universe and when I say that, I don’t mean you have to be the best in the entire world. If you do good work and you are providing a service and getting results for people, odds are you can raise your rates.

It was an instructive story that you mentioned and whether you’re guided to by spirit or not, at this point, know that you’re guided to it by Mitch and I say, it’s okay. Raise your rates, do it slowly, do it gradually and let people know that the value of what your services are far higher than what you’re charging, no matter what you charge. I don’t think anybody will have a problem with that. Back to your story, back to the point where you felt as if you were at a moment or point in your life where you could raise rates and your clients would accept that and still the thing you were doing was called spiritual counseling. Is that right?

FTC 183 | Quantum Frequency In Business
Quantum Frequency In Business: When you’re launching your business, one of the first things to do is be in alignment with the deepest level of yourself.


No. There were people who would call me up with back pain or who had some heavy-duty sickness. We had clients who had cancer. We had clients who had relationship problems. We had them across the board, everything. I had a client who funnily enough lived in Florida. He worked for a company in Hungary, a large banking institution. One of the departments that he was in charge of was a phone line reseller. It’s a long distance where you could call up. Way back when everybody had landlines, you could choose different services to cover your long distance expenses and to cover your long distance phones. There was a big war between a bunch of companies who would give you the best rate. For individually us, it’s not a big deal but for businesses it can be huge.

He had a company in Hungary that he was responsible for that did that and their servers went down. The tech people said, “It’s going to be down for about six hours,” and that’s a lot of money for this company. He called me up and he said, “Is there anything you can do?” We fixed it in twenty minutes using what we call divine energy or quantum mechanical energy. One of the things that I learned at school was how when we get to these more refined levels, that name is not as important as your ability to tweak things at a level that’s below what caused the problem. Einstein is very famous for saying, “You don’t solve the problem using the same thinking that created the problem.”

We did that and around that time, I just got that I had the ability to do what I described. To be able to distinguish, define, create and package different frequencies of quantum mechanical energy. According to quantum physics and unified field physics, everything is vibration. We’ve seen quotes from Tesla and all these other great scientists who have talked about how everything exists in terms of vibration. We went and said, “If everything is vibration, then sickness is the vibration.” I don’t know if you’re familiar with it but Royal Rife did a lot of research in the ’40s, and he found that if you could match the frequency of a particular disease and feed it back to them, that it would eventually kill them.

The right frequency generators now can be purchased for a few $100. I assume that’s what you’re talking about, right?

Yeah, exactly. If you have this virus or this disease, cold or whatever, he had insomnia. There were a hundred and something of them that I knew of back then. It was basically that same thing that things are frequencies and we thought, “If there is a frequency for this type of sickness, let’s find the frequency for health. Let’s find the frequency for wealth. Let’s find the frequency for love. Let’s find the frequency to help people find their purpose.”

Did you?


When we're in alignment with the deepest level of ourselves, we're in alignment with the universe and the universe helps us. Click To Tweet

Let’s be very straightforward here. When you “find” this frequency, the frequency of love and then you generate that frequency electronically, what happens?

Here’s the thing. We wanted to package that people don’t do well following directions. There is a funny comedy skit with Rodney Dangerfield and Andy Kaufman where Rodney Dangerfield is this patient and Andy Kaufman is the doctor. Rodney is complaining about some particular thing and Andy says, “Here,” and he gives him this huge bottle of pills. Rodney says, “What do you want me to do?” “Take two and I’ll call you in the morning.” Andy Kaufman says, “No, I know you’ll forget.” “Take the whole bottle tonight and if you wake up in the morning.” People need things to be simple and I get it. We’re busy. We have so many things going on in our lives.

We wanted to create, we wanted to package these frequencies in a way that people could easily assimilate them. We created DVDs that people can play on a DVD player or CDs. We created tinctures, which were drop bottles with liquid. That you could take so many times, a couple of drops half a dozen times a day. We created art that you could look at. We have cards that you can put in your wallet. There are physical things and then there are non-physical things. What happens is when people take advantage of them depending on which one, is it starts to shift the energies around them in a way that gaps get filled in. One of my websites is PersonalEnergySignature.com. What we talk about is if you see somebody way away from you and you can’t physically identify the details, but they know it’s your friend, have you had that experience?


What we would say is that what you’re recognizing is their personal energy signature. That there’s something that isn’t seen but yet you recognize that is about that person and defines that person. What we present is based on everything being vibrations and functioning from a more quantum level. That your personal energy signature, Bob’s, Fred’s or Mary’s personal energy signature is what creates the experiences in the life that they’re having with business success or struggle, feeling welcomed, not feeling welcome, health or not health. All of these things are part of that personal energy signature.

Our philosophy based on science is that if you look around, if there are gaps in your life, it means that this frequency is somehow not showing up or not working well. Maybe you have too much of something or maybe not enough. These programs are packaged to fill the gaps. If you’re somebody who you struggle with health, then that means you probably don’t have the vitality in the health, quantum energy and quantum frequencies as part of you. You can get this and play a silent MP3 in the background while you’re at work or while you’re sleeping and it fills that in. It starts filling that in or cleaning out the pipes as it will.

I have a couple of quick questions here. As I said when I first introduced you, you’re not my typical guest, but the reason that it’s important to showcase what you’re doing is because you have turned a spiritual-based business into a very successful company. That by itself, without even commenting on the effectiveness or not of what it is you’re offering, is quite unique. As you may know, spiritual-based companies are difficult to launch, grow and sustain and yet, you’ve done that. There’s one aspect of it, which is the way you do it because obviously you have these websites and a bunch of people listening might be asking, “How does he drive traffic to those websites? Where is he spending his marketing dollars?” Another aspect of this and some readers might be saying, “How does this really work and what is the percentage of effectiveness?” Let’s answer the second one first because it might be an easier answer for you. If I’m “sick” and I pick out a CD that addresses my illness or condition, whatever that may be, what is the odds of it actually working on me even if I don’t think it will work? What would you tell people?

FTC 183 | Quantum Frequency In Business
Quantum Frequency In Business: The divine is with all of us. Taking some quiet time with ourselves allows us to find that connection to a greater or lesser degree.


I’d tell people to try it. We have programs that you can try for free because it addresses this. I’ll tell you, one of the big problems that I had for a long time was that people would say, “How can it work if it’s silent?” The programs are silent. The funny thing is and we used to explain, that went away when we started introducing programs for rescue pets. You could say, “It’s silent but it’s for your dog.” They go, “Yeah.” They get that dogs too. That helped. We started putting a soundtrack on some of them and saying, “You can get it with the Brook sound behind it or you can get it without. You can get the silent one that you can play all the time.” Variably people would pick the silent one because you could do it while you’re working or watching TV or whatever but they stopped asking.

The whole quantum level, if we want to get into the science behind it, the quantum level doesn’t make noise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or it’s not effective. When you start to understand some of the possibilities that are being brought to light these days with quantum physics, it’s absolutely staggering. Our view is that the world is shifting both physically and in understanding from a Newtonian-based physics to a quantum-based physics. Newtonian physics is all about relationships. It’s causality. If an Apple fell from the tree and hit them on the head, they will maybe start thinking about that.

One of the laws says, “Body in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” Most of us when we’re looking to build our business, we’re looking to, “How do I affect that? Let me be the outside force that drives traffic to my website. What are the steps that I need to do to do that?” What quantum physics comes around and says is, for no reason whatsoever, this photon can pop into existence and move backward in time. If you tickle the unified field way over here on the left, it lasts on Mars, the moon or Texas. The causal relationships fall away.

One of the exciting things about that and one of the things that we’ve been talking about with people is instead of thinking, “How do I get?” Instead of thinking, “I want to build my business to 100,000 clients, 1,000 clients, 50,000 clients or whatever it is that our goal is. Instead of thinking, “How do I do that?” when we’re in alignment, which I’ll talk about, we think, “I want what I want and I get it.” I’m very grateful for the experience that I have, but I talk about that happening in a year. Ross, who used to do paintings for twenty minutes on this art show on PBS or something. It’s like, “Can you do the painting in twenty minutes?” “Yes, but it took me twenty years to be able to get here.”

I was spending up to four hours a day in meditation for literally decades before I launched my business, getting in internal alignment so that I felt that what I was doing was truly what I was here to do and get in flow with the universe. What we offer to people and we encourage people, is when you’re launching your business, one of the first things to do is be in alignment with yourself. Alignment doesn’t mean heart and mind. It means your deep soul, the deepest level of yourself or maybe you’re over soul, your higher self through the divine. We include the divine and all the way to the source of everything, the unified field of all the laws of nature or consciousness or whatever angle we’re looking for it. When we’re in alignment with that, we’re in alignment with the universe and then the universe helps us.

It’s very interesting and critical for people to know I’m sure. Let’s relate this now, let’s go back down to ground level here and talk about how this works. In particular, I’m going to engage you in one of your favorite topics and it’s something I’ve heard you speak on and that’s peace and harmony. What we want to do is build companies and we want to build companies that are fun to run, that are stress-free and make us a ton of money. I realized that it is almost a very ideal situation, but when we chatted, you mentioned how a lot of what you teach can decrease customer complaints for example, or can help you resonate more deeply with your target client. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

Thank you for asking because this is pivotal to your audience. One of the programs that we’ve created is Peace and Harmony. You can stream it. It’s free, PeaceAndHarmonyDownload.com. Here’s the thing where I’m interested in world peace. I’m interested in stopping earthquakes, tornadoes, wars and all of that. Most people don’t relate to that. This is just a funny story. I’m working with some people in this book that I’m writing and I said, “If there’s an emergency, for example, you have to stop a hurricane or a tornado.” I went on to this and then we paused and she looked at me and she said, “I don’t think most people think of stopping a hurricane or a tornado as an emergency.” That’s not how they think about things. I may think about that.

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The practical is people have used this program to decrease family squabbles and customer complaints. When we talk about the big picture of world peace, it’s all about within ourselves. We’ve used this program for, I want to say, some businesses use it for 10 or 15 years. It’s one of the earlier ones that we created. They found that when they would run it and it’s silent. One of my clients would put it on his laptop in the meeting and they have the meeting with the marketing department, the budget people and the president and all of this. Normally there’s a huge amount of contention. The people who handle the money don’t want to spend it. The marketing people want to shoot for the moon and all of this stuff. He said whenever he played it during the meetings, everyone would work together.

That’s very powerful.

I had one guy who called up and said, “My boss hates me. Everybody’s bickering at work all the time.” We gave him the program and within a very short time, the bickering stopped and his boss came over and would lean on his desk and chat with him for a while. The practical applications of building that ideal business that you described, we feel is very doable because you can have people who work together for a common purpose. When you remove the stress and the contention between people, the petty jealousies and all of this and when people go home at the end of the day, they’re still relaxed. They still have a little bit of energy. They can enjoy the family. They’re coming in each day and they’re getting picked up. This is the program that we can sell a bigger unit than the free one to accompany. What I’m going to tell you is if you have 50 people working for you or five people working for you, take the free one and have everybody play it on their computer behind everything.

David, clearly peace and harmony in offices are perfect and wonderful for so many reasons. What about on a larger scale? How do we play your Peace and Harmony audio to every single cell phone in the entire world and get everybody to stop bickering?

We’ve created several levels of the program. We have the Peace and Harmony, the one that works on your phone or your computer and based on the device that you’re playing it on, it has a range of many feet and/or many people. We have programs that we have built bigger and bigger units of, more powerful units. We have built a very powerful unit that we have actually had people run it in their neighborhood. We have a moderate unit that people can run in their apartment building and they noticed that the people upstairs stop stomping around and as they started approaching the building, they noticed that everything would settle down. Somebody ran a bigger unit in their neighborhood and crime went down in the neighborhood. Truthfully, we’ve had units near forest fires that have prevented forest fires from going to that area and that have stopped tornadoes from happening and hurricanes. You get to these bigger and more powerful unit and they can have this effect.

I like what you’re saying. Can we get it to everything, to everybody? We can package the frequency. I’ve talked to some other podcasters where they’re going to play it on the back of every podcast. It’s completely silent and every time somebody listens to their podcasts. Quite frankly, even if they download, it will be having some subtle influence if it’s on their phone. There’s no reason that it can’t be broadcast on every single radio station, every single cable station and every single TV station in the world. We have the technology, we can do this. We could overnight set it up so that every movie, every TV show and every theater. We have a program that we can run it in prisons and it’s ridiculously cost-effective. I can’t remember what it was, but it’s $50 for 500 or 1,000 or something prisoners. I’m on for nothing.

At this point, David, there are going to be people, even if they’ve stayed reading this are thinking, “This guy is so full of it. He’s saying things that he’s making up stuff to sell stuff.” It’s you I’m talking to the doubter, the person who doesn’t believe anything that David has said because I come from that same place naturally. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I think of myself as being so much street-savvy and these are the claims that can be made without being able to be really verified. I’m going to request that you readers, go and download some of these free programs and report back to me. Talk to Mitch, press that button, will you please? Tell me what you think of David. Tell me if you think he’s full of it or you’d tell me if you think he has found the secret to the future of life here on earth. David, we’re going to shift gears here. I’m going to start to ask you a series of questions that are going to help us as readers, get a better idea of who you are. Here’s the first question. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I have to say God because everybody that I think of are less than that. I spent a long time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who started TM. I’m aware of Yogananda and I’m aware of Lord Christ. I’m aware of all these other spiritual leaders and I’ve had the chance on occasion to ask the questions. I don’t even know that I have questions anymore, but in the presence of the Divine Grace and love. The truth is I honestly believe that the divine is with all of us and that if we allow ourselves, if we get out of the mental stories in the games that we’re playing ourselves and we get out of this struggles and we take some quiet time with ourselves, I think we can find that connection to a greater or lesser degree. I look at all the great leaders throughout time and they’re all an expression of the whole plan and all the colors and everything. I studied all this at deep levels of how the unified field moves into the creation and the structure of all that. It’s staggering and complicated and the only person who can answer those questions would be the Creator.

I hear you. I have good news for you. I can arrange that conversation.

Thank you.

No problem. I’ll be happy to do it. All you have to do is close your eyes, get quiet for about ten minutes and ask away. He’s sitting there waiting for you right now. I actually sent him a text so that he knows to watch for your incoming.

I agree completely with you that I believe that everyone has that within them. I encourage people.

Here’s the grand finale question, David. This is the change in the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

It’s exactly what we’ve been talking about with this Peace and Harmony program. To get it to completely envelope the world. With the clarity that people will have when they stop bickering, I believe the solutions to every single one of the problems that we face can be solved. The answers are way simpler than people believe. Let’s get to Peace and Harmony. It’s free. I might make some money on the people who are enthusiastic and get the benefits and want to do the bigger unit, but nothing would make me happier than to give away ten million copies of the free one. I would love that.

We have a very large audience base. It’s not quite at the ten million mark yet, but we’re getting there. The other nice thing about this is that every show that we record is recorded in perpetuity so it will never, ever leave the internet. If anyone now searches on Peace and Harmony on Google, they’re going to find this show and they’re going to hear your words and read your words and download your program and who knows? This could be the beginning of changing the world and I’d love to be part of that, too. David, I know you have a special giveaway, something even more unique than some of the things you’ve already talked about. Why don’t you tell us what that is?

I’m grateful, Mitch, that you’re taking the time to talk with me. We think there’s so much good that can happen in the world and for your audience. We talked about how being in alignment helped me build my business very quickly and successfully. We have a free quiz, TakeThisQuizNow.com that can determine how in alignment you are. It’s simple, it takes you 2 to 3 minutes to take the quiz and you’ll get some answers back about how far in line you are in your business and what you can do to move more in alignment with the business? It’s completely free and we set it up to be useful to people to get people to, when we’re in alignment we don’t have the doubts and that makes it so much easier to be successful. I encourage people to go to the website. Take the quick quiz and find out where you are. We’ll give you some hints of how to get more sure footing. We want to see everyone have the success that they want. I have a vision of the world where everyone is completely fulfilled business-wise, romance-wise and all of this. I firmly believe it is doable and anything that I can do to help you or your clients, I’m more than happy to.

David, you have been a joy and a pleasure to speak with. I wish this was a four-hour show because I have still many questions to ask. It’s a great introduction to the type of work that you do, to the quantum frequencies that you discussed and I am here to learn more. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to our next conversation.

There are many things I’d like to share. I read all about you. I read several of your blogs and I’m very aware that you are quite knowledgeable, extremely successful and such an embodiment of the type of life that we want everyone to have. I’m grateful for our time together. Thank you.

Me too, David. I’m looking forward to talking to you again soon.

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