Teaching others how to be attuned to their personal intuition is what Ron Baker has been striving to do to help make this world a better place. Ron is a bioenergetics therapist, speaker, author, and healing practitioner. In this episode, he shares his emotional life story of how he overcame childhood wounding to how he discovered the gifts that made him who is today. He also shares the amazing lessons he learned from different teachers and experiences around the world. Creating his own version of a better self, he developed a system that he shares with others to allow them to grow and transform.

Discovering Your Better Self with Ron Baker

Our guest has a past. His past is a lot like yours and mine. He came from an alcoholic home, a broken family and no real understanding of who he was and how to communicate. With no idea about trusting himself or others, he was ill-prepared to create a meaningful life, yet in his journey to manhood, he realized his music was one of his gifts. He worked hard and spent years on Broadway and opera and performed in twenty major Broadway productions, which left him burnt out and still wondering what he would do someday. Then in a moment of divine inspiration, he found what he was looking for and his life has never been the same. Welcome, Ron Baker, to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

It’s my pleasure, Ron. What a story and journey you’ve been on. Why don’t you share it? Let’s start at the beginning and share that with our audience.

You started out talking about my family. I can start there and tie it all together. I grew up in a home in the south where people didn’t know any better. We were five people living on five separate islands and nobody knew how to address anything and resolve anything. We just survived our way through life. One of the biggest challenges that I can put out there is that I grew up in a home where my father did not say one single thing to me, not one single conversation to either share himself or to find out anything about me, not once. That was a huge hole in myself that I was immediately interested in wanting to resolve and fix. When I was about eight years old, all I had heard from my father prior to this time was, “Be quiet, go to your room and mow the grass.”

He would do short orders but no conversations, no engagement. When he called my name and he said, “Go put on a t-shirt.” I ran in and did return and he indicated for me to get in the car with him. This was a first in my life. I had no idea where we might be going, but I knew this was a special day. We drove for 20 to 30 minutes with me having no idea where we were headed. He said nothing and gave no clues. We eventually pulled into a parking lot where there were other boys in t-shirts walking with their dads toward this big brick building. I had no idea what the deal was. When I got to the door of this building and looked inside, we were at a large gym and there were tons of boys in there already on the basketball court.

As a child, I was a complete adventurer. I was fearless. I would soar off the high dive at the pool across the street. I would do tons of flips and tricks on the trampoline in the neighborhood. Athletics and body did not intimidate me. Now I go to my father. My father was a semi-pro ballplayer. He was also the coach of the basketball team at the high school in the years before I was born, but not once in my childhood had he ever engaged any of us to throw a ball, to catch or to teach us anything. Here I’ve arrived at the city tryouts for basketball and I had never held a basketball in my hands.

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How old were you, Ron?

I was eight years old and I had never held a basketball. We didn’t own a basketball. I go into the gym for these tryouts, “What are tryouts?” You go in and you demonstrate your skills, dribbling, passing, shooting free throws, shooting layups. I was a complete disaster. I felt so exposed, humiliated and confused. Why would my father do this first of all? How did I end up here as somebody who wasn’t intimidated by athletic things? When they got to pick the teams, I was at the very end. Worse than all of that was the drive home. It was in complete silence. My father did not address anything that had happened. My feelings were not nurtured, encouraged and supported. When I got home I thought, “Surely this week, my dad is going to come in here and address this or teach me what I need to know or at least get me a basketball so I can figure it out for myself.”

Because we hadn’t had any conversations up to this point in my life, I didn’t feel safe to ask. I felt afraid and ashamed. At the end of the week, we returned to the gym and this is the second time I’ve ever held a basketball in my hand, but now I’m on a team. We go through the skills and I continue to be a disaster. I would go and sit on the end of the bench as the game happened, sitting there silently panicking that the coach was going to call my name while my father, who I perceived as a warrior athlete, was sitting in the stands watching his clueless son sit there. This went on for week after week after week. It’s like a made-up story. We got to the championships of the city and that’s when the inevitable happened. When the team was so far ahead, there was no chance I could create a problem. The coach called my name and I went into the game. It was the worst experience ever.

Fortunately, the boys on my team wanted to win, so no one considered throwing me the ball and I just ran back and forth like a deer in headlights. This is an example of the wounding that I faced as a child and it left me with a huge sense of self-doubt and confusion. Even when I discovered that I had great capacities as an athlete and even ended up being a collegiate gymnast, my dad still didn’t notice, he still didn’t come. It wasn’t his thing. Therefore, he has no idea that I even did gymnastics perhaps because we eventually went through a divorce and all kinds of things. You are correct, I can relate to childhood challenges in the family.

We have some things in common in that regard. My dad, I can’t say he was like your dad, but he was a quiet man. Just like your dad, I didn’t get much acknowledgment at all. He was a little bit more communicative than yours was, but he was not an encouraging person. He never would yell at me under certain circumstances, but in general, he wasn’t a yeller or a screamer. He did pull out a belt from time to time when he felt like I deserved it. I got beaten with a belt. My dad passed away in 2018. What I missed most about him was the fact that we never had a very meaningful relationship and obviously, you didn’t either. What’s amazing about kids like us that have dad’s like that, it can either go in one direction or another. We might go down the path of negativity, drug abuse and alcoholism or somehow it changes our lives in a very powerful way and makes us want to have the equivalent of the dad we never did, either in our friendships or with relationships with our own children.

When we get further in the story, I will share with everyone that this ended up being the greatest motivator of my lifetime, even determining what I now do for a living and why I do it for a living. I don’t want to get ahead of us, but it was an important part of what I call the soul setup of our lifetime.

FTC 160 | Discovering Your Better Self
Discovering Your Better Self: If we didn’t have challenges, we wouldn’t stretch into more and more of who we are.


As almost everyone’s childhood is, no matter what it was.

Everyone is set up with specific challenges and specific gifts as well.

That’s not an accident. That’s not random. I believe all of this starts somewhere in the unseen and we come here for whatever you may believe. We come here to evolve one more lifetime, to grow in stature both emotionally and spiritually. My belief is that everything has a purpose.

A practical way of looking at that is even though they’re not fun when we’re setting them up, all of our challenges are there to serve us. It’s such as when we go to first grade and we face the challenge of learning to read, to do the math, to learn how to be with kids, to learn how to be away from home. These are all challenges, but they’re not there to kick our butts. They’re there so we have a schoolroom in which to practice and claim more of our potential. If we didn’t have challenges, we wouldn’t stretch into more and more of who we are. I was never told how to view challenges this way, but life taught me that over time.

Better than being told it, you discovered it and then evolved through it. Let’s continue. Here you are and you’re in school. It sounds like you painted a picture of a fairly bleak family relationship. What happened as you got older? Did you go to college?

I went to school and I got three degrees. Let’s tie together a little bit not only the challenges of childhood but the gifts of childhood. Everyone discovers that they have certain individual gifts, I believe. By gifts, I mean not only talents and abilities, but also interests and qualities of self that are natural and authentic to who we are as a soul or just as an individual and our most authentic individual self. Some of the ones that I discovered as a child that become relevant in my story are two. One is an interest in music, which began when I was quite young. I would hear my mother, my grandfather and my uncle who would all express themselves through singing or the piano or various things. They were quite gifted and I became inspired and would find myself even at six years old plunking out the melodies on the piano that I had heard.

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They got me the support in this way. Where they didn’t know how to offer nurturing and emotional support, my mother made sure that I had the lessons and the encouragement, which led me into a great way to develop some confidence that allowed me to grow and deepen. I had a ton of opportunities throughout my life starting from the time I was young. I played the piano, I played the French horn and eventually, I was a singer and I got tons of opportunity in all of those.

The second piece that was a gift as a child was a natural desire to understand life and how it works. I always thought big and I always believed that so much more is possible than what I was witnessing or being taught. I felt it in my gut and I asked many questions. Even though people in my childhood didn’t know how to answer those questions, I continued to seek throughout my adulthood. Eventually, in the story, my opportunities through music and performing allowed me to travel all over the world. I got to find teachers in every different culture that I encountered. I ended up studying with traditional teachers and I ended up studying with some indigenous people and kahuna and Shamans. I wanted to get as much education about life as possible. That is how the dance began in my early life.

Your insatiability was what drove you. You had to know. It wasn’t even a choice for you because you couldn’t have survived without having the ability to discover these pieces. I relate so clearly to what you’re talking about. When I was fourteen and a half years old, my mother called us into the kitchen and she said, “I want to read you something.” As my sister and I were sitting there, my mother turns to us and said, “Do you remember any of the times you’ve lived before?” My sister said, “What are you talking about?” She said, “You have lived many lifetimes until you’re now here with me.” At this point, we’re both looking at poor mom like she’s a little batty, but she’s reading from the works of Carl Jung.

She reads a paragraph and I have to paraphrase it, I don’t remember it. What this paragraph said was that we as beings have awareness that we have no idea of and are only restricted in this world to the five senses until we choose to open up deeper and see what’s truly here. That’s all I needed to hear. That was the starting gun to the race for me. My sister started to cry, “I wouldn’t want to be in three bodies, mommy.” At that point, she integrated some of that. As we grew up together, we talked about it. She became a devoted follower of Sai Baba, who is a famous Indian guru who died in the last few years. She had the privilege of being able to sit with him at one point in her life. It was this level of spirituality that our mom was able to provide for us that started us in that direction. It’s a direction I’ve been on all of my life, no matter what else I’ve done. Whether it’s been businesses or music, it’s always been the underpinnings of everything else.

I’m sure we could talk for days and days. Several things that I’d like to say about that if you don’t mind is the idea of many lifetimes. When I eventually went out to find deeper answers about life, I took with me a long frustration as a child trying to figure out why different setups of different lifetimes made no sense to me. Having grown up with a family that’s traditional for the Western world, I grew up with a grandfather who was a Methodist minister. I was told we have one lifetime, then we go to eternal heaven or hell. It made no sense to me from the time I was little. I would go, “How is it fair? How come one person has money and others don’t? How come another person is smart and others struggle? How come somebody lives for only a few days?” I was full of questions and no one could answer them. When I went out in the world and I experienced firsthand that more than half of the population already embraced the idea of a soul journey and many lifetimes, I was so relieved, I can’t even tell you. There were some family things occurring that were like affirmations. My nephew, he’s four years old, no one’s ever talked about reincarnation in his household. He’s sitting there at the dining room table and he looks up and he goes, “When I come back next time, am I going to be with you, guys?”

That’s a great question.

FTC 160 | Discovering Your Better Self
Discovering Your Better Self: Until you are connected to yourself and build a sense of self value and love who you are authentically, you’re not going to feel fulfilled.


When my mother, his grandmother, passed away that year, about two weeks later, he turns to his mother and says, “Do you think granny would mind if I don’t read with her tonight?” I love affirmations. I’ve also opened plenty of my own gifts that I’ll be happy to tell you about in the story as we go that allows me to also have had profound experiences. I love it coming from the innocence of children without any intellectual complications.

What we’re talking about now is a very common but suppressed experience. In many of the professional relationships that I’ve had, when we break from business and talk a little bit about their inside life, these are the stories that come out, but this is a business show so let’s move a little bit further up the curve here. You’ve graduated with three degrees. You were a gifted musician in many different ways and disciplines. When they say, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” They would say it’s practice. You certainly got the Carnegie Hall and further than that. This is my question, but I want to hear the story that leads up to it. Why wasn’t that satisfying to you? That would have been for many people not just the pinnacle of their life, but their life’s entire work personified in what they do for a living.

There are many parts to the question. I’m going to talk about what led me into that career and then where I eventually found myself after getting to perform over 60 leading roles around the world. No matter what business someone is going to develop, it requires a certain discipline, commitment and investment. I don’t care how gifted you are, you have to show up and prepare yourself in many directions in order to be competitive in the world and to become successful in the outer world. I had a ton of opportunities and open doors and a couple of those stories. When I went to school, I was planning to become a doctor. I was always interested in healing and I used my music to pay for my education.

I got a scholarship from academics and music to go to school and went in as a double major in Piano and Pre-Med. I already had the chance to perform concertos on the piano with orchestra and all kinds of things. I had a good foundation, but I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and I thought medicine was going to be the best way. In my first semester where you had to have a second major or a secondary focus in the music school, I ended up finding out that some metropolitan opera singers were going to be brought in to sing with the particular choir. I said, “I’m going to do that because that will be a profound and rare opportunity.” I got in the choir and I hated it because my voice was resonant and substantive and did not blend in with the typical 18 to 22-year-old group of people.

I had to squash myself. Squashing myself is probably my least favorite thing to do. I heard that they were going to do one performance with student soloists. I volunteered as soon as he said, “Who wants to come to the front of the room and sightsee through this piece with the choir?” There was a soprano, a tenor and a baritone. I raised my hand and he called my name. I went up front and I started singing my part. I didn’t understand why everyone stopped singing around me. The conductor who was the dean of the music school stopped conducting and he was staring at me. He said, “Would you please come to my office when we’re done with this rehearsal?” I was like, “Sure.” I went in, he found out I was just a freshman.

He has all kinds of wonderful compliments and he said, “If you’re willing to shift your major, I will give you a full ride for all four years.” Even though I was planning to go in another direction, what I consider is the synchronicities of your soul plan has a way to knock you back toward. I could have resisted. I could have not gone that way, but I felt like it was a clear open door. I had opportunities and support that kept encouraging me in a certain direction and I felt that inner green light that this feels right. I kept going and I had all kinds of opportunities. I could go to every level and talk about that. The reason I pointed out is that even though I was encouraged towards success in that career, which is extremely competitive, I had other reasons I discovered in hindsight for having that career.

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I went out, I went to school, I got lots of opportunities. I made my European debut while I was still in school. I then apprenticed with the San Francisco Opera after I got out of school and went on to have this career in the world. Having that career in the world, not only was an achievement and a paycheck, but it was also a chance to be in front of thousands of people. It was also the chance to express tons of emotional stuff so that I got a lot of myself out and used to doing that. It also gave me a world education about various cultures where I affirmed what I had always felt. People around the world are the same. We have the same needs. We have the same desire to have fulfilling lives where we can survive without struggling, where we can have connections and intimacy with our families.

Going to Russia before the coup to perform at the Bolshoi as an example, it was so amazing to me to hear the people in Russia who had never met an American before. They came up to me in broken English and they said, “Is it true what we’ve heard?” I said, “What have you heard?” They said, “That every American wants to kill us?” I said, “I heard that every Russian wanted to kill us.” To have this world education and find out about the same fears and struggles that we all share was profound. I was developing gifts, capacities and education. I got to study with all these teachers wherever I would go to find out what secrets they were discovering that were effective. I truly got prepared though I didn’t know it at the time for what I have done as my main career.

Eventually, what became the greatest motivation was that as I was having all these opportunities, I got to sing with celebrities. I got to sing with rock stars. I went in and sang for Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, six months before he died. I shared the stage with two Supreme Court justices and I still carried the pain of that little eight-year-old boy who was so full of self-doubt and confusion that I felt like I had become a mask of myself because I had. I felt so convinced. No matter what career people are in, no matter what achievements we create, outer achievement cannot erase the wound in yourself. They cannot create a total sense or experience of fulfillment. I had the opportunity to live into a very glamorous version of that.

We are talking to Ron Baker. Ron has an unbelievable story that he’s telling us. He is sharing this from the perspective of who we truly are. I would believe, without knowing for certain, that many of you can relate to what Ron is saying at one level or another. I know I can. I was privileged enough to hear Ron sing at a camp for entrepreneurs called Camp Maverick. That is what intrigued me about him. How is it that a man with this incredible talent isn’t singing professionally? More importantly, what is he doing now that truly fulfills him?

What I did as all of these things became clearer, as I put all these pieces together and I realized that the initial search for understanding life and how it all works, the understanding that so much more is possible and using the clues that I was gathering from many different teachers, I began to apply those clues to my life. I began to figure out that only when we begin to invest in our inner self, because a lot of the teachers encouraged that if you take anything from me now, it is not so much the specific tools but the specific understanding that until you are connected to yourself and build a sense of self-value, loving who you are authentically, you’re not going to feel satisfied, fulfilled and at peace. I began to figure out my own ways of how to apply this to myself. I’m going to go back to my early to mid-twenties. I remember I said challenges and gifts work together. Another gift that began to awaken in my twenties was a heightened sense of being empathetic.

Whenever anyone in my family would get sick or hurt, I started to have the same symptoms in my own body. At first, I thought I was having that particular challenge, but once the stories kept lining up, what was clear is that I was tuned in and feeling the people that I loved. As this began to happen more and more, it started to be anyone in the room and then it was a problem. I need to figure out how to contain my own energy so that I wasn’t picking up on everyone. I was about to go out and do a world premiere at Lincoln Center and the female lead had gotten sick and had to cancel.

FTC 160 | Discovering Your Better Self
Discovering Your Better Self: We have the potential for the wonder, innocence, and trust of a child.


Her understudy was so nervous that when she grabbed my arm to make our first entrance as a couple arm in arm, I almost hurled in the wings. It was not fun. This gift eventually became a real asset when I realized that I could also sense my own body, where energy was moving and where it was blocked. I became more easily in touch with my own feelings and what feelings created a fear in me and caused me to go into the grip. There are a lot of things that I began to realize as I was applying the tools I was learning from these teachers. I could feel what was effective and what was not effective. I could feel when something created a relaxation, flow and freedom.

Anytime any of you is in pain, unless you’ve banged your head on a cabinet, that’s a different story, but if you have physical pain in your body, it is because you have a contraction and there’s a friction of the energy that’s trying to move. A stomach is a typical place where people will feel the anxiety of that grip. They will feel like they have heartburn or stomach ache or something like that. I discovered if I was applying these tools and moving energy, I could relieve the pain. I could create a free flow of energy. The more that I discovered how to take each clue and tune it in a practical way, I created my own version of becoming a doctor. I didn’t go through the traditional route I thought I was going to go, but I was becoming someone who could help other people. I could feel their energy and help them begin to move that energy, open the blockages, feel safer and nurture themselves.

I began to create a system that was my own system. When it caused such a huge transformation in my life and by nurturing and investing in my inner self, I started to feel less and less self-doubt, less and less convinced of the shame I felt when I was eight years old. Instead, I was replacing it with my own opinion about me. As I did this process more and more and experienced such a shift in my own experience, I started sharing it with other people. I shared it with more people and they started experiencing the same growth and transformation that I was in their own unique ways because each person had unique challenges and moved at their own pace. I said, “I’m going to combine this with the fact that I felt the same loneliness in a career, performing and traveling, going from show to show,” because I do 60 shows, 60 different productions in ten years. I did six different shows a year moving from cast to cast, location to location and I never developed the depth of connection and relationship that I wanted.

I don’t care what industry any of the audience are in. The quality of our lives is determined by our relationships, the one we have to our self and the one we have to each other. If we don’t know how to be connected and authentic, we’re never going to feel fulfilled. I bet tons of people are finding that they did what I did. They escaped into the work. They achieve and stay busy, “If I just stay busy, then I’m going to prove my worth and I’m going to be impressive.” I know the drug of it quite well. It is not a path that leads to inner peace.

For someone to discover they are an empath and then develop a way to use that tool is an incredible accomplishment. From the way you described your experience, you didn’t learn this from somebody else. Did you have spiritual teachers along the way? Did you have a chance to sit down with someone and say, “This is what’s going on and I don’t understand it, could you help me?”

Let’s move it to something practical like singing. I studied with two of the most famous teachers in the world and they were not the right fit for me. They did not know how to teach me well. The gift from that challenge was I had to teach myself. By doing that and having done some awesome and glamorous things around the world, I taught myself how to sing for the most part. Of course, I use clues from other people, but they didn’t know how to put together the total package. I found that the same gift I had developed for doing that was how I built this for the spiritual practice. I call it self-empowerment practice. I took every clue I could. I read a lot of books and I got all the information I could but applying it so that it became a real experience and not just an understanding of a concept is what made the hugest difference. I am convinced that we learn most fully from whatever we experience.

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It is what programs us into how safe we feel, into what we will allow or not allow, how defended we become, whatever we’ve experienced. I learned that I could impact my own experience and create more nurturing and valuing experiences. As I did, I started to feel safer and I started to open up more fully. I had some amazing spiritual teachers, but it was applying it myself that became perhaps my greatest discovery of a gift. When I teach other people, I teach them how to become aware of themselves. I don’t teach them to become dependent on me because these are all gifts that we all have. It just happened to be my greatest asset to offer in the world. Teachers and becoming attuned to our own personal intuition are vital. I teach people how to do that.

What I’m hearing from the things you’ve said, it is our internal teachers that guide us the most. We might find help along the way. You help people along the way. I do too in a different way. It’s important to be aware of what is out there for you and hone in on that and tune in to yourself as you described. Ron, you offer individual coaching and you offer a course on your website. You mentioned that you also offer some retreats as well. Give us an overview of what people can expect so they can get a feeling for what it’s like to work with you.

A quick overview of what the work is. We all have three basic levels of self that hold awesome potential. The center of that is we have the potential for the wonder, innocence and trust of a child. That does not mean we only do that when we’re children. If we truly develop the innocence, wonder and trust of life, of self and of one another, then we take that child-like creativity into every part of our lives. That’s the first part. The second part is we have the potential to become empowered as adults, clear what our journey is, what our vision is, how to make clear choices, how to move toward our vision, how to resolve the challenges with clear tools. When we become equipped to process the challenges and integrate the gifts, we become truly empowered. Clearly, we want to bring that throughout the rest of our lives.

We also have some higher potentials, which I call the greatness of soul. I’m not going to go into that at the moment, but it is heightened gifts and heightened depths of connection and intimacy tapping into the magic of life in a bigger way. The work that I do starts out with the very practical, discovering what your challenges are, finding out how you’ve learned to defend yourself, protect yourself, separate yourself out of not wanting to trigger more fear, shame or judgment. I teach you how to create a new experience as an adult that is totally safe and nurturing, and then how to resolve those inner challenges. That’s the foundation of the work. You can apply it into every industry, every part of your life, into your relationships. It is amazing to watch how consistently this is true. I would even say 100% of the people who apply these specific tools find that their lives get better reliably.

What’s interesting about what you’re saying is we invest in ourselves in many ways. Many of those investments come from fear, a fear of not making enough money, a fear of not being successful, a fear of not having a funnel that converts, a fear of not having a product that someday will make us wealthy or something. What I’m hearing is it’s time to let go of those fears and maybe think about investing in yourself so that you know whether that direction is right or the proper direction for you. Ron, it’s a completely different take when it comes to learning. You’re a different type of guest that we normally have on the show. I’m sure our audience know that by now. I find it so fascinating and nourishing to hear your words because we all share some of the same pains and have never healed from them. To find someone like you who can heal those pains or at least guide us towards our own healing is a very important thing.

I’ve been doing it for many years and have taught thousands of people around the world. I trust it more than I can possibly say.

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We’re at the point in the show now where I get to ask you a couple of questions because you shared so much about yourself already. I’d like you to share one more thing about you, which is who you think about most when it comes to your heroes and your mentors. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

There are so many people. I am a scientist. I am a business person. I’m a musician. I am a spiritual avid explorer. I would like to choose one from each category, but let’s choose one that ties together all of those things. I’m going to choose Oprah. This woman has faced such huge challenges in her early life. She faced such prejudices as a woman and as a person of color. She has used all of that to develop a strength that is profound. Then she challenged the industry and wanted to talk about spiritual things on TV.

There are not enough nice things to say about the qualities of this person. Whether you agree with the specifics that she embraces or not, she is such an inspiration to all of us. She sustained a show for 25 years educating the public and making a difference. At one point she said, “I don’t want to talk about the problems anymore. I want to talk about solutions and that’s all I’m willing to talk about.” I have a similar approach. I believe in talking about the challenge but only from this perspective of nurturing it and resolving it. I would love to spend a month talking with this woman and creating a profound experience.

Here’s the grand finale question, Ron. It’s the change the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

The great news is I’m already experiencing it. I don’t have to guess and go into magical thinking. Raising consciousness and getting people connected to self with a sense of self-value is the way that we stop going after all these outer extremes that are first of all raping the planet. We are not building and investing. We are taking in order to compensate for all these wounds. When you educate someone about self, when you model loving them and valuing them and implementing nine specific nurturing needs into their lives, they not only shift but they start to shift the lives around them. You and I were at a camp for three days. I had the chance to plant seeds and nurture many people. A bunch of them said to me, “You’ve impacted my entire family and my entire community.” That’s not about me. It’s about anything we offer in the way of raising consciousness into practical ways of valuing self and one another that is going to change the world.

I watch it. I have a community of thousands of people who work together in mutual support. I call it becoming a proactive nurturer and it is unbelievable to watch the world ripples go out. I also led fifteen journeys to sacred sites and created worldwide meditations and built an audience of sixteen million people over the course of fifteen years. That right there is planting tons of seeds about how possible it is for one person and that’s not me. It’s any of us who choose to impact from enhancing and nurturing and that is changing the world. The world is in crisis and we do need it more than ever. Even that is perfect. If we have a heightened crisis, it makes us interrupt our habitual comfort zones in order to say, “This is not working. What do I need to do now?” It is exactly what I did in my first career to create the one I’m in now.

Ron, I believe that you truly are changing the world, even if it’s one room at a time, one person at a time. I’m going to hold you to your promise. You said you had some giveaways here. I know they’re pretty cool. Why don’t you tell me what they are?

We will do this by putting this on your website. If they will go to YourFirstThousandClients.com, we will give them access to the first two free guided meditations that will give you a very practical nurturing way to connect to your inner self more fully. It will enhance every relationship you have in the first wave and the first layer. In order to take that deeper, I have several courses on my website. We’ll talk about this one called Claiming Your Authentic Self. It is a twelve-week course, one video per week that will take you into a deeper dive of how you can begin to claim that authentic self, begin to nurture the challenges, begin to champion the gifts. I will offer your audience a third off of the cost. Instead of $297, we’ll make it $197 for a twelve-week course. That will also give you direct access to me to answer any questions you have.

Ron, this has been such a pleasure having the time to spend with you and learn more about you and further our experience together at Camp Maverick. Thank you for your time. It’s been a pleasure. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon.

Thank you, Mitch.

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