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Here’s where I explain what I’m doing and why you should be interested enough to download and listen to these episodes. I’m speaking to you from the worldwide headquarters of Mindful Guidance LLC in Marlborough, Massachusetts. With a name like Your First Thousand Clients, it’s not hard to figure out what this podcast is all about. It’s about people, it’s about success, and it’s also about experience and wisdom, the wisdom gained while on the path to building a solid business, figuring out how to make a profit, and how to run a company. I chose the title and the goal of this podcast, because by the time you’ve reached around 1,000 clients, you actually are a real business. Many of us have started a business, made a few bucks, left it in limbo, and tried something else. Some of us had started a business, worked like a dog to get it going, and in about six months to a year later, we get lucky. We witnessed the birth of something wonderful.

If you’ve already done this and you reached a certain level of success, you have become someone who has mastered something significant about life, about love, about spirit, and certainly about business. In each episode, we will challenge our guest to untangle their past and pinpoint the moment when they had that one life-changing realization that led them to become who they are today and exactly how they closed their first 1,000 clients. It’s a show about strategy, about tactics, about hustle, about grit, about luck, and about determination. This show is also about you. Are you struggling to hit that 1000-client landmark? Do you wish sometimes you could easily access the exact steps to take from those who have already done it? That’s what this is all about. It’s about helping my listeners by extracting the wisdom that many entrepreneurs have acquired by getting to that magic milestone of 1000 clients. That’s mastery. Mastery is wisdom applied to life.

Since we all have a different story to tell about how we have developed mastery in what we do, I decided to ask some amazing people about how they happened to find themselves sitting on top of their own world just for your benefit. In my own life, I dropped out of college and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. At the age of 27, I had already bought several apartment buildings and started a software company. I hit my first 1,000 clients a year into my business, and the second and third thousand came months and then weeks later. That’s how it goes sometimes. You make that quantum leap, and then everything starts to get clear. You get focused, and you become a better person. You can now see your future clear as day.

YFTC 000 | Your First Thousand Clients
Your First Thousand Clients: There’s no better way to learn than ask others about their mistakes so we don’t have to repeat them.

It seems I’m not alone in these humble beginnings. Many of the amazing successful people you will hear from on the show never finished college. Some went down some pretty dark paths before they emerged by finding that spark which ignited their lives and allowed them to catch fire and blaze brightly. You’re going to love the stories, the lessons, and the wisdom imparted to you when we listen in as I extract the accelerators from their experience and give them to you. I’ve crafted a set of questions, a map, that helps me get my clients to articulate that wisdom so you can shortcut your own learning cycle. If I had access to podcasts when I was starting out, I would have searched for one just like this so I could learn as much as possible about success and life. I could have reached my first 1,000 clients more quickly than I did.

Why should you listen to the show? It will be different for two reasons. First, because I’m an example and have done it several times in my own life. Second, there’s no better way to learn than ask others about their mistakes so we don’t have to repeat them. I want to share those magical transformative moments with you and learn as much as I can as well. I have access to some pretty amazing people. I have worked intimately with Tony Robbins as the CEO of one of his companies, Business Breakthroughs International. Besides Tony who I promised to invite on the show, I traveled in that circle of success and affluence for many years. If you’re curious about living a masterful life, about becoming more than you are today, about being a better person and living life as effortlessly as possible, then you’re in the right place. Remember, getting to your first 1,000 clients is the goal of this show so you can move onward and upward from there.

If this is episode zero, do I have to listen to them in order? The answer is no. You can read a synopsis of every episode, see who is telling their story, and if you are at all interested, come in for a listen. As you might expect, wisdom is addictive, and I’ve found that wisdom builds exponentially. You never know when one single idea may spark an avalanche of creative thought and start your journey into a whole new and unique direction. Visit the website where you can see all the episodes listed and subscribe to Your First Thousand Clients Podcast with Mitch Russo on Apple iTunes as well.

Some are familiar with my story, but for those who don’t allow me a quick recap. I was born in Brooklyn New York, and I grew up loving the Dodgers before they moved to California. I had no choice but to try and like the Yankees. My dad hated the Yankees. It’s a good thing I moved to Boston at the age of 25, and I’ve been here ever since. I did spend four years in Dallas, Texas when I sold my software company called TimeSlips Corp. to Sage PLC. I know you’ll enjoy the conversation. Please be sure to like, share, and subscribe if this resonates with you.

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