Unleashing Viral Mastery: How To Generate Six Million Social Media Followers With Keaton Hoskins


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Today’s guest grew his social media followers to six million. How did he do that? Tune in to this episode with Keaton Hoskins, also known as “The Muscle” of Limitless Society, because he explains how going viral helps generate tremendous social media followers. Keaton talks about viral videos and the structure of a giveaway model that works in social media. He also shares the three-step process that will blow your social media following. So, join The Muscle in this episode because today’s discussion is what it takes to generate more followers.

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Unleashing Viral Mastery: How To Generate Six Million Social Media Followers With Keaton Hoskins

Welcome to this moment in time when you get to chill out, read, and extract wisdom you could use to grow your business with your first thousand clients. By the way, if you’re a coach, you’re going to love what I have for you. My software platform called ClientFolio has been helping hundreds of coaches save on admin, and get better results from their clients while generating powerful client testimonials for the work that they’ve done. How? By tracking accountability and holding clients to it, no other platform provides you with the power to access a library of accountability questions and place the control in your client’s hands to keep track of their most critical stats and goals. Would you like to give it a try? It’s just $1 to get started, go to GetClientFolio.com and give it a spin.

Now onto my amazing guest and his incredible story. Starting with a life tragedy at the age of two, he held his father as he died in his arms. That changes a person in a very dramatic way. That switch was flipped at such an early age, he was determined to succeed, and he did. Building one of the fastest growing communities called The Limitless Society to over 1,000 members, getting people like Tony Robbins to speak at this event for free, and building his social media following to over 6 million people, he has some amazing stories to share, and he’s about to tell us how he did it and what you can do now to catapult your own business to 1,000 clients or more. Welcome, Keaton Hoskins, to the show.

That was a great introduction. Thank you, sir.

My pleasure. You are an amazing individual, Mr. Keaton. Everyone here is now sitting at the edge of their seat. They want to know all about how this all started for you. Go give us some background.

I’ll try to condense it because it’s a long story. Most of this started, like you said, when I was 21 years old. I was raised by a father, a wonderful man who was a big CEO and was a 9:00 to 5:00-er, the college go-getter. He preached and hammered into us his children that you need to do the safe route, the 401(k), the 9:00 to 5:00, the college, and get the degree. We realized quickly as he began to spiral down in his health that wasn’t the safe route.

I remember when I was 21 years old, I sat next to him on his deathbed and I realized quickly he had regrets. Those regrets were he didn’t live life on his terms. I was the oldest of five kids. I committed that I was going to live life the way I wanted to without the idea of safety but rather go after every single thing I ever desired. With his death and as always, with death, I gained a perspective I think that changed everything for the course of my life. I’ll talk a little bit about that in a minute.

As my father passed away and handed the mantle off to me to take care of the children and his wife, I realized that the responsibility was very great. I knew the only route to success for me was going to be building businesses, programs, and systems that allowed me to live the life that I wanted to. I ultimately did that. At age 21, I started my first business. From 21 until now, I’ve started 36 different companies all from the ground up. Most of them, I did without any funding because I didn’t have any money after my father passed away.

I realized that business in and of itself is all pretty similar, the systems, programs, marketing, sales, HR, and all the infrastructure you need to build a successful business. It’s fairly simple. Now, products are always different. Culture’s always different, but there are a lot of similar things within the business. I started doing these things and by the time I was 34 or 35, I realized I didn’t want to build businesses anymore as much as I wanted to build people. I wanted to help people to build businesses.

I launched my first coaching group. It was Limitless Society and I did that by getting on my social media. You mentioned I had 6 million followers. I got on my social media one day years ago, and I spouted off that I wanted to make 25 random people a millionaire. Within hours, I had thousands and thousands of messages from people saying, “I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I want to be a part of it.” I realized there was a huge need to teach and coach people on the systems, programs, and ideology of what I had grown up with.

I launched Limitless Society and we’ve had over 3,500 to 4,500 people sign up. We have about 2,500 active members in the coaching program. The coaching program is my favorite thing in the entire world to dedicate my time to. As I said earlier, I built a lot of companies. I built a lot of companies I didn’t like, but I wanted to build them because I knew there was money in them. Once I got myself above needing things and everything is now just a want financially, I realized that my goal, my purpose, and what makes me feel fulfilled is helping people and coaching them. We launched Limitless Society, which has been a dream come true since we did that.

Now I spend my days with people helping them 10X every single aspect of their lives. I honestly, to the core of me, believe that perspective breeds discipline. Discipline is the common denominator for those who seek to do anything great in this life, whether it’s building a business, building a coaching program, or building anything that they want to build in their life. The common denominator for those who have succeeded anyway is discipline. I realized I could sit on stage all day long and tell people discipline, but if I didn’t give them an actual system to implement, then it would be another speaker telling them, “You need to be more disciplined,” and giving them no recipe to do it.

Perspective breeds discipline. Discipline is the common denominator for those who seek to do anything. Share on X

I went back to the beginning of when my father died, sitting there on his deathbed, he was 47, and I was 21 years old. I realized that deathbed gave me the perspective I needed to breed the discipline that would essentially bring me to where I am now. I spend a lot of my time preaching and teaching that. I would love to just sit here and say discipline this and discipline that, but rather I would give you a recipe that you can use to create the discipline you need for the success that you seek.

It makes a lot of sense. I will say this. A lot of us are motivated by a sudden change in life. For me, it was almost dying from an overdose of heroin as a teenager. Once I made that choice that I wasn’t going to die and I was going to become a productive human being, my whole life changed. I went on a completely different track than all my friends who were still hanging out and getting stoned. I decided to plow forward. I was going to be very productive as a human being. Later in life, I learned the same lesson. I learned that you had to create for yourself if you were going to live the life that you want. That’s why I built my own software company back in 1985 and then sold it for eight figures later.

Finally, as a coach, when I work with clients, the discipline part is so important, which is why I created the ClientFolio software, if you don’t hold people accountable and give them a way to track their progress, then you don’t get the results that you want as a coach. Coaching can be a very frustrating experience if you’re sharing a lot of great advice with people and they don’t act. I love what you say about discipline, and it makes a whole lot of sense. We’re in the same place here. Let’s go back and talk a little bit about The Limitless Society. How did you get 6 million people to follow you on social media? Where did those 6 million people come from?

Essentially, across all my platforms, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Threads, all of these social media platforms. In 2012, we built a company where we introduced the giveaway model. Most people know the giveaway model. I am proud to say we were the grandfathers of that. In 2012, when Facebook began, we launched a Facebook company called Diesel Trucks for Sale. In that, we realized a lot of people in that industry wanted to be connected all over the United States. Our Facebook page started to grow fast.

We then realized that for things to grow fast on social media, they have to have viral videos attached to them. We created these characters, if you will, my character and you probably know most of what people refer to me as The Muscle. There were three of us Diesel Dave, Heavy D, and then myself, The Muscle. We started doing giveaways. In 2012, we had no money and we decided we were going to give away a $75,000 truck. The only way to enter would be by buying clothing from us. Even now, we still have our apparel company called Diesel Power Gear.

Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo | Keaton Hoskins | Social Media Followers
Social Media Followers: For things to grow fast on social media, they should have viral videos attached.


We launched it, and in the interim of realizing we needed more followers, we started to do crazy viral videos, all kinds of crazy stuff. In 2013, Jay Leno saw some of our viral videos, and he asked us to come out to his show and talk about how we did the viral videos that we had done in the show at Jay Leno. The Discovery Channel saw us, and in that show, they offered us a TV show.

In 2014, we started a reality show called Diesel Brothers. That’s what a lot of people know me from. We had built multiple companies before then. I had 200,000 followers on Facebook before the show ever even aired. With that TV show and all the viral stuff we were doing, our social media started to grow. We realized that if we stopped doing the viral stuff on social media, no matter how good the TV show was, we would stop growing on social media. Ever since 2012 and 2013, I have done viral stuff all over social media, and it has allowed me to grow at a pretty steady rate all across the board.

Do you think that still works? Now, the world is different than it was in 2012, the attention spans are shorter, and more people are vying for attention. Does that strategy still work, particularly for somebody who doesn’t have any exposure now?

Viral videos or giveaway models?

Let’s talk about viral videos first, and then we’ll talk about giveaway models.

Until civilization shuts down, social media and viral videos will always be the best route to grow your social media.

Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo | Keaton Hoskins | Social Media Followers
Social Media Followers: Until civilization shuts down, social media viral videos will always be the best route to grow your social media.


Let’s talk about the giveaway model. Describe the structure of a giveaway model that works well with social media.

This is why I asked which one you were asking. Giveaway models don’t work anymore because the market is so saturated these days. A lot of people are still trying it. A lot of people are doing crazy giveaways like houses, cars, and vacations. The truth is, because the market is so saturated and so many people have already been a part of some type of giveaway, it’s hard to use the giveaway model in your business. The pertinent reason is that we still have a lot of people who try to do the giveaway and they fail hard. There are some ways around it, but as of now, the giveaway model in and of itself and how we launched it in 2012 and 2013 is not nearly the same and it doesn’t work nearly as well because of that saturated market.

That’s good to know. That’s a great tip as well. It saves somebody a lot of money trying to build a giveaway and have it fail. Let’s now talk about the community itself. You and I spoke as I reminded you before we did this, one of the things you said back then that was surprising to me is that you were coaching a lot of individuals personally. Do you believe that that is part of the success formula that you have now or have you already built out your staff of coaches that are taking a lot of that off your shoulders?

In succession, that is a must for anybody who seeks to build a true community. Even to this day, I’ve probably still had about 75 people that I coach one-on-one. I’ll always do it, even if it doesn’t make the most financial sense. Don’t get me wrong, it financially makes sense. Even if it didn’t, I enjoy one-on-one conversations and building one-on-one way more than I love building in a group. I will tell you this. For those of your audience who are looking to build a community, I would look inward. Oftentimes, I have CEOs, multimillionaires, and big people come to me and say, “I can’t figure out how to build community. I can’t figure out how to build my programs and my businesses.” The first thing I ask is, “What type of leader are you?”

Tell us the type of leader it takes to build that type of community.

To be fair if you dissected what a great leader is, and I know there are a million things I could say, but a great coach, a great leader, or a great parent is someone who is predictable. Predictability means that no matter what happens emotionally, no matter what happens around me, I make the correct decision based on facts rather than on feelings.

It’s so easy to get behind someone that you believe in your heart and your core will always make the correct decision based on the facts given rather than someone who is thrown to and fro by the emotion they feel on that day. I see parents all the time messing up their children. I see coaches messing up their players. I see leaders not leading correctly because they make emotional decisions. If I seek to build anything worth building, I must first become a predictable leader and then people will follow.

It's so easy to get behind someone that you believe in your heart and core will always make the correct decision based on the facts. Share on X

We are talking to the incredible Keaton Hoskins. If you go to YourFirstThousandClients.com and look for Keaton’s page, you’ll see word for word every single bit of wisdom that he’s sharing with you now, including a very special gift. Keaton, I want to mention a story that I have about my own life. When I started my little software company with just me and my partner, as I mentioned, we grew to over 100 employees.

One of the things I noticed, and I’m sure you’ll resonate with this, is fighting with my wife before going to work one particular day. We had receptionists back then. I walked right past the receptionist. I said, “How are you?” I walked into my office and then I didn’t realize what was happening, but apparently, everyone had picked up on my emotions just me walking into the building. From there, the rumors started to spread. “Mitch is upset. What’s going on with Mitch? Maybe he’s selling the company. Maybe the company’s going out of business.” It was all because of how I felt. Not what I said, but how I felt and the energy that I transmitted walking into that room.

I love what you talk about, a leader being predictable. I also resonate with the idea of making decisions based on facts that are harder than they seem. Entrepreneurs are in the throes of emotion almost daily. This is great feedback, and I’m so glad that you’re providing it. We start talking about the organization itself. People who are building an organization build it a lot slower than you because they don’t have the presence or the social media that you do. How do you scale something very rapidly? What are the systems that you and your team have put in to help you do that? Maybe at that point, we can talk a little bit further about what’s in the future.

If we just go off of a few things that we’ve talked about, I would simply say, 1) You need to build yourself. You need to become a better leader. You need to learn how to make emotionless decisions. As you do that, more people will seek your guidance and will join your communities. 2) I would tell every single audience that if you have not created a viral video, it’s time to start putting videos out. As you put them out, you’re going to find out quickly what can be viral and what can’t.

Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo | Keaton Hoskins | Social Media Followers
Social Media Followers: Build yourself. You should become a better leader and learn to make emotionless decisions. As you do that, more people will seek your guidance and join your communities.


We oftentimes see in Hollywood people who rise to stardom merely because of 1 or 2 viral videos. We see people all the time, and then they fall right off the face of the earth because they never bring any more value but 1 or 2 videos for their whole lives. If you can get into a sense of consistency of posting and being on social media, sharing your message, and trying to do viral things.

Anybody who’s like, “I don’t have a lot of cool stuff. How do I go viral?” I have seen the craziest things go viral. If you focus on using social media as what it is, which is an in-person platform, every single person, not just in the United States but across the world, gets to see every single day, all day long, and realize the power of this phone and start posting.

It’s very easy for someone who has 50 followers to gain followers and gain the people who want to be in their circle and their community. If you work first on yourself, and then you show the world yourself through social media, you will begin to grow those. When you master those first two pieces, that third piece, it’s time to start paying to market and advertise yourself across all those platforms. That’s the recipe that I have found personally to grow and to build the community I seek to build.

It’s a three-step process, become a better leader, create viral videos, be consistent and share them, and focus on social media as a way of promoting. With those three simple tricks, those very important procedures that you talk about, somebody can take what they are doing now and blow it up. I love the advice and they’re great, but it’s also important advice. It’s also the hard part. Maybe it wasn’t hard for you, but for a lot of people, it’s hard to do those three things. It’s hard because they have to spend time, they have to work on themselves, and they don’t know what makes a viral video.

That’s the number one question I get when I teach some of these principles. The first room of people who raise their hands with questions is, “What does it take to make a viral video?” Although this one, your audience may not like, the truth is you will not find out what that is until you are willing to get out there in front of people. That may mean that you have to make 150 videos that you post before you realize how to connect and make viral videos for people.

I’ll tell you one quick story about a guy who did it by accident and found out later that it’s a business. It turns out that he loves to fish. One day he took a cell phone and put a little holster around his neck. He turned on TikTok and ran TikTok while he was fishing. While he’s fishing, he’s talking a little bit about the fish, the place, the environment, and the equipment he is using. Before you know it, he had 30,000 viewers on TikTok from doing nothing but fishing.

The exact point is that everybody in their lives is special. Everybody’s special. I know we’re stuck in this culture where like, “Nobody’s special. Stop thinking you’re above everybody.” The truth is every single one of us is an individual, and we have things to offer and show the world. I have 100 stories like that. I’ve got a friend who loves to cook. It wasn’t even his day job. He just loved to cook. Same thing, he turned the camera on, he started cooking, and now he has millions of followers on social media who ask him, “I saw your recipe. I saw your cooking, I saw your baking, and I wanted to do this.” They become viral.

Another great point is that the viral videos themselves, I’m going to make an assumption that they don’t even actually have to be about your business.

They just be about who you are in your life.

That’s the secret, that’s the trick. Stop trying to make videos about your business because nobody cares about your business. They care about you. You want to get them to care about you by going viral and talking about yourself or doing something that other people can participate in, even if they’re just watching. This is great stuff, Keaton. I love what you’re saying here. When you work with clients individually and you are coaching them, what aspect of the business world are you coaching them on? Are you coaching them on scaling, growth processes, management, and hiring, or are you sticking to the fundamentals we talked about now?

Everything across the board. My methods are probably crazy. A lot of people, when they come into my program, they hear, “Will he help me 10X my business? He’ll help me 10X this and this.” One of the first questions that I ask people is funny and this is why it throws people off. I always go right into personal questions. The very first question I ask a business owner trying to scale his business is, “How is your marriage and how do you rate your marriage?” The truth is you’ll never, ever be more successful in anything than you are in your marriage. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo | Keaton Hoskins | Social Media Followers
Social Media Followers: You’ll never be more successful in anything than you are in your marriage, because how you do one thing is how you do everything.


If you’re a jackass and a horrible leader in your marriage, if you’re mean, if you don’t listen, if you don’t do those things, and if you can’t communicate, guess what? That carries over into your business. If I can get a gentleman or woman, and I work with both, but if I can get them to realize that the small issues that they keep having in their marriage are also issues they have as leaders, as CEOs, or as owners of companies, the beginning of it is breaking down that if you seek to do anything worth doing, you must first seek to become the greatest version of yourself.

The greater version of you is richer, happier, and more successful in every single aspect. When you come to me and I look at you and you say, “I’ve got a $10 million a year company. I want to go to $100 million,” and your marriage is garbage, the first thing I say is, “We must first fix that, which is most important, and that which you do on a regular basis.” As we fix those issues, it’s crazy. People begin to change how they govern their businesses and how they are as leaders and coaches all across the board. Realistically, I don’t have any perfect system for you. I have a perfect way of reflection that makes you look in the mirror and realize, “Here are my absolute character flaws. As I build my character flaws and I become the greatest version of myself, I become a better CEO, coach, and all of those things that I’m seeking.”

One of the first things you do is say, “Let’s become aware of ourselves first.” The awareness part of it leads to introspection. The introspection with your help and with your coaches’ help leads to finding those areas that you can improve. If you are leading a bad marriage or if you are struggling in your family life, then you’re not a happy person. I don’t care how successful your business is, you’re not a happy person. The formula is get happy, do better.

The reason that you could summarize it or simplify it that way is that if you do build, grow, and enhance your relationship with your spouse, then at that point, you’ll be happier. If you’re happier, you’re going to be less emotional about decision-making, which goes back to one of your very first tenets here. All of this seems to be very closely knit together. I love your system. It’s very clear. I don’t know if anyone has summarized it to you the way I just did, but I see it completely and clearly as the way you’ve described it.

I had a gentleman and it was our first one-on-one session. He has a $100 million company. I said, “For our first session, will you bring your spouse?” We did it in person. A lot of times, I do it over the phone, but he was here locally in Utah. I had him bring his spouse and I said, “Do you mind if we just have her tell us what you need to do better as a husband? How’s your marriage?” They said it’s good. I said, “What does he need to do better?” She listed two things. She said he doesn’t communicate when he has a project and he doesn’t listen when it’s time to listen. In our meeting, I made him call his head of management, his CMO, CFO, and CEO, I made him call them right there on the spot. I asked them the same question and the answer was the same.

When you break these things down, so many of us, “I want to build my business, I want to build my finances,” but they’re not willing to look in themselves and realize the growth is only held by you as a person. If I can help you as a person become a more effective, efficient leader and person, and all of those things across the board in your marriage and with your children, that automatically translates into the growth of what you seek in your business. It was a textbook. I wish I would’ve filmed it. It was a textbook as to why I teach what I teach. I can’t be a good leader at work and not a good leader at home, it doesn’t happen that way. It just doesn’t work that way.

Coaches, if you’re with us now, you’ve got an incredible up-leveling of your entire program. Keaton, I’m going to tell you one of the questions that I learned early in my life that has helped me in my relationships. In my relationship, I say to my significant other, my girlfriend, “What do you need from me to feel loved every day?” When she answers that question, I make it my mission to do that. If she says, “I just need to get a phone call or a text at about mid-morning to say how you’re doing, that’s all I need. I need to know that when I come home, this or that is done or whatever,” I do that. I don’t even care what it is. I do it because I believe that if you can make someone else feel loved, then you can love yourself. That, to me, is so important.

It plays well with the whole idea of what you just described, which is how to align your values with your marriage. Once you get that aligned, those same values apply to your business as well. This has been so informative, and I hope for the audience as well. We’re going to transition right now to the next part of our program. More importantly, I have a question for you. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have a one-hour conversation, a walk in the park, a quick lunch, or an intense conversation with?

Most likely Alan Watts.

Tell me why.

Alan Watts was one of the greatest philosophers ever. I know he passed away ’80s or ‘90s. He traveled the world. He studied all kinds of religions. His look and his true perspective on life created in him this sense of education that it was almost as if he always had an answer for every situation. He always had an answer for everything. I listen to Alan Watts quite a bit, and he’s very smart. Sometimes it goes over my head because I don’t claim to be the smartest. Listening to him often, I would do anything to have an hour’s lunch with him, and I would have a million questions. His outlook, his perspective, how he lived his life, and what he taught seem to be pretty much the pinnacle of what I seek.

Now we have the time and you’re sitting right in front of him. What’s going to be the first couple of questions you ask? I’d love to hear what those would be.

I know I’ve heard these answers because I’ve listened to his discourse often. One of the first things I would ask is, “As a man, what is the greatest purpose and piece of fulfillment that I should accomplish in this life?” I would probably always err on shutting up and not saying much. I have a million questions, but I don’t want to spend our hour talking about my questions. I just want to listen to him speak.

That’s a great perspective. If you asked him that question, he could probably speak for the entire hour, just about that. The reason I asked this question is because I love how my guests share a little bit about what they love and believe in. Some people say a parent, others say Jesus, and all those are great answers. Those who have different answers, even the same answer, have different reasons. Each of those reasons, to me, shows me a lot about who I’m talking to and I enjoy that. I’m going to move on to the second question. We call this the grand finale. This is the change the world question. I have a feeling I know what you’re going to say, but I’m going to ask it anyway. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

You talk about your belief system. I made a commitment years ago right before I started Limitless and started coaching. That commitment was a simple one, although hard. I would like to spend the majority of my time here on Earth convincing people of their ability to do and be anything that they seek in this life. The life that we have is short. As my father lived to be 47, I may live to be 80, maybe 90. It’s a short time.

The biggest thing that I want in this life is to make an impact in people’s lives, very specifically for them to begin to believe or have a belief in themselves that anything that they want, I don’t care what it is, most people will listen and go, “You can’t do that,” I would love to spend the majority of the rest of my life teaching and preaching to people, “If you want it, you can have any of it.” The reason I built Limitless Society is because I truly believe there are no limits ever. There’s no such thing as impossible. There may be time infrastructure and facility to do something, but nothing that you could fathom in your mind is impossible. I want to spend the rest of my life teaching that to the world.

There's no such thing as impossible. It may need time, infrastructure, and facility to do something, but nothing you could fathom in your mind is impossible. Share on X

I love that. That’s incredible. I’m going to ask a follow-up question. I generally don’t, but you inspired me to do so. Is there a spiritual component to that? When you think about limitlessness and when you think about people having whatever they want, do you feel as if there is a higher power that might help or guide you? I’m just curious as to what your viewpoint is.

To the core of me, I believe in God. To that same core, I believe that God is our Father. If he is our father, that means we are his children. If we’re his children, we are heir to him. If I’m heir to a God, then I would imagine that would mean I have all the ability to become like him. I believe at least my God, I believe that he is limitless. If I’m heir to his limitless, then I should be too. That’s where that entire thought process has come from.

I figured as much, that’s why I asked. I share that belief as well. I also believe that we are capable of destroying ourselves much faster with our minds than with anything else possible. By getting our minds straight and by understanding the basic simplistic concepts of how to live a happy life, and you’ve shared many of them now, which is incredible, people can live a happy life and have anything they want. Thank you for sharing this, but I also want to get to something that I was blown away by your offer to share with our audience. You have a gift to share with my audience. Tell me a little bit about that.

When I launched The Limitless Society, I made a commitment that I was going to do some big events. At those events, I was going to call the world’s best speakers. I know that this was big and most people said that I wouldn’t be able to do it. In September of 2023, I put out that I was going to have the greatest and the biggest event I could throw. I called the greatest speakers I could think of, and they all came out. In my event, I committed. You asked me at the events, “Are you selling things?” I said no. In my events, I don’t want my events for people to come out and get all motivated and then try to sell them something. I don’t do that at my event.

My events are sheer knowledge, information, and true value without trying to pitch to them an idea. In September, we had an event called The Limitless Arena. We had about 8,000 people come out. I had the world’s best speakers. I know there’s a list now, the top 10. I know that 6 of the top 10 were at my event. I’m going to be doing another event. I haven’t announced that yet. April 27th, 2024 in Salt Lake City, I’m going to be doing the same event. This time, the event is going to be bigger and it’s going to have just as much, if not more value to it.

The event, because of the value and because I’m not pitching to sell anything at the event, does cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per seat. My gift to you, and those of your audience, and it does come with a qualification, is that I would be happy to give your audience free tickets to that event. The qualification is really simple. I have social media and I have Instagram. I get out to every single message that I get on Instagram. Even though I’ve got a few million followers, I still get out of every message. If you’d like to come for free, I’m giving this away again just to your people, you message me in there and we will get you all set up and I will get you tickets for free to this event.

If you message Keaton on Instagram and simply tell him that you heard him speak on my show and request a free ticket, he will take care of that for you. Keaton, that’s generous. That’s a fantastic giveaway. I appreciate that. For the audience, I hope you take advantage of this because if you’ve been tuning in to the show for a while, this is possibly one of the best gifts we’ve ever had. Keaton’s an amazing individual. If 8,000 people show up to an event like this, you’ve got to believe that there’s a reason why.

Keaton, it’s been awesome talking to you and reconnecting. Thanks so much for appearing on the show. For the audience, do not hesitate to go off and make this happen. A quick question, Keaton, will there be an electronic version of your event? Will you be live-streaming any portion of it or is it being recorded?

What we did at our last event is we did record it and we sold recordings to it. I won’t be doing any live streams or selling any live stream tickets to it. It will all be in person. If there are people even here who can message me and can’t make it, I’m happy to give them a recording of it.

Fantastic. We’ll make sure to get the word out, Keaton. We got a lot of people who would love to attend, I’m sure. More importantly, a lot of people would get incredible value by attending. We’ll get the word out and we’ll make it happen.

I didn’t tell them where. It’s Instagram, @The.Muscle. If you message me there, I will get back to you and we will get you those tickets.

Awesome. Fantastic. Folks, you know what to do. Keaton, thanks a million. Take care. We will talk again soon.

Thank you.


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