The Tribe Builders: Meaningful Conversations With Inspiring Leaders

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After studying many leaders across many sectors, Mitch Russo realized that anyone could build their own tribes if they have the right motivation. Driven by the purpose of sharing his insights and discoveries to the world, he launches The Tribe Builders podcast, a show about meaningful conversations with inspiring leaders. Join Mitch as he sits down with the most amazing people like Jono Bacon, Angel Tucci, and Stacey Chillemi, guiding others to start building tribes of their own. If you are excited to unleash your vision to the world and gather other people to join you, then make your first step as a tribe builder right here.

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The Tribe Builders: Meaningful Conversations With Inspiring Leaders

I become fascinated by how communities have incredible power, but I didn’t know how to create one. In 1989, I discovered many of the secrets of creating a large tribe for the purpose of profits. I called that a Power Tribe. In 2018, I wrote a book by the same name, which has helped others create powerful certification programs from their own passionate customers, but I wanted to go deeper. That’s why I decided that the best way to learn about building tribes is to ask those who have, then share that knowledge with others.

The best way to learn about building tribes is to ask those who have them and share the knowledge with others. Click To Tweet

Before I introduce you to several of the tribe builders I have interviewed, I want to tell you a story about an experience I had as a young man. I’ve had many years to reflect on this. I believe this may be one of the most powerful experience and motivators I’ve ever had. It was about my archnemesis, John, a rock guitar player of extraordinary talent. At the time, I was sixteen years old and had a high school rock band. We played at many high school auditoriums. When John and his band were there, we always came in second place. John was a better guitar player than I was, but it wasn’t that. It was his charisma that had crowds flocking around him. This was his tribe. I always admired how he did that. Being a bit shy and reserved, I was not that outgoing personality that he was, but I watched as he brought people together. Those were his tribe.

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Unfortunately, John died of a drug overdose and a powerful soul transitioned out of this physical universe. The lessons and experience I learned from John stuck with me. I used many of those simple ideas to later build my own tribe. Since then, I’ve observed others with incredible skill building their tribe too. I realized that anyone who wants to can build their own tribe. That’s why I decided to create this new show, The Tribe Builders. Its premise is simple. I want to interview true leaders who have built tribes and communities around their passion. Since passion is the prime attraction for members, I wanted to understand more about how this all works. I set out a mission to find these tribe builders and ask a series of penetrating questions so both you and I can leverage your experience and build something too. In this new show, you are going to hear from some amazing people like Jono Bacon, the author of People Powered. Jono says that community building is the key to nurturing your tribe. This is what Jono said when I spoke to him last.

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The Tribe Builders: Power Tribes – How Certification Can Explode Your Business

“You first want to think about what kind of community you want. The most popular by far that I tend to work with my clients is a champion community. People want to build it usually around a product or a service. Then you need to think about who your audience is. The way in which you build the community has to be tied to your audience. For example, the way you build your community of execs is going to be very different to a community of engineers or community of designers. Start with your audience, then think to yourself, “What is the value I want them to get out of this community?” Be mercenary at it. Liking the community is not enough of an answer. It’s that they get better education, they get opportunities to network and get skills development and they can build out their resume. Whatever it might be, think about the value that they want because we have to start with value. If you don’t make it valuable enough, you’ll never be able to attract them.”

Then there’s Angel Tucci, who decided that she needed a group of women surrounding her to support her and her mission, which later turned into a powerful tribe and a profitable business. Here’s what Angel said about getting her tribe started.

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“I think it was when Meetup first started, and I had joined a couple of different Meetup groups here in Denver. One was for people who spoke foreign language. You know how when you meet for coffee with your girl friend or your friends, this was coffee but you spoke a foreign language. Instead of speaking in English, they would speak French. It was the very first Meetup group I’ve ever joined so that I could practice my French. I took it up on high school, a little bit in college but I could not speak it. I could conjugate verbs, I could read it. That was the first Meetup group I ever joined. Our local Chamber of Commerce started using Meetup in order to host their events and get the word out. I was brand new to the concept of Meetups. This was in 2009.”

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People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Team

Finally, there’s Stacey Chillemi, who found herself searching for health solutions and discovered that the embedded knowledge of her circle of friends and professionals that she had surrounded herself with had many of the answers she was seeking. This is what Stacey says about how she realized that this was an incredible way to start her own tribe.

“A woman had read my book, and she had written me an email. I opened up that email and she told me, “You saved my life. I was struggling so much with this disorder. I was on the verge of suicide. I read your book, your story and I read your different ways of coping with a disease and coping with how to live life. I apply those things to my own life.” She thanked me. That was the point where I realized words of wisdom. I said, “My goodness.” I was touched and I had accomplished such a major thing in life that helped another individual. That was my motivation. I share that with people. I shared my story, how I reach out to others, how I was helping others. I asked for others to share how my words of wisdom was affecting them.”

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This is just the beginning. We’ve interviewed spiritual leaders, community builders in urban areas, educational authors, business titans and people who had these simple traits in common. They knew what they were passionate about were uncompromising in their pursuit, and invited people to self-select in or out of their tribe that they built on both passion and purpose. Are you interested in building your own tribe? Do you want to leverage the knowledge and experience of others who’ve gone before you? Are you finally ready to unleash your vision and watch as it brings you the exact people you need to accomplish your mission? If yes, then you are a tribe builder. Welcome to the show.

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