Success Questions I use to Discover Strengths and Weaknesses with my Clients.

When working with my clients to best discover those areas of their business, which can use the most help, I have developed a list of success questions to pinpoint exactly where to apply some creative problem solving. Since the entire list is nearly 150 questions long and most of those are for gathering data, I decided to pick the most thought provoking questions that you can use to improve your operation, rethink your processes and procedures and grow your revenue.
  • These Questions focus on helping you identify your ideal client type so you can attract more of those.

  • This next group of questions are designed to get you to extend the value you already provide to clients.

    The answers to questions 5-8 should guide you to thinking about how to extend your relationship with your clients, how to add more value through services or products and maybe how you can find 3rd party products or services to partner with and make more money from that relationship.

  • In this next group of questions, I am asking you questions to help you think about promotional activities that are either free or very low cost. Use these questions to increase sales from new clients and from existing clients. Notice the positioning and the concentration on building trust and integrity with your clients and using that to sell more.

  • Finally, with this last question, you can begin to fill your website with client testimonials. As you may know, testimonials are the most powerful way to convey the value you provide to a prospect deciding to work with you. By asking your past and present clients this one question, you will inspire both accolades and criticisms that will help you position your company in the most favorable light of all.

  • Do this as soon as you can and use it to restart past clients and find out how you can best serve them.

    Notice any patterns as you think about and answer these questions. Are you doing as much as you can to truly serve your ideal client and promote your business?

    If you would like to book a free strategy session with me to discuss how you can rapidly advance your company’s growth and profits, simply ask.