When I start working with a new client, I ask them to answer some questions about their customer interactions.

These questions alone can assist you on examining how you can improve your sales productivity, improve the lifetime value of the customer and enhance your relationship with your own clients or customers. This is a subset of about 150 questions I ask when working with a new client.

Take a few minutes and answer each question carefully. Look for patterns and see if you spot any. Lets discuss when we meet next time.

  1. Who was/is your favorite client and why?
  2. Worst client and why?
  3. How did you get each?
  4. What can you do more of/less of to attract/repel the clients that have been your extremes?
  5. How long do you keep a typical client?
  6. How much do they spend over the course of their life with you?
  7. What is one thing you can do or one service you can offer that would extend that client relationship beyond the typical time frame?
  8. What else could you do?
  9. What can you do RIGHT NOW to get your social network excited about your product/service/company?
  10. What type of communication would you use? 
  11. What do you do to stay in contact week after week?
  12. Do you offer little surprises that aren’t expected?
  13. Do you go above your promises and always offer more than you state?
  14. Do you talk about your customer service?
  15. How do you learn more about customer service and discover ways to make it better?
  16. Have you asked your past clients what they like most about you?