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Success Club: Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Think Big While Staying Focused On What Counts With Bill Walsh

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The COVID-19 pandemic merely accelerated something that has been going on behind the scenes for many years – the radical disruption of business as we know it, a revolutionary transformation that calls for disruptive innovation from every business owner if they are to survive…and thrive. Through Success Club, the legendary Bill Walsh does his share in making a difference in the world by giving out free content to inspire 10 million entrepreneurs to carve their way to success in this time of accelerated change. While Bill now proudly wears the distinction of being a top success coach and America’s small business expert, he didn’t start out with a silver pacifier up his mouth. He, too, knows what it’s like for most of us who have to work our souls off just to keep our heads above the water. Listen intently as he generously shares his incredible wisdom about the makings of success in this conversation with Mitch Russo.

Success Club: Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Think Big While Staying Focused On What Counts With Bill Walsh

Starting out like most of us, working a JOB or Just Over Broke, he realized his future would depend on his own efforts to create it, not wait around for others to promote him. In 2005, he started his own company called Powerteam International to spread his educational programs all over the world. He’s been working with startups and major global brands in increasing sales productivity and overall success. Now, as a venture capitalist, radio personality, actor and event promoter all over the world, his passion to empower employees and business owners is legendary. He’s here to help you, readers, build a better business, a better life and create the success you deserve even now in these unprecedented times. Welcome, Bill Walsh, to the show.

Thanks for having me on.

Why don’t you take us back to the beginning and tell us how this all got started for you?

I wish that I could tell you that my parents were billionaires and that we grew up in Beverly Hills and we lived in fancy houses and cars but that was not the case. I was born on the South Side of Chicago and both my parents worked full-time jobs. I knew at a young age what it was like not to have enough money at the end of the month. I’m sure a lot of the readers know what that’s like now that we’ve had to budget tighter now than we’ve ever done. We’ve had to be more frugal than ever. As a kid, you don’t know that you’re not rich until you’re around people that are rich. I got to be around entrepreneurs that they had every weekend off.

I used to race bikes as a kid and I got to be around adults that they never worked on a weekend. I didn’t understand that because my parents always had to seem to work on weekends. One of the gentlemen said, “You’ve got to find a way to get behind the cash register instead of being in front of it.” At that point, I realized that, “You had to be an entrepreneur.” Sure enough, out of high school and college, I became a trader. I traded currency in Chicago, New York. I learned about being my own boss and setting my own hours but I think I was always an entrepreneur. I think that it’s in you at a certain point when I realized that quality time with quality people was everything at a young age.

I got to be around adults and parents that are still friends of mine some 40 years later, which is crazy, that I still get to talk to them and hang out with them. I didn’t realize how important what they instilled in me, that was the same thing that went through with my family. I’m blessed to have three of the most amazing kids, Austin, Marissa and Evan. I learned that I would not miss a basketball game or a football game. I was going to be the coach until I couldn’t coach anymore until they were too cool to have a dad as the coach. Around 6th or 7th grade that happens but out of high school and college I learned all about the currency world, I did that for almost eight years and then enjoyed fixing businesses.

I began a career in turnarounds. I spent almost a decade fixing companies, either, “Close your doors, sell your assets, fix the business. We’ll go public.” Those are the three choices we had. We normally had 4 to 5 months to fix the business. I don’t know about you, Mitch but after ten years of doing that, the grinding made a lot of money but I was burnt out. Around the year 2000, I took a little break and I realized that, “Sometimes you got to check out to check back in.” That was the wake-up call, that after that I decided to help a lot of small businesses. I teamed up as a marketing partner for a young company in Arizona called GoDaddy. As a channel partner for a successful company in a brand that I love called FranklinCovey.

We put together a little business in a box and it was called successfully when we gave you a website and a merchant account. We were short of about a million for marketing. I found some great marketing partners out of New York and because of those great relationships, I had launched the business. Sure enough, within twenty months, we were in twenty countries, selling our little business in a box. In 2005, we launched an incubator course called Rainmaker, all designed as a weekend incubator for small business owners. In 2007, we began to invest in some of these companies, awake private masterminds. In 2009, our first inspiration conferences. I can’t believe that’s now many years later. In 2010, our speaker program for those who don’t want to speak and sell from the stage. In 2011, we launched the coolest internet marketing camp each or twice a year.

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We invite all of our customers out for a big party. Two days of internet marketing with some of the best trainers in the world. In 2012, I had the opportunity to become one of the main financial sponsors of a small business expo. At that time, it was only in two cities and maybe 4,000 or 5,000 or 8,000 attendees a year. We went from 2 cities to 17 cities over seven years, with more than 100,000 attendees per year. As the main sponsor, I gave all the keynotes, launched the workshops, the zones where they had to give back. We were big into social impact and launch all of that through that, while at the same time we launched book writing courses, internet marketing courses, masterminds around the world, all because of the fact that came back to one thing, “Build an active community to serve small business.”

All these years later, I feel honored that I’ve been able to probably present more than 5,000 times. I was doing 200 to 300 plus events, sometimes more than that in a year. That’s our own events as well but sometimes it’s outside events but I knew for a fact that that was my gift and my passion. With all this craziness going on, in March of 2020, we had a live event down in Miami and I watched the hotel occupancy go from 94% in one day to 15%. This was during our event. The person I felt the worst for was the guy that owned the hotel. This was a Hilton franchise. He owned eleven hotels. I thought, “If this one goes from 92% to 15%, he’s in a lot of trouble.”

That morning, we had breakfast and said, “We better go digital.” We’re doing 40 lot events a month by this time and sure enough, we went from 40 live events to 0, went from 0 digital events to 30-plus digital events a month now. We run digital events almost every day of the week with the intention still focused around small business growth, public speaker training and masterminds. I still love what I do. I’m more focused now a bit more on some of the deal flow because I’ve had so much of this time in enhancing the careers of many other speakers.

That’s where I find some of the greatest joy is not just making money but making a difference, giving back, supporting great causes. This what I call wake up call time is the opportunity for many entrepreneurs and business owners to not transition, not pivot but truly innovate and elevate. We’ll talk about that. That’s where I had gotten into where I’m at now. I’m excited about the future. I think that AI is the future in many ways. If we’re not present at it, we’re going to miss it. I believe you’ll see more welfare in the next ten years than the last 120 years combined. That’s how big I believe the opportunity is. That gives you a snapshot of how we went from growing up on the South Side of Chicago to now living around the world and getting to help a lot of people.

It’s interesting about some of the things you mentioned. We share a lot of common belief systems and a lot of common experiences. My readers know all about me starting companies, growing them and selling them and then venture-backed companies that I’ve run and been venture for. We have that in common. Also still to this day, I’m an options trader. I’ve traded professionally in the past. I had all my puts on when the market crashed and I was a happy guy.

I took my first option classes back in 1982 and it was at a school called the University of Chicago. I got to learn from the gentleman that created something called the Black–Scholes model.

Who was your professor?

It was one of the actual creators of the actual formula. I was still in high school when I took the class.

I don’t want to tell you how many hours I put into studying that mathematical formula. It was key to understanding how to effectively trade options and understand the Greeks because with options and with anything related to time and money, charting becomes an incredible tool. It’s a tool of life in many ways. You could chart anything. For me to this day, an option is the best way that I have found to leverage my knowledge and at the same time, take advantage of this incredible volatility that we’re involved in. Bill, let’s position a little bit. You’re an expert in something called disruptive innovation. If anybody needed disruptive innovation now, it would be all of us because we have been disrupted and now, we need to innovate. It took a while for some of us but we’ve figured out where we are in a way but many of us are still not back to where we were before. What are your thoughts about disruptive innovation in particular?

FTC Bill | Success Club
Success Club: If you’re not focused on building active communities and using technology to drive your growth, you’re going out of business.


It’s crazy but I do believe that technology was coming either way. If you go back and look at what we were in the middle of, we’re in the middle of many companies moving towards digital, AI learning, taking classes from home and then all of a sudden, it was catapulted to the front. That was your only choice. The only choice I think. All this has done is fast forward the art of AI, the future of education, the way that companies are going to be run. They’re not going to have as many mass offices with mass groups in one place when they have found that some people are as effective in certain industries working from the comfort of their living room, working from their at-home mobile office. The disruptive innovation lays it out that if you’re not focused on building active communities, you’re not focused on using technology as the driver and I do mean the driver of your growth, you’re out of business.

If you look at New York, they’re talking about 67% of restaurants may go under. It’s funny because my friend here in Nevada runs and is the chairman of a successful restaurant chain called Capriotti’s and on day one, they put up stands outside and began to serve food for the drive-thru outside. They immediately began to be the first to heavily advertise online using social media to make sure that when they thought of getting some type of Italian sandwich, they came first. Instead of declining sales in the restaurant industry, their sales up almost 30%. They’ve lost no employees and profits have gone through the roof. It’s understanding that disruptive innovation is that if you’re not going to use these tools and get ahead of this curve, this curve is going to knock you out of the park and it’s going to happen fast.

It knocks a lot of people out of the park, as you say. I published the book in 2015 called The Invisible Organization. In effect, it was a blueprint of how I build business breakthroughs international with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. We saved Tony $1 million in rent that year because he understood that operating virtually was going to be far more effective. He shut down an entire building filled with salespeople and offices, sent everybody home, saved the money and productivity went up.

That’s being ahead of the curve.

Now that book is more relevant in some ways than it was in 2015 but the things I talk about in that book are all obsolete. The technology has advanced rapidly over the course of the years that now sending people home to work was nothing more than flipping a switch and letting people get on the web in a secure way and off they went. Innovation is the key. What else is going on in this space now that we should know about?

The three things that people should write down, number one, is to adapt. You have to adapt. You have to realize that what’s happening is going to happen and you’re not going to change it. You can’t focus on the global economy. You’ve got to focus on your personal economy. If you can focus on your personal economy, you might adjust the global economy. The first thing to do is to stay calm. I tell everyone to stay calm, take notice of what is but listen to groups of leaders, not one leader. Don’t listen to one news source, get multiple news sources and not for more than twenty minutes a day. Twenty minutes of news is all you need per day from multiple sources and not multiple twenty minutes. One twenty minutes, scan a couple of news sources, turn on your Google alerts.

If something major is going to happen, it’ll let you know. If you get caught up in the negative news, it’s going to suck the life out of you and it’ll happen fast. Once you realize that it is where it’s at and these things are going on, the second thing is that people need to write this down, that frugal is cool, cut every expense you can. Look at every interest payment, every credit card, every bill that you pay, gas, light, electric. Look for ways to save money on all those bills. You’ve got to start that now. It cannot wait. Dive into this thing full tilt to make sure that that money machine that you can at least keep what’s there.

Take advantage of every loan program. Every loan program can help you now. If there are loans at 3%, 2%, 1%, any government loan programs that can give you money for less than 3%, get more than you need. Get as much as you can have and not where you’re taking the loan but maybe in a line of credit. Use some of that to also make sure that all your credit cards are paid down, keep them all at 10% or lower. Ten percent or lower in your credit cards will make a massive difference in your ability to get more loans. Don’t take one credit card and load it up. I don’t care if you have $20,000 in credit cards but if that’s on one credit card, that’s going to hurt you a lot. Get twenty credit cards and put $1,000 each so it’s spread out. That’ll help you a lot when it comes to understanding this.

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In addition to all that, you need to take a step back and look at your overall plan. You look at what is the next two years of your life cycle and your business cycle look like, break that down into quarters, into months and then into weeks. You’re going to find that once you can realize you’ve got to adapt and build a better plan, you’ve got to make sure that everything you’re bringing to the market, is it something that you can deliver in a better format? Can you be more efficient with it? Can you add more value? What else can you throw into it? We believe a lot of this is called edutainment. Create great education to give away for free. Maybe it’s a newsletter.

There are little things you can do now. There’s a lot of tools that are out there. One of the things I recommend is to get a book cover done, become a published author in your space. It doesn’t take long to do this, you can go and download Anchor and launch your own podcast. It puts you on iTunes and Spotify within days for no money. Go to Fiverr and get a good graphic made for what you’re doing. Take the same idea. Once that’s up there, set up a Facebook group for your business owners. If your customers that are out there set up Facebook groups for your customers so you can communicate more with them. Launch a free virtual party once a month where you might give away some free gifts to stay in tune with your customers.

As this process is going, I recommend going to a website like Help A Reporter. Go to Google, Help A Reporter, get yourself listed there because you’ll get interviews on your area of expertise. Please understand that during the adapt phase, you have to pick that niche, own that niche. Don’t do fifteen different things. No one’s going to buy from someone that’s going to cut your grass, fix your house and they’re also a LASIK surgeon. I don’t want them to touch your eyes. It’s your job to focus on where are you going to go with that.

The second thing is innovation. Innovation is a major driver right now and there’s a lot of good tools out there that you can use. A lot of them are free. For your video production, InShot. It’s an app for $9 that allows you to shoot a one-minute video, put your opt-in code inside of it, push one button and it goes to all your social channels in under one minute. It’s Instagram-friendly. Always give content, no sales. Overwhelm them with cool content and new tools that are out there. Perfect Video lets you edit your videos for free. I like that one a lot. There’s a new one I’ll call it YouCanBook.Me is a free service that people can then schedule time with you. These are all little things but I’m telling you, these are big things when it comes to the innovation side.

I like to utilize a lot of the stuff. If you need a good little mobile website and a digital global business card, there’s a new app called Mingl.no. This is a great tool. You upload your photo, social media links, PDFs, documents, website and it builds you within about 1.5 or 2 minutes your own mobile digital global business card that lets you send out text messages globally for free. These are things that people are paying so much money for but now you can save that money. Make sure you’ve got a good process where giveaway the education, have them watch a short video, maybe get them on a free newsletter. Constant Contact has a great rate for newsletters or Mailchimp. Those are all good. One, send them a newsletter, then set them up for a consultation. I like to call them a strategy session. Give them a twenty-minute strategy session and then figure out can you serve them? Yes or no? If you can, give them value.

What I would recommend in the innovation phase is that you’ve got to build the community more now than you’ve ever done. You’ve got to rely on referrals now more than you’ve ever done. I’m scratching the surface on these ideas but these are things that if you’re thinking about, “How do I dive in now? What do I do now?” The last part of innovation is called overcome. You adapt to innovate and you overcome. You overcome drives in what’s called execution. The challenge for most of us is that we don’t build good daily habits. We find ourselves busy but we’re not productive. Move to productivity central and you schedule those daily habits where you become unstoppable first thing in the morning. That gives you a few ideas of things you can do now.

I want to talk more about that but I need to make an announcement here because readers, we are talking to the amazing Bill Walsh. He is talking about innovation and technology. He is showing us exactly the tools that he believes can help you now make a difference and get an edge. Bill, you talk about building a community. My book called Power Tribes is all about building a community with a purpose called certification. If you’re going to build a community, why not have it make you a lot of money?

This is the perfect time because people are looking for this. First of all, most entrepreneurs that are the CEO and run the whole business. A lot of them are lonely. Now they’re more lonely because they have no one to communicate with, no one to face to face time with. When building a power tribe, why not create value that I always like to move, what’s called free to pay to highly paid. Free is where everyone starts. Bring everyone in for free. Ten percent will go to paid and 10% of that will go to highly paid. Even in the free version, give them value and always add new stuff each week.

That’s one of the things you do well is you’ve added great content that for them not to be a part of one of your tribes is almost crazy because if you’re not using the best resources, you’re settling for second best. You don’t want other people to talk about it, you want people to live it. I don’t believe you know something until you live it. I’m a firm believer. I don’t want to be the first guy for the LASIK surgeon. I want to be patient number 545. He’s already done hundreds of successful surgeries. The same thing here is that surround yourself with who live what they teach, not just talk about it.

FTC Bill | Success Club
Success Club: When building a power tribe, move from free to paid to highly-paid.


You mentioned something important. You talk about the Pareto Principle which you referred to. What that means is that it used to be called the 80/20 Principle and nowadays it has shifted to the 95/5 Principle. What that means is when you said before, “Give everything away for free,” which I do as you know and it’s no longer 20% that become your best clients. It’s 5%. Another thing you said, which I love, is that, “It’s the 5% of the 5% that become your high ticket, highly paid clients. The only way to get to those guys is to continue to work at the bottom of the pyramid and make sure that everybody on board.” You and I are in tune with how we think. Your books are exactly like mine. You give value to what you write and all of the things that you do as well.

I love it every day because I watch one’s friends write back and say, “That one tool you saved me thousands of dollars a year. That one idea to use InShot to promote all my social channels for $9 a month has now grown the list to over 2,000 people in less than 30 or 45 days.” If you’re not using technology and check this out, it’s being used against you. You don’t know it yet.

As they say, “Free social media is the furthest thing from free that you could ever imagine.” The other thing you mentioned about the news. Twenty minutes for me is way too much. I can’t stand that much negativity in one day. I pay attention to alerts. If I get an alert, I read it and I’m educated as far as I’m concerned. My poor mom sits there in front of CNN all day and then she’s in tears at night. I want to yank the cable out of the wall.

If you ever want to take a test, here’s a great negativity test. You put on any news network, for the most part. Either way, it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they’re on and turn it up loud and then try to go to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will have a pounding headache. It’s almost a guarantee. Jim Rohn, we talk about, “Whatever you feed your mind, you become.” I recommend each day start your day with ten minutes of Jim Rohn. Go to YouTube. It’s free. He coached a guy you might know. One of his first employees was Tony Robbins. Understanding his philosophy in life in business was all about adding value.

He lived the life of that and his videos. Even though you might run out of them someday. If you try this little 10 before 10 exercises, every night before you go to bed, write down the ten most important things you’ll accomplish the next day by 10:00 AM. If you write all that stuff out, your brain will work on the solutions. “Wake up. I believe in gratitude power first. I thank God for the blessings of my life. I don’t ask for things. I thank God for what I have in my life and then we work on the big rocks.” Get the big rocks done. If you get the big rocks out of the way, before this, “I’ve already been on calls to Europe that had to get done. I’ve already had our text message, email blast sent out for the day and for the week they’re all scheduled.”

I had two conference calls on a business that we’re trying to close on. All of this before 10:00 AM because I know at 10:00 AM Pacific I had to be on my good friend, Mitch to go through all this stuff and had a great conversation. Get the big rocks out of the way and then the rest of your day gets into a flow. That’s what you’ll find some of the greatest entrepreneurs. Why do some of the greatest athletes make it look easy? They get into something called the flow. The flow is where you can combine these two things to become unconsciously competent at what you do.

Combine that with quantum productivity and you become something called an intuitive performer. People say, “You make it look easy.” Yes because I live it and I work every day. They never see all the hours, they have never seen the 500 golf balls that Jack Nicklaus hit every day until his hands bled. They have never seen LeBron James play with the same team from fourth grade all the way through high school that won multiple national championships. He was literally in high school filling college arenas to watch him play.

By the time he was eighteen, he was ready for the big time. He walked on the court saying, “This is my court.” It was called in Cleveland originally the King James Court. It’s understanding that, take ownership of your space and where you’re at and never stop working to improve yourself. That’s why shows like yours and your book Power Tribes and things they can plug into, if you can begin to feed your mind that great stuff, you’ll have no challenges stepping into your greatness at a much higher level.

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I’m going to add one more recommendation to your listening list. Jim Rhon, one of my favorites, I listen to him regularly. The other one I listen to regularly is Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks channels. Abraham is what I would call the most powerful vehicle for delivering well the Law of Attraction and that’s what this is about. That’s what you’re talking about. You’re setting yourself up every day to attract everything you want in your life.

It’s obvious, as you speak for a few minutes, I know where you’re coming from and I know your mindset, which is awesome. This has been a great conversation and I want to thank you for spending this time with me so far. I have two questions for you. I like to ask these questions to all of my guests because I believe they expose a little different side of everybody no matter who is going to give me an answer. I ask you the first question which is who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

Are they alive or dead?

It doesn’t matter, all of space and time.

I’ve always been fascinated by Einstein in many ways. I’ve always been an Einstein fan. I studied much of his work but what I would talk to him about was that where did he find the ability to be persistent? His ability to be persistent was well beyond everything else you’d ever imagined. His wife thought that he was flat out crazy. He realizes that he packed up everything he had during the war, went to Russia in the snow to prove his Theory of Relativity. She said, “You’re nuts if you walk out that door. Don’t ever walk back in.” he said, “If I win the Nobel prize, you’re going to have all the money. You have to give me this one more time.”

Throughout his entire career, he was laughed at, ridiculed and told he wasn’t worth anything. To me, being consistently persistent and persistently consistent was something I’d love to have the conversation of where did he find that drive to go prove a theory in the middle of war whereas guys got captured? When I knew it, I realized how tough this was that he proved the theory and then came back and won the Nobel prize.

He did give the money to his wife as he said he would do. More importantly, throughout his entire career, he was always fighting the mainstream because they didn’t believe in how powerful his work was but he backed up his work not just with words but with an actual theorem that was proved to be true. To have the conversation about his ability to remain consistently persistent through all those tough times is something every entrepreneur needs to learn about. I’ve had plenty of failures. I tell it all the time. I’ve been broke and wealthy. Broke sucks. When you’re broke, you’ll find your real friends. Your real friends walk in, all the fakes are gone. Some time with Einstein would be priceless.

If you like Einstein, you’re going to love Thomas Alva Edison. Talk about persistence. He went through thousands of different elements to try and find how to create a filament for a light bulb. I was a student of Thomas Edison for many years as a boy. Do you know when the real breakthrough came when it came to creating a light bulb? When he figured out that he had to vacuum the oxygen out of the globe before he lit the filament. That became the most elementary innovative element of creating a light bulb but it took him 2,000 tries to figure that out.

I think it was more like 10,000 tries. He said it was 10,000 to what he called the test to create greatness. The great part about Edison too that people don’t realize is that one of Edison’s greatest skillsets was the people he surrounded himself with. If you’ll look at the book Think And Grow Rich, they talked about masterminds are the driving force for every other principle in the book. Edison had one of the most brilliant masterminds ever. He took tons of risk. He was laughed at ridiculed. People don’t realize that General Electric at one time was called General Edison. The crazy thing is that they moved from General Edison to General Electric but make no mistake about it that most of his patents and his ideas launched that dynamic company of now. People don’t realize some of the backstories.

FTC Bill | Success Club
The Obvious: Untold Secrets to Create Global Success

I like the idea. I’m a huge Edison fan as well. His grandniece lives in Chicago and she wrote a book called Inventing the Future: What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today? It was great to hear the stories of how this all came together and how people did think at that time that what he was doing was so farfetched. Look at it now, we look back and he made history. That’s a great thing too, “What is going to be your blueprint? What is going to be your footprint?” That’s why I tell everyone, “Write a book, tell your story, creates some digital products now. There’ll be around for a long time.”

Writing a book is also the best way ever to learn about a topic in an even deeper way. No matter how much you think you know, if you think you know enough to write a book, start writing. What you’ll notice is that you need to do a lot of research still and that only enhances your own ability to understand your topic. That’s my belief.

I believe we’re always a work in progress. I can’t wait to read your book Power Tribes because it seems like we certainly speak right down the same language and we’ve done that in about 35 cities. Now, we have local masterminds that are all digital now but it was all designed to get small groups of people together to work on their businesses. A lot of this came from learning and studying some of the great entrepreneurial leaders over the last 200 years.

I got what I call the grand finale question. We’d like to call it the “change the world question.” What is it that you are doing now or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

One of the things we’ve been working on quite diligently is the launching of what’s called Success Club. It’s a completely free tool to the environment or community that takes the best of the best learning, some of the best of the best tools that are out there and make it all available for free. The idea is to empower and inspire 10 million entrepreneurs. The second part of that category, if we can inspire 10 million entrepreneurs, we can inspire 100 million kids. We can create a social impact to inspire 100 million kids to become young entrepreneurs. It’s free across the board to give away the social content, to give away ideas on business, on life, on prosperity, on mindsets and all of these things, all great content, all for free, great tools for free. More importantly, creating those same ten million businesses that understand that social impact is the currency of the future.

No longer does your company make some money to make a difference. I’m not saying to support any cause whatsoever, we’re not promoting any cause you need to get behind. You pick your own cause and you do your own cause in your own way, in your own backyard whether it’s hours of your time or your dollars, they need both. Believe it or not, most local charities need some of your time. I feel honored to sit on a number of boards about giving back but what we’ll work on now at the highest level is our Success Club and the goal is ten million entrepreneurs in the next five years that could impact 100 million kids to become entrepreneurs because it’s important in life.

I know a lot of times they’re put down, they’re made fun of. I can be there and I know I’ve been there. People will tell you, “You’re crazy. You’re nuts.” I love the crazy ones. If people tell you you’re nuts, you’re probably at the closest point to success you’ve ever been in your life. I surround myself with like-minded individuals that also believe in helping small businesses but also empowering the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

I couldn’t be more aligned with your mission as well. There are many of our readers that would love to find out more about Success Club. When they are available and when we could help you?

If people tell you you're nuts, you're probably at the closest point to success you've ever been in your life. Click To Tweet

It’s an online community. It’s SuccessClub2020.com. It’s free, no sales. You can go there and begin to use all those tools and share it.

I hope people will go get it. Speaking of things that you have for readers, you mentioned something about giving away a book. Can you tell us more about the book and what it is you’re giving away?

You’ve all seen or have heard of the movie called The Secret. I wrote a book years ago called The Obvious. It’s those laws or principles of success that you got to get off your ass, that you got to go to work, that you got to not just talk about a plan but you’ve got to implement the plan. It takes you through stages of an entrepreneur of things you can do right now that if you like what I talked about, it takes a little larger look at it and it helps you understand how to build perfect dates. How to have the best systems, how to attract the best teams, how to become an even better leader? We’re going to give it all away, no charge all free now. If you have a cell phone, you text the word Obvious to 26786, you’ll get our newsletter, the book and club access all for free. I’m sure you’ll love to read it. It’s an easy read with a couple of hundred pages but you’ll love the stories, concepts and ideas inside there that we’ve used to build some wildly successful brands.

I’m sure I will love it and I can’t wait to read it myself. Readers, do not hesitate. Go grab that book now. It’s rare that you get something this valuable for free. Take advantage of it. Bill, it has been an absolute joy spending time with you. I love what you shared.

Thanks for having me on, Mitch.

My pleasure. Readers, if you liked reading about Bill, then spend some time with his material as good as he is together live with me, his stuff is amazing. I expect you to go forward and get involved because he’s on the edge of some amazing stuff that you can participate in now for free. Thank you, Bill. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon.

Keep up the great work. I love you.

I love you too.

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