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In 1985, I started Timeslips Corp over my garage in Essex, MA. From that tiny space, it grew to 100 people, dominating my market and eventually selling out for 8 figures. Yes, it was a success, but it was also a journey with many twists and turns, some choices that could have destroyed the company or catapulted it to the stars. We were lucky. We were shooting in the dark. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I built this show for YOU; The entrepreneur running your own company, making money but not yet having scaled the business. In each episode, I bring you amazing people who have walked through the wall of fire and want to show you the way. I am at the age and position in my life where most of my time is spent giving back to the entrepreneurial community that I emerged from as my way of paying it forward. 

Enjoy the show, let me know how you like it and spread the word 🙂
Mitch Russo


186: MailBird: Email Made Easy With Andrea Loubier

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make your daily email tasks easier? Andrea Loubier, the CEO of Mailbird, is recognized as one of the thought leaders and top female entrepreneurs in South East Asia. Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows. In this episode, Mitch Russo interviews Andrea about the struggles of being in the corporate world and how email has been both good and bad for productivity. Andrea talks about how emails are made easy with Mailbird and the mission to create a technological solution to create proper work-life balance and focus on things that actually matter in life. Don’t miss today’s show to learn more about Mailbird and discover Andrea’s advice for first-time entrepreneurs.

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185: Marketing Your Expertise Technologically With Bill Bice

The way the world is developing, there are no shortages on groundbreaking ideas. The problem is how do you get your ideas out there? You can have the most advanced idea, expertise, or product, but it doesn’t matter if your marketing tactics can’t give you the desired attention and reaction. Bill Bice, the Founder of boomtime, fell in love with small businesses at a young age and has been committed to helping out the industry in his own out-of-the-box way of thinking ever since. Being a programmer at heart, his company developed a platform that scales with the modern world as it fuses both technology and expertise into one service. In this episode, Bill talks with Mitch Russo about the greatest mistakes that people have made in marketing and how you can avoid them. Learn how to maximize your returns using the expertise that you’ve perfected over the years, even if it means that you need to give it away for free.

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184: How To Secure Your Website’s Privacy Policies With Donata Kalnenaite

Privacy policies in your website need to be up to date whenever laws change. However, manually changing or copying policies from other websites can be tedious and takes a lot of time and work. In this episode, host Mitch Russo guests Donata Kalnenaite of Termaggedon to explain to us how privacy policies work and the laws that affect it. She also discusses how Termaggedon offers to automatically update your website privacy policies whenever state law changes.

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183: How Quantum Frequency Can Deliver Business Success With David Adelson

Whether you believe it or not, something unseen can bring you all the success you need in life. In today’s fascinating discussion, Mitch Russo interviews the master of Quantum Frequency Range, David Adelson, about how frequencies and alignment can help build your business quickly and successfully. Running a spiritual-based business into an efficient company, David has proven well enough that his process works. He then discusses how finding the right frequency can help solve problems and how his program called Peace and Harmony can help improve group performance.

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182: Libby Gill On The Road Of Transforming Into A Professional Speaker

Professional speakers provide great impact and influence on anyone who wants significant success in their lives. In this episode, Mitch Russo talks about speaking professionally with Libby Gill, the Founder and CEO of Libby Gill & Company. Libby shares her inspiring journey involving taking existential turns in her life, all leading her to become the influential coach that she is today. She also talks about some action aspects that anyone aspiring to speak on stage can do to get started. Listen to Libby’s discussion as she breaks down how speakers earn and talks about her giveaway called the  Career Success Academy.

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181: How Not To Be A Jerk: Reclaiming Respect In The Workplace With Jordan Goldrich

There are jerks everywhere, and it is up to you to learn how to deal with them or how not to become one yourself. Today, Mitch Russo interviews Jordan Goldrich, the co-author of the book entitled Workplace Warrior. Having experienced being set up and fired from his job, Jordan has had great realizations about such mishaps and decided to help others who are going through the same scenario. Jordan shares his techniques you can use on yourself or staff members who are being jerks in a business environment and disrupting the business flow. Listen to Jordan as he highlights the value of respect in the workplace and walks us through his coaching method by understanding neural pathways and behaviors.

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180: Locate™: Changing the Way People Do Business With Nick Schiffelbein

When you realize that product launching is far away from the Hollywood version of instant success, it's tempting to take the easy way out than march through the grind until it's done. In this episode, host Mitch Russo interviews cloud-based application architect and Locate Chief Technology Officer, Nick Schiffelbein. Sharing his early entrepreneurial journey to finally choosing his life path, he explains the pains and the grind of perfecting a software product to the point that it changes how people do business. Learn the value of having mentors with a long-term mindset, delegating tasks to scale a business, and the power of knowing your customers by heart. Discover Nick's advice to young startup founders with a brilliant idea and are ready to take risks and start their own venture.

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179: Targeting Users Through Email Marketing With Adam Robinson

In the world and in business, sometimes the small ideas are the ones that make a huge impact and truly change the world. In this episode, host Mitch Russo interviews Adam Robinson about his hit email-based retargeting software called GetEmails. Adam is a leading innovator in the email marketing space. Today, he opens up about how and why he got GetEmails started, and shares some insightful tips to improving your sales and marketing.

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178: Entrepreneurial Journey: Building, Growing, Selling, And Buying A Business With Roland Frasier

Many entrepreneurs start their journey young. For guest, Roland Frasier, his passion for entrepreneurship began from watching his father. From there, he slowly climbed to venturing out doing deals while still in school. Now, he is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Leverage, Ext, Grow + Scale Mentors, and the War Room Mastermind as well as a principal in, among others. With his hard-earned wisdom from the experiences he has been through, Roland takes us to his journey towards entrepreneurial success and provides great insights and advice on pursuing this path your own. He talks about doing real estate and building businesses that sell along with the importance of networking and having a mentor and the value of giving. Follow Roland along his journey and pick up great advice about starting a business,  growing it, selling, and even buying another one.

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177: Fatal Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Financial Life And How To Fix Them by Hillel Presser

Protecting what you have worked hard for is an utmost priority. Hillel Presser of The Presser Law Firm, PA talks about asset protection. In this episode, he chats with Mitch Russo about his bold decision on shifting from a solo attorney at the Broward County prosecutor's office to going out on his own specializing in helping entrepreneurs protect what they've worked so hard to create. He tells us the five fatal mistakes you are probably making that could strip you of all your assets. With these missteps, Hillel offers some tips you could do to prevent them from happening. Ensuring you can sleep well at night, he shows you what their firm can do for you and your assets.

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