Your First Thousand Clients Podcast with Mitch Russo

In 1985, I started Timeslips Corp over my garage in Essex, MA. From that tiny space, it grew to 100 people, dominating my market and eventually selling out for 8 figures. Yes, it was a success, but it was also a journey with many twists and turns, some choices that could have destroyed the company or catapulted it to the stars. We were lucky. We were shooting in the dark. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I built this show for YOU; The entrepreneur running your own company, making money but not yet having scaled the business. In each episode, I bring you amazing people who have walked through the wall of fire and want to show you the way. I am at the age and position in my life where most of my time is spent giving back to the entrepreneurial community that I emerged from as my way of paying it forward. 

Enjoy the show, let me know how you like it and spread the word 🙂
Mitch Russo


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