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In 1985, I started Timeslips Corp over my garage in Essex, MA. From that tiny space, it grew to 100 people, dominating my market and eventually selling out for 8 figures. Yes, it was a success, but it was also a journey with many twists and turns, some choices that could have destroyed the company or catapulted it to the stars. We were lucky. We were shooting in the dark. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I built this show for YOU; The entrepreneur running your own company, making money but not yet having scaled the business. In each episode, I bring you amazing people who have walked through the wall of fire and want to show you the way. I am at the age and position in my life where most of my time is spent giving back to the entrepreneurial community that I emerged from as my way of paying it forward. 

Enjoy the show, let me know how you like it and spread the word 🙂
Mitch Russo


176: Productive Meetings: Leading Time Between Insight And Action With Darren Chait

Meetings tend to be the bane of every working individual in this world because, for the most part, they are unproductive and thus, causing a lot of waste in both time and money. Co-founder and COO of Hugo, Darren Chait, is all about saving time and making fast-moving teams to make meeting insights shareable and actionable. Darren grew up with a family with a small business and is all about building your own. This led to his discovery of a time-management tool that came out of his frustration from experiencing the exhausting days in meetings. He shares the story on how it led him to create his product and the critical errors that led him to improve it with his co-founder. He goes further into details on how to answer the right questions and stop wasting time.

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175: Changing People And The World For The Better Through Keynote Speaking With James Malinchak

Your speaking skills can be an avenue for changing the hearts and minds of those who listen to your message and follow your advice. In today’s episode, Mitch Russo interviews motivational keynote speaker and business marketing consultant James Malinchak about his desire to help others in becoming successful in the real world through keynote speaking. James became a stockbroker after college but while doing so, he wrote his first book, From College To The Real World, which became a hit because he taught college kids to interview successfully for jobs. Today, he shares his TOMA or Top of Mind Awareness and 10-10-10 philosophy. Don’t miss today’s episode as James shares some marketing tips for speakers and salespersons and his dream to change the world one speaking engagement at a time.

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174: Nimble: Building Relationships That Help Achieve Passion, Plan, And Purpose With Jon Ferrara

Clarity comes when tragedy emerges and becomes a finely-honed tool to help focus the individual on what's truly important. For Jon Ferrara, it was helping others. Jon is the Founder of Nimble LLC and the Co-founder of GoldMine Software Corp. Searching for software to help him build the relationships that he needed to fulfil his mission, he was shocked to find that nothing suited his needs. He his company called Nimble around this incredible CRM idea which is now voted as one of the top CRM providers. Today, Jon talks about the highs and lows of his life, including starting and growing GoldMine and Nimble, dealing with a head tumor, and developing the five E’s of social business.

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173: Joe Sanok On Living Through Adversity, Bouncing Back, And Podcasting

Life often unfolds its plans for you after it has put you through so many challenges. Joseph Sanok, the owner of Mental Wellness Counseling and host of Practice of the Practice podcast, is no stranger to this, having discovered his path towards success with podcasting. In this episode, Joseph provides great insights about podcasting by sharing to us the journey of how he made that shift. Amidst multiple curveballs thrown his way, Joseph found it instrumental for him to continue to live a life of freedom and less stress. He shares some great tips on deciding whether or not podcasting is right for you and eventually starting your own and getting it ready. Together with his own business, Joseph then talks about how podcasting helps growing and scaling your private practice with client engagement, membership retention, and more.

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172: Maximizing Your Unfair Advantage With Dov Gordon

Any small business owner knows that entrepreneurship has its highs and lows. Our guest, Dov Gordon is no stranger to this. Dov is the Founder of The Alchemist Entrepreneur, Ltd. He is a business expert who helps other coaches and consultants scale their businesses from small into big. He struggled with his own business for years until he discovered the secret that brought a lot of success for his own small company, and then taught it to others. One by one, they too experienced the success that was elusive for all those years. He’s here to talk about how to maximize your unfair advantage so you don’t want to miss this episode.

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171: Closing Deals In Person With Suzanne Evans

Technology has conquered almost every industry in the modern world, but there’s one thing technology can’t do yet, and that provides the human touch. It’s easy to close deals virtually, but there’s something different when you do it in person. Founder of the Driven Business School and Life Coach, Suzanne Evans, talks about how desperation became the friend that boosted her to the top. She shares why she chose to ignore technology and do things old school by closing deals left and right in person. In this episode, Suzanne guides us on the ins and outs of hosting a successful event that has been the catalyst for making her an authority in the life coaching and event hosting space. She imparts a lesson about the importance of understanding that, if you don’t ask, you don’t get anything.

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169: Unhackable Passwords: Securing Your Ideas with LeAnn Bell

Whatever industry you’re in, passwords have always been the bane of security. Throughout the years, people have come up with different ideas on how to not only secure their passwords but remember them as well. Inventor of passwordsFast LeAnn Bell, had an idea on how to fix this dilemma and was determined to make it a reality. LeAnn shares her incredible journey of bringing her idea to life and what comes after that. She talks about the mistakes she’s done, and the solutions she thought of along the way. Learn about why fear is the greatest enemy of progress, and how you can conquer it to realize your dreams, and like what many inventors lived for, make the world a better place.

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170: Jim Spano On Looking To The Side For Success

Sometimes, it pays to look at what projects you have on the sidelines because they just might be what will lead you to success. Jim Spano is an Air Force veteran who specialized in Russian linguistics. After leaving the service, he went on to work for the Metropolitan Insurance Company and later on put up an insurance brokerage that eventually became a high-net-worth financial planning firm. His interest in real estate led him to establish his own company that focuses on renewable energy solar projects. In this episode, Jim shares how he was able to get back into the black after the real estate crash of 2008. He says that instead of always looking at the next product to deliver to the market, you need to think of developing a platform that would allow other products to get into the market. 

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168: Neimology Science: Analyzing Your Name With Sharon Lynn Wyeth

When you know a person’s name, then you’ll know how a person thinks and behaves. Sharon Lynn Wyeth is a name expert and the Founder and Creator of Neimology Science. In this episode, learn how Sharon analyzes the essence of who you are with your name. She talks about knowing an individual’s personality traits by utilizing the letters in their name and how it relates to building a business. She also dives into the importance of your brand name and product name to determine its influence and how it will create an impact in the marketplace

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167: Becoming Visible: Exposing The Hidden Gems Inside Of Us With Anna Feldman

It takes courage to become visible to the world and expose the truth of who you are. Transformation coach and facilitator, Anna Feldman shares her beautiful and inspiring stories growing up with vitiligo and how she accepted and used it as a source of courage and tenacity. From her experiences, Anna found some strategies on how to become visible in an unstoppable way and express fully who we are. Her Heart of Visibility program could change your perspective about the hidden gems inside of us. Read on this episode to learn more about Anna and her work to find inspiration in the power of becoming visible with your truth.

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