This is only for those brazen souls who have already have achieved greatness, and have been without a world-changing mission now for a little while.

Come with me as I guide you through a process which will re-ignite your passion, and together we will take back our purpose, our greatness, our Mission: Next.

Having built one of the leading software companies in the 1980’s and sold it in the 1990’s for eight figures, I struggled for several years trying to recapture the excitement and the purpose I felt building that first empire.

Having thought I “made it”, I never anticipated the feeling of not having that next vital mission in my life, the one that drives me, the one that gives my life purpose.

After several failed attempts at starting something up, I finally joined long-time friend Chet Holmes as we built Business Breakthroughs along with Tony Robbins. I became President and CEO of that company, grew it by 300% over 4 years, and life was awesome… until Chet died of Leukemia. That ended a chapter in my life, leaving me once more, without direction or purpose. Has that ever happened to you?

Starting over again, I consulted long-time friend and mentor Jay Abraham about my future. Jay told me that I cannot waste what I know about building, growing and running a virtual company.

That idea became my Amazon #1 Best Seller called; The Invisible Organization.

After that book was published, I knew I needed a new mission in life, something that I could sink my teeth into and pour my creativity into, but without negatively impacting my awesome lifestyle.

Have You Ever Felt That Way Too?
I thought so…


Legendary Business Genius Jay Abraham; Mentor, Friend, and sometimes Business Partner.
Legendary Business Genius Jay Abraham; Mentor, Friend, and sometimes Business Partner.

And So I Want To Invite You To Boston For Something Special!

I decided to create a group of motivated, brilliant and powerful company founders who KNOW FOR CERTAIN that there’s an epic mission in their future, one that will inspire them to change the world again. We don’t yet know what your mission is yet, but together, we will start to discover where to begin.

Are You Ready?

If not, then this group isn’t for you. But if it is, then let’s decide together how this small group of powerful, like-minded folks can make strides and renew that feeling of passion, mission, and purpose.

Come for the growth, come for the friendship, come for the connections, you won’t be sorry. – But only if you qualify.

Let’s create something special, together.

If you would enjoy the support of a dedicated group of like-minded, success-oriented guys, who can contribute to your success and expect the same support back from you, then let’s discuss how this Mastermind can serve you.

Your investment for this one-day event is your most valuable resource: your time…
But I believe your return could be priceless.

I will be beta testing a brand new process I have designed to help people like us — those who already know what success means — to discover what is holding us back from doing it again, this time with more joy, with more passion and with more purpose than ever before.

We will identify your strong suit archetype, uncover your blind spots, develop a vision and commit to that mission your first epic success was really preparing you for! It’s the experience we will be having together that will bring this to the surface and shine a light on the path we may already have right in front of us. And together, with all our resources in the room, I can only imagine what will happen!

Only apply if you’ve been to the top of the mountain and now miss the view.

Let’s stop chasing shiny objects and get focused on your TRUE LIFE MISSION, which we will endeavor to discover together, individually and as a dedicated group of men supporting each other through the process.

I am not a guru, I am just like you. I realized that I needed YOUR help and YOUR support and I have something to give back in return.  I am investing my time and money to host this event at no charge to you. I only want your time, your attention, your friendship and your feedback – for one day. From there, let’s see where that takes us. If we are a fit, I will invite you to join my Mastermind and continue our journey together, with the support of each other.

We start with a one day workshop. A full, entire day of growth, camaraderie, great food, and friendship. I want only your best thinking as together we help each other make a difference in this world. There’s no obligation other than to play full-out the day we are together.


This is ONLY for you if you know that it’s time to power up your passion, redirect it into the highest good for you, your family and our world. This is NOT for you if you haven’t had a significant “success event” in your life; such as winning a gold medal, running a large organization or selling your company.

Please note; this is NOT an open invitation to anyone and everyone. Share it only with those few who qualify; the quality of our group and our day together depends on it. If you are unsure whether you are a candidate and want to talk live, if you have any questions about what this is about and want to talk to me directly just let me know and let’s schedule a call.