The Purpose of Marketing

Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

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I started to think about how much the “how” of marketing has changed over the years. As you realize, it’s completely different in almost every respect than it was 5 years ago. It’s almost as if a new marketing channel or vehicle is available daily.

Do you remember when life was simple? There was Radio (AM/FM that is) TV (all 13 channels) and print (newspapers and magazines.) Lets not forget The Yellow Pages.

Marketing tools get more and more sophisticated but unfortunately some people seem to have forgotten the entire point of it; The Purpose of Marketing.

Question: What did Harley Davidson do to build a brand religion?

We are all in sales. Like it or not, we are always selling. Our appearance is selling our image to those around us. Our actions are to gain favor with those who we need in our lives. Virtually all of our motives are designed to get what we want out of life and that takes convincing others of our point of view.

But something comes before selling, before the pitch, before the close. Something intangible and invisible to the conscious, thinking part of our mind. It’s who we are, our values and beliefs. Like the scent of expensive perfume, it shows up before she does. And when great marketing is in harmony with the company’s true beliefs, those attracted will resonate with the same overtones as our team, we become one of “them” and they want to be with us. They want us near and some don’t even fully understand why.

Now that’s marketing!

Business partner conceptSimply stated; Marketing is the way we create desire on an unconscious level. It’s a form of mass hypnosis. It’s art and magic designed to create the grandest illusion of all. To create DESIRE.

There is nothing more powerful than curiosity and desire. First comes the piquing of interest. Being curious about what it would be like to own that thing, to experience that service, to feel what those who have it feel. And then comes the raw, unbridled desire akin to a sexual hunger on an unconscious level.

You gotta have it.

Those who know how to wield that powerful a weapon, to create curiosity and desire in others, are akin to gods for they can do what few others can.

Remember we are talking about both curiosity and desire, for curiosity without the desire is nothing but a blip, a fad, a short term trend that fades. Mood rings from the 70’s, MySpace, you get it.

TRUE desire is enduring and sustaining.

Desire creates identity, harmonizing with who (you think) you are. And, more importantly, who you want others to think you are.

Watch this video and then keep reading:

If you watched the video (you may have seen it before,) you’ve witnessed one of the most powerful marketing techniques ever to rule the hearts and souls of human beings. It’s tapping into what what customers believe. It’s aligning their beliefs with your own. It’s taking what you are, who you are and not homogenizing it to appeal to many. It’s designed to screen out those who don’t believe in what you believe.

Where does it come from? I would suggest it comes from a place unknown to you, deeper than you would see on your own. It comes from your past and it shapes your driving factors.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” says Simon Sinek and that has proven to be one of the more interesting observations about people as it applies to marketing in a long time. This is what’s behind selling, it’s causing attraction!

What is your WHY?

Simon Sinek says it’s based on your childhood experiences, it comes from where you had success as a child. It may also come from the flaws of a somewhat normal childhood. A mom who’s disappeared, a dad who was never happy with what you did. According to Simon we are still seeking to heal those wounds the only way our unconscious mind knows how; By repeating the actions (or similar actions) that brought us that sense of security, success and well being.

This, as Simon claims, is the primary driver in how we go about living our lives. And, if discovered and stated clearly, this “Why” can be used to attract those who would naturally align with what we are drawn to on an unconscious level.

So now, think about that video you watched a minute ago. Does it make more sense to you? Can you see that, by discovering the “Why” of a company (which is the imprint of the founder’s values) would be a powerful attractor to a “cause” based product or service?

apple-logoThe most famous of these is Steve Job’s “Think Different” positioning for Apple Computer.  So perfect an example, a company founder’s vision to “Change the World” becomes the battle cry of an entire generation. Steve rarely talked about the hardware, he spoke of WHY he created Apple.

What would happen if you were to do that too?

What is your Why? How does that apply to your life and your business?

If I have stirred your interest in this topic of the PURPOSE of marketing and you’ve read this far, then maybe you would enjoy taking a look at some of the work I have been involved with recently. While at a mastermind, I befriended a gentleman named Ridgely Goldsborough. Ridgely and his team had dug deep into the process that Simon Sinek introduced in his book “Start With Why” but Ridgely’s team had taken it much deeper. They made key breakthrough discoveries which reduce the amount of time it takes to discover a person’s “Why” down from 6 hours to 15 minutes.

My own experience:

All my life I found myself always trying to improve things, to find a better way. It got me in trouble, caused conflicts, raised issues with friends, family and employers.

Once, I worked for a man who’s Master’s Thesis became his company. He designed a computer with a completely different architecture from conventional computers. His computer weighed 325 pounds and would heat up a room with all the circuit boards and power supplies. One day, another engineer and I were discussing how we might “improve” our company’s product and decide to use “bit slice” processors to emulate his design.

It was a skunk works i.e. we did it after hours. When complete, it occupied one circuit board and fit inside a pizza box with the power supply. It weighed about 6 pounds. It was 300% faster, 90% cheaper and consumed 95% less energy. We walked in to the CEO’s office and demonstrated our project. He didn’t take it too well. One of us was fired. Sometimes “finding a better way” can backfire!

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the 1st time.

After I sold my software company and going to work for the new owner, I thought that a scaled down version of my original software combined with the acquiring company’s products would make a great intro, low cost addition to the whole product line. Once again, I had several engineers who were excited about it, and built it off hours. As you can imagine, once again, it too didn’t go over very well. I was flatly told that if “we” wanted new products we would acquire them! (the nerve of me trying to create one!) Needless to say, not a good fit for an entrepreneur.

So there’s my Why. FINDING a BETTER WAY. I can’t help it. It’s what I do.

When I used to try and “solve problems” for my then wife, she became upset. She didn’t want her problems solved, she wanted someone to listen. I couldn’t help it, I was searching for a better way to deal with the problems she presented.

I could go on and on but when I finally discovered MY why, it clarified a lot of my life, it brought it into focus, it made me see clearly WHY I did the things I did. Even my entrepreneurial drive comes from wanting to find a “better way” and in several cases, I have.

Would you like to dig a little deeper?

I am inviting you into my world to see if this may be something you get value from. If for no other reason than to share something I am excited about with you. The page I will direct you to will go into understanding this process and the ramifications it could have on your business and your life.

Check this out: Why Formula

So, what is the purpose of marketing?

It’s to sell at the highest level, to bond with your consumer, client or customer on a level that transcends a product or service.

It’s to attract clients in the most subtle, powerful way through curiosity and build enduring desire to be a part of your brand. When you do, clients will identify and self select without you doing much more than showing up. When clients tattoo your logo on their body you know you have it right!


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