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Making Your Online Advertising Exceptional With Facebook Ads Expert Arman Ananian

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FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising


Falling victim to a video game addiction in high schoolArman Ananian failed most of his courses. Hsoon realized that life looked dismal and that he needed to change to become a man in this world. After trying several different business ideas and opening up a Shopify store which, unfortunately, was not profitable, he decided to promote that store with his own Facebook Ads. By learning and studying the Facebook and Google algorithms, he cracked the code so much so that Frank Kern, revolutionary marketer and promoter, hired him to work on his team back in 2019. Starting his own media company, Arman has since built ads for more than 200 companies and acquired top-level know-how on online advertising strategy. He is now considered one of the best Facebook Ad agencies out there. Today, he joins Mitch Russo to share his exciting journey into the world of online advertising. 

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Making Your Online Advertising Exceptional With Facebook Ads Expert Arman Ananian 

Welcome to this moment in time, when you get the chill out, tune in and extract wisdom you can use to grow your business with Your First Thousand Clients. I have something cool for all of my coaches in the audience. As a coach myself, I realized that I have been spending about 30 minutes per session on admin because I had five applications open at the same time across two of my huge screens. One for note, taking my calendar, my spreadsheet, my browser old, and my Zoom links. All this including my past session history scattered all over my desktop. At the end of each session, I had to combine all of this data into a single email and send it to my client as homework. 

All this time spent, after spending one-hour session, spending 30 to 40 minutes creating a homework email for them, I said, “There’s got to be a better way.” I decided to go looking for professional coaching software and what I found was either too complex, too expensive or both. I decided to create my own. I decided to make this platform simple to use. It’s everything on one screen training time is 10 minutes for $20 a month. Do you want to get it for free? Go to Clientfol.io and you can start your trial with no credit card required. Have a blast and let me know how you like it. 

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On to our guest and his incredible story, my guest fell victim to a video game addiction in high school and as a result, he failed most of his courses. It hit him hard and he realized that life looked dismal and that realization came where he realized he needed to change in order to become a man in this world. He then tried several different business ideas even opening up a Shopify store, but it was not profitable. He decided to promote that store with his Facebook ads. Running his first ads for himself spending hundreds of dollars without a clear return seemed like one of the dumbest decisions in his life, but he was persistent. 

By learning and studying the Facebook and Google algorithms, he cracked the code, so much so he was noticed by the incredible team over at Grant Cardone Shop and was hired to run ads for the Frank Kern Grant Cardone’s promotion in 2019, which was a huge success, so much so that Frank Kern, the revolutionary marketer, and promoter hired him to work on his team back in 2019. Starting his own media company, he’s since built ads for more than 200 companies, and acquired top-level know-how on online advertising strategy, and is now considered one of the best Facebook Ad agencies out there. Welcome, Arman Ananian to the show. 

Mitch, thanks so much. It’s a pleasure to be here. 

FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising
Online Advertising: Ads are an important component, but if your offer and landing page suck, no matter how good the advertising, it’s not going to get sold, be appealing, or be sustainable.


What a story? Let’s get into that a little bit. Tell me how this all got started for you. 

It was during the times where you’ve failed classes and you didn’t know what to do, but you had that chip on your shoulder to want to become better because everybody’s passing you. That’s where it was a bad situation, but also got me to start improving and working on myself. That led to Shopify, taking courses and online, learning, and eventually running ads for myself. You would think that spending money on ads. You would say, “Where are you going? You’re going nowhere with this.” Especially if you’re in Spain, it’s getting a real job and starting to do serious things. 

Thankfully, that led me to meet Hernan Vasquez, who worked with Frank Kern and his team. Thanks to a little bit of what I knew with Facebook ads, I got to work for them. That opened the doors for working with lots of US businesses touching every industry. From there, I went on to keep having the same Rolodex, keep working with the same people, inside of my company and keep helping businesses grow with advertising. 

Let’s go back a few steps here. What you are facing at that time was something that a lot of entrepreneurs face. That is a mindset issue. That’s self-doubt. That’s imposter syndrome. Those are all the words that we have given to people over the years as it relates to not feeling you can do the work that you’re attempting to do. I have to say that this sometimes cripples people completely and shuts them down. Others realize that’s what’s going on and they try to get a coach, maybe to help them or lean on a support team or group in some way. How did you decide? How did you overcome that? It was significant for you as it was with many other people as well. 

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Are we talking in the initial stages? 

In those initial stages when failure was all you saw, but you decided to keep pushing and going forward. 

The environment was a big key. A lot of you guys and people reading might be isolated now. It might be sometimes a blessing to be isolated from bad influences. That was one of the things. It was slowly isolating from bad influences as a twenty-something-year-old. You can imagine what a twenty-something-year-old is doing at that time. Isolating from those bad habits was huge. I was starting to listen and align myself with people that I want it to look like, entrepreneurs in the online space, starting their materials. They were my mentors to allow me to push forward. 

In effect, what you did is without telling them, you chose them as your role model and mentor. I assume what you’re saying is you followed their work, you studied what they did. Even though it felt like you might be failing, you pushed those feelings aside and keep going. Is that what I’m hearing? 


FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising
Online Advertising: At the end of the day, you’ve got to test and see what’s relevant. You can’t run one image and that’s it; you have to test many images and videos.


It’s one thing to start a Facebook Ad agency. You could buy a course on DigitalMarketer.com to become a Facebook ad expert for $495 or less, but to run campaigns for hundreds of companies and work to be selected by Frank Kern to work for him. That talks more to you and about you than being some guy who runs Facebook ads. Frankly, longtime readers know that I don’t invite Facebook ad guys onto the show because, to me, most of them are all doing the same thing. The reason I brought you on the show is because you’ve done something quite unique. 

You’ve taken a much different approach than others in this industry, both in the services you deliver, in the speed in which you deliver these services, and in the pricing models that you’ve created. What I want to do is I want to switch gears here and I want you to teach us all about the tips and tricks that we need to run Facebook ads. If we are running Facebook ads for our own business, and we’ve already got the basics down, we know where the pixel goes, we know how to get into the back end, we know how to find audiences. Let’s go beyond the basics here and let’s start with a little bit of your secret sauce, your formula for creating a great ad environment and results, which is the most important thing. Speak to that. 

When starting, I was naive enough to think that, “If you’ve got your ads down and perfect, everything is solved.” You think you’re the best in the world at ads, results are going to come to you, you don’t need anything else and you can have a secret set of parameters. In reality, ads are an important component, but if your offer and your landing page suck, no matter how good the advertising is, it’s not going to get sold, appealing or it’s not going to be sustainable. 

We created a framework like a car mechanic to understand where your campaign is overall failing, where are the holes and how we can make sure that there are no holes and turn it into a well-oiled machine. We break it down into the ads themselves, the copy on the ads, creative, the targeting and that’s on the advertising side. After they click, the landing page and all the optimizations we can do. If you want, we can start talking about some of the things that can be done on the ads and we can go from there. 

Let’s break this down a little bit further because you covered quite a lot in a few sentences. I’m sitting here and let’s say I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a business owner. I’ve probably taken a course. I’ve read all the online stuff I could find, but my ads aren’t producing. I’m hardly getting a lot of clicks. I’m not making a lot of money. Where do I start in the diagnostic process to figure out what’s gone wrong? 

If your ads are not getting a lot of clicks, that means that the ad is not relevant. Something on the ad side of things is not relevant. It could be the offer as well, but you’ve got to first focus on your spending money here, how you can make the dollar amount more efficient for you. If you’re not getting clicks, it’s either the creative, the image video that you’re using, maybe it’s too boring, maybe it doesn’t catch people’s attention. Think about how you can make it interesting, different, make people stop scrolling, pattern interrupt. There are some specific tips we can talk about, but that’s pretty much it. Make sure you interrupt their flow in their feed. That’s the creative side of things. 

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Let’s stop there, in the creative for a moment, and let me ask some questions. You said the word relevant before. As you probably read at the top of the show, I talked about my new platform called Clientfolio. If I wanted to advertise that on Facebook, would I put a picture of some gal or a dude sitting in front of a computer with a headset on doing a coaching call, or would I put a wild picture of a sunrise with girls on a jeep driving through the sand or something? What is relevant when it comes to a Facebook ad? 

The answer at the end of the day is you’ve got to test. You’ve got to see what’s relevant. You cannot run one image and that’s it. It’s like, “I tested this Facebook ads thing didn’t work?” No, you have to test many images and videos. What we’ve found that works best for our clients is the following. Number one, native. Native means that maybe instead of a well-polished video, it’s a selfie video, or you’re telling a story, pitching the product, answering some frequently asked questions, etc. That looks more congruent to your feed. Memes for SaaS products and all that type of stuff are also working well now because you might see your regular feed memes from your friends. That is what natives mean. 

Also, you could also argue that memes are colorful and make people stop. Number two would be aspirational. This could be your image with your family enjoying free time. If you’re talking about a product that is going to give you more financial freedom, more wealth, more time, what is that end result? Maybe the end result is you’re free and you’re traveling everywhere. You have this amazing pictures. People want that. Frank Kern also is good at doing this with pictures of his daughter on a Rolls Royce. That also means a lot to someone who wants to get into that situation. Those would be the two things I would say. 

What’s out sounds like and Frank made fun of this, I loved when he did this. What’s out is standing in front of a Ferrari implying that you’re rich and knowing that most of the people who do that, other than Frank, have probably found a Ferrari on the street or rented it for a photoshoot. That sounds like, for the most part, that credibility doesn’t work anymore? 

I don’t know. I’m not able to ask for your 100% because youngsters are youngsters. That’s still going to work for some percentage.  

That’s interesting because you did give me the answer before I even asked the question. The answer is you got to test it. Whatever the images you use, whether it’s the girls in a jeep on the beach or whether it’s some dude sitting in front of a computer with a headset. All of these things potentially sound like they might work but until you test it, you don’t know. The first step in diagnosing what’s wrong is the image relevant? Is it stopping the person from scrolling through their feed? Let’s say we got a series of relevant images and now we’re populating our ads. We’re getting a slightly better increase in clicks but still nothing significant. What would be the next step in figuring this out? 

FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising
The Ultimate Sales Letter 4Th Edition: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales.

I love that we’re going this route. This is straightforward. The next step would be headlines and primary copy of the ad. How are you positioning your product? There is a great book by Dan Kennedy, The Ultimate Sales Letter, for example, that gives you copy and paste headlines you can use, tested on print advertising for many years. You can plug and play and customize it for yourself. Make the copy relevant to your audience. Create curiosity and get them to go to the site. That’s the main thing. Get them to go click on the page. 

You’ve got to be careful because you don’t want anyone to go to that page. You might want to qualify people. You may not want people that cannot afford the product. To save your budget, to save yourself, stress, and maybe support tickets, you might as well put some qualifying elements inside of the copy to make sure that you get the people that you want. If you’re an entrepreneur making more than, let’s say $100,000 or whatever, but adding that also, the qualifying part is important. Number one is to make it so it’s curious where people go to the landing page, but also be mindful of the quality and make sure that you are controlling who you want in. 

We used to do this on the radio all the time. The first words in our radio ads were, “Attention business owners.” What we’re trying to do at that point is say, “Housewives don’t call, but business owners absolutely pick up the phone.” What you’re saying is the same thing. Before we go any further down this stream of diagnostic tools, let’s go back one step because we skip this step in my opinion. Again, you tell me maybe this comes later. We never talked about selecting the audience. Is that one of the first steps or is that something we do later in the cycle? 

You could argue, technically, that the audience comes first, but it’s almost at the same time, you’ve got to have a good message and a good targeting. We can talk about how to find the best targeting options in Facebook ads, for example. 

I want to talk about targeting options, but I want to go back to the audience for a minute. You and I could probably find coaches on Facebook with one or two clicks and we can go deeper into the types of coaches. I heard Frank say once that sometimes he runs ads to all of the world to see who responds. The reason he might do that is because he’s a brilliant strategist and copywriter in about anything he writes, and his name is well known as well. What do you think about that? How important now is it to drill down on making sure you have that audience perfectly chosen? 

It’s key to have a specific audience defined. A lot of times by you being creative, you can get much more than regular people. For example, thinking about the problem in a different way, I could give you examples, if I can explain this, let’s say you want to target parents, but what are some activities that parents are doing? What are some magazines they’re reading? What are some apps they’re using? Not only think, “I want parents in this age.” Where are they hanging out? You could come up with a list of interesting places like where they work at. 

We can talk about the guide, but in this guide, detailing more in detail about maybe they’re working in a specific place. Everybody’s going after a business owner, this that or the other. Maybe he’s a C-Suite on this specific position. Maybe he works for this specific company. Going back to answering your question, the timing is key. To get an edge over everyone else, you have to be creative in how you target people and but finally, that’s usually not the biggest hurdle in everything. Most of the time, it’s either the copy or the offer that fails the most versus the target. Facebook is putting it easily to target business owners. 

You mentioned the offer. What is an example of a poor offer versus a good offer? Give us some examples. 

I’m going back to the book, The Ultimate Sales Letter. Something that resonates with the audience is there’s this concept that copywriters talk about Hell Island and Heaven Island. A good ad, a good offer, conveys that with their solution, they’re going to be able to escape from the Hell Island that they’re in. Maybe they’re a stressed person in a 9:00 to 5:00. They’re going to move to Heaven Island, which they own their own business. They’re happy and successful in making money. Whatever the product is, they have to correctly sell that vision and position it in a way where it’s a no-brainer. You made sure that you’re no stranger to that with your background in doing that. 

Once again, now we’re going back down the bounding down the diagnostic chain here. We have a relevant offer. We did some audience work. We’ve selected some great images. Now we’re at the stage where we’re doing testing. We’re not getting great results yet even though we’ve gone through this checklist and optimize everything. What would you do next? 

I want to answer that, but I want to add one interesting little metric that people can take a look at to differentiate, “Is it my ads or is it my landing page?” You can simplify that easily. When you look at your CTR numbers, your CTR number is the click through rate. You can check your industry CTR if you’re in this industry, it’s 1%, this other one is 3%, but if your CTR is very bad. It’s like 0.20%, then it’s the ad, the targeting. It’s all that side of things. 

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If it’s high, that means the people are clicking. It’s relevant so it’s above 1 or 2. It means it’s relevant. People are clicking, people are going, but if then, you’re not selling then let’s work on the landing page, the offer. What else can we add to the bonuses? That’s the conversation. Let’s say the ads are good, which is easier to get to than the landing page and the offer. The next steps are what are some elements that we could add to the landing page to make sure that it’s high converting? We can talk about that if you want. 

Once again, what we did is we went off network here. Meaning before everything we were doing was on the ad network, but now what you’re saying is, “Are we getting clicks on the ad and we’re still not converting so if we are getting clicks, where are they going? That’s where we take a look there next.” We’re looking now at the landing page, in this case, or the website. Here’s where you’re saying optimization is required. I’m going to play a little bit dumb here because I’ve been through this before. I want you to talk about this to our readers. 

Before you do, I want to remind everybody, where we’re talking to quite an amazing individual, Arman Ananian, and what he has done is created an ad agency that has cracked the code on online advertising. With his background, and with the results that he gets, he is teaching us exactly what we should do when trying to understand why we’re not getting great results on any of these platforms. Let’s get back into the sequence here. We’re looking at the page itself. It’s a ClickFunnels figure that kind of a page and we used all the templates. The copy has been checked by everybody that we like and know who is good at this. Where are we going to find problems that are not particularly obvious to the average person? 

Mitch, one of the most interesting things that you could do, and it sounds so simple, but you and I fail to do it, sometimes. It happens. Have a tool that allows you to gather feedback on your site. That could be anything. Part of your page could be broken. Your scheduling link could not work. There are not enough FAQ questions and people keep asking the same question. You were not creating trust with the audience. 

If you don’t have any form of feedback or input to get them to ask, “What’s going on?” You’re not able to optimize it to move forward. I learned that the hard way. Have some feedback collection mechanism to be able to understand, “What’s missing? What’s happening here? How can I improve it?” We can go into some key elements that no matter what type of product or service you’re promoting this is a foolproof guide. If you have these elements, your pages are guaranteed to convert better most of the time. Let’s go over that if you want. 

I want to backtrack a little bit here. You said that there’s this tool and you didn’t mention what it is. What should somebody use to figure this out? You said that there’s a tool they can use. What’s that? 

To collect feedback, they could use LiveChat or Hotjar, which we also recommend we use for our clients. 

What is Hotjar? 

Hotjar is a tool where you can track heat maps on your site. 

What’s a heat map? 

Heat Map is the software that scans your site and records people coming into it. Where people click the most in the site turns it into red versus something that is colder that’s not being clicked on, which is maybe more blue. That way helps you understand, “People are clicking to this image a lot. People are clicking here.” That gives you an idea of where to place buttons, where to optimize. That’s a heat map. A recording is the software records activity on your site like a video recording but blurs the personal data. 

It allows you to see where people are getting stuck in maybe, for example, for some clients they were getting stuck. They were leaving right when they were reading the product description. How can we improve the product description because people are leaving here? Is there something missing here? That’s also helpful for that. Hotjar has an exit intent pop-up thing saying, “Why didn’t you buy today?” We can set it up. We set it up for our clients and say, “Why didn’t you buy today? What happened? What can we do better?” It’s a simple way to get you on the path to increase conversion and results with the same amount of ads. 

I feel we can continue this forever because you’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this. We’re getting to the point in the show where I need to switch gears. Here’s what we’re going to do. I know that you have much more information to share and part of what you’re providing in your giveaway will help as well. Let’s talk a little bit more about you for a moment and what about how you think and what makes you who you are. We do that by asking two introspective and sometimes silly questions. Here’s the first question and any person that you say here is okay. Who, in all of space and time would you like to have a one-hour walk in the park with, a quick lunch, or an intense conversation with? 

Two people come to mind. Number one, I have to say that my grandma is one of them. Why? She, unfortunately, passed when I was young so I didn’t get to know both of them. It’s one of these things where we’re taking for granted that we can create content and videos. You can learn more about your family, but many years ago, that wasn’t the case. Sadly, you don’t know who that person was. I would love to have a one-hour conversation with both of my grandmas. That will be number one. If I’m allowed to say, number two, it would probably be military geniuses. There’s Hannibal during the Roman War. I also have Attila. 

I let you have two. I wanted one. Let’s go back to Hannibal. I understand your grandmother and everybody has that sentiment to some degree. Let’s talk about Hannibal for a second. You’ve named him a great military leader. What would be it that you’d want to know from him? What would that conversation be like? 

I’m such a fan of history, by sitting with them and for them to tell me how they conquered so much land. For them to be able to tell you stories, how they why they think this and what are their ambitions. Talking with the prime of the primes during those times would be amazing. 

Here’s the grand finale, this is what we call the Change the World Question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world? 

Number one, we’re already doing this. It’s helping businesses grow with online advertising. The number one rule is it has to make sense for them to be working with us and for them to keep paying us. All of our clients are in that situation thankfully and their business keeps growing, 10% or 5% bigger every year. That creates more jobs, happier families and companies. That is one thing that we’re doing. I would love to get involved in some project where a regular mother that’s divorced, for example, and doesn’t have a primary source of income. 

An easy way, for example, for her to be able to make money. I’m passionate about this, if this woman because of her knowledge about home products could become a mini influencer and monetize that knowledge, make an extra $1,000 and $2,000 a month. That’s one of the biggest things we can help people do in the whole world. How can we help these people increase their voice and also get paid at the same time? 

That’s a great goal. If there’s anybody reading who has a way to involve, Arman in that project, I’m sure they’ll reach out to you. Here we are. We’re at the end of the show. I promised readers that you had something cool for them. Tell us a little bit about what your free gift is. 

FTC Arman Ananian | Online Advertising
Online Advertising: Have some feedback collection mechanism to understand what’s missing, what’s happening here, you how you can improve it.


This is a free eBook called How to Get Exceptional Results with Your Online Advertising. It’s part of what we discussed, but more on how to diagnose your campaigns, how to make them better with actionable steps on every single part of the funnel. Whether it’s as your landing page, your copy that you can use. That is what you get. 

Why don’t you state your website and the name of your website before we sign off? What is your website? 

AREVMedia.com and there you can find articles and helpful tips to help you grow. 

I did take a quick look at the free gift you’re offering. You should download this. It’s packed with wisdom. You don’t get this type of wisdom in a free gift. My suggestion if you’re reading, go grab this. Arman, it was a delight chatting with you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It will be valuable to many readers. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon. 

Thank you. It’s a pleasure being here. 

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