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The fastest way to mobilize your clients, skyrocket loyalty, and create a continuous stream of profit waves year after year.

What would happen to your business if you had the “super power” to mobilize your best clients to go out there and fanatically support your company?
What would happen if those same fanatical supporters actually paid you every year for the privilege to do so?
And what would happen to you and your business if this momentum continued to build quarter after quarter until you were generating multiple streams of revenue from your most involved, most passionate “inner circle” members?

Your business would explode and your best customers would love you.

Using the concept of licensing and certification, this is not only possible but actually easy to do when you know how.

That’s what I do, I create a Certified Coach/Consultant program for your company,
by taking control of the process and building it with your team.

We are talking about a 200% ROI on launch week and 1000% ROI by the end of year one.

What could possibly compete with that for taking an essentially hidden asset
and cultivating the most powerful business building force on the planet?”

In order to be a candidate, you must be able to answer “yes” to the following 3 questions:

  1. Do you have a process, a program, a product, or a device that causes a transformation, or can deliver a high-value benefit to your client?
  2. Is this process repeatable and can it be taught to others who can then generate the same results? Or does this device need to be installed or configured to work perfectly?
  3. Do you have a client base over 1,000 clients?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, then you can use my licensing and certification program to continuously generate cash into your company with very little overhead and support.

Still not sure if you qualify? Now let’s go one step further. If…

If you can envision having an army of Certified Consultants who pay you every year for the privledge of supporting and selling your product or service, then you are in the right place!

I’ve Done This Before

I first created a Certified Consultant Program for my own company and now I do this for clients.

We scaled this into a series of paid actions that attracted the top 3% – 5% of our user base, who would:

Because of that discovery and the resulting success it created for our company, we were able to scale our business much faster than ever before, we were able to create a nationwide “footprint” and presence in every major city, we were able to build sales and support for our product without spending anything to make that happen. To read more about the history and background of how I first discovered and deployed this network, Click Here.

How I Do This For You:

We start by determining if you are a candidate for my program.

If you were able to answer YES to the 3 questions above, then it’s likely this will work for you. Then, we get on the phone together and I ask you questions about your business, I explain what the entire process entails and the amount of time it will take. It usually takes about 3 months.

If you like what you hear, we get started with a series of meetings where I learn more about your business so I can help you see how we can insert this program into your lead and customer selling process. Then, I design a series of Mind Maps that show you precisely how this all fits together, I provide a working model of a proforma and the checklist of tasks we need to get done for your program to come into existence.  That’s Phase 1.

In Phase 2, we build the back end of your program including the Learning Management System that supports your training courses, the front end of your CRM so we can sign and track new Certified consultants, we design your launch campaign and the sales and marketing systems to both support your Certified consultants and your company as you get ready to launch your pilot program.

In Phase 3, we launch. Generally in the 1st week, we are able to generate a 100% – 200% ROI on my fees, which means you now have your program for as long as you have your company. It continues to generate cash, provide the benefits of having a nation-wide or world-wide presence, helps your clents do more with your products and services while building your credibility and trust in your own marketplace. This outstrips your competitor’s ability to match your presence and will set you up to be the dominant player in your market.

Would you like to discuss this program with me, to see how you can add up to 5 new revenue streams and many new clients in the next 90 days?

Click here to set up an appointment, I will call and we can talk. 


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