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Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

Businessman in office at monitor with notes on itIn a fit of entrepreneurial passion, with no regard for sleep, nourishment or good manners and with little time to listen to “logic,” you worked 12+ hours a day and started a company. Not just any company but maybe even the company you run now. sinop escort

You may have done this more than once, you may have failed a few times too, I’ve done that as well.  Caught up in the passionate pursuit of what will (most certainly) be your greatest achievement ever, THIS will be the “thing” that sets you free and delivers an incredible experience for your clients.

You make decisions…. Quickly. Surprisingly you are right most of the time.

That’s a while ago, you are more established now, the business is running, you are even profitable. But something is missing. There’s that feeling that you have to get to the next level or lose your lead. This feeling is not entirely founded in fact, but it haunts you all the same.

You are not alone…..

Many CEO’s are at a point where they are certain they are missing something, not sure what is possible and some even sense that it’s close but not visible quite yet.

Important Questions To Increase Revenue;

Here are just a few of the questions I ask to help my clients determine what they need to do next. See if any of these triggers a new thought about how to add a profit center, a lead source of a new way of approaching clients.

  1. What could you up-sell a client who just made a purchase in the last 5-10 days?
  2. How can you make each sale 10% higher while delivering 20% more value?
  3. How are you keeping all prospects in the sales funnel fully engaged in the buying process?
  4. After the client buys, how many times do you make contact and add value?

Usually, in a discussion, we discover a spark that could ignite a whole new business venture, new direction, new profit source or a new way to substantially increase the efficiency of delivery.  The reason my process of inquiry works so well is that most CEO’s are not thinking about how to grow, they are too busy dealing with running the current business.

All CEO’s need time to work on the business, to create again, to recapture that entrepreneurial fever that infected them when first started. Don’t let that part of you go dormant, it’s the creative part that makes you “you.”

If you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of, find a partner, an accountability partner and start keeping each other accountable for the progress they want. It works every time, it will work for you too.


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