Knowing What Clients Need

Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

“Those that fail to adopt, Don’t anticipate what’s coming.” – Tony Robbins (

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In a recent video series, Tony Robbins talks about anticipating the future. Tony is correct when he says; “You can’t live in your past success….”

I wrote about this recently how people get stuck and only see what worked for them in the past. Tony’s point is that it’s critical to fall in love with your clients, not your product. But HOW do you know what new products your clients need? Most of us who run a business think we know…. It is far better to really find out. Here’s how:

It’s Time To Find Out.

Here are a few suggestions that will rock your world if you’ve not already done something to really find out what your customers need:

  1. Log on to and create 2 surveys. The 1st one is going to ask what the client thinks of you and your company. The 2nd one should ask what they really wish you would do that you don’t know.
  2. If you ship something to clients, enclose a one dollar bill stapled to a card that asks them to log on to SurveyMonkey and take the surveys. Never position this as a bribe, position it as a gift for their kids. You can do this with 50 people and get a great response!
  3. If you have a client/customer service department, have them target just 5 or 10 outbound calls a day to ask clients about the service and what they need.

Of all the surveys you collect, pick the most thoughtful and inspiring ones and call personally to ask for a testimonial. Ask them to use their cell phone and shoot a personal video. Of all the surveys you get, pick the most critical and call to see how you can repair the relationship. Your goal will be to completely turn them around, make them ambassadors of your business.

There’s so much you can do when you decide to grow. 

Take the 1st step and decide it’s time to really get going again. You are not in this alone. All you need is to make a decision to work on your company instead of “in” your company. Be ready for what may become a completely new adventure.

As my dear friend and mentor, Chet Holmes used to say “spend just one hour a week improving yourself as the CEO” and that is never truer than today.

After his passing in 2012, I miss him every day and I remember his lessons as I build my own company. I hope you have the chance in your life to work with master coaches like they were to me, it changed me forever.


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