How To Sidestep the Success Trap.

Do you know your business could be much bigger than it currently is, but aren’t sure how to get there? I can help!

Angel statue After I sold my software company for over 8 figures, I was invited into one of the most exclusive angel investment clubs in the world. I sat waiting for the meeting to start, I watched as members walk into the elegant, grand ballroom where all these meetings were held at a prestigious downtown hotel.

One after another, these titans of business who had cashed out and were now investing in other companies, entered the room. Some were famous, had started billion dollar ventures, others were completely unknown but were now quite wealthy due to their past success.

Then the action started and I watched as one new entrepreneur after another came to the head of the room and presented their new idea. Some had just an idea, others had operating, profitable ventures and everywhere in between. But something was wrong….

The Old Guard Was Stuck

One after another I listened as questions were fired at the entrepreneurs who were presenting. I noticed how everyone had nothing but negative things to say. They tore down everyone who walked in, criticizing their ideas, their approach, even their clothing! Yet a few didn’t.

I attended these meetings for at least a year, I became connected to the venture capital community this way, it was an excellent experience, I even made a few investments myself.

The one thing I realized was that some of the richest people in the room, the most successful of all, made virtually no investments. All they seemed to do was criticize anyone who presented. As a generalization, I noticed that the younger people who had early success were open to new ideas while the older folks who may have been extremely successful… were not.

I decided to find out why.

I invited several to have lunch privately and asked them about their lives, their success, and their investment philosophy.  What I discovered came as a shock to me since I would have never guessed what I am about to share with you.

Businessman overwhelmed by paper asks for helpThose who sold their companies seemed to have run out of great ideas and were not open to the new concepts brought to them in these meetings.

It was so obvious that they were trapped by their own success.

They KNEW what made them a fortune, why would they do anything any other way? They were stuck in their thinking, they were paralyzed by their past actions which brought them good fortune.

Are you stuck in your own past success?

Have you been looking at the same data for so long you can’t see what is there? Are you pretty sure that being “good enough” is good enough but being great is too risky?

You’re not alone. Many successful people are stuck in their own success and it simply stops working. It may be time to get a new viewpoint and see your business from a different perspective.

My advice: Find someone with a fresh set of eyes with years of business and life experience ready to see your company, your team, your life with creativity, optimism in a way that you cannot. Perspective is everything, get some perspective from a 3rd party that can be honest with you, it might be the best thing you ever did for your company.

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