Let’s maximize the assets you already have
and discover new revenue sources
you may not be fully exploiting

“Everything I do is about maximizing the value of existing resources; marketing channels, product lines and extensions. When we work together, your profits will increase, we will discover new streams of revenue and we will create enormous value from what you already have.”

“What I do is not for everyone, but if you are in a position to grow but believe you’ve hit a plateau then I will show you how to get exactly what you want, in a way that has very little risk, if any at all.”

“You may be surprised at how quickly we can make powerful, meaningful changes in your company while reinvigorating your team’s drive and vision. When you have a specific problem, use a specialist to solve it.”

“Big claims? Yes, but my clients tell the story better than I do…..”

  • Create Nationwide Presence at No Cost in 12 Months or Less
  • Pays for Itself in 7 days or Less & Pays Dividends for Years

  • Let’s take a fresh look at your sales, marketing and systems
  • Use my skills to navigate a difficult transition or problem
  • See how my creative thinking can rapidly change the game
  • I’ve done it before, let me help you get to the next level

  • Discover how powerful systems can integrate sales and marketing
  • See why Stanford University says you can increase productivity by 13%
  • Slash expenses, explode profits and thrill staff
  • Discover the freedom of managing a mostly virtual operation!

  • Build your coaching team with my proven hiring methods
  • Architect pay structures, fee structures and more
  • Learn how to hire without using “Independent Contractors”
  • Grow your team using my proven guidance

  • If you and I are a good fit, I will help you grow rapidly
  • Mentorships are available for CEOs with existing revenue
  • Growth through mentorship is the most powerful way to advance
  • Leverage my 35 years in business and accelerate your progress

mitch&tony2 You’re a superstar Mitch! Extraordinary job, extremely well done! You demonstrated the power of really listening to the customer without judgment & they often solve their own problem. U owning it. It would be great if u would consider training others on the team with your skill! It’s a privilege to have u as a partner!
Tony Robbins


I will fix your company, I will realign your products and marketing. I will open new channels and present you with opportunities you may not have been aware. Leverage all my experience in serving dozens of markets, no matter if you are preparing to sell your company or buy another. If you “just” need to pivot in your existing market utilizing your current assets, just ask for some friendly advice and lets see where that goes.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-13-at-3.05.08-PM“Mitch Russo provides a rather refreshing new slant on growing a business to double, redouble, maybe even double again and again – without heavy fixed investment in people, equipment and costs. He has blueprinted an exceptionally impressive process many people can use to propel rapid growth. Not right for everyone, Mitch’s strategy delivers a serious read and even more serious reflection by any CEO who is stuck in a no-growth mode or dealing with limited resources.”

Jay Abraham

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