Living the ups and downs of everyday life can seem senseless, until it doesn’t. For Halle Eavelyn, it is a spiritual transformation that took her from free-falling without the certainty of a net into trusting the universe to take care of her. Now, Halle is helping others to shift their entire world and level up as a transformational coach. She narrates her own journey of her spiritual awakening in Egypt from the slumber of taking on one job to another. From there, Halle took this amazing gift and built a thriving business out of it. Join us on this episode to find comfort in the fact that the universe has our back.

Halle Eavelyn on How A Spiritual Awakening Built Her A Thriving Business

Our guest on this episode experienced something that happens to a tiny fraction of humanity. She had a true spiritual transformation in the time span of one breath. Before that, she had no belief in a Higher Power or religion. It happened and instantly everything was different. Before that, she was a normal woman experiencing the ups and downs of life every day. Back when she started in a package software industry, manufacturing CD-ROMs with her then-love of her life, she felt like something was missing. The business was okay until the industry shifted and the bottom fell out of the market. Like others, she struggled and went from thing to thing trying to figure out what her next move would be. I’ll let her tell you the story. This is not my typical interview and one that I believe may affect you as deeply as it did for me. Let’s get started.

WelcomeHalle Eavelynto the show. 

I’m happy to be here. Thank you. 

Halle, your story is unique and incredible. What I want to do before we get into the nuts and bolts of it is I like to find out how all of this started for you. 

It started as an atheist. When I was ten years old, I asked my father where I would go after I died. My father being a good Jewish patriarch wanted to make sure nobody told me any lies. He said, “You go on the ground and the worms eat you. I said, “Wow.” At ten years old, never tell a ten-yearold these things, even if they’re the honest truth. I started having panic attacks around death and that was a baseline home in otherwise fairly normal life. I did grow up as an actress firstI was acting all the way through college. I went on a theater scholarship, thought that was going to be my life. fell madly in love with somebody who was at the leading edge of the CDROM market. We did the first interactive magazine, the first interactive film, the first fulllength interactive movie, the first interactive novel. I got to do all this wonderful creation stuff in my business 

I ran that business and learned some super lessons there. For example, I was one of five women in the entire industry running a company. This was back in the 90s. There weren’t any women CEOs. went to the school of hard knocks for a while and learned that because a man has a suit and tells you what to do doesn’t necessarily mean he’s right. That was the experience that I got to have while I was in business running my software company right up until the whole industry collapsed after about ten years. That was an interesting time in my life. 

Let’s go back to some of the things you said because I want to explore that a bit. You said you built this huge company around the idea of interactive music, interactive movies and interactive things on CDROMS. When you got started, how did you market that and what do you think is parallel to your experience in this world? 

One of my most powerful business lessons ever is pretty straightforward. If you don’t know what all the things that can go wrong and if you don’t ask all the people who know what to do, chances are you’re better off because that was what happened with me. I went to it from the standpoint of“If we don’t have any money for advertising, what can we do? I can call people up and tell them about what we do and see if they’re interested.” We have a ton of PR, ton of opportunities, always being interviewed, always getting all these stories about us, which helped to build word of mouth. That was the way that we did it was by not knowing that it was so likely for us to fail. 

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We had a huge investment come in one time from Warner Music, which at the time was in the CD-ROM space. They invested in ten companies at once. The sales team, I asked the people that were in charge of these VPs and stuff. I said, “What happens if the market level is off or goes down?” They literally said to me, “Shut up, kid. Get back to work.” Then the market collapsed and we ended up being the only one of their investments that survived because we saw it coming. That was the thing where from a marketing perspective or what we were doing, after a while, we didn’t have to worry about touting our own physical product. That was being done by the business partners that we had gotten into business with. However, we were always letting people know about us, positioning ourselves as experts in the field. Usually, that happened through the power of my mouth. 

The thing that I wanted to find out in what you explained is number one, you are creating the content. You are acting as a CD-ROM manufacturer for other creators or is it one or the other? 

We did the content. We never did any of our own manufacturing. The product stuff was always done through partners. 

All of your marketing was done through joint ventures? 

That is absolutely the way that it was done at that time. 

The big lesson here is simply that if you don’t have to pay for marketing because you have joint venture partners and you don’t have to build a factory because you have vendors who take care of this stuff and you only pay the bill when you give them product, the manufacturer, then you could probably write out a tough time in business. 

At the time, this is the first third of my career and so much has changed since then. In those days, what we would say is we can see that someday you will have a film studio in a box. Those days are here now. Frankly, it’s in keeping with your own story like your concept of the virtual organization. I say shed everything that you don’t need to do inside of the smallest amount of space possible and allow the people who do the other things perfectly well to do themTake on as little of that overhead as necessary and take on as little of the work as necessary other than the things that you do inside of your superpower. Because the days of being a film studio in a box, a creator studio on a box, author publishing platform in a box, those days are here. The box is the computer. 

FTC 158 | Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening: Shed everything that you don’t need to do and allow the people who do those things perfectly well to do that.


It’s your phone in many ways. 

Those two things are coming together. A few years ago, somebody said to me, “A few years from now we’ll have only apps. You won’t even be talking about software anymore. You’ll be talking about apps.” I remember hearing him and thinking, “He knows what he’s talking about.” It took a little longer. In fact, it hasn’t fully happened. However, I certainly think that over the next few years, we will see 100% blending. Right now, there’s not quite the parity that I’d like to see. It’s like, “You don’t have a website that’s scalable for different devices.” Eventually, that’s going to blend even more. However, it’s certainly already happening. 

In a couple of years, the same apps will run on a phone versus Mac desktop as they’re now starting to work on the Windows platform and Android platform as well. My only fear is that I don’t want to lose the power of a desktop because I do a lot of photo editing, which requires huge CPUs, tons of memory and lots of SSD hard drives. If we go to an app-based world, I want to make sure that I’m not left behind. I’m sure that won’t happen that way. 

Let me tell you something interesting. I heard this statistic that vinyl record sales started to come back along in 2006 and have increased every single year since then. 

There’s a reason for that. They sound better. 

never thought that the pops and the static that you heard were better plus vinyl melts. However, a lot of people agree with you. Certainly, if you’re a Coltrane fan or whatever, you’re not going to be that happy with a digitally remastered recording. I hear you. It means that your desktop apps, especially the ones that required tremendous amount of bandwidth, are safe because there will always be a niche market for the higherend or for the exclusive thing, the way that there is that still that niche market. I remember thinking, “That’s it. There will be no more records ever.” Because within a couple of years of iTunes coming out, it was like people went from saying, “Why would anybody want 1,000 songs in their pocket to 10,000 songs is not enough?” Now, we have this backlash with the previous market where that previous market didn’t go away completely. We could talk about this. That’s true about business all over the place. There’s no question. 

What I want to do is I want to get back to you. After the CD-ROM business took its course and you are no longer in it, what did you do next? 

I reinvented myself because that was what was called for. In fact, I’ve had the great gift and pleasure of being able to reinvent myself multiple times over my lifetime. The first time was when I was 24 years old and said, “Would I like to be an actress for the rest of my life and struggle with everyone else out here or would I like to go and be in this new industry where nobody’s ever done anything before and I’ll be a total pioneer?” Obviously, we know which one I picked. After that market collapsed, I decided to go into real estate because I love business and real estate made sense to me. I caught the big boom. I had 100 houses and four different markets across the country. That was what I did for the next seven or eight years until that market collapsed. I have a side hustle. I love having a side hustle by the way. My bandwidth is best utilized when I’m doing two different things and I love both of them. One doesn’t seem to keep me as occupied as I would like to be. My side hustle starting in 1998 was doing spiritual tours because by then it had my spiritual awakening. I want to share all that. 

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What is a spiritual awakening? Can you help us understand what that is? 

It depends. For most people, a spiritual awakening is anything where you have direct connection with something that is bigger than the 3D world. That’s a specific explanation for it. You could also say when you have a direct connection with God or whatever it is that you call GodI call God everything, the Spirit, the Universe. I love the expression, “The shadow of the turning. You can call God anything as long as it works for youHigher Power, I know is what’s used in Twelve Step. I love all of it. This whole atheist thing was wearing on me. I had been seeking and not finding because you couldn’t talk me into God. I’m super logical. I’m grounded. God didn’t make any sense to me. 

I went to Egypt for the first time. While I was in Egypt, I was in the middle of a meditation. I was told during this meditation that I had a soul and I would never die. However, I got it on a cellular level. It was in one breath. The way I’ve described it since then is it was like before that moment, I was standing in a dark room at the light switch going, “Why won’t these freaking lights go on?” Afterward, I was standing in a room, flooded with light and the lights could never be turned out again. Among other things, it totally healed my fear of death. The panic attacks that I’d been having since I was ten years old in the middle of the night at 2:00 in the morning when it was pitch black and I wasn’t going to be me anymore, went away. That was a big deal. That was how I knew that this was the truth. 

The other thing that happened was I knew God at that moment. I knew that I was a part of all that is and all that is was a part of me. I knew it in a way that you could never take away from me again. That was what happened. Somebody came along and went, “Halle, fairies, unicorns, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, those are real.” That was how it felt to me. I went home with my world cracked wide open. After that, I slowly began adding to my spiritual toolbox. I led my first spiritual tour with my ex in 2005. I’ve been leading tours since then. I love it. You take people away. They’re at the 65,000foot view of their life because they’re 3,000 miles away from home. You start being able to shift them, which was what I started to do on my trips. 

I used to run an Eat Pray Love Tour. This was back even before the movie came out. I ran my last one a few years ago. I would bring these women on these tours. They would say to me, “This awful terrible thing happened to me. My husband killed himself. My kid overdosed. I had a divorce ten years ag o. I’ve never been able to forgive myself even though he was the one who cheatedI was like, “I have a week, let’s fix it.” I started pulling tools out of my own toolbox that I had been using with myself to grow, “Let’s try this.” It was working like well. People would go home after a week and this stuff was changing them. They would go home having full of love, forgivenesspeace and having fixed the thing. When I was looking for a new thing, when I got to that next place of needing to reinvent myself, I chose to do it through my coaching practice. 

As this happened to you and you were in Egypt at the time, as this moment took place and this realization took place, did this total clarification of all that is flood in that same instant or did it take a little time for you to grok the whole thing, sorted out and put it into its place in the way you saw life and everything else? 

FTC 158 | Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening: 80% of human beings are pretty much walking around asleep; only 20% are walking around awake.


First of all, I love the word grok because to me it’s evocative. You know something and you KNOW it. To me, that’s what grok means. That was how it was at that moment. I understood that God existed, that my soul existed and that fear that I had, that I wouldn’t be me anymore was inaccurate. All of those things happen at that moment. However, getting myself back integrated into my life and having life makes sense to me the way that it did before, which by the way, that never happened. That last part, it never made sense to me the way it did before. I simply had a new way that it made sense. That integration took about ten years. Once you get the thing you wish for, for example, if I had won $100 million in the lottery, while I would have the $100 million, I would still be the same person that I was in every other regard. Therefore, it would take some time to integrate my ability to function inside of that completely new environment where everything was possible to change. That was what happened. I feel like I won the spiritual lottery. 

From theredid you then say, “I’m running these tours. I want to keep running the tours but I now want to help people, or how did the coaching business develop? 

I ran the tours to help people wake up the way that I had and that was always the intention. I cofounded Spirit Quest Tours with my now ex and we ran these trips together. To quote the Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trip it’s been. That was like more and more spiritual development, more stuff began to happen. He started channeling, which was a whole other thing because I facilitating the channeling. In fact, I caused it to happen in the first place. He always was rejecting of the concept of it. I was embracing the concept of it and that was a whole other thing. We did this channeling work. We would lead these tours. 

On my tenth Eat Pray Love Tour to Bali, I met somebody who looked at me and saw me through completely new eyes. The eyes that she saw me with was, “You have this huge possibility and here you are basically in partnership with this person. You have no other piece to your own life. Are you sure that’s enough for you?” The short version of that is we fell in love. I left him. I moved 3,000 miles across the country from LA to Miami and began living with her. After this longdistance, scary stuff about, “Is this going to work and am I going to stay?” That was another huge lesson for me because it was this whole leap and the net will appear. However, in the meantime, you could be in free fall for a long time and you’re not going to know if there even is a net. Good luck with that. 

I would wake up every single day and ask, “Do I still feel this way? Yes. Am I still in love with her? Yes. Am I going to feel differently the next few hours? It doesn’t feel like it. Get your feet on the floor and do whatever is right in front of you.” I had this period of blind trust that was almost a year where every day I would checkin and make sure and go out and do what I needed to do that day. That was a powerful lesson that led me also to coaching because it was this huge lesson in trusting the universe that I had come to know was basically cradling me completely and was going to take care of me no matter what. If I hadn’t had the spiritual awakening, that lesson would have never occurred. 

What’s interesting is, unlike many of us who have not had that an awakening, some of us have to go to school to learn our crafts. Others have to work as an apprentice or under a senior person for a while to learn what we do. Literally like in the Matrix, it was downloaded to you instantly. 

The Matrix is a super good analogy. I have come to believe that at least the first one of those is a spiritual film. love the Pareto Rule. 80% of human beings are pretty much walking around asleep and 20% are walking around what the kids call now woke. You get to decide whether you’re asleep or woke. That is up to you. However, for those of us that consider ourselves awake, we are all on the exact same trajectory in different ways. We are all looking to help uplift, uplevel and shift our entire world through our work. 

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This does sound a lot like Eckhart Tolle‘s story and that it happened to him in a sudden fashion too. It was so overwhelming. He went to the park every day to sit there. You probably know the story as well as I do. Basically, people started to visit with him and before you know, the police were coming over and telling him, “Excuse me, but you’re going to need a permit if you’re going to have crowds here in the park every day.” These things do happen, but the numbers are not 80/20. The numbers are more like 98/2. I don’t know because I’m not able to measure that yet. 

lot of people are getting the call loud and clear now. A lot of private clients I work with and a lot of the groups that I have now are all womenI hear a recurring theme with women right now that they’re being called to something greater. They’re being called to shift into healing work, healing traditions into doing work that is designed to be in service to others. I’m seeing a lot of that. The truth is everybody has their own path. You do. I do. We’re all doing the work that’s needed for ourselves as well as for the world. 

Halle, this is a fascinating story. I love what you’ve been through. I love the way you show up now and every way. What I’d like to find out now is let’s get practical here. How did you take what you are doing or what happened to you and turn it into an incredible thriving business? 

I leaped and hoped that the net would appear. I was sitting in this apartment that my new girlfriend and I were living inI was asking myself, “What do I want to do now? My personal relationship of 25 years has ended along with the businesses that I’ve been in with him for 25 years. What do I want?” That was the first thing I asked was, “What do I want? The answer was, I want to help as many people as I can.” How do I want to do that? I liked the coaching that I was doing for people on the tours. Maybe somebody will pay me to do this. Moving in the direction of starting a new business around the concept of coaching. Nowwhat I do is the intersection of mindset coaching and business strategy. My work is what I call guided. My soul talks to the client’s soul and tells me what to tell them. There’s this whole extra layer that people get when they work with me. That makes the work fast. It‘s deep and it’s super custom even when I’m working with groups. That has been, for me, once the spiritual awakening happened, allowing all this stuff to come into my life that was there to support the work that I feel truly I was put on this planet to do. 

In full disclosure, Halle and I met inside of a sales training program. She was the mindset coach for the program. When it was my turn to have a session with Halle, I was pretty amazed at what she was able to do in a short period of time. We have since stayed friends and began working together on several businesses. This person is the real deal. I’m very happy to have her as a friend. The thing about this interview is the reason that she’s on this show is because it’s not that she’s a woo-woo who happens to coach people. She’s a successful woo-woo who happens to coach people. The fact that she was hired by a corporation to do mindset coaching for their clients is one of the examples that I wanted you to know because this is the way you can build your business as well. Halle, can we shift a little bit to some of the things that you’re doing now and some of the changes that you’ve taken that have worked and not worked in particular around your group coaching? 

Regarding the company that you mentioned where you and I met, that was a big risk. I like to say life is a grand experiment. I was a client in the program first and then I got asked to become the mindset coach for the program. I said to the owner of the company, “Let’s have a grand experiment. Let’s see how it goes.” It became an absolute core to their clients and a super support system for their clients to the point where they wouldn’t make a move without having that mindset coaching underneath of them inside of that program. That led to me doing that work with other companies as well. There’s a lot of heat right now around the concept of mindset coaching. 

FTC 158 | Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening: Helping women to understand what they are truly capable of will help us to create a society that is built on peace and love as opposed to being built on war.


It’s easy for people to talk and to think in terms of shifting your mindset. The basic spiritual principle behind this is thoughts are things. Everything that you want to create first has to be thought of before it can be created. Whether it’s an artwork or a new phone, somebody has got to think of it first before it becomes physically embodied on the planet. The idea that you want those thoughts to be in alignment with your highest desires is important. That was the thinking behind it. I have to be honest with you, not everything that I’ve ever done has been a huge success immediately. At first when I was in business, and this is a business truth, right now if you say to me, “Are you willing to go up with the top three coaches in the industry?” The answer is, “Absolutely. Bring it, no problem. I can hold my own. 

However, that was not always true. In fact, I alluded to that earlier because I had that question like, “Do I think that people will pay me money to do this? Let’s see.” There is this time period that everybody has that question until you get your first client or the first ten clients and then what? Your podcast is your First Thousand Clients and I’ve had more than that. We go through these periods where we question our own abilities. I believe that there are two types of people in business, those who are successes and those who gave up. If you keep going like that to me ione of the biggest business lessons that I’ve ever had is keep going. 

You don’t necessarily want to keep going down the same path. I’ve had programs that I’ve launched that I was like, “That’s not working. Let’s go do something else.” I’ve had other programs that I’ve launched where I’m like, “This is so in keeping with what I want to share with the world and what I want to do to help people in the world. We’re going to do this over and over again.” Whether you’re doing marketing or you’re doing advertising or you’re deciding on the next phase of the program that you’re launching or your new business itself, that’s a great thing to do is to treat it all as a grand experiment, do it and see how it goes. The important thing is not to continue going down a path where something isn’t working for too long. The question as to whether it’s working or not is, “Are you making any money at it?” I’ve worked with so many clients who confuse busy with resultsI always throw that in there as well. 

If someone’s reading this and they start to identify a little bit about what you’re saying. In particular, I know for myself, I’ve made those mistakes. I’ve built programs and spent a year marketing it. I didn’t sell two of them. I certainly know what that feels like. For me, the word that resonated most was the word, pivot, which is what you’re saying. When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you give up. Giving up as you mentioned is failure. Pivoting is simply moving to something that potentially has much more potential basically. That’s why you pivot. For anyone who’s reading this, this is a great topic and it’s something that we’ve discussed on the show before. What Halle is basically trying to convey here is have confidence in yourself. Know that there’s a net there somewhere and it may not be exactly there the moment you need it, but it is there because it’s always been there. When you look back, you could see how it has been that way. Halle, we talked a little bit about a free gift. I’d like for you, if you wouldn’t mind, to give us an idea of what that gift is. 

I would like to offer any reader who would like to take me up on it, a remove your blocks breakthrough call. What that call is basically laser coaching, which I will do even though I don’t know you and I’ve never met you. The best part about my work honestly is you don’t need to tell me your whole story. You can keep your secrets safe and I can still fix stuff because that’s how it works. If you would like to take me up on that, the remove your blocks breakthrough call is very simple. You apply and you can fill out a little form, which will tell me a little bit about you. You schedule it and we talk. It’s laser coaching that will get you clear on one particular issue or get you over what I call a big boulder because I can do that inside of a single session. 

It’s an incredible offer. You’re offering a one-on-one coaching session for free basically. 

I am happy to do that for you. I would do anything for you. I’m happy to offer that to your readers. 

I have a question for you and this is the question I ask every guest. It’s a little bit about us exploring who you are. It’s called space and time question. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with? 

My answer is Leonardo da Vinci. 

Tell me why. 

Because I think that Old Leo was one of the spiritual masters of the world. There is something in sacred geometry called the flower of life, which is basically the building block for all things in nature. If you look at Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and in fact, if you Google Vitruvian Man and Flower of Life, you can see overlays where they intersect perfectly in 50 different points. I’ve been to the Da Vinci museum in Florence and I’ve seen some of his inventions. There’s no question that he was getting downloads of inventions that were way above and past their technical capabilities of that time. Da Vinci developed everything from new ways of creating catapults to war machines to different machines of flight. This was way before the Wright brothers. I feel like he would be a fascinating person for me to ask a lot of spiritual questions about the way that we human beings can better integrate spirituality into our world. Plus, I love the renaissance so I’d be asking him a lot of questions about the Medicis and things like that. 

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Halle, we have the grand finale question, the change the world question. What is it that you were doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world? 

For me, most of the work that I’m doing is around helping women to wake up to their potential to change the world in all of this #MeToo stuff and this time that we’re in and the big backlash against it, which is like the Roe v. Wade stuff is being struggled with in the political arena right nowAs women free themselves from the patriarchy that they were stuck with for many years, they are getting a chance to free themselves and the patriarchy is holding on tight. I feel like that’s causing a lot of stuff in the world. Women have come so far. I didn’t know this until now. In my lifetime, women had to ask their husbands or their fathers to open a bank account for them because they weren’t allowed to in America until the late ’60s. 

When I found that out, I was like, “That’s an important benchmark.” For me, the work is helping women to understand what they are truly capable of because it will help us to create a society that is built on peace and love as opposed to being built on war because naturally, physically, women are the creators of the world. Without women, absolutely, without men as well, however specifically without women, the progeny of the planet for the human race would cease to exist. It is that nurturing and that caring dynamic that I believe our planet is deeply in need of. 

I’m not sure I would disagree with you one bit. Men had their chance. I certainly wouldn’t mind letting a woman take the helm and see what happens. The only problem is that in this world, the complications of politics and nationality, it’s such a mess in so many different ways. I’m not sure that anybody at this point can change the direction of the world, but I’m sure glad that you are trying. That’s the gift for me. Halle, it’s been such a delight chatting with you about one of our favorite subjects of conversation. Most importantly, readers, you have a chance to do something incredibly unique here. Halle has offered you a free session. You can fill out a short application. From there, you’ll be on the phone with Halle soon. Halle, thank you again for your time. It was delightful. I cannot wait until we get a chance to talk again soon. 

Thank you so much, Mitch.

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