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Going Clean To Go Strong: The Pathway To Profits And Health With Geoff Palmer

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Losing your loved ones can make you feel like all hope is lost in the world. How do you get someone to move on from this situation? Even more, how can you get them to strive despite it all? Geoff Palmer is someone who has the answers. Losing his father, mother, and brother within a short period of time, Geoff went into a downward spiral abusing alcohol and falling into a deep suicidal depression. In this episode, he joins host Mitch Russo to bare with us his journey and how he moved out from that dark place into the pathway to profits and health and going clean to go strong. Now, Geoff is the owner of Clean Machine, a plant-based nutrition company where he is bringing health and fitness back together. Follow along in this conversation to discover the keys to both a happy and healthy life, even as circumstances try to keep it from you, with Geoff.

Going Clean To Go Strong: The Pathway To Profits And Health With Geoff Palmer

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My guest lost his father to alcohol, his mom to MS and his brother with schizophrenia, all within a short period of time. He was abusing alcohol and fell into deep suicidal depression. He attempted to take his own life twice, fortunately, failing both times. One afternoon while drinking himself into another stupor to numb the pain of life and failure, a woman who beamed happiness showed up in the same bar he had been using as his emotional crutch for the last several years. He couldn’t stand it, he walked up and asked, “How did you get damn happy? Can you teach me too?” She agreed to introduce him to her own teacher and that ended the downward spiral.  

Within one week, he completely gave up alcohol and dedicated his life to finding the path to better health and happiness. Fast-forward to 2020, he’s 57 years old, a natural bodybuilder, the owner of a plant-based nutrition company and holding the key patent on breakthrough technology, the Owner of Clean Machine, and featured in three documentary films about his life and achievements. Keep reading because you are about to discover the key to both a happy and healthy life. Welcome, Geoff Palmer, to the show.  

Thank you, Mitch. It’s always a little strange hearing the intro but that’s my life.  

That’s how it’s supposed to be. You wouldn’t be on this show if you had not overcome difficulty. Why don’t you tell us more about that?  

I wouldn’t even be here. I was ready to exit. It is strangeI was raised in a high IQ family. My father was an English professor at the university level. My mother was a psychologist and most of their friends were students, teachers or kids. I was raised around a lot of bright people, myself included. I passed the Mensa entrance exam and stuff, but it seemed a double-edged sword. It was a curse. The more I realized I had gifts of a bright mind, the more it was frustrating because I couldn’t figure out how to be happy. It’s something so simple. Why is this amazing brain that I was born with not able to figure out how to do the basic, simplest, most obvious thing, which is to be happy in my life?  

You’re not alone. All throughout my life, in my early days, I almost killed myself with heroin. It was in that last moment, that last ten seconds that made the difference between life and death. I, like you, had that realization that either I’m going to be dead in a few years if I continue as a junkie, or I could be a productive adult. Like you, that moment in time came where I made a choice and so did you. Tell me a little bit about your choice. Once you got to that point when you met this woman and she introduced you to this teacher, what convinced you to stop doing all of the destructive behavior that you were?  

It’s taking responsibility. What he did was a simple exercise and I thought nothing of it but he caught me out. He saw me right from the moment I popped in the door. I went there with this attitude like, “Mr. Guru, let’s see if we can fix me.” I become cynical because I had looked for happiness in a lot of different directions and I did not find anything that resonated with me. When I started to walk through the door, he stood in the door and stopped. He looked straight into my eyes and before I had even said a word to him, he said, “You came here to prove me wrong.”  

I’ve never felt emotionally naked. I’m like, “He’s good. Why not yield to this? Why not see what happens? I have nothing to lose. I’m ready to give it all away.” We sit down on the floors with pillows and we started talking. I thought it was about nothing and he says, “It’s your father.” I’m like, “I didn’t mention my dad.” He goes, “I can tell.” I’m like, “Okay.” He goes, “Do this one thing for me. Finish this sentence. I created the separation between my father and myself. Fill in the blank right at the end.” I did that and said something that he did. He’s like, “No, that’s what he did. That’s what he was doing with his life. Tell me what you did to create that separation.  

As I kept repeating this over and over, he would say, “No, tell me what you did,” because I kept putting the blame on my father for this situation. As I kept going, I could feel myself folding back, all the layers of the onions peeling away and leaving myself with me and my raw emotions. The anger that I had at him for leaving me, choosing alcohol over me and not being there at a crucial time in my life when I’m turning eighteenI’m about to go on my life and my father leaves me three days before my birthday. I was furious at him for leaving me at a time which I needed him so much. I needed guidance and I felt that I was selfish.  

FTC Geoff | Profits And Health
Profits And Health: Within capitalism, we earn money so we can do more, give more, and reach more people with the gifts that you do have to offer.


When I finally broke through and let all that anger and all that emotion pour out, what had behind that was a lot of love for my dad and a lot of respect for him. When I felt that love return, I also felt empathy. I saw him for who he was. He was struggling with the same thing I was, which is how to be happy. The alcohol was a symptom of that not finding that happiness and that it pulled him in as it did to me. In that release, I felt reconnected and realized that the blocking of my love towards my father was blocking my love towards all of my friends, my family members and even me towards me, and my connection with my spiritual self, my connection with the Earth, the planet and everythingI lost my connection because I had clung to this, that everything outside me is wrong because of that relationship with my father. It wasn’t until I turned that around that my whole worldview changed.  

What a great realization and one that many people never come to throughout their entire life. You are lucky to have found that at the age that you did. After you spend time with this gentleman who’s coached and helped you see the truth about who you were, what moves did you make in the business or employment world to get yourself back up onto your feet again?  

There was the immediate, which is just in that day, I felt high, full of life and energy and purpose, a renewed sense of purpose and self that I quit drinking, doing drugs, smoking cigarettes and eating all animal products all in one day and I never went back. That changed the trajectory of my life for sure. Then the big question was, “Now that I have this new vision and purpose, what do I do with it? How do I apply it in a world that has maybe some different objectives, a system of business that is set upon by a lot of people agreed and selfish principle? How can I be a compassionate, loving and caring personwanting to help others yet still have to earn a living and having to do that?”  

When that system of business was structured towards mine, “Take and take, it’s all for me.” It’s all the bottom line and all about the profits. I’m like, “That’s not me. That doesn’t resonate with me.” It took me a while to figure out that, “The profits don’t necessarily have to be about me buying a new car, new house and a new everything. It can be about what can I can do with those profits to do greater good in the world.” That’s when I started seeing business in a different way.  

You had what I would call an awakening. You may not call it the same thing as I would, but that’s how I think about it. It came with a powerful realization that your life had a purpose because business and profits are natural and capitalism. You need to be a good capitalist in this world if you want to create the life you want. That’s separate but then there’s this purpose, and your values would elevate you beyond the desire to make a dollar and buy a new car. Initially, one must take care of the basics and that’s what the capitalist venture is all about, “Let’s get enough money here to run the company and be profitable to have a company the next year too.” Beyond that, that’s where your values. It’s like the hierarchical chart of needs, the structure of human needs. Tony Robbins teaches this beautifully and I’ve sat through that many times with him. The most important part is understanding your true purpose. It sounds like you had been right then and there on the path to discovering your true purpose. When did you discover that your true path was to create nutrition products?  

For me, the drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and bad diet were all to blunt the pain. When I didn’t have the pain, I didn’t need those things. They almost fell away. They didn’t serve a purpose for me in my life anymore. When I made that shift, my health, energy, mental clarity, meditation, sleep and everything were improved. I was like, “This is a gift I need to pay forward.” I’ve felt blessed to be born with who I am, to be born Geoff with a good mind. I have a passionate love for thingsI have a sense of kindness and giving and altruism for people. At that moment, I realized that it wasn’t important about what I get out of life. My joy came from what I have to give to life.  

I can see that within capitalism, I love earning money because it means I can do more, give more and reach more people in the gifts that I do have to offer. One of those drawn gifts, I’ve always had a passion for nature and biology. When I changed my diet and I saw what a profound effect that had on my health and my emotional state, I said, “I need to take some of my college education of bio-psychology and all the research and studies that I was learning about amazing plants. I need to bring this to the mainstream because there are some amazing discoveries in science that stay within the scientific community.” They never become mainstream products. They never reached the populace to give and provide health benefits that they could be getting. That’s something that I love. My wife says, “Don’t spend up too late at night reading and studying.” It’s candy to me. It’s information. When you come across powerful information that can have life-changing effects on people, that’s something beautiful to give because once you give it to them, they can apply it to the rest of their life and live a good life out of it.  

It comes back down to passion. I remember earlier in my dating life, I would meet some beautiful women who had no hobbies, no passion and no interest in anything other than sitting and watching TV or going to the beach or something. Not that it’s a bad thing, but when you put that person together with someone like me, where I have a burning passion for all the things that I love. Business is one of my top passions, but so is landscape photography, traveling the world and playing music, these are my passions. It’s hard to be with somebody who doesn’t have any passions of their own. They don’t have to be the same as mine. You were lucky because you were able to tap into that.  

If you’re reading this and you have those same passions but have not expressed them because maybe you feel guilty, you feel maybe that working on your passion is not the same as working on your business, Geoff and I would both agree that you should stay focused on your passion and see where it takes you because look where it took Geoff and me. Geoff, tell us a little bit about the business. You started this business how long ago? 

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Many years ago.  

This business has not only supported your family but it’s brought you a beautiful life. More importantly, you have a breakthrough patent and you have these incredible arrays of products. The bottom line is that these products would not be making you money if they didn’t work. Tell us a little bit about the products and then we’ll get into how you create a demand for these products.  

I worked for many years in the natural products industry. Working for other people was a different experience than owning your own business. The only regret in starting my own business is that I didn’t do it earlier, but I did get a lot of experience that helped me at my business and good old OJT working for other industries. One of the things that I discovered is that the industries were doing a lot of things that I didn’t agree with, that were not in alignment with what I was doing. I was sharing this study with my wife about this amazing cactus flower that I researched that showed it can alter our hormone makeup better than anything else on the market by multiples.  

I presented it to the company I was working for and they turned it down. I’m like, “This cactus flower had shown to improve prostate issues up to 80%, completely natural whole flower and it states two published human clinical trials and they don’t want to do this. The prostate is one of the fastest-growing cancers of men in the United States. It’s killing hundreds of thousands of people. Here was a natural product that could be an amazing help for men and the businesses were turning it down.” My wife turned to me and said, “Stop complaining about it and do something.”  

You read what Geoff said, support your partner, help them take action. Geoff, that’s great. I love that. What is the name of this product that had the cactus flower in it?  

It’s called Cell Block 80. Cell Block 80 gets its name because it blocks both 80% of the conversion of testosterone to both estrogen and DHT. Those concerned men declined in their testosterone over age generally. At the same time as you age, you incline your risk of prostate. I’m like, “We’re going the wrong direction on both of these.” Most of the ways of approaching the prostate can cause a decline in testosterone, and most of the ways of treating low T put you at higher risk of prostate. I’m like, “Guys are not getting a fair shake here. Either we get a great sex life and libido and die of prostate issues, or we treat prostate and survive with no libido.” Neither of those is great option.  

When I found a cactus that did it both, it decreased your risk by 80% and also increased low TI had a friend of mine from high school tried it and I tried it out on people, and everyone doubled their testosterone within five weeks. His almost tripled and he became a partner of the company. He’s like, “This is the most life-changing I’ve ever taken in my life. I want to be a part of this.” Within three months, it was recognized as the Best Sports Nutrition Product of the Year. That set me off in launching this one product.  

One of the big reasons that got me as a catalyst for this was that I realized this research was done by a large pharmaceutical company, and they discovered that it was more effective than anything that was currently on the market. They did the two clinical studies as proof that it worked in vitro in humans and they found it’s great by far more effective. The next thing they did is you have to isolate something within the plant, a chemical to patent it because you can’t patent a whole plant, that’s illegal. What they found was that there were about 4 or 5 different phytochemicals within the plant that were working synergistically together and taking one of them to do the same thing.  

You create this supplement. Are you still working for this other company or have you already gone out on your own?  

FTC Geoff | Profits And Health
Profits And Health: Put more money into the actual development of the product and put out something that is unique. That’s such a strong point of differentiation.


No. I developed and wrote a patent for the first amino acid profile of human muscle tissue. I’m like, “How come nobody ever thought of that before, which is feed your muscle exactly what it’s made up of the exact amino acid profile?” I patented that and I brought home the patent from work and my wife says, “That’s great.” I also showed her the $1 bill that they put on my desk to compensate me for that patent. I signed an employment agreement that said all of my IP that I do during my employment, I sign over to them and they have to duly compensate me and the minimum compensation is $1. They placed a $1 bill on my desk and had me sign off on that patent, which made them about $40 million.  

If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what it is. I want to hear the nuts and bolts of what you did to start because I know that there are people reading who want to do this. I know you’re out there and Geoff has the answer, so let’s get Geoff to tell us what happened.  

I got a lot of flak when I launched plant-based sports nutrition, which is dominated by steroids, stimulants and everything bigger and better at any cost. I was more focused on, “Let’s do this a healthy way.” There are people who enjoy fitness who go to the gym in their 40s and 50s, and they’re not in steroids. They’re not into doing that. I said, “There’s got to be people like me who want a healthy fitness path.” When I was working at 24 Hour Fitness, we did a study and they showed that the number one reason people stopped going to the gym was because they didn’t get results fast. I said, “If I can get some nutrition that helps people see and feel results quicker, they’ll stay with the fitness and stay on my path because fitness only works with consistency.” 

If you do it a little bit here and a little bit there, it’s going to give you some health benefits, but if you want to experience the full benefits of fitness, it’s consistency. It’s doing it on a regular basis. I’m like, “I can find these amazing plants out there because I have a research background. That led me to the next discovery, which is Ahiflower, an incredible plant, highest in Omega-3 of any plants in the world. If you want to find out more about it, check out some of my videos on Ahiflower and why it’s better than fish oil. It’s clinically proven and published in human studies that it’s four times more effective than flax beating all the rest of the sources of Omega-3 out there.  

It was successful, we won the NEXTY Awards for the Best Supplement of the Year out of all supplements in the United States, the number one awards and the Oscar of the supplement industry given out at the largest event in the world. We’re very excited to win that. Two years later, I found another plant called Lentein, higher in protein than any other planthigher nutrient density, making it a number one superfood and eco-friendly too as well. We won for the second time as the Best Supplement of the Year on the NEXTY Award out of over 300,000 products. We’re number one and we’re honored to win that. People said, “It’s a green protein. You’re not going to make many sales.” $3 million laterI’m the one laughing and people are coming to us. That’s why I’m saying sometimes you’ll get a lot of flak in the beginning about what you do, but if you stay true to your passion and stay true to your message, you can succeed where other people believe you will fail. 

That’s wonderful. I’m glad you said that. Let’s talk about getting started. How much upfront capital did you set aside to start this business? Did you have investors? How much did it cost to get yourself set up and have products available to be sold?  

$15,000 that I scraped up for myself and $15,000 from my partner who likethe Cell Block 80.  

I started my software company for $5,000. My partner and I both put $5,000, then later sold it for eightfigures. The bottom line here is that the amount of money is important because you can’t start with zero. Although I met people who have, however, the earlier element that we talked about before is the most important part, that’s your passion. Your passion to deliver an incredible solution to the world is what will motivate people beyond being broke. I’m sure you’ve been through this. I personally had to take out credit cards to make payroll, and I knew instantly that was the right thing to do because I also knew that we were on a path to grow this company and it was a matter of time. I had no trouble doing that. I bet you did it either when it came to fulfilling orders or buying inventory. You knew that you had to do whatever it took.  

Fortunately, with the wisdom of the plants and the amazing awards that we were getting, we’ve got eleven awards already so far on six products, which gave us some free press. That’s what I mean by staying true to your passion. We didn’t have milliondollar budget for advertising to let people know who we were. It had to be word of mouth. When you put out high-integrity products that you would want to buy and that you feel good about, then you can get that feeling and word of mouth continue there. The company was self-funded the whole way. I did not take any money out of the company for the first four years. I did consulting work, working for helping other companies, which is also a joy, but I did that to support my family and allow that money to keep growing and building the company.  

If you stay true to your passion message, you can succeed where other people believe you will fail. Click To Tweet

It’s funny because after I sold my company and I had all this cash, I started to invest in other companies. What I found interesting is that as I would get set up to talk to an investor, I would look at the financials before I’d walk into the room and this was a startup. This is a group of people who may not even have a product yet or an earlystage productI take a look at the financials and the two founders are paying themselves $100,000 a year. I said, “You want me to invest in your company so you could pay yourself $100,000 a year? First of all, good luck with that. I want no part of this. However, if you wanted to go about this the right way and have the possibility of building a great company, then the first thing you have to figure out is how you’re going to make a living without taking money out of the company until the company is profitable. I was asked to leave the room at that point, which was perfect because I would have anyway 

The problem is that entrepreneurs don’t learn these lessons unless they go through them on their own. That’s what you did, that’s what I did and that’s probably what you did too, reader, who’s reading the show. I know who you are and I know you’ve done this. Many of my readers have reached out to me to tell me their story, and their story is fascinating. It’s much like ours. Geoff, you started this company, put $15,000, your partner puts some money in and you used that money I assume for a little bit of legal work. You created some designs for packaging, invested in some raw materials to create your first group of products. Now you have productslabels and you have a real company. How did you sell the first one? How did you find customers? Was it the PR? Where did you start building a client base?  

It’s not typical and it’s not something I would suggest because in hindsight, it was a big mistake. It’s one that we corrected quickly, but because of my experience working with and for some of the top retailers in the United States, that was my point of entry. I partnered with one of the top VPs of Sales in the industry who loved our visionmy passion and agreed to come on for a pittance because he saw the longterm benefit. We got into some of the largest retailers right out of the gate. I would not suggest anybody else trying to do that.  

If you do that and you fail, that could be the death knell unless you have a long-term effect. You got into some big retailers, what happened next?  

Fortunately and wisely, we used that as a stepping stone to get into more and more other ones. It’s like, “We’re in the top two retailers in the entire country. You should be carrying us too.” We utilized that. We grew that base with distributionwith other small retailers and chains that help support us. After a few years of business, we saw what was coming, that the retail apocalypse was in the near future. We did something that in hindsight was one of the better moves that we ever did as a business. We pulled out of major distribution and retail. I was about 50% of our business. That was a big risk but it was a smart move. We instantly increased our profit margins by over 25%, which allowed us to double our budget on marketing and increase our profitability overall. We took off from there.  

The interesting part of this is that most people don’t realize that all retail businesses run in cycles. If there’s a downtrend in a retail cycle and you don’t have a secondary or third channel, then you’re dead. The down cycle retail is going to hurt the company and maybe kill it. We have a lot of similarities in that regard. I remember we were in egghead discount software. We were at our peak, we were in something like 18,000 store locations all throughout Staples and amazing places. Our products were popular, but we worked super hard on our other channels too because we knew that retail is fickle. They could decide one day arbitrarily to stop carrying the product and they could care less. To them, it’s just SKU. The most important thing for us was making sure that our customers were able to find what we had. That’s why we started with retail but we expanded dramatically after that. Once the company goes forward and once you have some people who are using the product and getting good results, what did you do to go to the next level beyond that first group of customers?  

It seemed like every single product launch was like adding an instant $100,000 to the bucket. I was like, “It’s clear. We have to keep adding new products, but I wasn’t going to create products for the sake of building productsI didn’t launch our protein until we are four years into our business. Most companies with our genre of sports or fitness nutrition, always start out with protein. It’s the wonder bread. It’s the bread and butter SKU for almost all the companies. I looked at the plant-based proteins around the market and they were all pea and rice protein. There was nothing particularly exciting about any of them. I was waiting for something exceptional and fortunately, I found it and one is the best supplement of the year awarded for it.  

When it’s higher in protein and higher nutrition than any other product on the market by far is the first plant to identify to have B12 in it, it was first all over the place. We were getting random pressMany people focus on building a cheap product, having a nice profit margin and then spending a bunch of that profit margin on marketing to get people to buy their product. For me, I put more money into the actual development of the product and put out something that is unique, that’s such strong point of differentiation. It doesn’t have competition. That automatically gives it press, gets in front of people, gets it awards and that is free marketing. That’s a different approach than most companies out there. If you can do it and if you can find a niche within your genre within whatever product or service you’re doing to be exceptional, to be doing something that is different than whatever everybody else is doing 

The bigger companies can outspend you in marketing, they can out-flavor system you because they know costs at the flavor systems. They can make a product cheaper than you and can bring that product price point down more than you could ever do as a startup company. Finding that uniqueness and that strong point of differentiation, not only means you don’t have immediate competition but it also means you’re going to get free marketing and free press where you wouldn’t if you’re doing another price point based on the company. 

FTC Geoff | Profits And Health
Profits And Health: As a business person, you don’t sell retail products by going to a retailer and buying them. You go to a manufacturer and make them.


We are talking to Geoff Palmer, the Creator of the Clean Machine. His website is CleanMachineOnline.comHe has been telling us all about not just the products but how he built this incredible business. We’re at the point in the show where I like to ask some questionswe’re getting a little personal here, and it seemthat these questions always reveal something interesting and new about my guests. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?  

That would have to be a non-terrestrial. A civilization that is advanced far beyond where we’re at right now that has insights of experience of the history of where we’re at and coming to a civilization that is progressed in a form of cooperative, peaceful, progressive and supportive environment where all are fed, taken care of, living their truest selves and their truest identities to fulfillment. The conversation I would have is, “What are the key catalysts in your history and your time period that caused that transition, that set in motion the changes of going from a self-serving society, to a society where everyone is completely fulfilled, happy and living their fullest life?” That’s what I want to know.  

I love that question. We’ll get to the point where I’m about to ask you the grand finale. This is the change the world question, and I have a feeling that I know what you’re going to say. What is it that you’re doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?  

I’ve been vegan for many years. It was, other than meeting the love of my life, my wife and my soulmate, the most transformative experience of my life. I know that for anybody who has a profound and positive experience, the first thing they want to do is share that with other people they’d love because they know it can be a positive effect on them. That would be my gift to the world if I can do that. That’s why at that point, March 15th, 1985, I dedicated the rest of my life to helping educate people and bring to an awareness. The first thing that people ask me when they find out I’m vegan is, “Where do you get your protein?” My response is something that usually leaves blank faces which is, “The same place that you do. They’re like, “Me?” I said, “Yes, but that protein doesn’t come from that animal. All protein is only made by plants. 

Animals don’t make proteins. We have to consume protein. Animals are consumers of nutrition. We don’t make essential fatty acids, animals do not. People say, I get my essential fatty acids from fish.” I’m like, No, you don’t. You get them from algae that the fish eats.” All of the nutrition, fiber, carbohydrates, essential fats and essential amino acids are only created by plants. I take that back. There are some bacteria that can create that too as well, but plants are where we get that from. All animals get that. If there were no plants on this planet, there would be no animals, including humans. The question that then arises is, “Why are we feeding all this plant nutrition, the vitamins, mineralsessential fats, protein, carbohydrates and fiber to an animal and then killing the animal and taking all of its plant nutrients?” 

As a business person, you don’t sell retail products by going to a retailer and buying them. You go to a manufacturer and make them. You don’t even go to a wholesaler. You go to the source because it’s more efficient and more profitable to you. This is the same with our diet. If you go right to the source, it’s more efficient, it’s more profitable, it does less damage to the animal, the environment, the world that we live in and less damage to your own body. Why on earth are we making that choice? It’s not financially, fiscally responsible, environmentally responsible and not our own health responsible. Why aren’t we doing that? I have to think that people aren’t joyously eating meat because it’s causing suffering to animals. That would be sadist. We’re doing it because we don’t know.  

We are detached from the experience of the suffering of the animal. You wouldn’t eat your dog because you don’t want to cause suffering to your dog or cat. It’s because you love them and you’re connected to them. It’s the disconnection to the animal that allows us that ability. That’s what I want to try to do is connect people to the natural world, to see how these plants are amazingly healing to us. Over 60% of our medications is where they come from, plants. It’s the things that heal us, nurture us and they give us the oxygen we breathe, the substance of the oil that’s in our gas tank and the wood that makes our homes. They are the suppliers of everything that keep us in support. Why aren’t we more thankful for that relationship? I want to help people connect, reconnect back to the natural environment, back to a healthy fit state by consuming plants, the source.  

It’s an interesting point because I asked myself the same question. The answer goes back to the way I was raised. I was raised in a family where meat was an everyday thing more or less. That’s what I was served all my life. That’s what I grew up with and that’s what I gravitated towards. It was only until I attended a Tony Robbins event that he convinced me to stop eating meat, and I stopped eating meat for seventeen years. I went seventeen years without eating any beef at all. I did have fish but no meat. Later in life, I did start again but at a much lower consumption level. It is an incredible point that you make and it is a change point for this world.  

If it would be possible to help people better understand the value of plants and the nutrients that you have helped derive from plants, they were there but you brought them into existence in a form that people can now consume easily and in a way that tastes good I’m sure, even though I haven’t tried your products. However, I will also say that habits are difficult to break. This effort requires a large army of people to go out and singing the praises of this. I’m inviting you if you’re reading this show to take a look at Geoff’s business 

If there were no plants on this planet, there would be no animals, including humans. Click To Tweet

Take a look at Clean Machine online, see exactly what it is he’s offering and try his products. If you liked them, get in touch and see if you could help Geoff in spreading the word because he needs some help here. He’s not a big multinational company. He’s a guy trying to share his gifts with the world and I want you to help him. You’ll be doing more than putting a few dollars in somebody’s pocket. You might be saving some lives. Geoff, it’s been incredible having you here on the show but I understand you have a special gift for our readers. What would that be?  

I want to add to that poinof saving lives, for the month of December 2020, we are doing a 10% give back to Food for Life Global, which has fed over eight billion children plant-based meals throughout the world in over 60 countries. For every purchase of Clean Green Protein, youre feeding two hungry children in need. With every purchase, you are saving lives. Type in the code and go to CleanMachineOnline.com. For all the readers out there, I want to welcome you with the code, WELCOME20, and I‘ll give you 20% off of all of our products at any time. That is an open invitation to you at any time, so you can always get a discount on our website.  

I would suggest that you try some of these products. Let’s say somebody tries the product and they don’t feel like it did anything for them, what would they do at that point? Would they get in touch with the company and try to understand what happenedI’m sure it happened in the history of your company. 

Fortunately, because the quality of the products is high, we get few returns. For those who have a specific allergy or don’t simply like to taste, the taste is subjective so we can’t please everyone but for those, we have a 60day moneyback guarantee, no questions asked. You get your total refund back.  

This has been quite an adventure hanging out with you and learning more about you and your company. More importantly, it’s more about health and plant nutrition. I want to thank you for being with us, and I also want to thank you for that great discount. I am headed to your website to get set up for my own purchase. Once again, thank you for appearing on the showGet that discount code and there’s a link to his shopping site right away.  

Thank you for having me on your show. It’s been wonderful talking with you. It’s always a pleasure. 

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