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At 1000 clients, you can look in the mirror and think: I have a real company. And that’s quite an accomplishment. But if you are like most people, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t linear and there were huge shocks and surprises along the way. There likely were moments when it appeared that all was lost, the end in sight, maybe just give up? Absolutely not. Pivot and move to the next level, keep going.

An Evolved Enterprise is centered on Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Transparency. By focusing on your story, your hero’s journey,  you can set the stage as an Evolved Enterprise so your clients and customers know, like and understand you.


Phase 1: Get Ready To Have A Business

1. Learn how to hire, have your legal agreement in place
2. Build to sell, know who “should” buy your company
3. Assemble your brain trust: advisors, accountant/bookkeeper/lawyer
4. Study your market using Google Alerts
5. Save enough money to succeed.  2x what you think.
6. Get your mindset straight now. Book: You Too Can Be Prosperous

Add Advisors, Mentors, Accountability Partners at every stage

Phase 2: Establishing Your Platform:

1. Your brilliance; your product/service – Know Your WHY!
2. Locating your tribe, your buyers and where they are.
3. Understand your competition – who else, what’s different about what you do?
4. Your network – who can leverage with JVs? Get a contract. 
5. Plan your delivery system and build it.
5. Successful results mean testimonials, where are yours?
6. Monitor your progress: revenue, backlinks, satisfied users.

Advisors, Mentors, Accountability Partners

Phase 3: Delivering en mass

1. Stabilize Revenue; building a selling and promotion machine
2. hiring staff virtually – selling over the phone.
3. training systems that amplify your mentorship for staff training
4. Scalable systems to handle the influx of a growing business:
5. Publicity and the importance of this as an investment
6. Your job shifts to content creation and communication

Advisors, Mentors, Accountability Partners

Phase 4: Scaling and Cloning

1. What else do they need? Google Adwords Keyword Planner
2. Plan your next product and deeply connect with your existing tribe.
3. Build support teams around your company (certified consultants) manage and train for the next phase
4. Release and upsell – 80/20 – Understand the buying capacity of your audience
5. Decide in advance what your next product/service will be and create the pricing model that fits.
6. Taking your team up the success ladder with training and events.

Advisors, Mentors, Accountability Partners

Phase 5: Optimize and Build the Machine

1. Optimize! – Look for places where your money is being wasted
2. Set as your goal to report more and more profits every year/quarter
3. Go back; inspect every procedure and find ways to further systematize
4. Constantly perform “Due Diligence” and get your house completely in order
5. Get ready to sell your business!
6. Think about what comes next, be prepared!

Advisors, Mentors, Accountability Partners

Reading List:

  1. You Too Can Be Prosperous, by Robert A Russell for mindset
  2. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall for business modeling
  3. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff for selling strategy
  4. Traction by Gino Wickman for systems thinking, planning and organization (summary)
  5. Fascinate by Sally Hogshead for personality matching, marketing strategy
  6. Influence by Robert Cialdini for understanding how to write copy that sells


Work through Phase 1 and Phase 2, collect your information, and then map it two-dimensionally (mind map) so you can see where your most powerful opportunities will be. If you are already approaching or in Phase 4, start using the keyword planner every day to see what your audience is asking for, and start building it. Never give up, move around obstacles, and keep testing everything.

To hear about how other successful business owners built their empire, listen to my podcast: Your First Thousand Clients

Update:  If you are interested in working with me directly through all 5 phases to get your company to the next level, send me an email and explain what you do, where you are at and where you want to go.

To schedule a call to discuss if this is right for you, connect with me directly at mitch at mitchrusso dot com.


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