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The energy of the leader is one of the biggest factors in the success of any tribe. At Energetic Solutions and Energy Mastery University, that energy is embodied in its founder, Sheevaun Moran. A quantum energy thought leader, Sheevaun helps people achieve a holistic way of living, prospering, thriving with food, thriving with proper thought, staying out of the chaos and the drama, and making sure that they’re taking another step somewhere in their journey. So powerful is the message that Sheevaun brings to the world that it has become the basis of a thriving community of more than 200,000. In this conversation with Mitch Russo, she shares her philosophy of tribe-building which, among others, emphasizes running the tribe from your internal software and selling it from day one.

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Energetic Solutions: Leading Business Owners To Holistic Profits With Sheevaun Moran

This is the show where tribes and community leaders share their experiences to help you grow your own tribe. Our goal is to help you be a better leader and inspire more people, create the passion your community wants, and profit from the experience. Since this is a brand new show, I want to hear from you. Tell me what you want, who you’re interested in hearing from, and what action you take from every amazing guest we speak to. Our guest is Sheevaun Moran, a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader, and Founder of Energetic Solutions and Energy Mastery University.

Sheevaun has worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders. Her unique approach uses energetic techniques and principles to help innovative small businesses to become big successes. Sheevaun is an expert at impact influence and income wizardry, that’s where a business is stagnant, flat or startup. She creates health and wellness naturally to include using her own written books, podcasts, and guided meditations. Welcome, Sheevaun to the show. Let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us a bit about your life. How did this all get started for you?

There are a couple of ways I started. I was telling you a little bit about I started a lawn mowing business when I was eleven. I know this is a tribe builder show and I think a relevant story would be when I was in high school, kids would sit around me when I would go to a party, even though I’m super shy. They sit around me and they asked for my advice. I don’t think they knew any different too, but they said, “You should be a psychiatrist or something like that.” I was like, “They sound like crazy people. I’m not doing that.” I remember a whole bunch of people would always come to me for advice. That was a big start of what I do now and how I help leaders, CEOs, startups, and idea makers.

You’ve got the signal early on that there’s something about you that people are attracted to and that there was a value that they were receiving from having this relationship with you, even if it was casual. Let’s move forward through your career as you started to grow businesses and as you started to grow your own business. What gave you the desire, the impetus to start and create a tribe?

I always had this idea that if enough people could hear the message, all it would take would be one person to make a shift. I started the first company that I helped build and grow. It was a computer accessory company and they had catalogs. We had to figure out how to get it into enough people’s hands. It was like, “What kind of message and image could we portray that would help people see that it was something that they needed in their life in order to make their computing experience?” It started there and it became clear.

When I started Energetic Solutions after I’d helped five companies get built and sold is, I only ever wanted people to feel better. I wanted them to have more prosperity. I wanted them to light up and have light in their eyes. If I could provide one answer, we could show them one way, then they would tell a hundred people. I got that in my head early on. If they would tell a hundred people somehow without maybe even ever even having a conversation, then I was doing my job. It started with that little nugget.

When you think about your own tribe now, what would you say is the core mission of your tribe?

For them to have a holistic way of living, prospering, thriving with food, thriving with proper thought, staying out of the chaos and the drama, and making sure that they’re taking another step somewhere in their journey. It’s the energy behind what’s the nucleus of the energy so that what can happen is no matter who they are, they’re a drop in the pond for all of whom they ever touch.

When you think about that as a core mission, what is the polarization? Tribes are designed or built by leaders typically strong polarization that people are attracted to. As attractive as a tribe might be to some, it repels others at the same time, which is what makes it polarizing and which draws people to the leader. How would you describe what people are drawn to you for? What is the mechanism that you use to communicate that?

There’s a phrase out there that says, “The speed of the leader is the success or speed of the team.” I always say the energy of the leader is the success of the team, the tribe, the people, and how people are polarized toward me, away from me is the way I look. I get it. People are a little intimidated by me. Apparently, I’m a little direct and I’m not afraid to say things the way they are. That polarizes people away. The people who are ready to hear the truth, they’re ready not to get any fluff physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, even though that concept is fluffy in most people’s minds, it’s the true nature of being a master of business and growing a large tribe. The people who are not going to let that intimidation push them away, they’re ready to hear whatever I have to say. It’s not always going to be the prettiest and I’m going to say it with love but it’s going to be here. This is the way we need to go.

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How long would you say that this tribe either casually or more formally has been together and growing?

This is a cool story. I have a guy who has been in and out of my sphere for many years. He started his business. He was an engineer doing all kinds of things. He is doing well and got into the spiritual stuff that we would teach in one of my schools and stuff like that. He has always stayed in touch via email. We’ve got that guy. We did these morphed conferences. I have a woman who has followed me for many years who come to the conference, which was awesome. What I’ve been told is I draw people to me and they stay around because I’m about service and how much value can I give you. I need to grow my business and I wanted to serve more people, but people tend to stay because they give so much value.

If you thought about the number of people that you communicate with or you are leading as a tribe leader, how many would you estimate there are now?

We probably have about 200,000.

That’s quite sizable. That’s terrific, which is amazing in a sense because if your oldest member is twelve years and you’ve built a group of 200,000 people in years, that’s aggressive. That’s remarkable.

They come close, they go away. They interact the way they interact. It is not that I talk to them every day, but I do send something out to them. My mission is to help one of those 200,000 have a better life, that’s where my heart is.

Everybody who is a giver would react the same way that, “If I could help one person, then my mission is complete.” We all know that we want to help a lot more than one person. The measure is, “At least there is somebody that I have touched and helped.” I’m sure you feel the way too. When you think about the mechanics of being a tribe leader, what would you say is the most important element of leading? Is there a software tool that you use? Is there a methodology that you use? Is there a frequency that you communicate with? How do you set this up? Is this something that you do consciously? Is it somewhat casual for you?

It’s all of the above. One of the things, when I was in high school, I was a computer programmer so I have the geek side of me. I love tech. I can geek out on tech like nobody’s business. We use a system called Trello and we have all of our folks in it. We have this unique way of dealing with everybody. As far as companies, there is a style of communication. I make sure that my energy is going to communicate in a way that is clear from my heart, not with ego, and relevant to now. I try to look at what is relevant to now and how can I be of service. When this COVID thing started to happen, in both companies, we did a challenge about every couple of 3 to 4 weeks. We ended up doing twenty challenges to make sure people stayed out of the chaos and stayed out of the drama and the weird energy that was happening. I look and flow basically with how I can be of service to them to lift them up and what can I share that is going to be enough upliftment, but it has to stem from me because if I’m not clear about what I’m communicating, they’re not going to be able to come along.

Do you send out something via email on a regular basis? Is there a newsletter? What is your vehicle for communication?

We have several. We have a newsletter. We send out three times a week. One of them is usually a fun one. One of them is lighter and the other one is, “Here’s some psychological stuff that’s happening. Here are some things that are going on. Have you tried this?” We have a lot of resources that we send out. Now, we’re experimenting with once a day in another one of my companies. We do the emails. We do social media. My team uses MeetEdgar. For our blogs, I write a lot. We write a blog maybe a week, something like that.

TTB 13 | Energetic Solutions
Energetic Solutions: The greatest software you can use in building and running your tribe is your inner software. It’s having the courage to step out and say, “I’m willing to go for it.”


You used MeetEdgar to take that blog and share it on social media within an automated way.

They do some cool stuff with it. That gets it into the realms and it shows up and every once in a while, I look at it, I was like, “That’s good.”

You got a team to do that, which is great. A lot of people starting out not having teams quite yet. Sheevaun you talked a little bit about Trello and Meet Edgar. Is there any other software that you feel is appropriate for building and running a tribe?

It’s courage. That’s our inner software. Our inner software of having the courage to step out there and say, “I’m willing to go for it.” Other software that I would say that technology-wise, I love my iPhone. That’s the easiest thing for me. There’s this other cool thing for people who are starting out for videos. I have heard from nearly every person who’s ever started with me is nobody can stand to do videos. Nobody wants to see their face out there. I get it. It’s not my favorite thing, but I love doing it because I love the results that people get. There’s this little software called Lumen5. It takes your blog if you write stuff or it takes your ideas and it prepares the video for you. It’s good AI-oriented. Lumen5 is awesome. We use that.

I’m going to look that up after the show. I haven’t heard about that yet. That sounds like an interesting tool, for sure. When you think about your tribe and you have this intention, you said that the internal software was the courage to do this type of communication. What would you say to people who believe they have something inside of them that they are certain that others would benefit from, but are working on getting up the courage to start sharing?

This is a little direct. I’ve said it to many people. There’s one person whose life that you need to save with the one idea, book, tech, app or food product. I have all kinds of clients from all different realms, a system. I need you to focus on them and not what you think people are going to think of you. Focus on that one person and be willing to save one person’s life.

Clearly, you’re an advocate of creating an avatar of your ideal client or your ideal member, in this case. When you are crafting your message, visualize that individual and how you’d help that individual, even though that is a fictional individual, but as a template for the type of people you’re trying to reach. Is that what you’re saying?

I’m different because I didn’t come into business the way everybody else did. I came in starting helping companies grow. I don’t think of it as an avatar. I think of it as who’s that one person that you can hear chirping in your head that keeps asking you for advice or information. If you can talk to that person, that one person may never buy from you, but you may be saving their life. I try to take away avatar because what I’ve discovered when helping people is that word in and of itself creates confusion and chaos in most people’s minds, mindsets, and ideas. If they can think of a real human and who is already out there waiting that they’ve already spoken to or already had a conversation with, talk to that one. It’s going to help get the idea or product off the ground.

I think we’re both saying similar things. I liked the way you put it because what you’re doing is saying select somebody and talk to them. I think that that is powerful. Let’s shift gears because, after all, we’re hearing these bodies and they need to be fed every day. Therefore, in order to eat, we have to make money. If you are speaking directly to readers who are interested in building a tribe, what advice would you give them about monetizing that tribe?

Stop giving your stuff away for free. Don’t do trades and be willing to do some basic guerrilla marketing. Go back to some interesting basics. I have a client who has a food product in 400 stores throughout the Western United States. It’s cool that she’s there, but sales aren’t going as fast as she wants or needs. I said, “You need to be willing to put a freezer in the back of your trunk and fill it out in the back of your trunk girl.” She’s been doing that and sales are growing. Look at how you’re communicating and get to the core of the message sooner because one of the challenges is that people have a lot of words that they’re trying to communicate a simple concept here. It’s not about how many words you communicate or convey. It’s about how are you feeling that they can feel you? Are you willing to say, “Are you ready?” Most people have a little big fear. That’s why I call it a little big fear of sales and sales is essential. Sales are everything. Sales are going to grow, thrive and help a lot of people. If you don’t like that word sales, then change it.

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When is the right time to begin the monetization of a tribe?

On day one. Sell it first. I have a client who wanted to do this whole big membership and all of this cool stuff. I said, “You need to sell first before you create the membership.” She was into the creates all of the stuff and the manual and the lottery laws. I was like, “You have to sell it. You have to get people willing to buy it before you create it because you may have created something not relevant to the people who bought it.” She fought me for several months. Once she said, “Fine, I’m going to listen to everything that you say,” she ended up selling $30,000 and created the tribe.

In this case, what you’re advising is to find something of value that you can offer to a community or to a group first. Once you see that has some legs, that have traction then begin the process of building from there.

Start sooner, start selling it first.

The answer to should you have a product or service to sell before you begin? The answer is yes.

The answer is to have enough of a concept and know that this little thing that a lot of people use, this information is dropped in or the book or whatever. Sell it to a couple of somebody and then start morphing it into something even bigger.

Let’s go back to something you said earlier about courage. I feel like we have to finish that up. There are people out there who might feel as if they could do this, but they don’t, yet have the courage. What could they do to take many steps to maybe start the process of building their own tribe?

Remember that guy I was telling you about who’s been with me for many years? He says, “I’ve watched every one of your videos. I’ve taken every one of your challenges. I’ve taken the baby steps.” Every once in a while, we’ll send them a little thing, say, “Have you checked this out or watch this?” He’s been with us long and I want to help him. I said, “Make sure that you take off the filters one day at a time of how many

apostrophe T’s you have in your world and your words, meaning couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, didn’t, can’t.” If you can remove those out of your vocabulary a little bit every day, you’re going to get there sooner.

Is there anything that procedural or mechanical that someone can start to do to share their message? Would you advise some of the things that people do every day like write blogs and post on social media, or do you feel at this point that those things are not as important as they used to be?

TTB 13 | Energetic Solutions
Energetic Solutions: Stop giving your stuff away for free. Don’t do trades and be willing to do some basic guerrilla marketing.


I believe that the way people communicate, there’s something unique about every person who has an idea or has a tribe idea in mind. They have something deep inside of them that is resonating with somebody else. If you don’t learn to write it and you’re throwing it out there hoping and praying somebody is going to hear it, that’s cool, but it’s going to take a long time. If you start working out cleaning up the unts and the words like hate. Mom and dad said I shouldn’t. The college said, “It’s all the shoulds.”

If you take those away every day and you write a little bit and you’re want to be a screenplay writer, go get a script and handwrite the script because the mind and the hand do something magical to the brain. It gets the technology and integrated. If you feel like there’s somebody that you resonate with, take their emails and write them or speak them into a camera. Don’t release them to anybody, start little ways. What can happen is all of a sudden, it will seem like you’re this breakout star when you’ve been working on getting your message out from inside of you and more clear. Please make a lot of mistakes. If you look at my YouTube channel, I’ve made a lot of freaking mistakes.

We all do. That’s part of the process. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning and growing. The only issue and I want to address this because there have been times when I got into a rut in years where everything I did was a mistake. No matter what I did, didn’t work. The one thing that I knew from the very beginning is that if I kept going, I would eventually get it right. I would find the thing that resonated most. That has held true all throughout my life and I bet for you as well.

I’m a little different. I’m a little weird. I deal with the esoteric subtle energy realm. The only time I make mistakes is if I don’t pay attention to those nudges. I’ll give you a great example. I was hiring somebody and this one person came in as a great rockstar. We made the offer and I had this niggling thought. I’m like, “It is not exactly right.” I met with her. We made the offer and she was going to accept it. It didn’t quite go the way she wanted. I reached out to the other person who I wanted. She said, “I have been struggling with one question that you asked.” We ended up hiring her, which is right, but I wasted three weeks.

We all go through this process where we need to be sure. I, myself have made the same mistake many times. I’m sure I’ve rejected people I should have hired and I’ve hired people I shouldn’t have. It’s part of the growing and learning process. I’ve gotten better at hiring several hundred people at a time sometimes. Let’s talk about you and your future. When you look into the future 2 to 5 years from now when it comes to your tribe, what do you see happening? What does that future look like?

I want to take what I have inside of me and get it into people’s hands so they can teach other people. It’s like, “How many?” Our friend says, “Light 1,000 suns.” I think in terms of, if all I get to do is help ten people who have a big mission, then that’s great. It takes the technology that I have inside of me. I have an app that we’ve been researching for a while to finally get developed. That’s been a ten-year desire and to grow the energy school into many more certified trainers. Energy is where everybody is at risk and they can thrive the greatest. Take whatever’s in here. I’ve written sixteen books, so maybe finish all of the other ten that I have sitting on my desktop waiting.

That sounds like a bright future. It sounds like you’re going to be busy for quite a while.

It’s hard to fathom. I’m not sure what to do with my time, but it seems like I have plenty of it. I have a lot of ideas about how I want to help society. I think we have a lot more opportunities as humans.

If anybody would like to get ahold of you, what is the best website to go to for you?

Go to SheevaunMoran.com and you can find all kinds of stuff out there.

Sheevaun, it’s been a joy chatting with you. Thank you for sharing your message and experiences with us. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon.

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