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FTC 191 | Creative Thinking

195: Creative Thinking: The Secret To Awakening Possibilities With Geoff Hughes

As people grow older, the lesser they are willing to take big risks, and coming up with creative solutions and ideas become a problem, resulting in minimal possibilities for success. In cases like this, creative thinking becomes a critical factor in looking for things to improve. President of Geoff Hughes, Geoff Hughes, bares it all in this episode with Mitch Russo as he talks about his past and how it molded him into who he is. He talks about how perspectives can play a crucial role in defining who you are as a person and how it affects your business. Geoff shares a specific strategy that he likes to use that has been proven time and again to be effective in reconstructing your identity.

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FTC 195 | Selling Tech

194: Selling Tech With Joe Sexton

Selling tech isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if the tech you’re selling is something completely new, with absolutely no exposure in the world. But it’s certainly not an impossibility if the people tasked with putting your product out there know exactly how to sell it. Joe Sexton is a mentor and advisor to several big Silicon Valley CEOs. Joe speaks with Mitch Russo about the science that is sales, especially in a sector as competitive as tech. Having trouble getting people to invest in your tech? Joe is here to help you find your footing!

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FTC 194 | Spirit Airlines

193: Lessons From The Fall And Rise Of Spirit Airlines With Ben Baldanza

If your strategy aims at changing the world, then it can surely encourage a positive domino effect. In this episode, Mitch Russo interviews Ben Baldanza the CEO of Diemacher LLC, Independent Board Director of JetBlue Airways, and podcast host of  Airlines Confidential. As an accomplished leader, Ben has worked with American Airlines. From there, at an increasing level of responsibility, he went to Continental, Northwest, and US Airways until 2005, when he accepted the role of President of Spirit Airlines. Ben’s journey paved the way to standing out and changing how airlines function. He shares the four pillars that make any consumer-facing business a powerful proposition. He also narrates how he and his Spirit Airline team converted over time from an airline that was low-cost by default to an airline that was low-cost by design.

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