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FTC 206 | Vampr

206: Changing The Musical Ecosystem One Connection At A Time With Josh Simons Of Vampr

It is not easy to build a social networking app that produces revenue, especially with meet platforms, which typically derive most of their income from user subscriptions. Josh Simons is the Cofounder and CEO of Vampr, an app that helps musicians discover, connect, and collaborate with fellow musicians, the music industry, and music lovers alike. Before becoming chief executive of a tech startup, Josh has been a singer and songwriter, enjoying a bit of success for a while and working with the likes of Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. Confronting a dilemma for years about how to make money out of a meet platform without having to pressure his users to get subscriptions, he joins Mitch Russo to tell the story of how he and his team got his company to where it is now and what the app has in store for the music ecosystem in the near future. 

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FTC 205 | Radical Relevance

205: Being Radically Relevant In A Noisy Market With Bill Cates

With probably thousands of competitors in the same broad space you’re doing business in, how can you cut through all the noise and win your ideal clients? This is a question of relevance, and Bill Cates, the original Referral Coach, is the master of radical relevance – the art of winning ideal clients for your business. His business philosophy is based on really knowing your market and ideal clients, empathizing with them, and delivering a market message targeted to their needs and interests. Starting as a band drummer and wanderer, Bill finally found his passion in entrepreneurship, starting and selling two book publishing companies and authoring four books of his own. For the last 25 years, he has been speaking professionally and coaching small business owners, salespeople, and professionals, helping them learn about referrals and building client relationships. Join in as he talks with Mitch Russo on the podcast.

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FTC 204 | Avoid Miscommunication

204: Nipping Miscommunication In The Bud With Ethan Becker

In any workplace setting, feelings are bound to get heated, and emotions might start flaring up, but if you quickly act on those emotions, there will be a fundamental miscommunication. Effective, efficient communication is critical to any workplace so you have to make sure you avoid miscommunication as much as possible. Mitch Russo is joined by Ethan Becker, an author, executive, and speech coach. Mitch and Ethan discuss some vital tips that can help you avoid miscommunication. Ensure much smoother sailing in your workplace with these tips!

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FTC 203 | Building A Team

203: The Power Of A Team With Jeremy Macliver

Building a team composed of the right people doing the right tasks is essential in growing your business. If each unique piece of your puzzle isn’t in place, it’ll be difficult to properly scale your operations. Jeremy Macliver is a certified EOS Implementer™, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He sits down with Mitch Russo to discuss what you should be looking for while building a team. Don’t miss this important conversation!

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FTC 202 | Positioning Your Business

202: Why Positioning Your Business Is Crucial To Its Success With John Paul Mendocha

Success leaves clues, but so does failure. Sometimes, it is just difficult to spot them, even if they are showing themselves right at the onset. Guest and turnaround consultant, John Paul Mendocha, also known as Dr. Speedselling™, learned this the hard way. When his business crashed and left him bankrupt for three years and down into rock bottom, John discovered who he really was and how he would move forward. In this episode, he joins Mitch Russo to tell us about his journey and the true superpower he discovered about himself: speed selling, which, at the heart of it, is all about positioning. He talks about the importance of understanding who you are and what you want first before taking any action. With his latest book, Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes, John shares why businesses that don’t position themselves at the very beginning end up failing right then and there. Dive deep into this conversation to learn more about how to build, fix, and grow your company that is positioned to win.

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FTC 200 | Attaining Success

200: Finding Your Path To Success With Blake Ian

The path to success has always been different for every single person, but whatever forms those paths would take, the important part has always been building the endurance and perseverance to fight your way through. Attaining success is an uphill battle, and you need to be ready to take on whatever comes your way. Mitch Russo is joined by Blake Ian, the co-founder and CEO of Tawkers. With Mitch, Blake shares his story of attaining success despite everything that he was up against. Let this dialogue between Blake and Mitch inspire and empower you to keep fighting for what you want another day.

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FTC 199 | Business Remote Team

199: Building A Business From A $2.2 Million Loss To A 140-Person Remote Team With Kean Graham

When life throws us curveballs, we either get knocked down and stay there or stand right back up and do better. Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore, is someone who chose the latter, and in this episode, he joins Mitch Russo to share the incredible story that took him from incurring a $2.2 million loss to now operating a 140-person team completely remotely. He tells us about his hero’s journey beginning with conceptualizing and starting in a narrow niche to getting hit with a crippling blow and deciding to push through and rebuild again, now with a virtual team. He gives us some of the great lessons he learned throughout his experience, as well as some helpful tips and tools on starting a business and hiring a remote team. Follow through this great conversation to find wisdom and inspiration on what it takes to build a successful business, especially one that can take a hit.

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FTC 198 | Business Networking

198: The Power Of Business Networking With Dr. Ivan Misner

There’s no way to overestimate the power of business networking. The relationships formed through such interactions will no doubt be invaluable to you as an entrepreneur down the line, so make the most of them. Dr. Ivan Misner is an entrepreneur and the founder of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. He sits down with Mitch Russo to talk about the finer details of successful business networking. If you’ve ever underestimated how powerful business networking can truly be, this discussion between Dr. Ivan and Mitch might just change your mind.

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FTC 193 | Success Through Failure

197: Success Through Failure With Seth Godin

A single failure can either break you or make you into someone better. Claiming success after going through failure is no easy feat. Founder and CEO of Seth Godin Productions, Seth Godin, talks about his share of failures, how he used it as motivation, and his perspective when it comes to failing. He explains why it’s important to know what your target audience wants as opposed to pushing your product on them. Seth also gives a reminder on why it’s still necessary to take the human approach and start on building trust even at the expense of losing profit.

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FTC 192 | Improving Your Business

196: The Vacation Effect: The Secret To Working Efficiently And Improving Your Business With Denise Gosnell

It’s only logical to think that if you aren’t working, then no work is getting done. CEO and Founder of The Vacation Effect and President of Denise Gosnell Consulting, Inc., Denise Gosnell, shares the secret to improving your business while not actually working. In this conversation with Mitch Russo, she talks about ways on how giving yourself space and time off can assist you in coming up with solutions to problems that you wouldn’t normally think of sitting in your office. Denise gives detailed real-life experiences of how she applied this in her life and how it resulted in success for her clients. She also gives tips on how to pinpoint your inefficiencies and turn it around to give balance in your life.

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