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FTC 216 | Customer Acquisition

216: Customer Acquisition 101 With Anthony Sarandrea

Anthony Sarandrea went from going door-to-door for twelve hours a day every day to being online 24 hours a day in order to acquire customers. The difference in his output has astounded him beyond measure and caused a sort of addiction to the process. Because of this, he shares his formula in order to help others target and acquire their desired customer pool. In this episode, he joins Mitch Russo to stress the importance of the first few seconds of interaction and standing out from everyone else. Anthony also talks about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

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FTC 215 | Process Of Being Published

215: The Idea Of Mentoring: Shepherding Author’s Books Through The Process Of Being Published With Wendy Keller

Are you an aspiring author looking to get your book published? In this episode, Wendy Keller, founder of Keller Media, joins Mitch Russo as they explore the process of being published and how Wendy has helped her clients benefit from becoming authors. Get to know Wendy’s background as she shares her journey from quitting as a journalist to have her first child to helping famous and newly minted authors publish over 1,700 books. Wendy talks about how she represents her clients and the importance of having a platform that distinguishes you from other authors. Tune in and learn how you can establish your true platform and become a marketable author that traditional publishers are looking for.

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FTC 214 | Affiliate Marketing

214: The Affiliate Guy: Maximize Your Income Through Affiliate Marketing With Matt McWilliams

What is affiliate marketing? In this episode, the Affiliate Guy, Matt McWilliams, joins Mitch Russo as they explore the world of affiliate marketing and how you can maximize your income through it. Get to know how Matt discovered affiliate marketing and the opportunity he quickly realized after he made $10,000 while watching Ally McBeal as he shares his journey from playing Division I golf to online entrepreneur. Matt and Mitch discuss the difference between affiliate marketing and joint venture marketing and the basic concept behind his entrepreneurial success. Tune in and learn how you can maximize your income and start your own affiliate program.

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FTC 213 | Starting A Business

213: Leaving A Job, Starting A Business, And Moving The Needle With Paul Cronin 

Seventeen years in a job may seem impossible to get out of. Yet, the guest for this episode, Paul Cronin, did. Leaving behind the toy business he started from, Paul realized that toys were not his future but building businesses certainly were. He sits down with host, Mitch Russo, to share with us his journey—how he did it, why he did it, and what’s moving the needle for him now. He also talks about how he is now helping others move through the transitions in their businesses and lives and then shares some important advice for those who are still figuring out what to do next. Follow along Mitch in this conversation as he provides an inside look into the life cycle of businesses and more. 

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FTC 212 | Shark Mentor

212: Mentor To Millions With The Shark Mentor: The Kevin Harrington Story

Are you a Shark Tank enthusiast? If you are, then this is going to be a treat for you as Mitch Russo is joined by the very first shark ever, mentor and entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington. A hustler since his younger years, Kevin never runs out of brilliant ideas that make millions. He is the inventor of the infomercial and a pioneer of the As Seen On TV brand. Considering what he is worth today, you’d never guess his humble beginnings – a story that he shares in this episode. But wait, there’s more. Kevin also talks about Mentor to Millions, a new book that he wrote with serial entrepreneur Mark Timm, one of his most successful mentees. In many ways, Kevin is a product of mentoring himself and his definition of what a mentor and a mentee should be is worth taking away.

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FTC 211 | Sales System

211: Creating The Sales System That Has Helped Hundreds Of Clients With Nikki Rausch

It is true that when a door closes, a window opens. For Nikki Rausch, a window of opportunity opened after she got fired from a sales position, which helped propel her to create her own selling system that has since helped hundreds of clients. In this episode, Nikki joins Mitch Russo to share with us the details of her story—from selling leather belts to becoming the Sales Maven that she is now—as well as the sales process that put her to where she is. Along with that, she imparts some great sales strategy and advice that can help even those who may not identify as salespeople become good at doing this very important job in business. What is more, Nikki then taps into the client’s language and the kind of mindset you need to have when it comes to sales. 

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210: The Perfect Business Podcast With Ben Krueger

Do you want to start a podcast or do you already have one and want to step up your game? Here are some of the key principles you need to know about podcasting. Joining Mitch Russo in this conversation is Ben Krueger, an entrepreneur, podcast advisor and founder of Cashflow Podcasting, a premium podcast launching platform that has worked with industry advocates, including keynote speakers, bestselling authors and leading consultants. Starting as an intern trying his hands out on his employers’ podcast, Ben quickly figured out the ropes of the podcasting industry and built his own business from that knowledge and experience. From strategic principles such as getting clarity about the purpose of your podcast and knowing your niche and audience, to choosing episode formats, podcast promotion, monetization and content repurposing, this episode is a veritable podcasting starter’s kit. Some of the most valuable tips can be the littlest ones, so don’t skip a beat on this one!

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FTC 209 | College Education For Free

209: College Education For Free With Grant Aldrich

For most families, K-12 education is a fairly significant expense of about six figures, and for many, it’s even more. Mitch Russo’s guest, Grant Aldrich, graduated with an overwhelming level of debt, which almost crushed him. Even more stressful for him was the job-hunting process, knowing the amount he had to pay back. It became such a burden after he started his first job that he decided to change the way students embark on their college education and has revolutionized the entire process using technology and some great systems for planning and production. Hear all about his incredible story and his mission to make college education accessible and affordable for everyone.

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208: From Broke Dad To A Seven-Figure Trading Education Business With Casey Stubbs

You don’t need to be a visionary all the time to succeed. Sometimes, you just have to read the instruction manual and follow the steps. Casey Stubbs did just that and is now reaping the benefits of his seven-figure business in stocks trading. Casey started as a broke dad of nine, who quit his profitable soap business in favor of construction and carpet cleaning just when things didn’t exactly pan out for both in 2008. With his old computer, he tried his hand out on website advertising and went on his way to the top since then. Casey now runs a thriving business at Trading Strategy Guides, helping traders and trading educators up their game by providing the best free trading education and education strategies. He aims to reach $20 million in revenue – a story that he shares to people through his podcast. Listen in as he tells his story to Mitch Russo on the show.

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207: The Entrepreneurial Leap: Finding What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur With Gino Wickman

It is one thing to start a business at 25; it is another to turn a family business around from being deeply in debt and on the brink of failure to profitability at the same age. This episode’s guest is just as legendary as achieving this feat at such a young age. Mitch Russo interviews none other than the legendary entrepreneur, Gino Wickman, the creator of Entrepreneurial Leap and the author of the best-selling book, Traction. Here, Gino shares with us the story of his life and the mission he has set to do. With his book of the same name, Entrepreneurial Leap, he guides those who are undecided about becoming entrepreneurs to determine whether they have what it takes to be one. He takes us deeper into that and provides some great tips and insights on how to harness the entrepreneur that is in you. Save yourself from years of hell in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Learn when and how to take that entrepreneurial leap, minus the crashing and burning, in this great conversation.

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