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FTC 197 | Workplace Culture

192: How Workplace Culture Shapes Your Work With Chris Cochran

Most people downplay its importance, but workplace culture is a crucial factor in how well your business does down the line. Your workplace culture, your values, must be an extension of who you are as a person – otherwise, it’s something you deliberately rebel against. Chris Cochran is the CEO of FreightWise. Joining Mitch Russo, Chris shares his journey towards becoming a CEO and how workplace culture has shaped that journey. The story of Chris is compelling and inspiring, and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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FTC 196 | Meant For More

191: Meant For More: The Process Of Changing Your Life With Lisa Sasevich

Have you ever had that feeling that you are meant for more? So many people walk around without knowing their bigger purpose. In this episode, Mitch Russo’s guest, Lisa Sasevich, reminds us of how we can bring more abundance to our own lives and the lives of other people. Known by many as the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa has taught over 15,000 entrepreneurs how to sell without being pushy or salesy. She is also the author of Meant for More, a book that guides people into taking advantage of their unique skills. Today, she explains the formula for turning knowledge into profits, including making peace with sales and identifying your unique value. Tune in as Lisa reveals a gift at the end of the interview!

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190: The Power Of Commitment In Business With Melanie Benson

One thing that we commonly hear from those that made it to the top is the word “commitment.” In business, this word is critical as it separates those that are serious from the ones playing around. Revenue strategist and business performance optimizer, Melanie Benson, joins Mitch Russo to share her personal failures, realizations, and mindset that brought her to where she is today, emphasizing the important role that commitment has in everything that she does. Listen to this episode to know how to make sure that the message you’re conveying is presented on the proper platform and is amplified for your audience to hear and understand.

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FTC 189 | Spiro

189: Spiro: Breaking Free From CRM With Adam Honig

Many think that CRMs are the real deal when it comes to managing relations with potential customers, but this is not all true. In today’s episode, Mitch Russo and Adam Honig, the CEO of, talk about how Adam’s software is thriving in the industry and putting CRM in the back room. He walks us through what it does, how it functions, and their revenue generation activities. Describing their incredible tech, he also shows us how a great sales process is done alongside cold calling. If you want you and your team to grow at what you do every day, be sure to tune in to this episode.

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