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Businessman stuck to wall with red tape

You might be working more than you like.
Or spending your time the way others want you to.
Maybe not doing what you know is right for you.

For a moment, challenge your actions and see if you are conforming to those things that trap you in mediocrity and the patterns you may not even realize you have established. It’s like being stuck…. Right?

No one ever gets to be really successful by conforming, you know that.

Man succeeds because he adjusts his environment to himself, not the other way around.

Yes, people conform to survive, but most successful people overcome their past setbacks.

Think about it, if you took a risk before and failed, do you feel just a little reluctance to take that same risk again?

Your ability to handle the world around you and to CHANGE IT depends on overcoming reluctance, even in the face of failure.

See if you can spot reluctance in any area of your life:

  • What have you failed at and has since held you down?
  • What have you tried to change before but failed at doing so?
  • Is there a little reluctance somewhere that you need to overcome?

You may be responding to your past and that’s the most common of actions, most don’t realize they are. The “environment” punishes us for our past mistakes. A simple example would be a sales person asking for the order. If you were rejected over and over again, you will soon stop wanting to ask for the order. Most sales people don’t even realize it’s happening to them. They think they are not good at what they do.

Yet if you resist responding that way and fight back, you can completely change that pattern. I know “punishes” is a harsh word, I use it to emphasize that even subtle failure shapes your decisions below the level of conscious thinking. Great salespeople have trained themselves to spot and overcome reluctance.

The Best Salespeople In the World Eat Rejection for Breakfast!


If you are in sales, you realize that 23 “no’s” in a row is punishment from the (sales) environment that could get you to stop calling.

My experience proves this out:

I’ve  run several sales teams and every so often a new “superstar” would show up and just hit the ball out of the park in the 1st few weeks. In many cases, these very same people are at the bottom of the list a few months later.

Those who didn’t fight back conformed to the median average, to succumb to failure and even embrace it. Part of this is a management problem, it’s our responsibility to help our teams by providing tools to overcome rejection. The best of your team are wired to thrive on rejection.

The best ones did not conform to the environment:

  • They overcame it
  • They changed it
  • They exceeded their own past performance and set new records every month.

They had a system. They knew failure was not who they were and decided instead to succeed by become better by training, reading, practicing, listening to past sales calls and mirroring others led those to fight back and win.

It’s just simple math.

Years ago, I sold for a living.  I had to make 100 calls to make one sale, which was predictable. Each sale was a $10,000 sale. Initially, I was discouraged after the 60’th or 70’th call, thinking this was not going to work for me. Then I realized that I am actually getting paid $100 a call for every call I made.

That made a huge difference in my attitude, I was no longer “failing” I was now happy to get that next “no” because I knew my sales job was a numbers game. Simple and easy, nothing more. As a young man I stayed with it and was successful because I was fine making $100 per call!

Then, something interesting happened. The highs and lows began to dissipate, I became emotionally detached from the outcome.

Has this ever happened to you?

It was simply me making calls, each call in a new unit of time. When I closed a sale, I was glad but not “yahoo!” glad. I smiled, it felt good and I picked up the phone and kept calling.

That simple reframing made all the difference in the world.

The master of reframing is Tony Robbins and he has covered this extensively in his audio programs and his live programs. Maybe the best way ever to bring a team together is to attend a “Tony” weekend event like Unleash the Power Within. A small investment when it comes to super charging morale and bringing your team into sync.

In the end, training is what makes the difference. Great training and persistent, consistent leadership will build a real sales “team” and those people will push themselves to success with his or her guidance. I have had the experience of leading some incredible teams and working with leaders who are just that good. It’s the difference between a profitable, happy company and a stressed-out scared company who is afraid their best days are behind them. Which is your company?

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